Last night was one of those times that takes you to a new level of being more submissive. I know you have all had those moments. Where you realized that becoming a sissy was not a game anymore, that you truly do not own your own orgasm anymore, that you are doing everything around the house and more and that you are a real slave, not just role playing.


When this all started it was done for fun, as a way to spice up our sex life (not that it needed it but we always are exploring). Well everything else that we have explored has been just that...a game. Becoming a slave for my wife, becoming a sissy for her and her lover, and becoming a cuckold whose pleasure isnt what is important anymore...those things are so real and so much a part of our lives now. Kissing her feet and bowing to her all the time. These have become commonplace but last night took things to that next level.


I was getting ready for bed and was really tired from work and all the housework I have to do. I knew mistress was not going to release me and she showed little interest in letting me please her. I was resigned to just cuddling and falling asleep. Then she comes in with this big smile on her face and says "you know that guy I have been chatting with on the internet? He is coming over in 20 minutes". I begged her not to have him over and told her how tired I was. She said "well you can sleep on the couch or go somewhere else but I want him tonight and I am going to have him".


My wife has several boyfriends now, one more serious that she sees often and a few others that she sees once every two weeks or so. This guy is new, rides Harleys, is 10 years younger than me, is muscular and has tatoos. A real bad boy but also a nice guy too. He talked to me on the phone once just to make sure I was going to be ok with the whole thing. I told him I was and that it really isnt my choice anyway. He liked that.


Anyway, I left the room and heard our back door close and knew mistress had let him in. I soon heard them in the bedroom talking quietly and then only silence. About 15 minutes later I hear more noise, like movement on our bed. I couldnt help myself and pressed my ear to the wall. I could hear my beautiful wife moaning and him grunting a little. Suddenly I heard the bed really rocking and him saying "you want a real man dont you". She creid out yes and was getting pounded by his muscular body. I could hear him slamming into her and heard her literally screaming "God Scott, fuck me, fuck me!" To my amazement this went on for a long time, like 30 minutes. I used to be able to last a long time like that but now with my cock cut off from the world and 10 days worth of cum in me I am lucky to last 2 minutes before I cum.


They stopped and there was quiet again. A little later I heard the back door shut again and then my wife saying "get in here slave". I entered the room and it smelled like an orgy had taken place. She told me that he was incredible and that she came so many times. She sadi that I better be prepared for him to come back soon. I swear I have never felt so used like that. here was my wife, who is now my mistress, kicking me out of my bedroom for another man. Nothing so unusual mind you but when I had told her how tired I was and was going to sleep.


It has come so far from being that game I mentioned. I am really a cuckold now. I am really her slave now. I really do not have any control of my own cock or orgasms. And on top of everything else she ordered me to my knees and made me tilt my head back and open my mouth.


She held the condom up to my face that he had filled and filled very well. She said, "look how much cum he left for you. Beg me for it". I sighed and I did as I was told and begged. Not once but about ten time before she said "ok, open up". She then poured the entire contents of that condom into my open mouth. So much of it, I couldnt believe it! It did taste incredible though. For good measure she took her finger and put it inside the condom and rubbed his juices on my lips and face and told me to go to bed without wiping my face. I awoke this morning with a crusty face and was quickly reminded of my place.

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