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Luise's First Fuck



My wife, Louise and I have discussed the cuckold lifestyle but for a long time it remained a sexy fantasy. We recently decided to move things to the next level.


My wife had met a man through work, for the benefit of this story I will call him John and a mutual attraction had developed. With my approval Louise slowly sounded him out and found that John was open and interested in playing the bull. We met up several times for dinner and drinks to ensure that all three of us were happy to go ahead. Not much sexual happened during this time although Louise did tell me that she had enjoyed a quick make out session while I was getting our car once. She said that she could feel John getting hard against her and that he seemed a good size. This was my first real encounter with the sick, hollow feeling in my stomach; part jealousy and part lust that I was to know better later.


Although this has been a long standing fantasy of mine there was no way I wanted to risk my marriage or Louise’s health in fulfilling it. A major turn on for both of us was to be able to have unprotected sex and John was prepared to have an AIDS test. We didn’t see much of John while waiting for the results and it was easy to almost forget what we were planning. On a Wednesday after work Louise told me that John had called and had the all clear…what now? I was still excited at the thought of Louise being with another man but was concerned about how I would handle the real thing. Louise, while also excited was worried about performing in front of me. We talked till late into the night and devised a plan that we hoped would make it easiest for both of us. Now that we had made up our minds we were both keen to begin and I booked (and paid for, of course) two hotel rooms out of town for the weekend. The next two days were a complete roller coaster of emotions for me. I swung from horny to terrified and my stomach would flip every time I thought about the weekend to come. Louise on the other hand seemed to have settled down now the decision had been made and a small secret smile never left her face.


Friday night finally arrived and I came home to pick up Louise who was ready and waiting for me. She had got ready while I was at work and was dressed smartly but not slutterly in a short dress and blouse. She had never looked more beautiful to me. We drove to John’s house with Louise in the front next to me. We didn’t speak much but Louise was rubbing her legs together and I could tell she was getting excited. Shortly before we got to John’s, Louise asked me if I still wanted to go ahead because once she got into the back seat with John she did not think she would be able to stop herself from going all the way. To know that my wife was so in lust with another man was incredibly horny and sickening at the same time. I said yes, I don’t think that Louise would have listened if I’d said no.


When we got to John’s; as promised Louise got in the back with him and I drove to the hotel. Once we got out of town and away from prying eyes John and Louise started to make out in the back. I was so frustrated, this was the first time that my wife had kissed another man in my presence and I could only grab quick glances in the mirror. They didn’t go too far although at one point I saw John’s hand inside Louise’s top as he felt her tits and when they pulled apart I could see Louise’s arm moving as she rubbed John’s cock through his pants. I felt sick with jealousy but at the same time my own cock was rock hard and I was aching to touch myself.


When we got to the hotel John and Louise continued to swap small kisses while I checked us in. To save embarrassment I was paying cash and we were using false last names, however when the bellboy offered to carry our bags Louise smirked and waving at me said to leave them and her husband would get them. Then she walked off ahead with her arm around John leaving me to suffer the stares and smirks of the hotel staff. Like most cuckolds I fantasise about being humiliated but this was the first time that Louise had done it to me in public and I found it a major turn on.


I had booked adjoining rooms and they went into one while I had the other. As soon as I got in I placed my ear against the door and was pleased to find I could hear them moving about and talking softly. In a short while Louise opened the door and said I could come in now. John was standing by the bed and Louise went over and sipped into his arms. She smiled at me and asked if this was what I wanted. I swallowed hard and said yes. She smiled again and turned her head up to John and they began to kiss. This was the first time that I had a clear view of them together and they looked incredible wrapped in each others arms. After a few minutes they stopped kissing and Louise told me that it was time to go. We had agreed that the first time would be for her and John alone without the distraction of my presence. Although this was the plan I didn’t want to go and walking out of that room knowing that my wife was about to get fucked by another man was the hardest thing I have ever done.


We had agreed that I would go for one hour and that hour was the best and the worst of my life. I just walked around as I couldn’t sit still and couldn’t concentrate of anything. All I could think of was what was happening in that room, what were they doing now…was she really going through with it…was he much bigger than me (I’m 6 inches and thin)…was he better than me…what were they doing NOW. I was in agony.


Finally I could return to the hotel. I all but ran up the stairs to the room and knocked on the door. I heard footsteps come to the door and the lock turn, then Louise’s voice telling me to wait until I was called. The footsteps receded and she called to come in. Louise and John were in the bed covered by a sheet. No… Louise and John were naked in bed and cuddling. MY wife was naked in bed in the arms of another man. Despite all my imaginings nothing had prepared me for the sight of my wife, freshly fucked, in an intimate embrace with her lover.


They laughed at my discomfort and Louise told me to go and sit on the other bed. While I watched they gently kissed and stroked each other under the covers. After a while John got up to go to the toilet and for the first time I saw him naked. He was semi erect and his cock was long with big balls. The most impressive thing was how thick he was even though he wasn’t properly hard. When John got out of bed the covers had moved exposing Louise’s breasts, seeing me looking Louise had pulled the covers up. This small act wrenched at my guts as I realised that whereas Louise had been fully intimate with John she was hiding herself from me. My voice cracked as I asked Louise if it had been alright. She stretched and smiled at me, then told me that it had been great, John had a big cock and knew how to use it. He was much better than me and she realised how much she missed having a thick cock in her. I could have died as I listened to her. She seemed so at ease telling me about how great her lover was.


When John came back Louise went to the toilet keeping the sheet wrapped around her. John lay back on the bed not at all phased by being naked. I didn’t know what to say and couldn’t take my eye off his cock, wondering what it had done to my wife. John, who is a nice guy, asked me if I had enjoyed picturing him and Louise together and when I said yes, he smiled and said good because he was going to fuck her all weekend.   


Louise came back and they again started to play under the covers. Things quickly heated up and they became more insistent. Still under the covers they rolled on to their backs and began to masturbate each other. Louise had her legs up and I could tell that John was fingering her, but my attention was held by the sight of Louise’s hand moving under the sheet as she wanked John’s, now fully erect cock. I just couldn’t believe that my wife really had her hand around a strange cock right in front of me. Their moaning had become louder and Louise rolled over to face me. She said I had two options: I could go back to my room and listen through the door, or I could stay on the spare bed but I must face away from them and not peek or they would make me leave the hotel again.



If I had been asked earlier to make the choice presented by my wife I would have said that I definitely would have opted to stay in the room with them. However now that the reality was here I didn’t know what to do. I had been quite taken aback witnessing their post coital intimacy and was unsure if I could handle being in the room while they had sex. On the other hand I knew from my walk that whatever happened it was unlikely to be worse than my imagination. In the end I chose to stay and, not without some concerns lay on the bed with my back to them. Louise instructed me to strip and stay above the covers. I did so keeping my back to them all the time. I felt very small and venerable naked. John is well built and after seeing him naked I felt very much the little boy. I could hear John and Louise moving about on the bed, then someone (Louise) came over and dropped the sheet over me (she later said she did this so that I would know that they were now naked and exposed only feet from me).


Louise was moaning softly and I could hear the unmistakable sound of John’s fingers working away inside her pussy. She sounded really wet and I thought that she must be really turned on then realised with a jolt that she was probably so wet because John had already cum in her at least once. Louse’s moans got louder then I heard her tell John to roll over, that she wanted to ride him. To hear my own wife take control, to know that she was an active participant, really turned me on. My cock was as hard as it had ever been and I was fighting the urge to touch myself. I didn’t think I would be able to stop myself from cumming. I heard them moving about and from the dimmed light could see shadows moving over the wall, but not enough to really know what was happening. The bed creaked again and then Louise let out a long deep sigh which was a sound I knew. It was the noise she makes when a cock is entering her but I had never heard it so loud or deep, it seemed to go on for ages as she lowered herself onto him.


There was a pause and then the bed began to creak slowly. I was going out of my mind knowing that not much more than an arms length away my wife was sliding up and down an a thick cock. The creaking increased in speed and I could hear Louise telling John to suck on her tits. Louise loves her nipples being sucked when she is on top and I had a vivid mental picture of her leaning forward so that John could lick and suck her breasts, all the while continuing to fuck him. I couldn’t stand it any longer and reached down to grab my own cock. Louise moaned deeply and told John to suck harder; I couldn’t hold it in any longer and came, shooting long streams of cum across the bed. I had moaned out loud when I came and I heard the bed stop creaking. There was a pause and then Louise called over in a giggling voice asking if I’d just cum. I said I had and they both laughed. Still laughing Louise said that that was a shame as they were just starting and that I would have to stay there quietly until they had finished. As I lay on the bed surrounded by my own wasted cum I heard the bed start to creak again.


Now that my cock was going soft the jealousy really kicked in, I was torn up inside and wondering what the hell I was doing listening to my wife fucking someone else. As the bed started to creak faster and Louise moans intermingled with John’s deeper groans increased I wanted to jump to my feet and stop them but at the same time I felt completely powerless. I just couldn’t see myself being able to stop them, more than that I was afraid that if I tried Louise wouldn’t even listen to me. Louise was moaning very loudly by then and I heard her whisper to John that she wanted him to fuck her hard. There was some noise as they changed positions (they had gone into the missionary position) and then another sigh, softer this time as John re-entered her.


John preceded to give Louise the fucking of her life; I could hear the bed banging against the wall and Louise’s explosive grunts every time he slammed into her. I still hadn’t recovered from my orgasm yet and I was in agony as I listened to him fucking her so hard. Louise was loving it and each moan, grunt and yelp was a dagger to my heart. I couldn’t believe that she was so into this, that she had forgotten me so completely. Any thoughts of stopping them now vanished from my head; I knew that it would be impossible. After what seemed forever I heard John begin to groan heavily and then he was saying that he was going to come. Louise was encouraging him and John began to fuck her even harder until with a roar he came inside her. The bed stopped moving and all I could hear was the sound of their rapid and ragged breathing. I was pleased that they had finished and yet, perversely, as John had built towards his climax I had been listening so intently that I had forgotten my jealousy and had started to become aroused again, now my cock was at half mast. Although the fuck had sounded good I didn’t think that Louise had come (she later told me that she didn’t come at all the first few times) and found that some consolation


After a couple of minutes I heard them fall apart and Louise told me I could look now. I rolled over and instantly the jealousy came back but this time it was mixed with my growing hornyness. John was laid back closest to me with one leg hanging off the bed and his softening cock tilting towards the side. His cock looked huge to me, long and very thick (Louise later measured it and it was a little under 8 inches but almost as fat as a beer can). His cock was covered in his come and Louise’s juices. Louise was lying beside him with one leg straight and the other knee raised, I had a quick view of her cunt and it looked gapping and red. I could just see a dribble of cum leaking from her before she noticed the angle of my eyes and moved her knee across blocking my view. They were both still breathing hard and covered in sweat. Louise rolled over and threw an arm and a leg across John’s body, this casual act threw me more than anything. The hardest part of this for me, the bit that cuts the deepest is not the sex but the lover’s intimacy that follows. They lay there like a couple while I looked over them like an outsider.


When she had regained her breath Louise told me that she was going to sleep the night with John and that I should go back to my room now. She gave me a little smile and said it looked like I could use a little alone time. She was looking pointedly at my now erect cock when she said this. John was also looking and I could tell he was amused at what he saw. Although I didn’t want to go, I headed off to my own room. The last thing I saw as I shut the door was Louise leaning over John and kissing him deeply while her hand toyed with his soft cock.






I didn’t think I would sleep that night but surprisingly I dropped straight off. I was awoken in the morning by Louise sitting on my bed dressed in a hotel robe. For a second I didn’t understand then last night came flooding back. Louise looked tired and dishevelled but beautiful. She held my hand and asked how I was feeling. I told her everything, about my jealousy and the fears I had about handling all this. Louise listened quietly and when I had finished asked me if I wanted to call a stop to the weekend. Faced with the decision I realised that I didn’t want it to end, although the past day had been an emotional wrangler not all of the feelings had been negative and I found that thinking about it I was getting horny again. I told Louise that I thought we should carry on. She said she was pleased as she wanted to continue but not at the cost of her marriage. She squeezed my hand and said to remember that even though John had a good body and an amazing cock, it was just sex and not love.


Louise got off the bed and went to go next door; before she could leave I asked her if she had fucked John again that morning. She said no, that she had wanted to but she was too sore and needed a break. Louise walked to the door and then paused; looking over her shoulder she said that she had noticed me looking at her pussy last night, had I enjoyed seeing it freshly fucked? I said I had, and feeling better after our talk said I would like to see it again. Louise gave me a long look and asked if I was ready to watch them next time. My mouth was dry and I nodded my head. Louise said that John was hungry and they were going to get some brunch, I could come along and if I behaved myself, afterwards I could come back to their room. With that promise my wife opened the door and went back to join her lover.


Joining them while they walked around the city and found a place to eat was difficult but also something of a revelation. They were acting like newlyweds unable to keep their hands off each other.   At first it was painful to watch them strolling with their arms around each other and stopping to kiss deeply every second minute. After a while though it dawned on me that I had known Louise like this before, we were exactly the same in the first years of our relationship. It was lust, the lust you feel with a new partner and that was all. Louise was enjoying fucking this new man, and if I was honest I was enjoying it as well. The emotions and feelings that I was having were exactly what I had felt (to a much smaller extent) when I used to fantasise about just such a scenario. The mix of jealousy, excitement and humiliation that accompanied witnessing my wife with a lover was what I wanted. And Louise, well Louise just wanted his cock, I thought that I could learn to live with that.


The time came to head back to the hotel. Louise and John had worked themselves up with the extended foreplay and were now impatient to get back to bed. I too was impatient, a lot of the jealousy had gone this morning and I was now eager to really see my wife take John’s thick cock. We almost fell into the room and Louise told me to strip and sit on the spare bed, I was allowed to stay but I had to remain on the bed as she had no interest in having my little dick involved. I quickly stripped and sat naked on the bed with my cock straining towards the ceiling.


Louise and John were standing in an embrace by the bed, after a quick kissing session Louise removed John’s top exposing his well built chest. John began to undress Louise. I was concerned that I would once again suffer from jealousy as I watched him remove my wife’s top and bra and bend his head to gently suck each nipple. However the feeling quickly passed as I watched fascinated as Louise unzipped his pants and lowered them to the floor allowing John’s big cock to spring free. Louise has always loved oral sex and had always been keen to go down on me so I was hoping she would suck John but instead she just gripped it in her hand and began to slowly wank him.   Louise stopped and quickly slipped out of her pants. After everything that had already happened it still took my breath away to see my wife naked with another man, in a way once she was stripped it all became very real and I realised that she really was going to let this man fuck her. Louise seemed completely relaxed and comfortable being naked with John in front of me. I was so turned on I was scared to touch myself in case I came again and ruined the feeling.


John lay Louise back on the bed and began to kiss and lick his way down her body until his tongue was teasing the outer lips of her cunt. Louise was moaning and trusting her hips at his face trying to push his tongue inside her. After teasing her for a while John started to go down on her in earnest. In a short time Louise was writhing on the bed and pushing her cunt up into his waiting mouth. Louise loves getting head and she was really enjoying this session, her moans became so loud that I thought she was going to cum. I no longer had any thoughts of jealousy and desperately wanted to see her cum on John’s face. Watching her hips buck against another mans face and know that his tongue was exploring her cunt was the most erotic thing I had ever seen.


Louise moaned that she needed fucking and, standing at the end of the bed, John pulled her down towards his waiting cock. As I have already mentioned John’s cock is very thick and had already caused Louise some pain but he knew how to use it and proceeded to slowly work it into her. I was torn between wanting to watch this huge cock enter Louise’s cunt and wanting to watch my wife’s face as she took it. Louise’s head was thrown back and she was emitting that deep moan that I had heard the night before. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and it looked like she was about to pass out.   Once John had got his full length in her and allowed her to adjust to its girth he lifted her legs onto his shoulders and began to push into her. Before long he was trusting hard inside her and Louise was groaning loudly. As John fucked her hard Louise rolled her head in my direction and looked straight at me. She was completely lost in what was happening to her and her eyes were unfocused, I wasn’t sure if she was even really seeing me. Looking at her it was obvious that, at least for the moment, I was not of any importance to her. I felt the nervous thrill of humiliation as I realised that this man was fucking my wife and taking her to a level with his big cock that I would never be able to match.


John quickened his strokes and moaned that he was going to cum. Louise thrust hard against him and gasped that she wanted to watch him cum. With another few thrusts John withdrew and moved up until he was kneeling over Louise’s stomach. Louise reached up and began to wank his cock, her hands looking small and unable to close around John’s girth. Louise wanked faster and suddenly John was cumming, shooting thick ropes of cum over Louise’s tits and one spurt hitting her on the chin. Louise continued to stroke him until the last drop had been squeezed from his cock then John collapsed on the bed next to her. I looked across at my wife covered in John’s cum and knew I loved her for doing this. Louise was in no rush to clean John’s cum off her and ideally trailed her fingers through the sticky mess as she looked over at me. I couldn’t stand it any more and starting to wank my own cock. Louise nudged John and they both turned over to watch me, John slipping his arm around Louise from behind. Under any other circumstances I would have been to embarrassed to wank in front of John, particularly since my cock was so much smaller than his, but I was so far gone I didn’t care and within seconds was cumming over my hand.   As I caught my breath I heard John whisper in Louise’s ear that I didn’t seem to be able to last very long. Louise giggled and said that’s why she was here.


We all caught our breath for a few minutes, John casually fondling Louise as they lay in the spoons position facing me. Once again my stomach knotted as I watched my wife reclining in her lovers embrace, this time however the feeling wasn’t as strong and despite just cumming I was still feeling very aroused. After a while Louise went into the bathroom to clean up and John again asked me if I had enjoyed it. I hardly needed to answer as my cock was still hard although I was a bit embarrassed now and was trying to hide it. John noticed this and told me to roll over so he could see my cock. He took a good look and then said that it was a shame that I was so small when it was obvious that my wife could take so much more. He then got up to go to the bathroom and I could see that even soft his cock, although not longer than mine was hard was significantly thicker and looked much larger.


When they had returned to the bed, Louise said that she was going to spend the rest of the day alone with John and I would have to go back to my room again. But first since I had been so good and, she looked at my still hard cock, was obviously still frustrated she would give me a treat first. She arranged John so that he was lying on the bed with his legs hanging over the edge facing me. Louise then lay on her side so I could see her whole naked body and leaning down took John’s soft cock in her mouth. She proceeded to suck John until he was hard and then give him a long blow job. Because of the angle I had a perfect view of her mouth and hands as she sucked and licked John’s big cock and played with his balls. Half way through she lifted her leg so that John could reach over from behind and gently finger her cunt. As John got close to cumming she took as much of him as she could fit in her mouth and placing both hands around his shaft started to wank him faster. I could tell that John was about to cum as his balls tightened up and then I could see his shaft pulse as he erupted in my wife’s mouth. Louise gagged slightly but continued to hold him in her mouth while he came. When he was finished Louise licked her lips and then showed me her open mouth to demonstrate that she had swallowed it all.   As she slowly stroked his cock she said that should give me something to wank over back in my room.


Later that night I was allowed to rejoin them and watched as Louise enjoyed her first orgasm with John as he fucked her from behind but that will have to wait for another time.








I wrote in some time ago giving details of how my wife, Louise, and I started on the cuckold lifestyle. The story covered the first weekend that my wife spent with her lover ‘John’. I promised to finish the story but Louise was not very happy with me writing on the internet. After much discussion she has agreed to let me continue.



In brief after much fantasising and pressure on my part Louise agreed to take a lover and we booked a hotel out of town with connecting rooms. Louise fucked John several times with and without me present. After being allowed to watch Louise sucking John’s very fat cock I was told to return to my room where I promptly wanked myself to a massive climax remembering Louise’s hands and mouth on his cock and how she had swallowed his cum in front of me.   After that I would occasionally put my ear to the connecting door in an attempt to hear what was happening inside. Eventually I was rewarded as I heard the unmistakeable sounds of Louise being fucked. Although I had not been invited back I really wanted to watch so I tentatively knocked on the door. The noises stopped then Louise breathlessly asked me what I wanted. I replied that I wanted to come in and watch. I could hear whispering then Louise laughed and called out to me to say ‘please’. I was desperate to watch and so asked if I could please come in. Louise asked me to say why I wanted to be allowed in. I felt humiliated to be forced to beg to be allowed to see my own wife and yet the coiling sensation in my stomach was what I longed for. I replied could I please come in to watch John fuck her. Louise laughed again and said OK since I had asked so nicely.


I heard the lock turn and John opened the door. His cock was hard and glistened with my wife’s juices. Louise was lying naked on her back propped up on her elbows with her legs hanging over the end of the bed. Her legs were spread and her cunt was gapping open. It was obvious that John had been fucking her in this position when I disturbed them. I quickly sat on the other bed and John returned to my wife. Louise sat up and took John’s cock in her mouth while he stood in front of her, however it was apparent that John did not want oral sex but wanted to be back inside her. He manouvered Louise until she was on her hands and knees on the bed then he slowly slipped his cock into her from behind. He proceeded to slide his cock very slowly in and out in long strokes in a way that I could never do with my small cock. This slow fucking was driving Louise wild and she was starting to moan heavily.


Before long she was calling to John to fuck her faster. John responded by speeding up his thrusts until he was slamming his thick cock into Louise and their bodies were smacking wetly together. Louise dropped her face onto the bed in an effort to muffle her cries as John pounded into her. I couldn’t believe that my wife could take this as it was much harder than I had ever been able to fuck her, however Louise seemed to love it and was thrusting back in an effort to get all of John’s cock into her. Louise’s cries rose in volume and then she was cumming on John’s cock. I have always been able to make Louise cum but because of my small cock I need to stimulate her in other ways and most of her orgasms tend to be clitoral. This was different, Louise was cumming harder than I had ever seen her, a deep virginal orgasm triggered solely by the pounding of the fat cock inside her. Louise’s whole body shuddered as her cunt convulsed around John’s cock and she was making more noise than I had ever heard.


Despite the strength of her orgasm John did not allow her any time to recover but rather held her hips up with his hands and continued to pound into her. He was no longer interested in Louise’s pleasure but was driving towards his own release. Louise moaned and whimpered as John fucked her, she sounded punch drunk and told me later that she was not aware of anything external and that her whole being was focused on the cock driving into her. She said that she had never been as well fucked as she was then. John continued to ram into Louise until he let out a great moan and went ridged as he pumped his cum inside my wife.   John released Louise and she fell forward onto the bed, her legs were spread and I could see John’s cum leaking from her red swollen pussy. John collapsed on the bed next to Louise and for a long time they lay recovering their breath. I couldn’t believe that Louise had taken a fucking like that and felt very inadequate as I realised that I would never be able to match it.


After a time Louise crawled on top of John and pressing her naked body to his kissed him long and deep to say thank you. Watching her being intimate like that twisted at my heart. Later when we got home I discussed how hard I find it when Louise kisses John. While not unsympathetic Louise said that it was my idea for this to happen and for her kissing was an essential part of sex and that if we were to continue I would need to come to terms with it. She thinks it’s funny how I get turned on when John’s cock is in her mouth but jealous when it’s just his tongue.


That was Louise’s first orgasm with John and the last time they had sex that weekend, although Louise loves John’s cock it is so thick that she is often sore after a hard fucking and needs time to recover.


Since that weekend (about six months ago) Louise and John have got together several times. We try to limit physical contact to once a month as this allows Louise and I to have our own lives together and we find that the anticipation is very exciting. Louise talks to John on the phone and on one night I was sent outside our bedroom while her and John had phone sex. I sat in the corridor and listened as she talked dirty to John and fingered herself to orgasm. Louise often teases me by telling me how John’s cock is the best she has ever had and how she can’t wait to have him back inside her and I know that sometimes when we fuck she is thinking of him and this turns me on. John will sometimes spend the night at our house and I may be allowed to watch or not depending on how Louise is feeling. Regardless I will spend the night in the spare room and wank as I listen to them fucking in our bed in the mornings. When they want some privacy Louise will go to John’s flat however she does not spend the night. John shares his flat with another guy called Matt who knows that John is fucking a married woman (after all Louise keeps her rings on) but thinks it is a straight affair. I experience a much more intense emotional rollercoaster when Louise is away and I can only imagine what she is doing.


Last weekend Louise went out for dinner with John and then back to his place for a few hours of fun. I love watching her get ready for her dates knowing that she is going to all that trouble so that another man will want to fuck her. John picked up Louise about eight and I settled down for a night of cuckold angst as my imagination kicked in. I imagined them flirting over dinner and how Louise would be getting wet in anticipation of the fucking to come. I tried to guess when they would reach John’s flat and at what time my wife would spread her legs and let him enter her. In this way my evening passed until at eleven o’clock my mobile phone rang with a message from Louise. Expecting a text telling me what time she would be home I was staggered when a picture downloaded of Louise with a cock in her mouth that I knew was not John’s. I stared at the picture my emotions a mixture of excitement and trepidation. I wanted to know what was going on and immediately rung Louise’s phone. The phone answered and then hung up on me, I tried again but the phone had been turned off. I was going frantic trying to figure out what was going on, whose cock was she sucking, was she still with John, what else had happened?


About half an hour later my phone rang again and this time there was a text from Louise saying ‘Spending the night. Luv L.’ immediately afterwards my phone rang again and another picture downloaded. This one was taken from above and showed Louise kneeling down with her top off smiling up at the camera. Above her face were two erect cocks, the one on the right I recognised as John’s the other was the cock that had been in the first photo. The second cock was as long as John’s but not as thick, although this still made it considerably bigger than mine. I tried Louise’s phone again but it was turned off and John’s landline was also engaged. I guessed (correctly) that the second cock must belong to John’s flatmate Matt but I couldn’t understand how they had ended up together. All I could think about was that right now my wife was probably being fucked by two big cocks while I was at home going out of my mind.


Although I felt sick my cock was hard as hell and I quickly got some porno tapes and fast forwarded through looking for scenes of MFM threesomes. As I watched the action on the TV my mind was filled of images of my wife being taken the same way with one cock in her mouth while another pounded into her cunt. In this way I passed the longest night of my life and eventually fell asleep on the couch.


I awoke to the sound of Louise’s key in the door and while I came to my senses Louise entered the lounge. She looked very tired and dishevelled, her clothes were rumbled and her hair was a mess. In short she looked like a women who had just been well fucked. She collapsed on the couch next to me and silenced my initial questions with a kiss. Her mouth tasted of cum and when we separated and I looked at her I could see she had cum stains on her chest and down between her breasts. She had love bites on her neck and she stank of stale sex and sweat. I ran my hand up her skirt and could feel that she had no knickers on before she stopped my hand and said she was to sore to touch. She said she wanted to tell me what had happened and make it up to me but that she could only give me a hand job as her mouth and pussy were overworked. I almost came just hearing her say that and told her that I wanted her naked. She stood up and stripped of her clothes and I gasped as I looked at her. The cum stains on her chest were also on her belly and her pubic hair was matted with dried cum and juices. In addition to the love bites on her neck she had them on her breasts and between her legs. Her nipples were red and raw looking and her pussy lips were swollen and protruding. She had obviously been fucked very hard and very well.


She told me that she had been feeling very horny and when John picked her up she suggested that they go straight to his place rather than go to dinner, Matt was supposed to be out so they would have the flat to themselves. Once inside Louise had taken John to the lounge and immediately began to suck his cock. She had just started to get into it when Matt came in, his own plans had been cancelled and so he had stayed in. Louise was embarrassed and went to stop but Matt just laughed and said that she should continue as he would hate to prevent any man getting a blowjob. Louise was used to being watched by me and so now in her horny state continued to suck John. She said she was getting really turned on having Matt watching and soon the three of them where talking about sex while Louise played with John’s big cock. Eventually the story of our relationship came out and Matt couldn’t believe that I would let my wife fuck John while I stayed at home wanking. Louise said that I got off on the mental aspect of knowing that she was being unfaithful and it a short leap from there to John suggesting that what would really get me was if they sent a picture of Louise with Matt.


They all thought this was funny and Louise was keen so Matt removed his trousers and Louise took his cock in her mouth while John took the photo. Louise said she hadn’t decided to let Matt fuck her at this point and that it was all fairly light-hearted. However she didn’t feel that she could just leave Matt like that and so decided she would get them both off. She took off her top and John took the second photo with both cocks in frame. Louise lay down and with the men on either side she sucked and played with them until they were both ready to cum. She took a cock in each hand and wanked them until they both came. She said that watching both cocks spurting and feeling the cum splatter over her was the most incredible thing. She felt very powerful and sexual that she had made two men cum on her, that she was in control. Louise also said that although Matt was smaller that John he came a lot more and that when he had finished she was covered in sperm. They all sat on the couch to rest, Louise leaving the cum to drip down her and dry on her skin.


She sent me the first picture but didn’t want to talk to me as she was still unsure of how far she was going to go. As they talked the men started to get hard again and Louise decided that she wanted to find out what two cocks would feel like. She also decided that if she was going to do this then she would do it right and so texted me to say she was staying and send the second picture so I would know what she was about to do. The three of them then went into John’s room and the two men fucked her twice each. Afterwards they slept with Louise in the middle and she said when she woke up she had a cock sticking into her back and her stomach. Louise laughed and said that was an offer that no girl could resist and that they had fucked again before John dropped her off.


Louise asked me what I had done and slightly embarrassed I said that I had watched the movies and imagined that it was her. Louise laughed and said that we should watch it again and she would tell me if it was like reality. While we watched the film Louise sat beside me and slowly played with my cock while making comments about how the guys had fucked her in the same position as that and how good it felt to have a cock in each end. A scene came on showing a women lying on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed sucking one man while another fucked her hard. The women’s legs were raised up high and she was moaning around the cock in her mouth as she was pounded by deep thrusts. Louise paused the video and said that they had fucked her like that and it was the most intense experience, she said she came twice on John’s cock and still wanted more.


I couldn’t stand it and came over her hand.





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