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Cuckold Husband Story:  Christina's Revenge




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Recently, after a night of creampie cuckold humiliation, I somehow got lucky enough to blow my load in my wife's best friend Christina (see my previous story for details). She told me I was going to pay but I had no idea when or what was in store for me...


"So what should we do tonight?" my wife asked Christina.


"I don't know," my wife responded, "But I am in the mood for some fun tonight if you know what I mean."


"Me too, but I have something to discuss with you first. I'll get straight to the point. I think it's time to cut off your husband completely from having sex with you. He's the one that wanted to be cuckolded in the first place and he keeps saying how lucky he is to have such a hot and sexy wife and how he doesn't deserve to sleep with you. He wants you to crave sex with other people and likes to be dominated and humiliated. I didn't want to say anything to you, but as your best friend I need to tell you I think I saw him checking out another girl when we were at the club the other night. He's your bitch, and I'm here to make sure of it. I think it's time you cut him off and make sure he understands that he is NOT to look at other women and to understand his position."


"He was checking out other women?" my wife asked.


"Yes, I'm sure of it. I think you need to make him pay for it."


"What do you propose?"


"Hmmm... well I know you've been craving to get with your husband's best friend Brad for quite some time now."


My wife looked at Christina and was speechless.


"Don't deny it, I can tell you've wanted him for a long time, even well before you started sleeping with other guys. The timing is perfect, your husband needs to be taught a lesson and you REALLY want to sleep with this guy."


"Do you think he would do it? He's been my husband's friend for quite a while now and I don't know if he even likes me like that."


Christina responded, "Are you kidding? Of course he would do it if you let him know you were available. Haven't you seen the way he looks at you? Every time there was a party you were hanging off him and having a great time and he totally dug you. How couldn't he want you? You're incredibly HOT and totally deserve to get with a guy like that. I hear he's not only very well endowed but knows how to use it. Remember your husband wants you to crave sex and go after it. Who would be better to have sex with than the guy you crave the most?"


"I don't know..."


"You're just being shy because you want him so bad and are afraid of rejection. Trust me, you don't need to worry about that. Now, let's get back to your husband checking out other women and figure out how to really make him pay."


"I really don't like him checking out other girls. That's it, he's cut off for sure. He says he likes to be dominated and humiliated so let's give him what he wants."


"The only thing he's not going to get is your pussy," Christina clarified. "He'll be craving your sex in no time and will be so focused on getting back in bed with you that he won't even think about checking other women out."




"Hey, what about Brad's fat friend John. I think I could have a little fun with him and I think he's perverted and desperate enough to join in."


"John? He's like 350 lbs and nasty. Yuck."


"Payback's a bitch, your husband is checking out other girls so let's really abuse him and see how he likes it. Let me control John, he'll do anything I tell him. I'll give him a call right away. I can't wait. This is going to be so much fun, and your husband's going to be so jealous that you're sleeping with Brad."


That evening I was sitting in the living room staring at my wife and Christina on the couch as they whispered and laughed together. I could tell something was up but had no idea what was about to come. The door bell rang and to my surprise Brad and John walked in.


"Welcome Gentlemen," Christina said as she got up and welcomed in the guys. "Brad why don't you go keep your friends wife company while I get to know John a little better." Brad went and sat next to my wife on the couch.


Christina whispered something in John's ear and he blushed in embarrassment. She continued aloud, "John, do what I tell you and I'll make it worth your while."


He nodded in anticipation. "You know, it would really turn me on if you walked over to my sexy friends' husband and showed him your fat cock."


He looked over at me as I turned to avoid eye contact. He never liked me very much and seemed anxious to participate. "You see, the little bitch likes to look at things he shouldn't. I caught him checking out another woman the other day when he has an obviously fucking hot wife to stare at. I think he likes looking at other people." She pushed John towards me as the look on his face went from anxious to slightly nervous.


"Yes," Christina continued, "he needs to be taught that this is unacceptable behaviour."


John approached me. "Is that right?" he said with a stern voice. "You like looking at things you shouldn't?"


Christina interrupted, "John, pull out your prick and give him something to look at."


I was stuck with nowhere to go and didn't know what to say. I recalled my last encounter with Christina and realized this was going to be payback. "Fucking bitch," I thought to myself. These were my friends that I hung out with. Christina was not only going to humiliate me in front of my friends but she was going to get them to humiliate me as well. My life would never be the same.


John unzipped his pants, "Christina also told me you've got fantasies of watching your tight wife get fucked by other men." My jaw dropped...


Brad leaned towards my wife as he heard the news. "Really?" he chuckled.


Christina blurted out, "Yes, he's been talking about it for months. He wants his wife to be pleased by a real man and it's obvious she thinks you're hot Brad. It's no secret you've wanted to hook up with each other ever since you met." Brad didn't deny it and neither did my wife. "Why don't you show Brad how a wife acts around the one she wants?" It was apparent my wife was uncomfortable so Christina went and got a few drinks. "Here, sip on these while we watch your cheating husband get what's coming to him. John, pull out your fat cock and stick it in his face. Now."


John did as he was told. He undid his button and dropped his pants. Just the red tip of his fat cock was showing out of his gut as he stood in front of me.


"That's no fun," Christina said as she came over, knelt down, and seductively blew softly on his crotch. It started to come to life as she looked at me and noticed the bulge growing in my pants.


"That really turns you on looking at another man's cock, doesn't it? Why don't you show us how much it turns you on?" she continued, gesturing for me to take my pants off. "Do you like looking at cock?" she asked me.


I sat silent in my chair.


"Answer me, bitch."


"Y-Y-Yes," I replied.


"Yes what?" she growled.


"Yes..." I hesitated, "Yes, I like looking at cock."


My wife seemed to be enjoying the humiliation I was receiving as she gave me her now-familiar pathetic loser look. I sunk further into my chair as her eyes glared into mine and told me how much she was going to enjoy getting fucked by my best friend.


"Do you enjoy watching your wife with Brad while you stare at cock?" Christina continued.


"Yes," I confirmed.


"Why don't you take your pants off and show us your pathetic noodle."


I did as I was told and removed my pants. My hard penis was exposed for all to see.


"What a pathetic excuse for a man. How do you expect your wife to get off with that skinny little thing? Surely she deserves better."


"Yes, she deserves better than my little cock," I said.


Brad appeared to be getting turned on while listening to the conversation and sitting next to my tight wife. I'd caught him flirting with her a number of times before and I knew he'd always fantasized about fucking my wife.


Christina must have noticed as she spoke to my wife, "Why don't you sit on Brad's lap and find out what a real man's bulge is supposed to feel like?"


My wife was on her second drink and without hesitation twisted her body and put her leg over Brad so she strattled him as they looked each other in the eye. Her hair waved back and forth as she got comfortable.


"How would you like to show your wife how good a cocksucker you are?" Christina asked, turning the attention back to me. "Suck John's cock," she insisted.


I hesitated as she grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into his now fully erect member. John's cock had only grown to about 6 inches but it was almost two inches thick (at least twice as thick as mine). Christina rammed my face into the head of his cock a few times and said, "Open up bitch" as she tugged on my hair. I reluctantly obeyed and she directed my open mouth over the head of his cock. I struggled to breathe as my mouth stretched over his fat cock. "Suck it," she stated again. I slowly started sucking as Christina pushed John's cock down my throat. "Don't stop until I tell you to." I could tell she was enjoying watching me suck on my fat friend's cock as I thought back to the time I got to fuck Christina's hot pussy. My stiff penis twitched. Christina noted, "Wow, you really do like to suck cock. You're about ready to blow your load."


Brad watched in shock as I slurped on John's pole. "You're a cock-sucking bitch!" he exclaimed. I knew at that moment that he didn't care that I was in the room anymore and wouldn't think twice about fucking my wife.


"Brad, why don't you show your new girlfriend how a real man kisses a woman," Christina entertained.


I watched out of the corner of my eye as Brad leaned into my wife and kissed her lips. I could see my wife's erect nipples showing through her tight shirt as she welcomed his lips to hers.


"Give him some tongue," Christina encouraged.


My wife's tongue slipped out of her mouth and met with Brad's as they massaged their outstretched tongues with one another. Brad grabbed my wife's ass as he pulled her closer and stuck his tongue into her mouth. My wife welcomed his tongue and gasped in enjoyment as she rocked back and forth on his bulging member.


Brad pulled away and exclaimed, "Fuck you're hot."


My wife giggled. Brad went back to work as he locked lips with my wife again and moved his hands up along her sides and cupped her breasts. His hands kneaded her firm breasts and rubbed over her hard nipples.


"Hmmmm," my wife groaned as he continued to feel her up.


Christina walked up behind my wife and lifted my wife's shirt over her head. My wife's perfect boobs bounced out for all to see – she obviously hadn't been wearing a bra. Brad ripped off his shirt revealing his ripped upper body and pulled my wife into him as they continued to make out. My wife pushed her firm breasts into Brad's body.


Christina turned her attention back to me again and asked, "How's the fat cock my darling?" My mouth was aching from being stretched over John's thick member for so long and I couldn't respond. "Your wife has quite a body. Isn't it nice to see her getting the attention she needs from a real man?" I nodded in agreement as John shoved his cock further down my throat.


Christina approached John from behind and slapped his ass. His cock twitched inside my mouth. "John, did you do as I told you and make sure not to shower before you came?" she asked.


"You bet," he responded.


"Good," Christina replied and she kicked me square in the balls. "Dirty bitch."


I choked and pulled away from John's cock as I fell to the floor. Christina pushed me on my back and slapped me across the face, "You know what that's for you little shit."


Yes, I knew exactly what that was for.


"John, why don't you have a seat?" Christina instructed as she motioned for him to sit on my face.


He turned around, knelt down, and sat the crack of his dirty ass on my mouth.


"Lick it," Christina insisted.


This was beyond what I figured was acceptable humiliation but I knew better than to disobey so I stuck my tongue out and licked up the crack of John's ass. It was the worst thing I could ever imagine but then it got worse. John grinned and pulled his cheeks apart and forced his asshole over my tongue. I was utterly humiliated as my tongue lapped his colon.


"That's right bitch, lick that shit hole clean," Christina laughed as she enjoyed my humiliation.


Brad couldn't resist himself as he burst out laughing, "Shit, your husband is sucking John's ass. That's disgusting!"


My wife didn't want to lose Brad's attention and immediately cut in, "Why don't we move to the floor and make out right in front of my cheating husband?"


Christina added, "Yes, Brad, why don't you show your girlfriend the special moves you used to talk about. You know, the ones that make women have really good orgasms."


My wife got up and dropped her pants around her ankles. Her wet bald pussy gleamed in front of him as she stood there totally naked. It was obvious she was over her initial uneasiness around Brad and was ready for a good time. "Yeah, you told me you'd push on a girl's stomach while you were deep inside her to hit her g-spot," my wife said with excitement.


Brad's bulge increased as he got up and focused on my wife's toned body. "Are you sure?" he asked. "It leads to very intense orgasms."


"Of course she's sure," Christina stated. "It's what her hot body has craved ever since she became a woman."


Brad undid his pants and out shot a 10" monster piece of meat.


"Holy shit," Christina exclaimed, "That thing's fucking huge!"


My wife agreed. She grabbed the remote control, turned on the sound system, and dimmed the lights. She bounced to the beat as she grabbed Brad for a dance. Brad put his arms around my naked wife and pulled her close. My wife's breasts pushed firmly into his chest and her firm ass stuck out as his large penis pushed against her vagina. My wife gyrated her hips back and forth, rubbing the tip of his cock. They ground into each other and kissed as the music played.


After a few songs my sweaty wife collapsed to the floor. She laid on her back with her legs spread open. Brad took the opportunity to kneel between her legs and lay on top of her. His penis pushed against my wife's pussy and the tip of his penis went into her just far enough so that it was surrounded by her lips. My wife moaned in pleasure and said, "Just the tip." He moved his cock up and down her pussy lips and stopped on her clit. He moved his penis just slightly side to side so it tickled her clit. My wife moaned in pleasure and pushed her clit hard against the tip of his cock. "Fuck!" she exclaimed.


I watched out of the corner of my eye as my tongue was aching from licking John's asshole. Christina was definitely turned on and I could tell she wished she was the one getting the attention of Brad's cock right now. She pulled off her shirt revealing her gorgeous boobs. "John, would you like to feel my breasts?"


"Hell, yeah!" he exclaimed.


She stood in front of John as he licked his lips and reached out and caressed her breasts.


"Wow, you've got perfect boobs Christina. I can't believe I'm actually touching them!"


"I've got an equally perfect pussy that I might let you pleasure if you just do one more thing for me," Christina stated.


John was out of his mind. He was fat and wasn't good looking by any stretch and here he was being offered to get near the pussy of a woman that was a perfect ten. "I'll do anything," he said.


"Well, my friends husband here is still getting off too easy. He's been able to watch his wife and his best friend grind their naked bodies together and she's about to get fucked by his monster cock. By the looks of this husband's pathetic little twitching cock, he's bound to get an orgasm just from watching. Now we can't have that, can we? He's here to get taught a lesson, and I'm not going to let him have the satisfaction of cumming."


"Getting off too easy?" I thought to myself. I was already humiliated beyond imagination. What else could she possibly think of?


"What do you propose?" John asked.


"The one sure way to make sure he can't have an orgasm is to drain his cum," Christina stated.


"What?" John asked.


"What?!!!" I thought to myself.


"I've seen it done before," Christina continued. "We need to stick a finger in his ass and rub on his prostate. The thing is that he needs to be soft so he doesn't enjoy it. His cum will drip out of his cock and then when he's dry he won't be able to orgasm. Go get a glass of ice cubes and stick his cock in it."


John got up off my aching face and went into the kitchen. Christina grinned and said, "I told you I was going to get you back you little cuck bitch. And by the way, this isn't going to feel good at all." She pulled a gag out from under a nearby chair, put it in my mouth, and tied it securely around my head. "I don't need to hear you crying like a little baby," she said.


I couldn't believe what was about to happen.


John returned with a glass full of ice. Christina made me get on my hands and knees and pushed my head into the floor. She made sure I was positioned so I could still watch my wife grind her clit against the tip of Brad's swollen cock. John put the glass under my stomach and Christina pushed my ass so that my hard penis pushed into the ice. It burned as I grimaced in pain.


"John, hold him so he doesn't move." John knelt beside me and pushed on my body so my penis pushed hard into the glass. Within a minute my erection was gone and precum was leaking out of my soft penis. As John pushed my penis further into the ice my precum stuck to the ice and it bonded to the head of my penis.


"Urgghhh," I moaned through my gag in obvious pain.


Christina laughed and shoved her index and middle finger abruptly into my ass. "Just shut up and take it bitch," she exclaimed.


She began to rub on my prostate with her fingers and my body relaxed. Within about a minute I felt sort of like I was peeing myself.


John exclaimed, "Holy shit! Cum is coming out!"


Cum slowly trickled out of my frozen soft penis. I laid my head in shame on the floor as I watched my wife. I couldn't believe it actually worked, the cum was draining from my balls and I felt no good sensation.


After a while my balls felt like dehydrated prunes as they dangled lifelessly beside the glass. Christina's fingers continued to stroke down on my throbbing prostate as I felt a substantial pain growing in my midsection.


"Ughhh," I groaned as the pain became worse.


"What's wrong you little cuck? You don't enjoy cumming for me?" Christina tormented.


She glanced down at my soft cock now drowning in a sea of slightly melted ice and cum. I estimated she had drained about the equivalent of ten full orgasms from my body.


"Do your poor little balls hurt? How about we ice them down to numb the pain?" She forced my empty balls into the glass.


My balls dipped in the thick cum-filled ice and my sack hardened like a rock.


"Unnggg," I gasped through my gag.


After a few minutes Christina pulled my balls out of the glass and spread my legs so she had a clear view of my shrivelled frozen nuts. She gave them a good hard flick.


I grimaced in pain.


"Wow, those balls are stiff," she commented. She proceeded to make a fist and punched my balls as hard as she could.


"Ayyyyiiiii!" I exclaimed in extreme pain as I felt like my balls had shattered. I collapsed to the floor and rolled over on my side as I laid there humiliated and in utter pain.


"You pussy," Christina said. "You should consider yourself lucky I'm playing with your little balls." She pushed me over on my back and grabbed the glass of cum-filled ice.



"I think it's only fair to give you your cum back." She grabbed my jaw and slowly poured some cum over my gag and into my mouth. I choked as the thick bitter fluid filled my mouth.


"Swallow it bitch," she insisted. I shivered in disgust and swallowed. Strands of my own cum slowly oozed down my throat. She poured the rest of the glass into my mouth and I swallowed it quickly to avoid the awful slimy taste in my mouth.


"What a good little cuck," Christina said. "That's it, drink up your pathetic cum. You like eating cum, don't you?"


I nodded in shame.


Christina was satisfied and now moved her attention back towards my wife and Brad. "Wow, your wife is really grinding against the tip of Brad's penis. Why don't you take a minute and see the pleasure your wife is getting from your best friend's incredibly manly cock."


I looked over at my beautiful hot wife and could see the ecstasy building in her eyes as my best friend continued to tease my wife's dripping pussy with his penis.


My wife couldn't take it anymore, she was ready for Brad's cock. She begged Brad to give it to her and he gladly obeyed. He pushed the tip into her vagina and she gasped loudly in pleasure, "Fuck me, Brad, Fuck Me!"


He slowly pushed all 10 inches into her willing hole and she loved every inch of it. He cautiously starting thrusting in and out of her and asked, "Would you like me to work your G-Spot?"


My wife nodded willingly and he used his hands to push on a spot on her stomach. As he fucked her she screamed in pleasure as his cock thrusted over and over her G-Spot. She grabbed his ass to pull him harder into her and moments later she exploded into an intense orgasm. The pulsating of her pussy drove Brad into climax. "I'm cumming," he proclaimed. He bucked his body and his cock spewed load after load of his manly cum into my wife's womb. She welcomed it deep inside her as she pulled him into her as hard as she could. "Fuck that feels good, fill me up with your cum," my wife pleaded.


"He's going to make her a baby," Christina whispered in my ear. "That's part of the sweet revenge for cumming in me you little bitch; you're lucky I took a morning after pill. And remember how nice I was to let you suck the cum from your wife to try prevent her pregnancy? It's not going to happen this time."


"You bitch!" I tried to exclaim through my gag.


Christina could tell what I'd tried to say and responded, "What's that you say? Is the cuck just realizing his wife's baby might be conceived from his best friend's cum? I've talked to your wife about this already, you're not going anywhere near her pussy until she's pregnant. You don't deserve her pussy and it's not my fault she happens to have just gone off the pill. You should have thought about that before you decided to piss me off. Besides, you don't want your baby to be a sissy cuck like you now do you? I want you to thank Brad for giving your wife his sperm."


Christina removed the gag from my mouth. I refused to say anything as I could see some of Brad's cum at the entrance of my wife's pussy.


Christina grabbed me by the balls, "Thank him," she insisted.


I reluctantly replied, "Thank you Brad... thanks for satisfying my wife and filling her with your cum."


My wife looked towards me, put her feet up on the couch and lifted her hips in the air so Brad's cum would flow deep inside her womb. I couldn't imagine my wife's perfect tight little body getting pregnant, especially from another man's cum. Was she really serious?


"Now, I think I've got some payment to give to John for being such a good sport." Christina noted.


Christina pulled off her pants and John stared at her gorgeous trimmed pussy."


"Holy shit," John whispered under his breath as his cock stiffened more than ever.


"Lay down," Christina instructed. John laid on his back on the floor next to me and Christina strattled over top of him. She slowly lowered her body over his and let her pussy slide down over his small thick penis. She rocked up and down only a few times and his cock twitched and she pulled away as he ejaculated all over himself.


"That sure didn't take long," Christina commented.


John just laid there in utter satisfaction.


Christina grabbed me by the hair, "Looks like you have some dessert."


She pushed my face into his cum, "Eat it," she insisted.


I spent the next couple of minutes licking John's cum from his belly. It was the most awful tasting cum I'd ever experienced.


"Don't forget to clean his cock," Christina mentioned as she watched in enjoyment. I knew better than to resist her instructions and proceeded to wrap my mouth around John's limp cock and suck off the remaining cum. I could taste Christina's sweet juices on John's cock and lapped loudly as I licked his pole.


"Look at how much this little cuck enjoys sucking fat cock," Christina said.


I finished my cleaning duty and pulled away.


"Thanks for the great evening boys," Christina said to Brad and John. "I think it's time you leave. Don't worry, we'll let you know when we're ready for another good fucking."


Brad and John quickly got dressed and left. Christina went over to my wife and whispered in her ear. She then got down on her knees and licked seductively up her tasty vagina.


"Hmmmmm..." She taunted me as she commented on Brad's cum, "Tastes so good."


Christina got up and knelt down over my wife. I could tell she was still horny and she lowered her wet pussy over my wife's face. I couldn't believe it but my wife stuck out her tongue and licked Christina's used clit. I watched as my wife brought Christina to an intense orgasm.


After a moment of satisfaction Christina gathered herself.


"You can sleep in the guest bedroom tonight," Christina said to me. "Your wife and I will be in the master bedroom. We expect a full breakfast in the morning and here..." Christina threw me a pink thong, "Make sure you're wearing this."


They proceeded up the stairs to bed and I sat there and thought back at the crazy night.


Wow, Christina's revenge was really much worse than I had imagined...


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