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My wife is 39 and I have just gone 40 and we have been married for 15 years and have 2 children. We live in a nice part of Teesside in the UK. We have a good sex life, but over the years it has become very simple, she refuses to do BJ’s and equally I refuse to lick her pussy. However despite this, sex is good with her and she usually orgasms when taking control and riding my cock. I suppose we a just two average UK people, we both work hard and try and do our best for the kids.


Sarah is a size 18 and always seems to be on a diet; she is 5’4” with mousey blond hair and has lovely 38D tits. She has never been an adventurous person and is quite shy when meeting new people. I believe I was her second lover and she has always been quite prudish, feeling uncomfortable naked even in front of me.


I am a 34 waist, 5’10”, short dark/greying hair and quite active for my age. I have always loved sex and 5 years ago I started meeting with people off the internet – mainly M+F couples. I guess over the years I must have met up with 30 different couples and had some great sex, even some bi-sexual experiences too. Sarah is unaware of this, she would not be very happy if she ever found out.


I suppose it was my threesome experiences that really started me to think more about Sarah and how I would like to see her with another guy. It was brought home to me even more when over the last Christmas holiday when Sarah went out with two of her friends. When she returned home from her night out she confessed to chatting to some “young boys” as she calls them and even said that she had kissed one of them. This was a shock to me as I knew how shy she was, but she was a little drunk and was flattered by their advances. Still as she was telling me this I could feel my stomach flutter with excitement and my cock twitching. I said in a jokey manner “why didn’t you bring him home”, Sarah was a little taken aback, but carried the joke on “may be I might next time”, I replied “well as long as I can watch”. The joke ended there, but I hoped that it would spark something in the future. She hasn’t been out with her friends since then, I have been desperately trying to find ways to bring the conversation up again. Other Guys in my position will understand that it is difficult to bring it up in conversation for fear of upsetting their partner, so it’s trying to find a discrete way to bring up the subject.


Last month it was my 40th birthday and Sarah suggested that we have a night out, just the two of us. We decided to head for a small, local town called Yarm, which was very popular on a Saturday night. We managed to get our kids minded for the evening and headed out on this warm, early summer evening. Sarah wore her usual black trousers and low cut blouse (I could never understand how someone so shy could expose so much chest, but I guess she felt she has a nice pair of tits so why not show them – she wasn’t happy about any other part of her body).


Now anybody reading this and being familiar with the area will know that the most popular pub in Yarm is called the “The Bull”, which I found rather ironic, but apt. The Bull has a great outdoor area at the rear of the pub and on a warm summer evening it’s the only place to stand and have a refreshing drink. The place was buzzing with gangs of guys, couples and groups of woman all on a night out.


By about 9pm we had had a few drinks and were starting to get a little drunk. We had eaten very little during the day, worrying about delivering the kids to my Mothers house and then being in a mad panic to get ready before out Taxi arrived – food was way down on our priority list and we were starting to suffer because of it. I watched a gang of lads (maybe 6 or 7) walk into the gardens, they were late 20s and were obviously just back from holiday (all well tanned) and still in the holiday sprit, and well at least they looked drunker than us. The lads stood near us, they were a bit high spirited, but seemed decent and were laughing and joking. They didn’t intentionally stand near us, the garden was packed and there was only a little space in front of us left and we didn’t mind. My wife had put her hand bag on the ground between her feet, but then she bent down to pick it up and exposed her hanging tits neatly nestled within her black laced cups. I overheard one of the lads say to the others “fucking hell, look at the tits on that!” I don’t think he was meant to say it that loud or maybe there was a lull in the noise level, but Sarah and I both heard him and they knew it. The lads all looked a little surprised and embarrassed and were waiting to see what we would do, but I’ve been a young lad on a night out before and know what its like. I immediately said “excuse me, my wife is not a that, she’s called Sarah and yes she has a lovely pair of tits!” There was a short silence and everyone started laughing, even Sarah. One of the guys, called Mike, who seemed to be the leader somehow, nudged over and said “look, no offence mate, we have been out drinking all day and some of us can handle it better than others”. He was a very well spoken guy, confident and good looking (a few inches taller than me and was obviously well toned). We chatted to him for a while and then a couple of the other lads joined in too; also somehow got included within their drinks round. The guys were just back from a 10 day holiday in Crete, they all seemed to have good jobs and this was the last Saturday before they returned to work.


I had left Sarah chatting with them a few times whilst going to the toilet and the bar, I felt that same twinge of excitement that I had had over Christmas. It was the thought of those guys, who were chatting her up and she was laughing and flirty with them. Our Taxi was booked for 12 midnight, but we didn’t need to get home as the kids were staying overnight at my mothers. We had lost all track of time, until one of the guys said it was 12.30pm. Sarah said to me “you had better ring for another Taxi”. Then Mike said “we are going to get a takeaway and go back to my house for a few more drinks, if you guys want to join us?” Sarah and I were very hungry now and agreed, so we all grabbed a Pizza and walked back with Mike to his house with two of the other lads (Neil and John). The rest of the lads disappeared home I guess.


Mike obviously lived on his own and had a nice 2 bedroom flat, just off the main highstreet. We sat in Mikes Living Room with a can of beer and demolished four pizzas in no time. Soon we were all sat comfortably on sofas and chairs, full of food and beer, but chatting about allsorts. Neil and John were nice guys too, but not as confident as Mike, both good looking and in their prime, I actually felt a bit old and inadequate next to them. I think we were all a bit tired, but it was John who fell asleep first, he was out for the count. Mike looked over and laughed and said that on holiday the lads had agreed that if anyone fell asleep in a bar or club, there trousers and boxers would be pulled down and pubes would be shaved off! Sarah said “what are you waiting for then”. Mike said “you have to help me then”. Sarah looked at me for approval, but she was going to do it anyway “go for it” I said. Mike got his shaver, carefully unbuckled John’s trousers and pulled down John’s trousers and boxers. John was laid back slouched on a leather sofa; he was well out of it. John looked like he had a lovely cock; he looked bigger than me when soft and I did wonder how big he would be when hard. Mike said to Sarah “you will have to hold his cock upright whilst I shave around it”. Sarah did just that and moved John’s cock around as Mike craft fully shaved all over his pubic area and balls. It must have been the movement, but you could see John’s cock started to swell and Sarah’s gentle finger grip getting wider and wider. We were all chuckling this was one big joke to Sarah, but watching her handle John’s cock was really turning me on. When they had finished, we all stood up and admired Mike and Sarah’s handy-work. John was still fast asleep and hadn’t stirred at all, apart from his cock, which was still only semi-hard and seemed way bigger than mine.


“It makes his cock look enormous, I should get that done!” I said, joking. Mike said “sit down and we will soon arrange that won’t we Sarah”. Sarah giggled and said “yeah, sit down pull down your pants”. I said “well if I do it, we all do it - agreed?” Mike and Neil agreed, but Sarah said “I’m already done, so you don’t need to do me”. That was news to me; Sarah was always trimmed, but never shaven. So it was my turn, I duly sat pulled my pants down and laid down on the Lounge floor. Sarah held my cock as Mike shaved off my pubes, I could feel myself getting harder and harder. “Is that nice darling” Sarah said teasing me. She was doing a little more than holding me and was slowly moving her fingers up and down my cock. When they had finished, Sarah sat up and said “even you look bigger with a shaven cock”. I didn’t bother putting my trousers back on.


“It’s your turn now Mike” Sarah said. Sarah was now no longer my shy wife, more like my really horny wife. Mike pulled his trousers down and lay down. He was not as hairy as John or me and you could see where his holiday shorts had been against his brown legs and stomach. Neil offered to shave whilst Sarah gripped his cock; I needed the toilet, so I left them to it for a few minutes. When I got back Sarah had obviously been doing the same to Mike as she was to me as Mike was getting very hard. Sarah flopped his cock from side to side as Neil shaved away and soon Mike was bald. The carpet was covered with pubic hair, but no-one really cared.


“You next Neil” demanded Sarah. Neil was quite shy and hadn’t said very much, but said “I think we should shave you first”. Sarah said “I am already shaved”. Now I couldn’t tell a lie to these guys could I! “I don’t think you are” I said. “I am” Sarah protested. “I think its only fair that you show us, after all we have all got our tackle out” said Mike. I knew that Sarah had one of those tight bodices on, which held in her stomach and I knew she would be a bit embarrassed about it. “Why don’t you go to the toilet first” I suggested. “I can’t believe you are going to let them shave me” said Sarah heading off to the toilet, “well it’s only fair” we all said. Whilst Sarah was at the toilet Mike and Neil looked at me “are you cool with this?” Mike asked. “Yeah lets go for it, do you have any condoms in case things go a bit further?” I said. Mike pulled out a pack of 12 from his pocket, he was very well prepared.


Sarah came back from the toilet; she was no longer laughing and looked very nervous. I was perched on the sofa and she came and stood in front of me, back towards Mike and Neil who were opposite. I undid Sarah’s trousers and they dropped to the floor. “Lay down” I said. Sarah lay down but facing me as I knelt over her. “Your turn to shave Mike” I said. Sarah nervously grabbed my hand and I bent over and kissed her “lay still” I said. I heard Mike switch on the shaver and Sarah jumped as the cold of the shaver head started to move slowly over her public bone. I glanced down as Mike opened Sarah’s legs and shaved around my wife’s pussy lips. I am not sure if Neil was getting ready to be shaved, but he had also taken off his trousers and was watching Mike. I kissed Sarah again and she started to moan and she gripped me tightly. I looked down at Mike who was now only really pretending to shave Sarah, but he was using his other hand to play with her clit, which he had raised from her pussy lips. I could start to smell Sarah’s pussy, which has a very strong sent. I knew there and then that Sarah would never object to being fucked now. I kissed Sarah again passionately and started to unbutton her blouse. Her large tits with perfect pink nipples lay to the sides of her chest, exposed and waiting to be sucked. Neil crawled over and put his lips around Sarah’s nipple and sucked and licked at it. He was very noisy and my wife’s nipples responded and were rock solid. The shaver stopped and I looked down to Mike’s face hovering above Sarah’s shaven pussy, his tongue rolled around her clit and he seemed to dive in occasionally to extend his tongue inside her. Sarah is a very vocal woman and she was moaning louder now, she still gripped me tightly as if for some comfort or maybe to deny she would ever do this, but she was moving and bucking her hips towards Mike’s face. Neil was still sucking her nipple and was now playing with Sarah’s other nipple, tweaking and rolling it between his finger and thumb. He pulled it firmly, I hadn’t seen my wife’s nipple as extended as that before – she has vey sensitive nipples and I knew they would be bruised later, but she wasn’t complaining. Mike continued to lick away; I could face and tongue moving in rhythm with her hips. Sarah’s knees were up in the air with her feet by the side of her bum, her arse arched up and wet clit and pussy held in the air receiving Mike’s tongue.


Sarah released her grip on me and I felt her hand reach out for my cock. I move forwards and she started to wank me off. “What about Neil’s cock” I said. Neil moved up beside Sarah and knelt up pushing his unshaven cock towards Sarah’s face. I wasn’t sure what Sarah would do but she grabbed Neil’s cock, summoned some spit inside her mouth and wrapped her lips around the end of his cock. “Fucking hell” said Neil. Now Neil had moved, this left space for Mike to move up Sarah’s body, he kissed her body and eventually found her tits. He was laid in between Sarah’s legs working up Sarah’s body and then she let out a mouthful moan as he had obviously pushed his cock inside her tight pussy. I sat up as Mike lay on top of my wife, he was kissing her neck which was staining to as she tried to keep her mouth around Neil’s cock – Neil was on his hands and knees over the top of her. Mike’s very white arse was moving slowly backwards and forwards, I could see he was giving the full length of his cock with ever stoke. Sarah had left go of my cock and was finding it hard to concentrate on Neil’s cock; she loved being fucked by Mike. I could feel myself getting a little jealous, but I was too excited to care. Sarah eventually gave up on Neil’s cock, her eyes closed she gripped onto Mike who responded by starting to speed up his rhythm. My wife wrapped her legs around Mikes and cupped his arse cheeks pulling him in. “Yes, come on, come on” Sarah shouted as Neil and I watched, slowly pulling our own cocks. Eventually Mike’s body juddered and he let out a loud gasp, Sarah let out a loud moan too, but I knew she hadn’t cum, but was close. Mike pulled out and cum was still around the end of his cock, he then pulled out the remains of a condom that had obviously not done the job! “Sorry mate”.


Mike got up exhausted and sat down on the sofa next to John, who was still fast asleep. Sarah said nothing, but got up and leant over to Mike and kissed him. She then kissed his chest and stomach and then his cock that she had just enjoyed. Mike grabbed her head before she could move away and encouraged Sarah to keep kissing his cock, which she seemed happy to do. Sarah was now nearly on all fours and Neil was obviously keen to have some of the action. Neil looked at me, “be my guest” I said. Neil move in and started to rub Sarah’s pussy with his fingers. Sarah didn’t move or jump. l could see Neil’s thumb disappear inside Sarah’s pussy whilst the rest of his hand rubbed her clit. I unwrapped a condom and passed it to Neil; he quickly rolled it onto his cock and guided it into her pussy. Sarah’s head went back as Neil pushed it in and he started to pound my wife’s size 18 arse. Her padded hips were being pounded by Neil’s lean stomach. I was enjoying the show but felt I should be doing something so I sat beside Sarah and played with her ever-hard nipples. Sarah had her head on Mike’s lap and Mike was stoking her hair and neck. Sarah was moaning very loudly now as Neil pounded away. Sarah’s back was ached and Neil was holding right inside the creases of her hips lifting her as high as he could. Sarah’s tits were bouncing all over as I tried to play with her nipples.


A rather confused John woke up; he was sat next to Mike on the Sofa. It was comical; I don’t think he knew what to look at first, his shaven cock or my wife being fucked. Now I have a 6 inch cock and Mike and Neil looked a little bit bigger than me, maybe 7 inches, but John was something else. John just sat for a while taking it all in and the looked at his buddy Mike. Mike just shrugged his shoulders. Neil was making the most of his turn, fucking Sarah hard and then slowly. Sarah was moaning a lot, sometimes I think in pain, but she didn’t say stop so Neil carried on. Sarah had notice John was awake now. John had made himself comfortable and started to play with his cock. Long and thick, it turned upwards slightly, in a odd way, but I couldn’t help be impressed. Sarah’s head was still on Mike’s leg, but she was facing John and must have seen what he had to offer. Neil eventually came and rammed his cock hard into Sarah; she had to use her arms on Mike to push back. Neil pulled out and then pulled off his used condom which was full of his white cum. Then for some reason he emptied his condom into his hands and cupped Sarah’s tits as she sat up and rubbed his come into her nipples. She didn’t seem to mind, I just thought it was a bit odd. I knew that Sarah was close to Cumming and was frustrated that she hadn’t yet (it took a lot to make her cum).


Mike and Neil left the Lounge and went into the kitchen; we could her then chuckling to themselves like little School kids. My wife wasn’t bothered at all “are you ok?” I asked, “yeah” she said with a smile on her face. “Hello sleepy head” she said to John. John said “Hi”. “That’s not asleep anymore is it” referring to John’s cock. Sarah was more confident now and without saying another word she climbed onto the couch and straddled John. He was a little surprised, but admired my wife’s tits that were hanging around his face. Sarah lifted up and guided John’s cock towards her swollen pussy. My wife slowly lowered herself down on to John’s cock whilst I watched from behind. No condom I thought, but it was too late, she wouldn’t get off him and stop now. Sarah jammed her spunk covered tits into Johns face, she wanted her to suck them and lick them whilst she rode his cock. Sarah always loves being on top, I knew she would be Cumming very soon. As Sarah moved up and down on John’s cock, I could see Mike’s bubbling cum slowly slime down Johns cock and onto his balls. I sat next to John and saw the look of pleasure and pain on her face; she had her eyes closed and was very groaning loud. John’s breathing was very heavy too, he was more vocal than the other guys “come on bitch, fuck me bitch”. I know Sarah wasn’t used to this with me and I didn’t know if she liked it, but she responded and rode him quicker. John put his whole mouth round one of Sarah’s tits and sucks hard down her nipple as it fell out of his mouth. He repeated on her other tit “go on John suck hard” I said. I was watching and wanking, I had nearly cum several times, but had held it off, it was like watching a porn movie, but my wife was starring. John now had his hand around Sarah’s bum and was helping her to ride him.



“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum” she said and seconds later she did, crying out in pleasure. John carried on and gripped Sarah’s soft white butt cheeks, with his nails embedded, making her thrust backwards and forwards whether she wanted to or not. “Oh no, not again!” Sarah screamed her body was now shaking; her unbuttoned blouse was still around her waste. Her tits seem to slap John’s face and he occasionally managed to catch one in his mouth. Sarah fucked John hard for about ten minutes “come on, do it, do it inside me” she wanted his cum, but he wasn’t ready yet.


Mike and Neil were still missing. Sarah slumped over John, knackered, but satisfied. John was still inside her and every now and then pulled her towards him and she let out a moan. She kissed John and seemed content to stay on top of him. I was still hard myself and didn’t want the show to end. I moved behind Sarah, John’s legs were open and could see her pussy lips clenched around John’s sizable cock. It was vey wet and slippery down there and I leant over and started to rub my hand up and down Johns slippery cock and Sarah arse.


John responded and started to move his hips slightly. John had slipped down the couch a bit which meant he was nearly flat, but Sarah continued to kiss him. I started to kiss Sarah’s back and shoulders and played with her hanging tits with my free hand. As the rhythm started to move again I leant right over Sarah pushed my cock towards her arse. Sarah had never done anal before, but I thought what the hell, there were lots of things she hadn’t done before tonight. It was very slippery down there, so I very gently force my cock towards her arse. It wasn’t easy, but my cock end went some way in and I slowly pushed my cock in as high as I could and held it there.


John had started again, Sarah couldn’t move, so John was bucking his hips, I could actually feel the veins in his could rubbing past mine. Sarah, was groaning very loudly as usual, but I could feel she had had enough really. It was hard to keep my cock inside my wife as John’s cock was nearly pushing mine out with every thrust. I pushed hard to keep it up and it was going backwards and forwards with John thrusting. John was now pulling my arse in and was enjoying the tighter sensation. Sarah couldn’t help herself and came again, the sounds of her orgasm were too much for me and I exploded inside her. John carried on for a few more minutes making sure my cock  couldn’t escape and then his cock seemed to swell to another level and then released into Sarah’s pussy. John let out a very load groan and let go of my arse and I fell out. A mixture of cum and Sarah’s shit was all over my cock, a brown gooey mess. Sarah couldn’t move at all, her legs were too tired she sat skewered on John’s cock waiting for him to go soft and fall out.


Mike and Neil reappeared “are you guys finished now?” It was nearly 3pm and we were all knackered. “There will be no taxi’s around now, you’ll have to stay” said Mike. John was sleeping on the couch, Neil in the spare room and Mike in his own room.


“Take your pick” said Mike. Mike had a king sized bed so my wife and I joined him. Sarah was very sore, but got herself clean up and fell asleep between Mike and I. I slept soundly until about 7am, but was woken but the bed moving. Mike was laid on my wife, her legs apart and his cock deep inside her again!


How much more of this could she take, she was very awake and enjoying herself again. Mike got off Sarah and went down and licked her pussy. Sarah noticed I was awake and turned on her side and faced me. We started kissing and Mike slid up behind her. I lifted Sarah’s leg and guided Mike’s cock into Sarah from behind. I held her open for Mike and kissed her as he lay behind her ramming his cock. My hand slipped down onto her bald pussy and I held her clit against Mike’s cock as he fucked her hard. He wasn’t gentle any more, he just wanted to cum as quickly as he could.


I think Sarah enjoyed being between 2 guys more than being fucked; she was her usual noisy self. Mike pushed his cock as high up as he could and shot his load, Sarah pushed hard to make it go in even further, aching her back away from me. Mike pulled out his cock and laid down; rather pleased he had just filled my wife’s pussy with his cum. We all laid for a while, I was very hard now too. John and Neil came into the Bedroom wearing their boxers and said good morning with hopeful looks on their faces.


I could see that Sarah was quite embarrassed about her appearance, but Neil and John didn’t seem to mind and they sat on the bed with us. Sarah put my shirt on and sat up, with her knees up and her arms crossed over the top of her knees. Mike went off for a shower and sat opposite Sarah with Neil and John laid either side of Sarah.


We chatted and said what a mad night it had been. I could tell Neil and John fancied another go at Sarah, but I think she had had enough now. Neil was the closest to Sarah and he was stoking the underside of her legs as we were chatting. I could see his hand was getting lower and lower until his finger ends started gliding between Sarah’s pussy lips. Her lips must have been quite slippery with Mike’s fresh cum dribbling out. Sarah fell silent as Neil worked his fingers in deeper and laid down, knees still in the air. John climbed up beside Sarah kissed her and started unbuttoning my shirt. Sarah’s legs fell open a and I could see her gapping pussy, it red raw, but had a little bit of clear white cum near her arse, which had just fallen out of her as she laid back down.


John was playing with Sarah’s tits now and sucking her nipples. He pulled off his boxers and let out his cock, which was rock hard now. Neil laid down on his side and nudged up to Sarah, I could see how he wanted to enter her, and I obliged him by lifting up Sarah’s leg. Neil got closer and used his hand to guide his cock towards her pussy; he played with her clit for a few seconds and then pushed his cock inside her. It was a difficult position for Neil to be in and get any rhythm, so I helped by holding my wife’s leg up and pushing Neil’s bum with my other hand. Meanwhile John had moved his position so that he was astride Sarah. Sarah pulled his cock closer to her face and then put her lips around the end. All I could see from my position was John’s balls dangling in front of Sarah’s neck and chin. John’s bum started to work back and forwards and he was clearly enjoying Sarah’s mouth, I could hear her gag occasionally, I thought she was going to be sick. Like Mike, it didn’t take Neil long to cum. It was strange not to hear Sarah’s moans and groans, but her hips were riding along and with Neil’s until he stretched and strained, cumming inside her.


John now had his hand behind Sarah’s head, his other hand on the wall at the head of the bed, he was literally trying to fuck her mouth. Sarah’s hands were holding the base of John’s cock, which was just as well as it stopped any deep throating. John moved very quickly and then his buttocks clenched tightly and hips moved as far as Sarah would let him and he emptied his heavy balls into Sarah’s mouth. This was a first for my wife and she must have swallowed most of John’s cum and cleaned the rest out of her mouth with a tissue.


I was again left with a hard on, but time was against us and we had to go and pick up the kids. We got dressed and Mike gave us a lift home. Sarah had to take the morning after pill, we were a bit worried about STD’s so we decided to get checked out, but we are ok. We haven’t seen Mike and the guys since that night, but get the odd text off him. My wife and I talk about the night alot and I think she needs re-assuring that I still love her, which I do. The way we see it that those guys were like “sex toys” for us, nothing more. Sarah did enjoy it as much as I did, but it was spur of the moment and probably better that way.


Hopefully we will stumble upon another group of guys the next time we are out!




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