The Cuckold Beginning




First off, Sara is not your typical Internet wife. She is not 5 foot 9 with long blonde hair and perfect boobs. She is a real person. Sarah is 5’3” 150lbs, with light brown/blonde hair and green eyes. She does have beautiful d-cup breast however, with mid-sizes areolas and pencil eraser nipples that are almost always hard. She is a mother of two and at the writing of this first story, a normal southern housewife. Down below she leaves a neatly trimmed tuft of hair above her clit, but shaves everything else. She has always said that it has always made her feel sexy this way. As for me, I guess I’m your ordinary average Joe, 5’8” 185 lbs with slightly balding brown hair and brown eyes. I have a 7-inch dick that’s about 3 inches around.


Up until this point our sex life was great. We both enjoyed ourselves in bed that’s for sure. Orally I could make Sara go off like a bottle rocket on the 4th of July, and she always had interesting positions and techniques, that her girlfriends would tell her about, that we tried in order to spice things up. Little did I know what she was truly capable of.


The story you are about to read is 100% true. This is how it all started…


Poker night! Tuesday night is poker night at my house. We have several friends that come over and play and socialize every week. I usually run the card game and the wife plays hostess…Yeah right! This isn’t going to be one of those poker stories were I bet my wife and lost her. The wife plays a mean hand of poker and sits down at the table with me, my buddies Rick, Joe, Steve, and Steve’s wife Carrie. We all sit around until late in the night drinking wine and beer, eating nachos and talking about our kids usually. Boring 30 something conversation that’s usually interrupted by one of us getting up to use the phone to call home and check on the kids. Told you when we started, this is reality based. All except for Joe. Joe is our next-door neighbor. His wife used to come to the games too, until she caught him hooking up with someone on and left him. Anyway, this particular game, which usually runs it’s course about 11:00 or so, was running into the wee hours of a work night. Steve, Carrie, and Rick had already left.


Sarah mucked in her chips, stood up, stretched and told us she was out for the night. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and said her goodnights to Joe. As she was walking to the bedroom I couldn’t help but notice Joe’s eyes following her down the hall to the bedroom. “Yeah, I’ve about had it too”, he said.


“Hey Mark, let’s go out back and burn one.”


I hadn’t smoked pot since college.


“Are you kidding me”, “I said as I started putting up the cards and chips.


“Yeah man, come on we’ll go over to my place if you’re afraid to do it here”

”Well, Ok let’s go”, I said.


So that’s how I ended up on his couch at 2:00 am in the morning smoking pot with my neighbor on a work night. Didn’t take long before I was in LaLaLand I must tell you. It had been so long since I had done any weed that it really hit me like a freight train. I felt like I was floating, time was standing still. Then I woke up. I looked up at the clock 3:30am. I looked around for Joe. He was gone, must have gone to bed, I thought. So I got up and walked across the road back to my house. As I was opening the door, I thought I heard my wife’s voice, but then it was gone. I walked inside and locked up. Then I heard Sara again. This time it wasn’t a word she said but a low moaning growl. I know that growl I thought, smiling to myself. My wife had taken the opportunity of my absence to masturbate, and by the sounds of it, she was really getting in to it. I put my ear to the door and heard her…


“Oh yes….mmmmmm…..that’s it…..God…yessss”


Well I couldn’t miss this show. So I tip toed into my office and got our mini cam. I walked back to the bedroom door, and started the recorder. I very gently pushed against the door and looked inside through the eyepiece. What I saw I definitely wasn’t prepared for. My wife was totally naked, lying on her stomach, her ass was arched up into the air, and my neighbor Joe, was between her legs licking her pussy. My jaw hit the floor. I stood there dumbfounded as her hips lifted off the mattress and made slow circling motions against his tongue.


“Yesss… me…God yes….suck on my lips….that’s it”


A wave of jealousy washed over me, then anger. I put the camera down and was getting ready to rush into the room when I heard her again…


“God Mark that’s so good….eat me baby…eat my pussy….Oh God yes….I’m going to cum…keep going….don’t stop”


She called him Mark. She was wearing her sleeping mask, and she thought it was me behind her. I stepped back into the hall to think. As I’ve said before, I am an avid Internet reader, and I’ll admit one of my fantasies was to see my wife with another man. So I had mixed emotions about what was going on in our room. Until I heard her call him Mark. She wasn’t cheating on me. Now what he was doing was unscrupulous to say the least and I decided then and there that I would get even, but I had to let this continue. I mean, when else would I get this opportunity. I didn’t think I would get another chance like this. So I stepped back in just as she was going off. She was humping back at him even harder now, making guttural growling noises and clutching the sheets in balled up fists. I had never seen her come so hard. She tensed up against him, and moaned loudly, then collapsed onto the bed.


“Oh God, that was good. Mark you have to fuck me now. I’m so worked up, I won’t be able to sleep a wink.”


I looked on through the eyepiece of the camcorder as Joe took his shirt off, and unzipped his pants. As I watched I could see that he was as hard as nails. His dick looked about the same size as mine. This was good I thought, as she wouldn’t realize what was going on. He climbed up on the bed behind her and began to rub his cock along her soaked pussy lips. I zoomed in with the camera to watch as the head of his cock pushed it’s way slowly past her lips. She was so wet; he slid right in to the balls. She gasped loudly and arched her back. I held my breath.


“Oh my, you are hard tonight she said”


I breathed a sigh of relief and watched as he began pumping his cock slowly in and out of her. From my viewpoint all I could see was her on all fours and him behind her. No penetration from this viewpoint and I was a little disappointed. Then it happened. He got up on his haunches above her, driving his cock into her from above. When he did that I got a terrific view of his cock slamming into her. The lips of her pussy were stretching and pulling at his cock on every thrust. She began to grunt and moan, and I could see how her juices were really starting to flow out from around his cock. He would push his cock all the way in and hold it, then pull it almost all the way out. The give her a few quick jabs and sink it in again. He had a good technique and she was really going crazy from it.


The smell in the room was pure sex, and I could here the soft lapping, squishy sounds her pussy made when he drove his cock into her. It was making me crazy. I reached down with my left hand and undid my fly. I reached inside my pants and started stoking my stiffening cock. This was the most outrageous thing I had ever seen. My wife was there in front of me, face down, lustfully taking a hard fucking from our friend and neighbor.


“That’s so good, give it to me”, she said. “fuck me deeper….yes….ahhhh….yesssss…..fuck it… I can feel it swelling…..yes…oh God…..give it to me…..Mark…..Give….it….to….me….!”


I watched breathlessly as Joe thrust one more time, stiffened, and groaned. Zooming in again with the camera, I could actually see the veins in his dick pulsing and emptying their load into my soccer mom wife’s stomach. He pulled out about half way, and I could see smears of his white cum on the shaft of his dick. He thrust in again hard, and cum ran down my wife’s inner thighs onto the bed. My wife stretched out on the bed and coooed. I caught a beautiful post-fuck face on her with the camera as she smiled and began to drift off to sleep again. I panned over to see Joe standing at the foot of the bed staring at me with wide-eyed terror.


Then he looked down and saw me holding my raging hard on with one hand and holding the camera with the other. He smiled wolfishly and pulled on his clothes. I was still a little bit in shock and I stood there as he walked past me. He put a hand on my shoulder as he walked out. “See ya, neighbor” he whispered. Then left. I looked over at my wife. She had rolled over on her back, but still had the mask on and was fast asleep. I again looked through the viewfinder at her and zoomed in. I could now see how her chest had gotten all red. Something that happens to her, when she has large orgasms. Her nipples were standing at attention and were bright pink. I panned down between her spread legs to watch as a small river of cum slowly oozed out of her. It was just a trickle, but it just kept coming out. I had an idea. I set up the camera on the dresser to point at her, took off my clothes and joined my wife on the bed.


“Are you ok?”, I whispered to her in her ear.


“mmmmhmmmm”, she moaned, half asleep. “You were really good. I especially liked it when you were eating me out. Please do it some more”


“Do what some more” I stammered.


“Eat me, silly. It was so good.” She whispered.


“But….Honey….you’re full of…of”

“of cum” she moaned. “I know, won’t that be sexy? It’s no big deal, I won’t tell, besides it’s yours anyway”


I didn’t move, I stared down at her freshly fucked pussy; full of my neighbors cum. I was curious. No one will know I thought, might be my only chance, always wondered what it would taste like.


I moved down between her legs and looked up into something that would soon become commonplace in my life. The site of my wife’s well used pussy. For those of you who have never inspected your wife after sex this is what it probably looks like.


Her small tuft of pubic hair was matted down with a mixture of their fluids. Her clit was enlarged and sticking out between the folds of it’s hood. It was a bright pinkish red color. The sides of her pussy were all puffy and swollen and the lips inside were distended and held open. Here I was inches now, face to face as it were, with my wife’s pussy opening. It was open still and was coated with thick white goo. It looked like cum, but was mixed with her own juices so it had a more fluid almost transparent consistency. It had dripped out steadily since they had finished, and had made a small puddle under her ass. I stuck out my tongue tentatively and licked at her clit. I didn’t really taste anything. Sara moaned.


“I’m sensitive there, go lower”, she giggled


“I’m not sure…”, I started.


“Oh God Mark, please just do it. For me…it turns me on” she growled.


I started down lower, but hesitated, still not sure I was up to this, I mean this was Joe the neighbors cum down here. Before I could even get the thought out. Sarah grabbed me by the hair and ground her pussy right into my face, forcing my nose against her clit and my lips against her cummy opening. Her swollen pussy lips framed my mouth as she pushed me lower and lower. I gave away and opened my mouth. I stuck my tongue in to her as far as it would go and tried not to focus on what I was doing. The taste, for those of you who haven’t experienced a cream pie, was slightly tart and bitter. It was only slightly salty as I have heard, probably because of her juices added to it, didn’t really taste like much at all, but the smell.


The smell hit me finally and it was pure sex. It smelled heavily of cum, and pussy, and sweat, and I found it intoxicating. I began to eat my wife’s recently used pussy with a newfound delight. Her clit was all slippery and she was hunching it against my nose, rubbing it back and forth in rhythm to my licking. The inside of her hole was really hot from her previous fuck session and I could tell by the contractions she was having that she would be coming soon. The smell and taste were overwhelming, coupled by the fact that my sweet wife was now holding my head in place and saying the most obscene things.


“yes…eat my cunt…eat that cum filled pussy…eat it…eat all of that cum Mark… I know you like it...make me cum again baby….eat it all.


As she moved and squirmed under my tongue, she came and her muscles contracted again and a flood of cum came pouring out onto my tongue. When she came she clutched my head hard against her. The cum poured into my mouth and I swallowed as fast as I could so that I could breathe. This cum was different when it came out, I guess more “pure”, as it felt slightly lumpy as it went down my throat, and tasted very salty. Sara cried out so loud I thought she’d wake the kids. She bucked and thrashed and I felt her squirt some of her own juices into my mouth, as she humped me.


“ahhhhhh…God!! Yes….yes….yes….ohhhhhh”, she squealed, and held my head tight.


When she finally let go, I looked up to see that she had taken off her sleeping mask and her eyes were open and staring down at my cum covered face.


“My God that was good. I never realized what a turn on it was to have you eat me after cumming inside me. I don’t know it just feels different, dirty I guess, animalistic. I loved that”, she grinned.


“Me too, I guess” I said, wiping the cum from the corner of my mouth. I reached down and held my cock out to her. Ready for some relief myself.


“Oh no.” she said, “Not again, It’s too late already, besides you got yours earlier. We have to be up early for work tomorrow. Now come to bed”


So what could I say, No that wasn’t me it was the neighbor, I didn’t get mine yet. I looked at her amazed as she put her night mask back on, pulled up the sheets and rolled over. Leaving me there with a giant case of blueballs. So I did what any red-blooded man would do. I picked up the camera went into the bathroom and jerked off as I watched her pussy get pummeled by the neighbor again, and again, and again. That’s ok I thought I’ll get mine soon enough. But that is another story.






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