hotwife creampie

Hotwife, Ch. 01

by anything_goes_1971



Katie, my wife, has always been insatiable where sex was concerned. She is bisexual and has been with a number of women, in my company as a threesome and alone, on the premise that she shared her experiences with me afterwards. We had also both been involved with swinging and enjoyed watching each other with other attractive people.


At 33 years old, 2 years my junior, Katie is a head-turner. She is a gorgeous brunette with beautiful brown eyes; she has a slim, toned, body and dresses immaculately, whatever the occasion. Whenever we're out together I see men looking at her and rather than being jealous, I just feel happy to have such a stunner on my arm. Likewise, when she goes out with friends she always returns with stories about the amount of men who tried to hit on her; occasionally we would fantasise afterwards about her coming home having accepted a guy's advances and letting him fuck her. This turned us both on but until recently, it had just been fantasy.


Last week, while in town shopping, Katie was chatted up by a male sales assistant in one of the classier clothes shops. Despite turning him down, telling him she was married, he insisted in giving her his mobile telephone number, which she took from him although not with any real intent to contact him. When I got home from work that night she told me about the guy, who was called Tyler, and how he had propositioned her. I found myself becoming aroused, particularly when Katie said that she had found him attractive but would never arrange something with a guy behind my back.


"Were you tempted?" I asked her.


Katie hesitated, no doubt gauging my possible reaction, "Yeah, he was really attractive."


"Would you like to fuck him?"


Another hesitation and then, "If you said it was okay, I think I would. Why, would you like me to?"


By now, listening to my sexy young wife telling me how she would like to fuck another man, my cock was solid and at that moment, there was nothing I would like more than to have Katie come home to me after being used by someone else.


"Phone him now, tell him you've thought about his offer and you've changed your mind. Invite him around here."


"What about you though? I don't think he'll be willing to let you watch."


"That's not what I had in mind."


We then planned how things would happen. Katie would call Tyler, explain she wanted to see him, telling him that I was working late and wouldn't be home till late. If he agreed, I would stay downstairs and Katie would take Tyler straight upstairs to our bedroom when he arrived, explaining that I had just called and was about an hour away, so they didn't have time to hang around. About 45 minutes later, I would call again, and tell Katie that I was just 15 minutes away, so that Tyler wouldn't be tempted to hand around and get to know Katie; this was all about us and enhancing our sex life, Katie wasn't interested in getting to know him, just getting fucked by him.


We had some Motorola radios and set them up so that one was permanently 'sending', which we placed discreetly next our bed; I would have the other one downstairs with me so I could hear what was going on and also judge when to make the call that would send Tyler packing. Katie was quite nervous by now, but I convinced her to call Tyler and he agreed to come around at 8pm, giving us an hour to get Katie ready. She went for a shower and pampered herself in preparation for Tyler's visit. Next, she had me help her choose what underwear she was going to wear, we decided on a pair of satin french knickers and camisole, which would be all she would be wearing when Tyler arrived. She looked gorgeous and my cock was solid as I helped my wife prepare to take another man to our marital bed.


Shortly after 8pm, our doorbell went. Katie kissed me, told me she loved me and went to answer the door, shutting me in the front room while she went to let Tyler in. I listened at the door and heard a male voice say, "Wow, you look stunning!"


Katie thanked him for the compliment and I heard her tell Tyler that they only had an hour, so they were going to go straight upstairs.


"Are you sure? In you and your husbands bed?" Tyler asked.


"Don't worry, he'll never realise once I've made it back up again and anyway, it'll be horny lying next to him later and thinking of what I done there earlier!"


I heard them going upstairs and settled myself down on the sofa, with the radio switched on and next to me. At first the noises were muffled, I imagined they were getting undressed and then I heard Katie's voice.


"Your cock is massive, do you want me to suck it babe?"


Tyler groaned and I imagined Katie taking him into her mouth, using her tongue to lick the length of it and then suck gently on his balls. This continued for a few moments; I could hear Tyler's moans becoming more excited and knew that Katie was getting him close.


"Come on babe, shoot your thick cum into my mouth," Katie pleaded with him.


"I'm gonna cum, eat in all down you married slut."


Hearing Tyler talk like that to my wife made my cock solid but I resisted touching myself. I just closed my eyes and imagined the scene unfolding upstairs. I heard Tyler moan in ecstasy and knew then that Katie was receiving a mouthful of his cum, which if she ran true to form, she would show him her mouth full of his cream before swallowing it down.


Sure enough, Tyler said, "That's it, now swallow it like a good married slut."


"Mmmm, you tasted good," Katie told Tyler, "My turn now."


I heard the sound of the bed moving and guessed that Katie was on her back, legs spread, opening her wet pussy for Tyler to lick. Over the next ten minutes Tyler licked at Katie's pussy, she was groaning in pleasure and egging him on, no doubt for my benefit; I heard her cum at least twice from his attention on her pussy.


I decided to rush things along and rang Katie's mobile; she answered and just played her part, as planned. I heard her tell Tyler that they only had about 20 minutes so she 'wanted his cock now!'


I listened in as they urged each other towards orgasm.


"Go on, Tyler, fuck me hard, fill me up with your massive cock!"


"I'm gonna fill you up slut, take my cock in your married pussy."


"Please Tyler, give me your cream, let me feel you sperm shooting deep into my womb."


"Ah yes, I'm cumming, take my load you bitch!"


I nearly burst as I Iistened, only then wondering whether or not Tyler had worn protection? We had not discussed it but only because I had thought that would be a foregone conclusion. The groaning and dirty talk subsided as each of them came down from their orgasms and I heard Katie hurrying Tyler along, saying I'd be home any minute. Katie told him to go ahead, that she was gonna get herself together and shower before I got home.


I listened to Tyler coming down the stairs and opening the door. Taking a chance, I went quietly into the garden where I would be able to sneak a look at this stud who had just fucked my wife. I nearly fell over with shock when I saw a 5'11 black man walking away from my house - Katie hadn't mentioned that! Not only had my wife been fucked, but by a well built black man with, I have no doubt, a massive cock.


I went back inside and up the stairs. The sight that greeted me was one to behold; Katie was lying back on the bed, her head back as she slowly fingered at her clit and pussy. As I looked closer, I could see thick white cum oozing from her, which she used to lubricate her index finger and slowly slip it into her ass.


"He was black! You never said."


"You never get over here and suck this black sperm from out of me, I want my pussy and ass spotless."


I knelt between her legs and leant down to her, I could smell the musky odour of sex and saw how she had trails of cum from her clit down past her tight ass. I lifted her legs slightly and starting below her ass, licked slowly upwards, gathering Tyler' cum on my tongue. I continued this up to her clit and then pulled away slightly to look up at Katie. She was watching me and saw her husband, on his knees, with a tongue covered in her lovers cum.


"Swallow," she ordered.


Just as she always did, I showed her the cum in my mouth and then swallowed it all down. The taste was unusual but not unpleasant and I could understand why Katie loved swallowing my cum after oral sex.


"Now clean every drop of Tyler's cum from my used pussy," she said, "I was planning on making him wear a condom but when I saw him, and then his massive cock, there was no way I was going to miss out on the feeling of that monster spurting thick loads inside me, unprotected or not. I thought you'd prefer a fresh cream pie than just a stretched, used pussy."


I did as she asked and lovingly cleaned her pussy as Katie described how Tyler's large cock had felt, in her mouth and in her cunt; when I thought I was done, Katie told me to lie on my back and, straddling my face, she pushed a finger inside her pussy and on pulling it out, large globules of spunk followed, dripping onto my tongue and down my throat. I groaned in pleasure at the submissive nature of the act, being made to clean my slut wife's used pussy after she'd whored herself to a stranger, and a black stranger at that.


As I licked and sucked at her, Katie reached back and wanked my cock. It took about 10 seconds for me to cum and, her hand covered in my own mess, Katie wiped it between her legs, giving me more cum to eat, albeit my own. I didn't care, I was in heaven and once her pussy was immaculate, I sucked and licked the last drops of my sperm from her hand. Katie came 2 more times from my licking, after which she collapsed onto the bed next to me.


"Enjoy?" she asked.


"Loved it, any chance of a repeat?"


"Honey, we love sex, you love eating stranger's cum, Tyler is willing to provide that, no questions asked, what have we got to lose? Oh, he only lives around the corner as well!"


"When then?" I asked.


"Tomorrow too soon?" said Katie, smiling her gorgeous, but wicked, smile.





HOTWIFE, chapter 2


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