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My wife was in a dancing mood so she suggested we meet up with a girlfriend of hers and go to one of the clubs downtown. My wife is a gorgeous dominant 26 year old brunette with a firm toned ass, tanned stomach and beautiful rack. She put on a black leather miniskirt, tall black cougar boots and a tight white tank top with bold black lettering across the chest that read: AVAILABLE. She grabbed me and told me we had to get going to Christina's place and we headed out the door.


We arrived at Christina's and rang the doorbell. Christina greeted us in her bra and panties and said to come in while she got dressed. She looks similar to my wife except she has blonde hair and is about an inch taller. Christina giggled when she read my wife's shirt. She left and came back wearing the same outfit as my wife but her shirt read: BITCH. She pulled my wife towards her and they whispered to each other for a few moments. My wife smiled and told me to pull my pants down. I was turned on from their hot outfits and revealed my erect cock when I undid my pants. Christina pulled out a permanent marker and wrote "cuckold" on my shaft. They proceeded out the door so I pulled up my pants and followed.


When we arrived at the club we had a couple of drinks and started dancing. The song "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" started playing and my wife and Christina got up on the stage and busted out stripper-like moves. A group of guys surrounded them and they groped and dry humped the girls for the rest of the song. I went over to a table and sipped on my drink while I watched. They danced for a couple of hours and then the song "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails came on and Christina grabbed one guy while my wife grabbed another. They dirty danced with their partners and really ground into each other during the part of the song that goes "I want to fuck you like an animal... I want to feel you from the inside". Once the song was over the guy dancing with my wife planted a long kiss on her lips. She stepped back and motioned over to me and I could tell he was shocked to find out she was married. She said something else to him and they started walking towards me. I turned red and sunk in my seat as they approached.


"Hey, this is Shane. I invited him and his friend over to our place for a few drinks" she told me. I said it was nice to meet him and my wife told me she had to use the bathroom before we left. I said I needed to go too and we walked towards the bathrooms. As I walked in I noticed Shane was following me. I went up to a urinal, undid my pants, pulled out my cock and started my business. Shane moved up right beside me and stared down at the writing on my cock. "Fuck, she wasn't lying. You're a little bitch with a very hot and horny wife. I'm going to enjoy fucking the shit out of her later on tonight". With that he pulled out his cock and started pissing in his urinal, making sure to miss the bottom and pee on the side of my pants.


Just then his friend that was dancing with Christina walked in. I heard a chuckle as he walked over and Shane said, "Fuck Gary, the hot broad I was dancing with is married. This is her husband. She says he likes to see her fucking other guys. Look, his cock says cuckold on it".


Gary said, "Is that true, you like to be cuckolded? Is that why she's wearing a shirt that says 'available'?" I didn't say anything as I pulled up my pants. Gary continued, "I thought I saw you looking at my friend Shane's big cock you little pervert." They laughed.


We walked out of the bathroom and my wife and Christina were waiting by the door. They grabbed their men hand-in-hand as I followed. They flagged down a cab and the four of them squeezed into the back and left the front for me. I got in, gave the cabbie our address and we drove away.


"It's squishy back here," my wife complained as she sat up and laid herself back across everyone's laps. Her skirt was open facing directly towards Shane as she spread her legs apart. Gary noticed Shane gawking at my wife, "Don't just stare at it, finger her". Christina added, "Yeah, go for it." He moved in, slid her g-string over and pumped two fingers in and out of her shaved pussy.


Gary wanted some action too and moved in on Christina. She willingly let him move her g-string over and he got to work. The girls moaned quietly as they enjoyed themselves.


The cabbie was aware of what was going on and seemed a little nervous. He decided to start small talk with me, "So how's your night going?"


"Okay," I responded.


"It's tough being the 5th wheel sometimes huh."




The cabbie noticed my wedding ring. "I see you're married. Why did you have to go to the club alone with those two couples? Where's your wife?"


I felt ashamed as my mind panicked for an answer.


"She's back here," Christina blurted out, obviously listening to our conversation. "She's getting fingered by this guy she picked up. Her husband likes to watch his wife get fucked by other guys."


The cabbie's jaw dropped as he sat there speechless.


Christina continued, "He likes to be dominated. Make him give you head."


The cabbie kept his eyes on the road as I noticed a bulge appearing in his pants. He was East Indian and looked like he hadn't showered in days.


Christina spoke sternly to me, "Get over there and suck on his dick you little cuck... or else."


I felt totally humiliated but did as I was told. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his nasty prick. He didn't budge as he continued to concentrate on the road and it was obvious he wasn't going to stop me. I put my mouth over the tip of his cock and started sucking. He was rock hard.


I had forgotten about the activities going on in the back until I heard my wife's moaning getting louder. I heard her gasp, "Don't stop" as Shane continued to finger her pussy. Moments later she exploded into orgasm. She gathered herself and noticed we were going in circles around our block. "Stop. Let us out here," she said to the cabbie.


The cab stopped. My wife acknowledged what I was doing, "I see you're enjoying sucking on the cabbie's cock. Hurry up and finish him so we can get home." Just then the back doors opened and the four of them got out. My wife made sure to leave her door open so the dome light stayed on. They gathered outside the open door and started talking and laughing with one another.


I peered out the window and noticed we were in front of the paper delivery boy's house, four houses down from ours. He was only around fifteen but was already as tall as I was. I continued to suck on the cabbie's stiff cock and increased my pace to try finishing him off as fast as I could. Just then I noticed a light come on out of the corner of my eye. The delivery boy had woken up and came over to the window to see what was going on. My wife and the others were still talking and laughing loudly, obviously too drunk to care. He stared at me as I gave the cabbie head.


"Hi Justin," I heard my wife say as the group broke out in more laughter. "He's the paper delivery boy!" she exclaimed. Gary pitched in, "Sorry for waking you up buddy, your neighbour is just paying for the cab."


The cabbie bucked and shot his load all over my face. I quickly moved away and got out of the cab. Christina said, "Wow, that was a messy one. Now let's get you home so you can watch these guys blow their loads in me and your wife."


"Bye Justin," my wife said. "Feel free to stop in sometime, I might have a surprise for you if you do."


The couples locked hands again as I followed them into the house. They proceeded directly through the living room and down the stairs to the rec room. My wife turned and let herself fall backwards onto the couch. She reached under her miniskirt and pushed her wet g-string all the way down to her ankles as she raised her feet over her head, exposing her beautiful pussy to the four of us. "Put these on," she told me as she kicked her g-string in my direction, "And set up the video camera before you bring us some drinks."


I took the video camera off the mantle and positioned it on the tripod. I noticed it was already set up in the perfect position to see the entire room. I took turned it on and pushed the record button.


"Get us some drinks... now!" Christina insisted. I grabbed my wife's g-string off the floor and went upstairs. I prepared ten shots of tequila and drank two before stripping off my clothes and pulling on my wife's wet g-string. My balls were hanging out the sides and my stiff prick stuck out the top. I proceeded back downstairs with the drinks in hand.


Both guys were already naked and fucking the shit out of my wife and Christina. I walked in front of the camera and placed the tray of drinks down on the table beside them.


Shane shouted out, "Thanks for inviting me over to fuck your hot wife. Get over there behind the camera and make sure you don't miss anything."


Gary was pumping in and out of Christina, "Fuck, I'm not wearing a rubber. Can I cum on your belly?"


"Don't worry about it," Christina responded. "We're both on the pill."


A few minutes later Gary moaned loudly as he splooged into Christina's pussy. Shane immediately followed and emptied his nut into my wife.


Christina said, "Get out of here boys, thanks for the good time. It's time for the cuck to do some cleanup." They drank their shots, put on their clothes and left.


I stood there staring at their creamy pussies. "You never told me you went on the pill," I stated.


"That's because I didn't go on the pill you retard," my wife said. "If you don't want me to get pregnant from another guy's seed you'd better get over here and suck it out."


Christina watched as I walked over to my wife while I was still wearing her g-string and got down on my knees in front of her used pussy. I looked back into the camera as I licked my lips and went to work. His cum was thick, warm and salty as I sucked it out of my wife's dripping hole. After a couple of minutes my wife pushed me away and said, "I'm tired, I'm going to bed." She got up and headed up the stairs to our bedroom.


"I was so close to cumming, get over here you little bitch," Christina told me. "I need some more cock and lucky for you you're the only one around. Don't tell your wife about this."


I gladly dropped my g-string and revealed my prick that still had the word 'cuckold' written on it. Christina giggled again and said to hurry up and stick it in her before she changed her mind. I had fantasized about fucking her many times before and couldn't believe I was about to do her. Even though she had just been used, she was still gorgeous and the fact that she was all sweaty made her look even better.


I gently pushed my cock into her wet pussy and fucked her for all I was worth. It wasn't long before she jolted and orgasmed on my stiff cock. I knew I would get in shit but I couldn't help myself as I blew my load inside her.


She jumped up and looked angry. "Fuck, what are you doing you stupid piece of shit," she scolded. "I didn't say you could cum in me." She kicked me in the balls as hard as she could.


"You'd better not tell anyone about this, and I hope you enjoyed yourself because you're going to pay for this big time. I'm going to make sure you never get to fuck a woman ever again. Not even your wife. She doesn't want your useless cock anymore anyway. If you thought I was a mean bitch until now, just wait. You'll pay for this you little fuck. Get on your knees and bend over." I did as I was told. She grabbed the poker stick from beside the fireplace, positioned herself behind me, and swung it like a golf club up between my legs. It hit directly on my balls as I squealed in pain, pushed my face into the carpet, arched my back and stuck my ass up in the air. She spun the stick around and drove the tip of the handle into my ass. She jerked it back and rammed it in again as far as she could. She kept pressure on it as she said, "Get used to it you gay cuck." She grabbed her clothes and headed upstairs to join my wife. I rolled over in pain and noticed the camera was still rolling...




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