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That is what she calls me. Yes, her, the beauty that you see above here getting ready for her date. I snapped this picture when she was in the shower and tried to be sneaky, but of course I got caught and I ended up in a shit ton of trouble. But, she did let me keep the picture, as long as I wrote about what went on later that night.


I went through a lot to get to keep this picture, so here it goes. Of course she saw the flash, which I thought I turned off, which she immediately came over and slapped the shit out of me. She probably slapped me about 10 times before I was begging on my knees for her to stop. She told me to grab a towel and dry her gorgeous body off so that she could get ready. I dried off her beautiful body and she instructed me to take off the swimming suit she was wearing. I gladly did, starting with the top, which revealed Mistress Heather’s enormous breasts. They were amazing and I couldn’t help but stare, which was met with a swift quick to the balls.


I fell to the ground in pain, as my cock trapped in the chastity belt was aching from the blow. She then moved above me and pull off her bottoms right above me, teasing me with her perfect big ass and shaved pussy. She moved down above my face and shoved her asshole in my mouth, making sure her pussy was not near my mouth. She told me to clean her ass for her boyfriend, which I had no choice but to do. I cleaned her ass with all my strength, pushing my tongue deep inside her, which her just demeaning me the entire time about my small cock. She then told me she was calling Derek, her boyfriend, to come over and fuck her at our house, ,which is the most humiliating thing.


She was on the phone with Derek and kept bouncing her ass and smothering me as much as possible, and she told Derek this while laughing the whole time. She hung up and told me she had to get ready quickly, so she told me the clothes that were laid out. I crawled into the master bedroom and grabbed her white tank top, short black skirt and lace bra and thong. It was a basic outfit but hot as shit of course. The tank top showed off her huge cleavage and the skirt barely covered her ass, which was the point.


We went downstairs to wait for Derek and she decided she needed a cigarette before her big fucking. And I do mean big fucking because I know Derek is at least 8 inches, twice my size. She made me light her cigarette while I kneeled at her feet while she sat on the couch. She told me she needed an ashtray, so she told me to lay down with my head between her legs. She told me to open and then drop a huge load of spit in my mouth and told me to hold it. She did it again and then ashed and I was finally allowed to swallow.


She then placed her feet on my face while she continued to tell me about her date and how wet she was getting. She took her feet off my face and told me to open again, dropping more spit down my throat mixed with spit. She also told me later that she would be dropping her lover’s cum down my throat in the same way.


Finally, after a few more ashes down my throat, she put the cigarette out on my ass, but that wasn’t the bad part. She made me turn around and open my mouth and then proceeded to make me eat her cigarette butt. She laughed as I chewed the nasty butt, barely able to get it down my throat, but I did. She then dropped some more spit down my throat so to help wash it down she said.


We then heard a knock on the door and she told me to lay down in the same position as I was in as the ashtray. They walked in and she sat right where I was at, with Derek to the side. They started kissing and he started to finger her beautiful pussy, pushing her thong to the side. She placed her feet on my face and was rubbing them all over and beating me with them basically. She told me to go to the bedroom and get the dreaded bag of toys, full of stuff to make me suffer. I ran upstairs and brought it down, but Derek already had her top and bra off and was sucking on her huge tits, which I am not allowed to do. While Derek was sucking her tits, she told me to give her the bag.


She reached inside the bag and pulled out one of the biggest tease toys, the face dildo. I hated seeing that, because that meant I would not be sucking her perfect pussy before Derek spoiled it. She gestured for me to come close and she told me to open my mouth. She spit in my mouth again for some reason and then pulled a thong out of the bag, which was stuffed in my mouth. After that was shoved in, the dildo was placed on my face and they both laughed at how I looked.


She told me to get back and kneel between her legs. She spread her legs apart, showing me her panty clad pussy and teased me. She moved the material to the side and told me to bury the huge dildo inside of her, which I did. I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could and she had an orgasm all over the dildo very quickly. She then told me to lay back on the ground on the floor a little bit away from the couch. She stood up and walked above me, towering her beautiful body above me. She took her thong off and threw it on my body and impaled herself on the dildo, with her pussy going deep inside and her asshole covering up my nose.


She motioned for Derek to come over while she bounced on the dildo. Her juices were seeping into my mouth, but the thong stopped me from enjoying them too much. She pulled Derek over and started giving me a sloppy, wet sounding blowjob, something I have not had from any girl in years. She was bouncing and sucking away before she pulled her impaled pussy off the dildo and looked down at me. She still had the skirt on, so I really didn’t see anything while I was under her, not even her back. She told me that my duties were complete for now, and she sent me into the closet, pulling out the thong that was in my mouth and replacing it with the fresh one. She also took her huge bra and blindfolded me with it and led me into the closet.


I could hear them fucking and moaning and having a great time. She would throw out insults so that I could hear, saying that her husband could never fuck her like this. Finally, it sounded like they were done, and someone opened the door. It wasn’t Heather but Derek, who undid my blindfold and left without saying a word. I crawled over, with the thong still in my mouth. I was told to assume the same position I have been in all day, so I laid between her legs. She lowered her abused pussy on top of my face, just dripping with cum. She stopped right before my mouth and told me to open up. She quickly took the thong out and told me to keep it open.


Then, she let her pussy drip the cum out of her pussy and direcly into my mouth. She then dropped her full weight on top of me and forced me to lick the rest of the cum out of her pussy. She then got off of my face, which was a mess from the cum, told me to lay on the couch, and then proceeded to get dressed. Once she was fully dressed, she sat on my face and turned the TV on as if I wasn’t even there.

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