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My wife and I had been married about three years and had fallen into an utterly predictable routine. Neither of us were very happy and our sex life was practically nonexistent We discussed it and decided that to add a little spice to our lives we would pretend we were dating again and try to regain some of that spark we had before we got married. It may sound silly, but we noticed a difference almost immediately.


The first night we tried it, we decided to meet at a bar and see what happened. She stayed home and I got a motel room, so we wouldn't see each other until we met each other at the bar.


In fact, we didn't even tell each other when we would meet, we just selected a place -- a small blues club.


When I showed up about 8:30 that evening, she had apparently already been there for a while.


She looked beautiful. A tight black sleeveless T-shirt accentuated her 38D bustline and a tight pair of faded blue jeans clung to the gentle swell of her hips. She was sitting alone at a table drinking a beer.


I took a stool at the bar where I could see her and watched as she occasionally glanced around the bar. I assumed she was looking for me. She would also allow her eyes to stop occasionally on one of the young studs at the bar and every so often, one would stop by her table to chat, attempting to pick her up. We had even agreed that we would not wear our wedding rings, to make it appear  that we had just found each other.


After about half an hour, I noticed she was starting to get tipsy. A man came over and sat down at her table and they started to talk. He lit a cigarette and then handed her one. That's when I knew she was feeling a little high. She never smokes, except when she's been drinking.


They talked for a few minutes and then he stood up and took her hand  and led her to the dance floor.


They danced to a couple of fast songs and I watched as the guy she was with and other guys enjoyed her movements. Even though she was wearing a bra, her breasts swayed with her motions and I started to feel the way I had when I had first met her.


A slow song came on and she started to leave the dance floor, but he caught her by the wrist and pulled her to him. She didn't fight him and, in fact, seemed to melt in his arms. I watched as they danced, pressed tightly against each other and felt a twinge of jealousy.


I decided I had seen enough and walked onto the floor to try to cut in. I tapped the guy on the shoulder and asked if I could dance with this beautiful blonde woman. He looked at her, allowing her to make the decision. Her answer shocked me.


"Maybe the next dance," she said. and rested her head against his chest.


I was slightly dumbfounded and went back to the bar, choosing a different seat, where she would be sure to see me when she left the dance floor.


As the song ended, she looked at her dance partner and didn't even flinch when he planted a passionate kiss on her mouth as his hands slid down to caress her ass.


They broke the kiss and he said something and she laughed. Then the moved off in different directions.


She came to sit by me. We chatted uneasily for a few minutes and finally I asked her what she was doing?


"You said we should act like we did before we got married. You didn't expect me to sit here by myself all night, did you?"


Actually, I thought that was exactly what she would do -- wait for me. Apparently, she had other ideas, though.


"Would you rather go home with him?" I asked.


"No, but it's nice to know someone still finds me desirable."


"Would you like to dance with me?" I asked.


She accepted and soon we were on the dance floor acting like we had before we made our vows, shouting over the music laughing and having a good time.


Every now and then I would see the guy she had danced with earlier watching us. He wasn't smiling. In the middle of a slow song, he apparently decided to try the same approach I had. He tapped me on the shoulder and asked to cut in. I took his part and looked at my wife to hear her answer.


"Sure," she said, and winked at me. "I'll owe you one." she told me as they moved off across the floor.


I was starting to get angry and realized I was also aroused. I decided to just sit back and see what happened. I didn't want to start anything and, like she said, we weren't supposed to be together.


I decided to ask another girl to dance. I found a beautiful brunette with a gorgeous figure. She couldn't have been more than 5'2" (my wife is 5'7"). We started dancing and she made it clear that she was interested in more than dancing. We started kissing and groping each other on the dance floor. Occasionally I would glance around to see my wife observing the situation. At first, she looked stunned and angry, but then that look faded and before I knew it I couldn't see her anymore.


After we had finished dancing to several songs, I excused myself, saying I needed to use the restroom. Instead, however, I went to find my wife.


I found her in the parking lot. She and her dance partner were locked in an embrace and he had his hands up her shirt fondling her breasts.


I decided to put a stop to this nonsense and went to break it up.


The guy looked shocked when I grabbed her by the shoulders and started to pull her away.


He started to take a step towards me, but my wife stepped in.


"Hold it. Let's not go getting all macho and start a fight. Let me talk to this guy," my wife said, meaning me.


She took me aside and asked if I was having fun yet. I told her I wasn't and she said maybe I should think more before I made suggestions and that she was having a wonderful time.


I was working on a slow burn and told her that she needed to stop this right now, or she was going to get in over her head. She said she knew what she was doing and it was a good thing I had a hotel room for the night. With that, she turned her back and went back to the guy.


The talked for a few minutes and he went back inside. She got in her car and left. I thought she was going home and decided to go home, too. On the way home, I stopped to buy a bottle of wine to apologize for acting like a jerk.


When I got home, however, there were three extra cars in the driveway. I remembered my wife's comment about me having a hotel room and decided to see what she had gotten herself into.


I parked down the street and walked back to the house. I unlocked the door and tiptoed up the stairs. I heard noises coming from the bedroom and realized she had decided to take this all the way.


Our bedroom has a bathroom that also has a door to the hall, so I slipped into the bathroom, where the lights were out and peeked through the crack in the partially open door.


My wife lay on our bed, naked with one man between her legs eating her out, while another slipped his cock in and out of her mouth.


I immediately was erect, watching my wife suck another man's cock while a second ate her dripping pussy.


The second man stood up and I saw that it was her dance partner. Apparently, he had brought a friend. He was naked and fairly muscular. His cock was probably about seven inches. That made me feel a little better, since mine is about nine.


He climbed on top of her and began to stuff his cock into her wet cunt. Even from across the room, I could hear the squishing sound as he slipped it inside.


My wife started to moan around the cock in her mouth and it was then that I realized why there were three cars in the driveway. I heard other voices start cheering the action.


"Give it to her, Dave," said one voice.


"Pound that cunt," said another.


I realized that there were at least three more guys in the room, but I couldn't see them from my vantage point.


Dave, her dance partner, was pounding into her cunt for all he was worth and when he bellowed that he was going to cum, my wife pulled the cock from her mouth and demanded that he shoot it in he cunt.


"Fill me up with your cum," she cried. "Come on, fucker, give it to me."


I was as shocked at the language my wife was using as I was at the action. She never used that kind of language when we had sex.


Dave kept banging into her and  could see him withdraw almost completely before plunging back into my wife's cunt. On each stroke, her pussy lips dragged along his cock, appearing as if they were trying to suck his prick back into her cunt.


After a minute of fierce pounding, he pushed into her gash up to his balls and I saw his ass tighten as he shot his load into her. When he finished, he pulled out and I could see the massive load of cum oozing from her twat.


Before he was out of the way, one of the others appeared. He was already nude and his cock was about the same size as Dave's.


He immediately plunged into her and her sopping twat combined with the load of Dave's cum that was still oozing out made loud squishing sounds.


About this time the guy in her mouth started to moan and I expected my wife to swallow his load, as she usually did mine. He tensed and I knew the first couple of shots went right down her throat. Then she surprised me again, by pulling his cock from her mouth and taking several more shots on he face and chest.


She looked up at him and cum was dripping from her chin and plastered her hair. She ran her hand across her chin and slurped the cum off her fingers before calling out for more.


"Who's next, There's two holes. No waiting."


This was the ultimate shock. For three years, I had been trying to get into her asshole. Each time I was refused. Now, here she was offering it to men she had never even met before.


The final two guys stepped in and it still looked as though I had them beat in the cock department although it was close with one of them.


On crawled up on top of the bed and placed his cock at the side of her face. She turned to face it and literally swallowed him whole. He moaned loudly and I knew he had never gotten such a great dick suck before.


The other guy stopped the action long enough to pull her up on her hands and knees. The guy who had been fucking her lay down on the bed and slipped it back in.


The way they were positioned now, I had a perfect view of him fucking her now swollen, red gash. The guy getting the blowjob got on his knees in front of her and slid his prick back in her mouth.


The third guy rubbed his cock around over her ass and around her pussy that was getting fucked and for a moment, I thought he was going to slide his cock into her cunt with the other guy's.


When his prick, which was probably about eight inches and relatively slim, was glistening with cum and her cunt juice, he put it at the entrance of her asshole. She moaned and I saw her push her ass back against him.


This was almost too much for me too handle and I freed my raging hard-on from my pants and began stroking it, not too much, though, because I wanted to see the end of this action before I came.


It took a couple of minutes of gradual pressure to open her asshole up for the guy. Occasionally he would pull his cock away and spit in his hand and then rub it on the head of his prick before trying to slide it back in.


Finally, with an audible pop, the head of his prick slipped in her ass. She practically screamed and I almost ran into the bedroom, thinking she was hurt. I realized after a second, that having three cocks in her had just given her an intense orgasm and now she was pushing her ass back at the guy and raising and lowering herself on the cock in her cunt, while still sucking the prick in front of her.


The guy behind her started fucking her ass harder now, soon he was plunging all the way into her ass. He even pulled all the way out a couple of times and I could see her asshole remain open until he shoved his dick back in.


The combination was apparently too much for the guy fucking her cunt to handle and he announced he was cumming. He pushed up into her and I could see the base of his cock twitching as her fired into he dripping cunt. He came so much and her cunt was so loose by now that it was running out around his cock before he even withdrew it.


The guy getting the blowjob slid under her as the guy who just came rolled off the bed. He positioned himself beneath her and she reached back to guide his cock into her cunt. As soon as his prick touched her wet hole, he drove it all the way in. This guy's cock was the closest to my size in length and was probably a bit thicker.


She moaned again and started telling  both of them to fuck her hard and fill her with cum.


The guy in her ass was pounding for all he was worth now and I could see as both pricks slid in and out of her well-used holes.


The guy fucking her ass grabbed her hips and pulled her ass to him and forced his cock even further up her ass. His balls rested against the cock that was pistoning in and out of her cunt and I saw his ass clench as he filled her sweet butt with jizm. He pulled out of her ass and I saw that her hole was still gaping.


Unable to restrain myself anymore, I grabbed my wedding band from the bathroom counter, slipped it on and walked into the bedroom.


Dave, the guy she met at the bar, jumped up and started to say something. I stopped him by showing him the band on my finger and pointing at my wife. He looked shocked for a minute and sat down again.


I snuck up behind her and gazed down at her open asshole, overflowing with cum. I placed the head of my cock against her hole and easily slid it all the way up her ass. I guess feeling my cock slide in was too much for the guy fucking her cunt because he came at the same moment. He pulled out and I could hear the wet rush of cum being expelled from her cunt.


I kept pounding her ass, knowing I wouldn't last long. My wife, realizing that the only cock now in her was the one in her ass, looked around to see who was fucking her. When she saw me, she got a look of absolute terror on her face.


"So, you like it up the ass now, don't you slut?" I hissed at her.


She didn't say anything, just continued to stare at me.


"Tell you what, when I'm done with  your ass, I'll let you suck me off to clean me up."


I started pounding harder into her ass and she dropped her head to the mattress and soon she was pushing her ass back against me and telling me to fill  her asshole with cum.


I felt the cum start to boil up at the base of my dick and gave a couple more powerful strokes before I shoved it all the way and fired my load deep into her bowels.


I looked around at the guys in the room, and each of them was staring at us. I also noticed that each one was hard again.


I pulled out of her ass and a whoosh of cum followed. I stood up to survey the scene and noticed that there was drying cum covering her cunt, ass and legs.


"So, you motherfuckers enjoyed doing my wife, huh?" I yelled at the five guys.


Apparently they decided to play tough and formed a group.


"We sure did. And we think we're gonna do it again." Dave said as the other four backed him up. "And you're gonna watch and like it."


I tried to decide whether to go for my gun in the nightstand or just let the scene play out. I decided to see what they had in mind.


"You want some more, honey," Dave asked my wife.


"I want everything every one of you has got and I want him to see it up close and personal," she said, grinning a mischievous grin at me.


She got up and I watched as more cum flowed from her cunt, to run down her legs in thick streams.


"You heard the lady," Dave told me. "On your back."


I resigned myself to whatever fate my wife had in store for me and lay down on the bed.


She crawled back over the top of me, positioning her dripping cunt over my face. I tried to squirm out of the way of the droplets of cum that were coming from her pussy, but she put her knees on my arms and told me not to move, just enjoy the show.


"I want everyone in my cunt this time. Give him something to watch. Come on, guys, line up."


Dave took her first sliding into her cunt and pounding her for a good ten minutes before he shot his load. He was followed by the other four. None of them took their time warming up. They just plunged in and starting fucking at full speed, with assembly line efficiency they plowed her.


When Dave started fucking her, I was shocked to see a stranger's cock sliding into my wife's pussy from this close. I could hear the mushy squishing sounds and see her cuntlips stretched by his cock. I could smell her cunt juice and the pungent aroma of other mens' cum and see his glistening prick as it pushed din and out of her wet, obscenely stretched  pussy. When he came, he pushed up into her as far as he could, held himself motionless for a minute and then withdrew.


When he pulled out, a splash of his cum  hit me in the face and I tried to move to avoid it. Unfortunately, I just moved so that the next drop hit me right in the mouth. I had just gotten a mouthful of another man's cum.


All six of them (my wife included, laughed at this) and then the next guy took his place in her cunt.


My dick started to respond, hardening again and my wife gave it an occasional flick with her tongue.


After the second guy came, he pulled out and another helping of cum splashed down on my face. I didn't try to avoid it this time. I just let it hit me on the cheek and felt some of it seeping into the corner of my mouth.


By the time the third guy finished, I was tonguing her swollen clit and when he came, he pulled out and stuck the head of his cock against my mouth. I opened my mouth and let him pour a generous helping of cum down my throat. It was then that I realized how much I was enjoying this.


When they fourth guy started fucking her, I went back to sucking her clit and found the guy's hard cock rubbing against my nose as I licked her. I decided to go for it and began licking his cock as he plunged into my wife.


"This guy's trying to suck my cock," he yelled to the other four, and I realized it was true. I was even trying to slide my tongue into my wife's cunt along with this guy's prick. Soon, he was cumming and he shoved up into my wife and withdrew quickly.


I clamped my mouth around her gaping cunt and let the cum run into my mouth, swallowing it all and enjoying the salty, bitter taste of it.


The final guy, with the thickest cock, stepped up and shoved it into my wife. He pumped a few strokes into her and then pulled out, repositioning himself and slid it into my mouth.


Without thinking I sucked his cock as far into my mouth as I could, letting my tongue swirl around the head.


"He's a pretty good cocksusker," the guy said to his buddies.


Then he pulled it out of my mouth and slid it back into her cunt. He did this for a few minutes, alternating between my mouth and her pussy before he was ready to cum. When he did he pulled out of my wife's cunt and shoved his cock into my mouth, I started to gag, but managed to hold off while he filled my mouth with cum. I swallowed it eagerly and the other four guys cheered the scene. He pulled out of my mouth and grabbed my wife by the shoulders, making her sit up.


As she did so, all the cum that had been deposited in her earlier ran out and I locked my mouth tightly against her pussy sucking all  the cum from it. As I sucked her gaping pussy clean of cum, the cum that was in her asshole dribbled down onto my face. This sent her over the edge and she started to cum again.


She came down on my cock with her mouth and sucked it deep. I was already so hot that it probably took less than a minute for me to shoot my load in her mouth. and then, instead of swallowing it, she held it in her mouth, twisted around to face me and kissed me, transfering my own cum into my mouth.


When she broke the kiss, she said, "I love you, honey."


"Funny way to show it," I said, "But I love you, too."


We both sat up and saw that the five guys were all partially dressed, preparing to leave.


"I think we should let you guys be alone," Dave said. He looked at me and seemed kind of apologetic. "I didn't know you two were married," he said. "She wasn't wearing a ring."


"I know," I said. "We were supposed to be meeting each other, kind of a role-playing thing. It didn't turn out quite the way I expected."


"Are you mad," my wife asked, rubbing the cum into her thighs and massaging her swollen pussy.


"I guess not." I said. "A little shocked. A little confused. And a lot aroused. But not mad."


With that, Dave and his buddies left. We didn't have any more experiences with them, but we did have a few other exciting evenings. Those will have to wait for another time, though.



by PetBugger

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