My cheating wife falls story





My wife and I have been into the cuckold lifestyle for about five years now. Over that time, she has taken several lovers. Some of her lovers she has only fucked once or twice, and a few she has had fairly long-term relationships with. We got busy in other areas of our lives, one thing led to another and before we knew it; we had pretty much fallen away from the lifestyle. We mutually decided that this was okay for the time being and agreed that we would take a break from her taking lovers and cucking me - but apparently she enjoyed other men's cocks more than I realized!




One of my wife's prior boyfriends called her the other day. When I say "prior", I don't mean prior to our marriage, I simply mean that she hasn't been out with him in about a year. My wife and I have been married about 20 years. His name is Tom and my wife dated him off and on for several months over a year or so ago. When I say "dated", I really mean fucked - they fucked every time they went out, regardless if I were present or not. He lived about an hour away and he was recently married at the time they were "dating". Tom and his wife had a baby on the way, so he got busy, we got busy, and things just fell apart. When he called the other day he told my wife that he was now divorced and "available to play" anytime she wanted. She asked me if I still had his e-mail address or phone number since she had deleted him from her address book. Being a good Cuck, I keep those sorts of things and gave her Tom's e-mail address.


My wife is always flattered when one of her boyfriends calls her. She gets like a school girl and talks about it for a day or so before she drops it. That's how it was when Tom called out the blue after a year of no contact; she was very bubbly and obviously excited that he had made the effort to re-establish their relationship. However, as I predicted, she quit talking about Tom after a day or so and never mentioned his phone call again.


Everything I've just described took place about two weeks ago. Tom and his phone call to my wife had completely gone out of my mind. Unbeknownst to me, my wife and Tom had been either e-mailing or talking on a daily basis. We had fallen away from the whole "swinging" or cuckold lifestyle over the past several months and apparently Tom was vigorously trying to get back in my wife's panties. He would call her or e-mail her daily and persistently try and persuade her to go out with him. She finally relented and agreed to meet him for lunch. She thought there was less chance of her giving in and fucking him after lunch than if they had met for dinner. Turns out she was wrong.


They met a few days later and had a long, leisurely lunch over two bottles of wine while they got reacquainted. Wine makes my wife very relaxed and horny. The quickest way to get her to bed is to ply her with a few glasses of wine; apparently Tom had remembered this little trick. As luck would have it, I was having a slow day at work and called my wife on her cell phone to see what was going on. I was thinking of getting off early and doing some shopping with her that afternoon.


"Hey Babe, where are you, what's going on?" I asked as she answered the phone. "I'm having lunch with a good-looking man!" she replied in a giggly tone. At first I thought she was joking, but then I heard noise in the background and a male voice say "Is that your husband?" "You are, huh?" I asked - thinking she was joking, "I was going to see if you wanted to go the mall with me this afternoon." "Honey, I'm serious, I'm having lunch with Tom, remember him?" she asked. "Sure, I remember him" I stammered, somewhat caught off guard. "So if you remember him, why in the world would you think I would want to do something lame like go to the mall with you?" she taunted me, "I have a feeling Tom and I will be doing something much more interesting after lunch than going shopping!"


Before I could respond my wife had handed her cell phone to Tom. "Hey Cucky, how ya' been?" he asked. "I'm fine Tom, thanks for asking" I replied. "You know, you can help us make a decision if you don't mind?" he continued. "What's that?" I inquired. "After lunch should I fuck your wife at your house or should I fuck her at a motel?" I was stunned into silence at his boldness. "Hey Cucky, what's the matter, cat got your tongue?" he teased. "Tell me where I should fuck your wife" he persisted. I could hear my wife laughing in the background as Tom toyed with me. "Either one is fine with me, Tom" I said quietly. "I know that, Cucky, because you are lousy at fucking her. I need to step in and do it for you, right?" he continued. "Yes, that's right" I said. "Well, since you can't make up your mind, I guess I'll take her to your house and fuck her in your bed - okay with you, Cucky?" My wife was laughing loudly now. I thought to myself that she must be buzzed from the wine. "Yes, that will be fine" I said. "What will be fine, Cucky? Tell me." he insisted. "It's fine if you fuck my wife in our bed" I said shyly. "Thank you, I'm gonna do just that!" he said sarcastically.


My wife was back on the phone now and said "If the bedroom door is closed when you come home, which it probably will be, don't come knocking. We don't want to be disturbed" she told me. Before I could answer she hung up. However, before the connection was cut I heard her say to Tom "What a little dick wimp I married!"


I hung up and stared at the phone as I sat at my office desk. I was humiliated that another man had just talked to me that way about my wife. I was also hard as a rock and needed some relief. I walked to the men's room with a file folder in front of me to hide my hard-on. Entering one of the stalls, I pulled out my little hard-on. I jerked off thinking about Tom fucking my wife in our bed all afternoon and how much she was going to enjoy it. Even the thought of them having lunch together in a local public restaurant was a turn on; she didn't seem concerned at all if one of our friends saw her with another man.


I left work a short while later as planned and headed for the mall - more to kill time than anything else before going home. I had lost my enthusiasm for shopping and could only think of my wife and her lover at home screwing their brains out. After wandering around for a couple of hours and not buying much, I decided to head home. Sure enough, when I got there, Tom's car was parked right in the driveway as if he owned the place. I could just imagine what our nosy neighbors thought when they saw my wife and Tom walk into our house, undoubtedly arm in arm. I parked in the street because Tom had parked in my spot in the driveway and headed into the house.


My wife's skirt and blouse were on the floor in the foyer. I continued down the hall and, as promised, our bedroom door was closed. I could hear them talking and laughing quietly behind the closed door. "Probably resting in between fuck sessions" I thought to myself. I set my stuff down and headed out to the kitchen. I heard the bedroom door open and looked up to see my wife standing there looking at me. All she had on was a black lace garter belt, sheer black stockings and red patent leather stiletto pumps. Her hair was messed up and her lipstick was all but gone. She had "love bites" on her neck and breasts and glowed with that "I've just been royally fucked" look.


"I thought I heard you come in" she said to me, "Can you hand me a glass of water?" I got her the water and turned back around to hand her the glass. Tom had appeared from the bedroom and stood behind my wife with his arms wrapped around her, hugging her tightly. He was naked and was pressing his cock against her ass. "God I love fucking your wife! She's got the tightest little cunt, almost like it's never been used!" he casually said to me. "I forgot what a great cock sucker she is too!" he said chuckling. As he said this, my wife turned and kissed him over her shoulder, obviously pleased at the compliment. My wife took Tom by the hand and led him back to our bedroom. She turned and looked at me and said "Tom's gonna fuck me again, then we'll be ready for dinner. What are you making?" "I'll come up with something" I replied. "Tom will most likely spend the night, so you may want to get comfortable upstairs in the guest room. You want him to spend the night, don't you, darling?" she asked. "Yes, baby, I do" I said as she looked directly into my eyes. She smiled and said "I thought so."


After getting some things out for dinner, I headed back down the hall way to pick up my wife's skirt and blouse from the foyer. I could hear my wife getting fucked behind the closed door to our bedroom. The house was so quiet I could hear every little noise coming from the bedroom. I stood there listening outside the door with her skirt and blouse in my hand. She was moaning and panting, taking very short breaths. I could actually hear Tom's cock as it squished in and out of my wife's cunt. I suspected she was getting fucked doggie style, which is her favorite position. "Oh Baby, oh Baby, keep going! Harder, faster, oh my God! Don't stop!" I heard my wife moan to her lover. Tom then said "You like my big dick don't you, Baby?" "Oh God yesss!" she hissed. "I fuck you better than your wimpy husband, don't I, Baby?" he continued. "Without a doubt!" she yelled back at him. "Good. I thought so. I want you tell him that when I'm done fucking you. Will you do that for me?" he asked her. "Hell, I'll tell him right now!" she screamed back at him, "Get his sorry ass in here!"


My hard on was raging again. The humiliation was unbelievable and oh so sweet. Standing outside my own bedroom door as another man pounded my wife with his big dick. I had pulled my little thing out of my pants and was stroking it when Tom yanked the bedroom door open. "What a pervert! Can't even give us a little privacy while we screw. Man are you pathetic!" he berated me. He turned back to my wife who was catching her breath on the bed and said "Your cucky husband is out here in the hall way jacking his little thingy." My wife laughed and said to me "Get in here, wimp!" "Your wife has something she wants to tell you" Tom chimed in. I felt ridiculous standing next to the bed with my dick hanging out of my pants, so I tried to put it back in and zip up my pants. "Leave it out, it's not like it's in the way or anything" she said snidely. "I want you to know how much better Tom fucks me that you ever have or ever will. His dick is so much bigger than your little sausage and he knows how to use it. You squirt in 30 seconds, he can pound me continuously for 30 minutes!" she said, looking directly at me.


Tom had crawled back on the bed next to her and was smirking at me as he hugged my wife. Of course when she talked to me like this, especially in front of her lover, my dick resumed its rigid form. "Why don't you jerk your little boy dick for us now, Honey? Jerk it right into your hand for us, then you can go finish making dinner" she said. I nodded and started slowly rubbing my dick. She turned to Tom and said "Time him, I bet I can get him to cum in under 30 seconds without even touching him!" she taunted. Tom watched the sweep hand on his watch as I stroked my dick and my wife continued to taunt me. "You like it when other men fuck me, don't you, Honey? You love seeing their cum fill my cunt and run down my legs, don't you?" I couldn't stand it, my hand was now rubbing up and down on my dick in a blur.


My wife continued to humiliate me, knowing already that she would win this little game. "I gave Tom a blow job in the car on the way home from lunch today, Honey, did I mention that?" she teased, "He shot his load all over my face." That was all it took, I shot my load into my hand and felt my knees buckle from the power of my orgasm. "Time!" my wife shouted to Tom. "Twenty six seconds!" he laughed, "Just like you said, less than 30 seconds!" I had closed my eyes briefly as I came. I felt something brush my hand and opened my eyes. My wife had kicked off one of her stiletto pumps and was sticking her nylon covered toes into my cum-filled hand. She held her pretty foot up to my face and said "Kissy kissy. Here's your reward for cumming in less than 30 seconds!" Some of my cum was hanging from the tip of her big toe in a long strand. I scooped up the strand with my tongue and then sucked the rest of her cum soaked foot clean of my cum.


?Now that you've had your dessert, go fix dinner!" she remarked curtly. I left them cuddling on the bed and closed the bedroom door behind me as I left. "God I love being her cuckold!" I smiled to myself. I went off to the kitchen to the sounds of Tom mounting my wife for the third time that afternoon!


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