She met him at a friends house. I was there too and saw him stalk her insistently. At first I paid no attention to him, he was a short stocky, balding man, from somewhere in the Middle East. Nora found his insistent pursuit a little funny and somewhat flattering.


A few day later she told me he had gotten our phone number from our hostess of that night and had called. He was direct in his approach. He asked Nora to meet him at his apartment. No evasions, no pretense. He just wanted to fuck her. Eventually she met him for coffee one afternoon. On their second meeting he fucked her and she told me about it in bed later that night.


He was a very good lover. He had a huge cock and made her come. She found his crudeness a turn on. At the second meeting he asked her how she kept it from me. Nora let the cat out of the bag and told him that I was a cuckold. He was instantly turned on, having just fucked he got hard right away and fucked her insistently asking about how this fucking would be reported to me. The idea of cuckolding me fired him up. At the third meeting he openly discussed the possibility of fucking Nora while I watched. "I read that some cuckolds like that" from there he went on to tell her his fantasy, to be serviced by the husband, to have his cock sucked by the cuckold and then to be helped to fuck the wife.


Like all the other times Nora got fucked by Sabour we had hot fucking in our bed. this time it was even hotter. We decided to go for it. Our first time with such a direct involvement by me.


What was it like?


To kneel in between the legs of this crude and truculent man sucking his cock, the cock that was soon to be fucking my wife?


This is a shocking question. If it were not asked in a forum where cuckolds and wannabe cuckolds gathered it would certify the writer for some strange treatment.


Well let me tell you.


It was a strange warm feeling inside. At one level, the thinking level there was the voice of normality saying, more like shouting "you stupid bastard, you little cocksucker grovelling in front of this schmuck, not only is he fucking your wife, he makes you suck him too". At another level there was this intense heat, the very idea that I was doing this shocking act, licking the cock that had fucked and would soon be fucking my wife again, fired me up, this voice was more primal "suck him, make hard for her, feel his thickness and rigidity, he is so powerful, a real big cock for my wife, get him as hard and as eager to fuck her as possible, increase her pleasure, go on!".


So I knelt and let my tongue travel around the contours of his cockhead doing what I would like done to me. He was not fully hard at first. As I licked his cock Nora touched his chest and kissed him. I could hear him moan through the wet sounds of their kissing. I was absorbed in my task that I did not look up to see what they were doing. I just felt the effect of their kissing in his gathering hardness. His cock swelled up and quivered in my hands. I licked voraciously at his cock head, now gorged and tight like a fresh apple. I licked up and down his thick dark shaft. I felt a gentle nudge on my head, Nora's hand, and opened my mouth to engulf the head.


Sabour moaned and pushed forward giving me more length. I took it. He was absolutely rigid now and I knew he was at the peak of his excitement. Soon he would either come in my mouth or want to fuck my wife. I moved off him.


"I think Sabour is ready to fuck" I announced to them. They broke their embrace and looked at me sleepily. Nora smiled, looking almost drunk. "Hmmm, yes, I think that is a great idea..." her voice trailed off and she took hold of his thickness in her hand. Her wedding ring shone around the his cock, the cock I had made so ready for her. I felt a pleasant heat in my balls. I wanted him to fuck her so much, the desire felt like a warm water ballon in my guts.


His reaction was crude but it added to my heat. "Nice suck Johnny, better than many women boy" his tone as always a little mocking and demeaning.


"Yes you fat cocked bastard, I thought to myself, I got you so nice and hard to fuck my wife, come on let me guide that huge cock of yours into her, fuck her you asshole". I just smiled and said nothing.


He pushed Nora back on the bed and moved along with her kissing her on the mouth. She splayed her legs wide open. I saw her cunt gape, her slit shining in the midst of her hairy thatch. She was ready for him, like a mare in heat. I could still taste her cunt on my lips. I thought he was just going to move in between her thighs and fuck. He started and when he was crouched above her he stopped and looked at me sitting be the side of them.


"Put me in your wife Johnny, give me a helping hand here, maybe a helping tongue too". The fucker knew I wanted to join them together, he could read my mind. I moved around bending into an awkward angle to be able to lick at his cock and Nora's cunt while he entered her. Nora too wanted it. She drew her thigh closest to me back giving me access. I licked at her and then at his poised cock, trying to push it towards her open cunt. He just stayed like that looking down at me. I looked into his eyes, they were a mixture of lust and arrogance. He smiled a self satisfied smile and then pushed forward. I eagerly followed with my mouth licking and felt him sink into Nora. Her thick cunt lips stretched around him and her moan filled the room.


"Oh yes, it is so sweet..." her voice sounded like she was in pain, but it was anything but pain. Sabour pushed more and more of his thick pole into her. They got stuck. No room for me, I pulled back and waited while they savored their coupling. They kissed long and wetly. Looking at them I knew the warmth and wetness he was feeling, I wondered how Nora felt with his much thicker cock in her cunt. It certainly looked well filled, the lips stretched around the shaft, distended and dark.


She opened her eyes and looked at him. "Fuck me" she whispered.


He fucked her allright. He used his cock to control her. I saw her face, ecstatic eyes open and glazed as each orgasm hit her. At other times as he pounded in her she took on an expression of painful waiting, eyebrows arched, then at other times it was like a smile as if she was listening to some distant inner sound.


Sabour used her body, trying to show off in front of me. In many instances i took my gaze off their coupled genitals to see him looking at me with a sarcastic expression. "look how I am fucking your wife cuckold" his smile said more directly to my solar plexus than a punch. He was a real bastard and I realized then the allure he had for women. This swarthy stocky bastard made them feel like whores, used and properly fucked. His manner elicited an abandon and an uninhibited freedom to be fucked. No wonder they liked to fuck him, but not really be seen with him. And of course he had a huge fat cock, fat and veiny, the head surprisingly larger than his already thick shaft. It was a reflection of his personality, sexual and arrogant. Despite his arrogance and insulting self confidence he got to the point of no return. He turned to Nora and closed his eyes as he fell on her and started to fuck with long and deep thrusts. His breath rasped in his throat and the sounds mingled with the wet squishy sounds from he cunt and her moans as she sensed his impending coming. They spun off into a long an tortuous mutual coming. He said nothing. She went vocal suddenly. "Fuck me you bastard, you son of a bitch, stick in my cunt, go on fuck me, you motherfucker.." she spat the words expelling agression at him. I realized she needed this, to be fucked like this, it was like getting back at him for making her like it. He heaved and pushed mightily a few times and then arched back, looking at the ceiling as he spasmed into her cunt. She wailed like a banshee.


I said nothing. Just watched as the passion slaked and eventually the returned to reality. He slid out of her. His cock softening visibly. I was wondering whether he would want me to clean him up, the usual cuckold's reward that I read about so often. But his arrogance gave way to a stilted self consciousness. He mumbled a few excuses and started to get dressed. I led him to the door and he mumbled his goodnight as he hurried down the path.


Back in the bedroom Nora was still lying back with her legs wide open. I sat on the bed looking at her cunt. Then to her eyes. I smiled at her.


"You looked so sexy sucking cock. It turned me on to watch you do it." She said quietly.


"I was hot doing it, the idea of getting him hard for you drove me wild." I replied. I lay next to her and we talked, dirty direct talk. We had a shared experience now, we had both sucked the same cock. We discussed our experience in whispers, two conspirators exchanging the unthinkable. We agreed about his crude nature, how it turned her on to be fucked by him, his wonderful horse cock, the fucking. She liked to hear the visual aspect of it, and I liked the account of how it felt in her. I stopped her at one point to go down in between her legs and lick at her long wet slice. Yes, there was sperm there. She kissed me and tasted it. "Tastes a little bitter" she said. "Yes it does, I agreed with her and gave her another taste with my mouth.


It was a definitely less passionate encounter than she just had with Sabour, but an infinitely more sexual one. We made it last a long time, talking and exciting each other until we fucked slowly, fully awake and talking all the time about the extraordinary things we experienced that day.


We were so close


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