Cuckold Husband

Cuckolding: The Ultimate S & M

by A Cuckman




The Sadist gains pleasure from inflicting pain & humiliation. Sexually speaking, it is not a pain that damages or truly harms another. That would be an extreme perversion of the Sadistic. Nevertheless, the Sexual Sadist enjoys extreme pleasure in the mastering and domination of another.


The Masochist finds pleasure in receiving pain and humiliation. A sexual masochist feels a sense of release and enthrallment that he/she willingly submits to pain and humiliation for another.


It took me a while to realize that I was a sexual masochist. My wife is not very sadistic sexually, so I have had to learn to develop this within her by letting her experience the pleasure in it.


We began by role-playing for one another. We would have vanilla sex mixed with romance and emotion - her favorite. Then, she would play the role of the Domina and me the slave - at my request. I would provide her with a few stories that would help her see a Dominatrix in action and let her know what ideas from the story she was free to use. She became pretty good at this. I had the joy of seeing her in her black, shiny leather, braless corset, along with black stockings or crotch-less hose, a luscious pair of red or black high heel pumps, black lace gloves, and one of my belts in hand! She looks awesome in this clothing! I gained great pleasure falling to my knees and kissing her feet, eating her pussy, and burying my face into her ass, all at her command. Slowly we progressed with these scenes and the pleasure increased, first for me, then later for her.


On one occasion I was on my back on the floor and she was sitting on her throne chair, while I kissed and massaged her feet - one was near my crotch, the other at my lips. My throbbing cock began dripping pre-cum onto her hose covered feet and I apologized and asked her she wanted me to clean it off with my tongue. Yes! That was a beautiful scene and I have enjoyed it hundreds of times since. Cumming on her feet and licking it off became the ultimate for me. It still is one of the great thrills to experience.


Knowing she had a thing for men's bodies, I began purchasing Playgirl for her when we would role-play. Somehow, over the course of time, I worked a vibrating dildo into our Dom/sub scenarios (how I introduced that to my, at the time, vanilla wife, I do not remember!). She began fantasizing about ex-boyfriends and we worked that in. The day I became a cuckold is etched in my brain. During a domination session, she was humping on the dildo as I massaged her feet and she slid it inside her wet pussy. She began humping faster and faster and came with reckless abandon. Watching her do that was very exciting, but then I asked her if she fantasized during her orgasm. Her reply sent me into orbit. She said that she was fooling around with one of her ex-boyfriends while I watched, and then he slid his cock into her - not part of the plan. But, neither could resist and they both went wild. In her fantasy, he came inside her, without protection, and caused her to erupt into one of the hottest orgasms of her life! The excitement for me was indescribable. It was overwhelming. I was on my knees stroking myself, while she sat on our couch, legs crossed, making me kiss her feet as she told me this. I asked if I could cum on her foot imagining her with her boyfriend and she permitted it. I exploded like never before. The first few spurts must have shot 4-5 feet past her foot and the next few onto her upper leg, almost all of it missing her precious foot that I loved to clean. Without knowing it, or having ever heard the term, that was the day I became a Cuckold.


This event took place six or seven years ago. Since then, my masochistic passion has been her having sex with other men. She added another twist to my desires when, on one occasion, she held out the dildo to me, with me on my knees before her, and said, "suck my boyfriend's cock, slave!" I did so with great gusto. The humiliation sent chills across my body. She has told me how watching a man suck another man is a big turn on to her and she often fantasizes about it. On several occasions I have given her fantasies in which I would suck my friends cocks in high school.


My dreams came true almost two years ago when she told me of a man in her office building (she works for a large law firm), from different firm, had begun flirting with her. He was younger, in his mid 20's,good looking, but also married (evidently, like many married men, not getting the excitement he needed). We were in our late 30's. She was good at joking and flirting with men - that was one of her most attractive features that spurred my interest in her - beyond her physical beauty which is exceptional. It used to get me very upset when I would see this aspect of hers manifested toward other men, but now I am a changed man. Most, but not all, of my sexual pleasure is wrapped up in being the cuckold.


She liked it when he would see her in the elevator or hall and say, "hey beautiful!" And, he was fairly funny - a trait she loves in a man. Soon her sexual fantasies involved him, as did my own! I began feeding her fantasies about her and him, while I watched. This had become standard fair with faceless men or ex-boyfriends in the past. We would lay in bed and I would massage her clit to orgasm, either giving her a fantasy or letting her go on her own. Then, I would listen to her fantasy and she would watch me stroke myself. She loves to see me masturbate (something I am grateful for - it too is a somewhat humiliating and enjoyable pleasure). Now I was focusing in, though not obsessing, on her and her new friend. I would egg her on during these scenes. When I knew she was turned on, I would say things like, "Don't you wish he was right here in the room with us? Wouldn't you like to stroke his long, hard cock for him? What would you do if he were here right now, wanting to take you?" And I would watch in total ecstasy as she would cum wildly, fantasizing about him.


Soon she knew I would willingly submit to her having sex with him. The issue was whether she wanted to go through with it. Then, one Friday afternoon, in which I was at home, she called and told me to "be prepared to be dominated" that evening. She wanted the house cleaned, me showered and prepared to submit totally to her desire. "You are mine and I own you, and anything I desire is your desire! Understand, slave boy?" She said. "Yes, Mistress" I responded with riveting excitement. I wasn't thinking about any particular scenario - just her domination. The thrill of it was in part b/c usually I was the instigator of our Dom/sub scenarios, asking her to dominate me on a particular evening.


I was wearing a pair of tight fitting, gray shorts (her favorite) when she walked in. I was already hard and dripping pre-cum. She had me sit in the living room while she showered and changed into a very sexy outfit: She walked out in a pair of black, crotch-less hose (the crotch was "home-made" and rather wide, but still tasteful), her black lace, half-cup bra, red high heel pumps, and a very sheer, see-through white blouse. She also wore a black choker that added to the fire emanating from her body. She looked stunning; both dominant and slutty at the same time. A perfect look for what would take place.


She had me on my knees, kissing her feet, feeding me ideas related to her dominance and making me give my every thought and desire into her hands. Then her cell phone rang. She uncharacteristically answered it and went into another room then returned. She had me sit in a chair, not permitting me to move. Seconds later, a knock came at the door and into our living room walked an athletic looking young man dressed in a nice suit. I was stunned, and she quickly introduced him as the man who had been flirting with her. She quickly told me the set up. His wife was out of town for the weekend and he was going to spend the evening with us!


"Stroke yourself, slave, and watch and enjoy, but do not cum!" She said as she began to kiss him. Soon they were on the couch, making out and he was fondling her hot body. She was moaning; they both were, actually. It was like watching two horny teens on a first date. They were hot and passionate and loosing control quickly! Waves of chill bumps rolled across my body as I watched their hands roam each other's bodies and saw my own wife taking her shirt and bra off for another man! Seeing him fondle her breasts and seeing her protruding nipples (a sign she was truly turned on) drove me wild. Each new step in his knowledge of her gave me a new thrill. He touched her pussy and I moaned out loud! Adding to the thrill were the words they used on each other. Telling one another how hot the other was and how badly they wanted one another. "Make me your slut!" She said and he took control of her in a way I never have, and probably never will!


She pulled his cock out. She knew I was dying to see it, as was she. Another "pleasure chill" flowed through my body as I saw he was larger than me (at least an inch longer, if not more, and slightly thicker). Seeing her lose control of her desire for his cock was incredible. She got on her knees and kissed the base of his shaft and balls - she was completely humbled before him. I've never seen her so hot and "slutty." She was truly his sex toy. Soon she was back up kissing him and he was fingering her pussy, noting aloud how wet she was! She whispered in his ear and then asked him, "are you sure?" He said, "yes, it's a turn on, I have no problem with it." What were they talking about? I thought.


Then, she called me over. On my knees I walked and she had me kneel in front of him. "Kiss his cock, slave. Kiss it like a good slave. You're a slave for his cock as well as for me, understand? Kiss it like you love it! Make out with it passionately - show me what you know I want to see, slave!" She demanded. It wasn't difficult. I was so turned on by the scene and her words that I quickly and passionately obeyed. She seemed pleased and soon gave another order. "Suck him! Take his cock into your mouth. Make your mouth a pussy for his cock! We're going to call you 'cockslut' from now on, okay?" She dictated to me. I agreed of course.


I kissed and sucked his cock and thrust my mouth as far as possible on him, his head smashing against the back of my throat. I looked up at them watching me and making out. My head thrust up and down on his cock as they kissed and he massaged her pussy. Finally he was close to cumming and had me pull off. She laid on the floor on her back and spread her legs. I was submitted to opening her lips for his cock and helping him inside her - an intense thrill! Then I backed away and watched as their lovemaking intensified. They kissed like lovers and she came very quickly to his thrusting cock. She talked of how awesome it was to be filled by him, how badly she loved his cock inside her. I was going crazy with desire! It wasn't long before he came in her and she had a second orgasm, this time in unison with his. I watched as they came together in reckless abandon. This was it, the ultimate masochistic thrill. So enthralled with desire for her, so willing to endure humiliation for her, that this turned my humiliation into the ultimate pleasure thrill!


The thoughts were overwhelming! Another man was having his fill with my wife. He was receiving his pleasure from her and filling her with his manhood and cum. More than that, he was penetrating her deeper than I ever have or would! She received him not just willingly, but with great desire and gave her passion to him completely. When they finally separated their embrace, she told me that the only way I would taste her pussy was by licking his cock clean of her juices and so I did, licking and sucking his cock. It wasn't long before he was growing again. He said he had to be home b/c his wife would be calling but that he wanted to get off again. My wife was a bit worn from the fucking, so she began giving him a foot job with her sexy feet and stockings.


Before long he was close to cumming again and she told me to help. She had one foot under the head of his cock, resting on his stomach, and the other rubbing the under side. She had me lightly work my fingers in and stroke him, while he reached over to touch her pussy and breasts as she lay on her back. He erupted onto her foot and thick white cum poured out. I hadn't seen that much cum exit a man in many years - not since I was in my early 20's. Her black stocking foot was covered in his cum and she held it up to me. "Lick it off slave! Let us see you lick his hot, delicious cum from my sexy foot. You know you want it!" I did and I did! It was hot and the taste was really not that bad - I had tasted mine on occasion and didn't mind it. It was truly the "icing on the cake" for me! I even described it as that for both of them, and now she uses that phrase all the time with me - "you want some 'icing on your cake?'" She'll say, both of us knowing what she's referring to. When she asks that, I know also, that she wants to invite her new "boyfriend" over.


He remains married and we've had 4 other occasions together, since. Each time he arrives, I bow on my knees in the presence of both of them and kiss his cock and thank him for being a superior lover for my wife. All three of us take great pleasure in that ritual, all for different reasons and it is the ideal start to an evening of total erotic pleasure. Another thrill occurred on his 2nd visit. My wife has never allowed me to cum in her mouth, nor has she had or swallowed cum. But, he wanted her to suck him off and let him cum in her mouth and she did it. She knelt before him and actually had me help her - we took turns sucking him and kissing one another as his cock slid between our lips. It was incredibly erotic. We were telling each other that we loved one another and that we loved his cock as well! Since I was by far the more experienced cock "stroker" between my wife and I, she had me stroke him off with her mouth licking and embracing the head of his cock.


Slowly he began saying, "yes ... yes ..." and it was close. When he told us he was cumming, she opened her mouth wide and let her tongue rest under his cock. He spurt huge gobs onto her tongue and into the back of her throat and on her lips. His body was jerking and I had a hard time holding his cock on her tongue. It was wild feeling another man's cock erupt with my hand on it! And seeing him shoot his love juice into my own wife's mouth was enough that I had to do all I could to keep from cumming myself! She held it on her tongue then closed her mouth and swallowed with a long, "mmmmmmmmhhh." Unbelievable! She told me that she didn't want to let another man cum in her mouth, except for him - including me. That would be his special treat for being such a good lover!


These occasions together are not all that our sex life is about, but they are clearly the most powerful. My wife and I will often re-live each occasion over and over for several weeks afterward. It is the ideal arrangement. She has her "lover" that she can enjoy at her pleasure, he has a woman and man who can give him thrills his wife is not up to yet, and she willingly and generously fulfills my masochistic desires. A perfect threesome match up!



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