Dear Hubby:


You've probably noticed that I'm not here tonight. Well I have some very important things to tell you that will change both our lives - FOREVER. First I want tell you that I have been absolutely faithful to you in our five years of marriage. I have been a dutiful and lady-like wife. I have been proud to be someone who was responsible, dependable, and upright.


However this has changed.


At work today I met a new business client. His name is Thomas. I was sexually attracted to him when our eyes first met. And two hours later we were in a motel fucking each other! Yes, for the rest of the afternoon he was fucking my pussy like an animal. While you were trying to call me, I was away from work getting laid!


In short honey, I love this man's cock!


Before you get upset with me, first let me tell you about Thomas.


One, he knows how to fuck. He is a REAL man. Thomas treats me like a slut. You never had. Because of him, I realized that I wanted and needed that. My pussy needs a stiff, confident cock, and Thomas has a LARGE one. It is ten inches, thick and very beautiful. I think if you had a close up look, you would understand. I feel compelled what we did on our first fuck together.


I sucked his cock. I deep throated all ten inches of it. It wasn't easy but he got me all hot when started calling me a "cheap slut". Wow, I'm getting wet just remembering all the nasty talk he filled me with. I stroked his cock and carressing his heavy balls with my hand. I covered it with all my spit because it tasted so good. I know he liked it because he grabbed the back of my head and forced his stiff fuck-tool down my throat. I was so used. You know like a whore. Except I did it for free. I know I've been hesitant about giving you oral sex. But you have to understand - Thomas has a great cock. It needs attention. Not from a lady, but from a woman with no second thoughts about being NASTY. And hubby, you are now married to a nasty woman. I am a slut! I am easy, cheap, and I will fuck anyone Thomas tells me to. We've talked about my future lovers. Thomas will look out after me, feeding me only real men. But I will always be HIS piece of ass.


Back to our fuck session. We did do a 69! He poked and prodded my horny pussy with his fingers and tounge. This was before he placed my ankles over his shoulders. He asked me to say fuck me. So I did.




I never felt so feminine - so like a woman since I lost my virginity. My pussy was so stuffed. He pushed into me with such great selfishness. He called me "slut", "whore", and "a greay lay". I moaned loudly. With you I've been almost silent and almost ashamed with a muffled whimper. But with Thomas I proud to moan and squeal. Not only do I not care, but I want others to hear me.


Thomas then had me climb on top of him. I grabbed his cock and rode him delirious. He grabbed my tits and called him "such a great fuck!" I was enjoying my first moments as slut. Then he had me turn over on my hands and knees and fucked me doggie-style.


I can't count how many times I had an orgasm. But they were mind-blowing and a great reward for my promiscuousness. He spanked my ass and told me he wanted to cum in my mouth. I know I never wanted to taste yours, but I had to give in to Thomas. After all he said "true sluts eat cum".


And I am a TRUE slut.


When Thomas was ready to cum he pulled at my hair, turned around and yelled me to open my mouth. It was so wonderful seeing him shoot his strands of cum onto my face and in my mouth. It tasted great! It was so sweet yet salty. I wanted more! I never felt so slutty! If I had known it would taste like that, maybe I would of swallowed yours. However I doubt it could taste anywhere near as good as Thomas's.


I want you to be happy for me. A great man searched me out and aggressively fucked me. He was even man enough to take my ass without asking first. That right, he ass-fucked me! So for the next several hours we fucked more. At the end, we giggled, laughed and caressed. I felt a great burden had been lifted. Now I am a slut and whore with no conscience or regret. All that matters is my pussy and what goes inside it.


So are you over your shock? Do you still care about me? I've never been happier and so excited about the life that's ahead of me. Gang-bangs. Bi-sexuality. Photo-shoots. Prostituting.


So Thomas and I are going on a cruise for two-weeks. And I'll be a well used woman when I get back. He's promised me LOTS of lovers. It's a special cruise with only rich young men and a few special sluts aboard. I'll have to fuck for my fare. (*LOL*) When we return you'll see how I will change. I will only wear high-heels. No bra. Only thong panties. My pussy will be shaven and I'll have lots of make-up and lipstick.


We have also discussed your role in our household. Thomas is rich and is devising a legal way to make him my husband. This requires lots of signatures but I've already promised my cooperation (as well as my pussy) to him. I have also given him power of attorney for you so you won't be bothered with any details. The work is already started and it will just take one last signature from you to make it official when we come back.


Anyway, I want you to stay. I want you to experience what I'm experiencing and living it out. Not only by watching, but by participating. On the table you will see a book. It is simply named Cuckold. Read it. Understand it. It will describe what we expect you to do for us. For Thomas. His cock is beautiful and you will see for yourself. I have also left a few poloroids of us fucking. One is when I was on top of him. The other is when he is cumming on my face and tits. And the final one is a close up of his cock. Notice the veins popping out of his purple cockhead. So honey, start now. Remove your clothes and start reading. It is okay and expected that you jack off at the pictures of hard dick. When you see pictures of women getting dick, pretend its me with Thomas. After your done, throw away your underwear and start wearing my panties, this will get you started on your journey.


Finally, you'll also see a prescription bottle next to the book. It is called Super-E. It is a heavy dose of estrogen. It is used as medical castration. This will force your body to stop producing semen. It is EXTREMELY important that you take this twice a day. This will silent your male sexual urges and will make it much earlier to fullfill other urges you will soon experience. After a couple weeks the effects of the prescription will be permenant and you won't have to worry about getting a hard-on. This will show me you will comply and Thomas will not get jealous that you will have the desire to fuck me.


If you are not yet convinced, here comes the hard part. You will never fuck me again. Nor will you have your cock sucked by me. Perhaps if Thomas agrees, you will be allowed to suck my pussy after men have fucked me. I will enjoy that much. And knowing how good cum tastes, I know you will too. Don't be too squeamish, with the drugs you will look forward getting your dose of semen in many ways. Remember I am a slut! Don't try to convert me back to being a prudish wife. I know how much pleasure I can give to men like Thomas. They NEED pussy. They need to fuck a whore like me. You don't.


If you decide against all this - I want you to also know that I've sold Thomas the house for one-dollar. And I fucked him for it. (You'll find the dollar as well as the paper-work in the book) I've handed him all of our money and jewels. Don't try to fight this. Thomas is VERY rich and influential. If you decide, and I hope so, to stay with us you will be very taken care of. You'll never be sexually frustrated and you'll witness all the NASTY, nasty sex I will have.


So I implore you, I plead you. Do yourself a favor. Take your clothes off. Jack off for one final time by yourself and open the bottle and take your medicine.


WE will see you in two weeks.


Love, your fucking, sucking, swallowing, whoring, slutting, cheap, easy, naughty, nasty, bad, horny, gullible, stupid, mindless, cock-loving, sex-starved, promiscuous, happily unfaithful





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