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We had a party at our house. I was feeling no pain from the drinks I had throughout the evening. The guest left and I must have fallen asleep on the couch. When I woke up, I notice my wife on her knees in front of a gentleman I had never met. She was sucking his cock, making love to it and he had his hands in her hair encouraging her. I was shocked and instantly turned on to the point of being total jello.


Staring, I tried to say something or even figure out something I should do. Thinking I could get my cock sucked also, I started undressing and as I shed my shirt, then my pants, I stood to slide my underwear off. As I stepped towards them I was the only one totally naked. My hard-on hurt it was so hard and the tip already had a small drop of cum beginning to leak out.


The man shook his head no at me and pointed to the ground commanding me to my knees beside them. I slowly sank to the ground, my face next to my wife's as I watched her sucking and taking his cock deep into her mouth, a faint smile as he held her head and fucked her. I was mesmerized watching this when he gently released her and his cock popped out of her mouth. There I was with his cock inches from my face when I realized she was not only slowly stroking it but also guiding it towards my mouth.


I looked up to him and he stared into my soul and when his cock met my lips, I opened my mouth to receive it. It entered my mouth and I ran my tongue over the head of it tasting his leaking cum, feeling the texture and warmth of it. I sucked it in trying to cover my teeth with my lips. He pressed it forward to the back of my throat and started fucking my mouth. I couldn't believe what was happening and was fearful of what my wife was thinking. Before anything more happened, she stood up and pulling his cock from my mouth started leading him down the hallway towards our bedroom.


I got up and rushing pass them, I retrieved a piece of soft rope and as my wife entered the bedroom, I handed it to her and turned around presenting my hands together behind my back. She looped it around a wrist and began wrapping each wrist finally tyeing it them solidly together so I was trapped. All this time my cock was rock hard and just dripping cum all over.


She turned away from me, back to this new guy and slipped into his arms. He kissed her and held her in his arms. He reached for the buttons on her blouse and began to unbutton them. He slipped her blouse off and then reaching forward, he unclasped her bra and her breast fell out. I was watching all this when his hands started cupping her breast feeling them. My wife's breast were now in the hands of this stranger. I was standing there naked with a hard-on with my hands tied behind my back. I had just sucked his cock, he fucked my mouth with it. My brain was complete shorted out. Next this guy unzipped the side of her skirt and it fell to the ground and I watched as she put her fingers under the band of her panties and pushed them down. She was naked for him and her breast where pressing against him as he held her in his arms. She began unbuttoning him and his shirt then slid off his shoulders. Now they were both naked and holding his cock she stepped forward into his arms again. He held her close, his cock pressing into her belly as she held it, she looking up and kissing him deeply.


"I want you now, I want you inside me now", she said.


Flipping the covers open on the bed, she lay back on the bed, spreading her legs wide apart and he knelt forward with his knees between her spread apart legs. He lay down on her and she guided his cock to her pussy. I watched as his cock entered my wife. No resistance, just sucked it right into her. He buried himself into her and her legs locked themselves around his holding him into her. He began fucking her and on his down thrust, she met him with a pounding up thrust back. They fucked with total abandonment. Suddenly she stiffened and gasped and he somehow kept fucking through her orgasm and I saw her loosing it. She kept muttering,"Yes, yes, yes, ahh, ahh, harder, siss..." His staying power was amazing when finally he thrust one last time and buried as deep as he could go, he stayed pumping his seed into her. He fell back off her, she turned and pressing her back into him, she grabbed his hand and held it to her breast. They fell asleep.


I had just watch another guy fuck and cum into my wife's pussy. I had just watch him have his way with her and was now holding her in his arms asleep with her. Her pussy full of his cum after she had many orgasms from him fucking her. I had sucked his cock before all this started. I had my hands tied and a painful full hard-on with leaking cum dripping from in. I basically just collapsed to the floor and fell asleep. Maybe I just passed out from the overload.


It must have been a few hours later, getting towards dawn, I woke up and sitting up, I discovered them fucking again. He lay behind her and was fucking her spoon fashion. She held his hands to her breast and with her eyes closed was fucking back onto his cock. She looked like a bitch in heat meeting each of his thrust with one of her own. He stiffened and I knew he was dumping more of his cum into her.


When day light arrived, I got on my knees and approached the bed. My wife was awake gently playing with his cock in her hand. She motioned me to the bed and spreading her legs, she pointed me to her pussy to kiss it. I leaned forward and soon my head was buried in her matted wet pussy. I was hungry to suck it, to taste his cum, to reclaim my property. Her hand held my head to her and as I was licking and sucking, a glob of his cum dropped into my mouth and I was quickly lapping as deep as I could to get more.


I heard them giggling as she told him how attentive I was being how I was lapping like a puppy. The guy got up and got dressed. She pushed me away and stood up to be held by him one more time and to kiss him goodbye. I heard him tell her to have me help her get ready for her date tonight and that he would be very glad to fuck her silly at his place tonight.


Now, many, many years later, right now, I'm wet, I'm locked in this cage with no hope of getting out. I'm frustrated, she called to tell me she had a wonderful time and they were just going to sleep and that she just loved the feeling of her pussy full of this new guys cum, he sure had a lot of it she said. I'll see you in the morning.

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