My name is Tony, I am 22, and when my story starts I had been married to my beautiful strong-willed wife Jane for just two months. She is 21, with long Raven hair, large firm breasts, round ass and gorgeous long legs.


One evening Jane was sitting on the bed, and I had just finished getting naked for a sex session with her. She looked up and down my very slight body with a look of disapproval on her face.


"You really are a wimp aren't you Tony?" she complained. "With your weedy body and tiny dick, you are totally useless in bed. I think I am going to have to find a real man with a big cock to give me the sex I need and deserve."


Despite my shock at her words, I could not help noticing that my dick had become hard. It did not go unnoticed by my wife either.


"My God, you are getting turned on by my verbally abusing you and telling you that I intend to take a lover!" I could not deny that .


"I couldn't help it," I whined.


"Well whatever," she went on. "I shall be looking for a lover very soon."


"But you can't," I protested. "We love each other, don't we?"


"Sure," she responded. "But this is about sex, and you are no good at it. Our marriage won't survive unless I start getting decent sex from somewhere." I got into bed and said nothing, hoping it was an idle threat.


The following Friday I came home to find Jane in the lounge. She was dressed in a new low cut short black dress and high heeled shoes. She was certainly dressed to kill, and I asked where she was going.


"I am going out to find a boyfriend," she said simply. "I told you I needed to, and hopefully I will find a man tonight." Despite my pleas, she picked up her bag and left.


She had not returned home by Midnight, so I got into bed. I tried to stay awake to see her Come home, but eventually drifted off to sleep. I was awakened by her coming up the stairs early next morning. She came into the room with a huge smile on her face, and sat on the bed beside me.


"I found myself a man," she said proudly. "He is a big good looking black man called Bill. He has been fucking me most of the night, and fucked me again about ten minutes ago just before I left." She pulled away the bedclothes to reveal my involuntary erection.


"I see your cock has enjoyed hearing about your wife's infidelity," she laughed. "Well, as you enjoy humiliation so much perhaps you will lick my pussy clean."


"Can I fuck you if I do?" I asked pathetically.


"No," she replied emphatically. "You won't be fucking me again, but I will give you a handjob. Now get on your knees and clean me." I knelt on the floor by the bed, and she smugly lifted her dress and pulled off her black panties. There was a strong smell of sex as I approached her pussy. I began reluctantly to remove the cum from her


"That's it, suck all of Bill's delicious black cum out of me," she urged. "He put five loads into me, and I loved every one of them!"


When I done my job, Jane got me to sit on the bed and took my erct dick in her hand.


"Tony this really is a pathetic excuse for a cock," she told me. "Bill's is at least three times as long as yours, and much, much thicker!" These humiliating words made sure I came almost immediately, to my wife's amused contempt.


The next day, Sunday, the phone rang at about six, and I answered it.


"Listen to me little dick," a very deep voice began. "I am the guy who is fucking your slut wife. I will be round in an hour, tell the bitch to be naked with her pussy shaved, understand?"


"Er, yes," I replied, shocked by his words.


"That's yes sir faggot, if you know what's good for you."


"Yes sir," I responded. "I'm sorry." I felt a total wimp as he put the phone down.


I was just replacing the receiver when Jane came in and asked who had been on the Phone. I told her what Bill had said.


"Well, Bill gets what he wants," she replied. "You had better come upstairs and shave it for me."


About an hour later, we were waiting in the lounge, Jane naked with her bald pussy and me dressed. The doorbell rang, and Jane sent me to answer it. Bill pushed straight past me and went to the lounge. When I got there he was already entwined with Jane. They were kissing passionately, as Bill played with my wife's luscious tits and fingered her pussy, making her very excited. He need not have bothered, she had told me she was soaking wet as we waited for him. The kissing went on for a few minutes before Bill turned to me.


"You got the message wimp?" he began. "This slut belongs to me now." "Yes sir," I responded, and Jane giggled. Bill ordered everyone upstairs, and when we got there he told me to get undressed and kneel outside the bedroom door. I was to wait there, and come in as soon as I was called . I waited on my knees as I was forced to listen to my wife's cries of pleasure.


It took nearly half an hour of loud cries from my wife before she had a shattering orgasm just after Bill groaned and filled her with his seed. I thought I would be called in after it went quiet, but I was kept kneeling there for another half hour.


"Get in here boy," I heard from Bill finally. As I walked in I saw the two of them looking sum as they lay side by side with the hands behind their heads. Jane's legs were spread, and I could see a pool of white at the entrance to her pussy. Bills massive cock was lying across one leg, glistening with Jane's cunt juices. When Bill caught sight of my cock he laughed out loud, and my wife joined in with him.


"Suck my cum out of your wife sissy boy," Bill ordered me.


"Yes eat it all up," Jane added as I started sucking her pussy. "It is going to form an important part of your diet in future!"


"Now lick my dick clean," ordered Bill.


I picked up his dick and licked all over it including his balls, tasting the residue of his cum and Jane's cunt juices.


"Now look what you have done," Jane chided, when she saw that my licking had made Bill erect again. "You had better stick it in your mouth and suck it until he fills your mouth with more of his cum and it goes soft again."


Because he had already come once it seemed take forever to coax more cum out of him.


"See what a sissy faggot your husband is?" Bill asked Jane as I continued sucking.


"Yes," she laughed. "Do you think he will make a good one?"


"I will see he gets plenty of practice," Bill told her. "I have quite a few friends who like sissy white mouths." Jane laughed again at the prospect of this.


"You know he doesn't get to fuck you any more?" Bill said to my wife after he had finally filled my mouth with more of his cum.


"Yes sir," Jane answered submissively. "I have told him that I will only give him handjobs."


"NO," stormed Bill. "I don't want you touching his cock at all. In fact I don't want him playing with himself all the time. Have him fitted with a cock cage tomorrow."


Bill didn't stay the night, and after he had gone I spoke to my wife.


"You have changed," I told her. "I didn't think it was going to be like this, with you laughing at me and letting me be humiliated this much.


"Well after being with Bill and talking to him, I have changed my attitude towards wimps. You deserve all you get for being such a useless husband in bed. It will only affect sex though, our marriage will be the same in other ways."


"But the cock cage," I said.


"It will do you good to have a period of chastity," she replied. "Any way I am sure Bill will let you have regular relief. We will get it tomorrow


We went to the sex shop the following day. We were met by a stern looking woman of about Forty. Jane asked her for the smallest size of cage, humiliating me by saying it would probably be too big for me. She and the woman laughed uproariously at this. I was horrified when she returned as Jane asked the woman if she would fit it on me.


We were taken to a small room, where the woman told me to drop my pants and underwear. She laughed out loud when she saw my little dick.


"I see what you meant dear," she said. How do you cope with this?"


"Oh I have made arrangements," smiled Jane.


"Ah I see," she laughed. "Are you a cuckold you poor little man?" The two of them then laughed derisively at my plight, and the woman fitted the cage and gave Jane the key.


Bill came round that evening to check I had the cage fitted.


"When can I get relief sir?" I asked pitifully.


"You can ask after a while," he replied. "Say a month."


"Oh could you make it three," Jane interrupted. "I would like him frustrated for a decent period of time." I gasped, and she just grinned at me as Bill agreed.


"I can't stay long," Bill said. "But I have time for a quick one. Get up against the wall slut. Take off your panties, hold up your dress and spread your legs. Wimp you get down There and make her wet."


I knelt down and lapped at Jane's pussy until she was wet enough, then turned and got Bill's cock ready. I had to remain kneeling to have a close up view of him ramming his huge dick into my wife. He went up to his balls in one stroke, and she cried out in pain and pleasure.


"You love it don't you bitch?" he snarled as he rammed into her. "You are a real whore for black cock now aren't you?


"Yes sir," she gasped.


"And a fucking unfaithful slut," he continued. "Tell your husband what you are."


"I am a whore for black cock, and a fucking unfaithful slut," she cried out. "But I don't care, I I love it!"


"See what a slut I have made of your wife wimp," he told me. "She will never take anything but black cock now."


"No I won't," she screamed, as her climax approached. "Make me come Bill, please!"


Bill did exactly that, in a few seconds she came with a huge cry. Bill only stopped to have me suck him clean, before leaving with my sobbing wife.


"Clean me you useless fuck!" she told me, as she came down from her high.


Over the next couple of months, Jane became increasingly cruel. She made my frustration Worse by wearing little or nothing around the house, inviting her sisters to stay who helped frustrate me by parading in their underwear, and worst of all making us sleep naked together when she was not with Bill.


Worse was to come though. After almost three months, she came to me with a smile.


"You will never gues what has happened," she said. "I have been forgetting to take my birth pills lately, and that bastard Bill has made me pregnant!"


"What!!" I cried in panic.


"I know," she smiled. It means I'll have a black baby, and our families and friends will know that you are a cuckold. Oh and there's one other thing. When your three months is up, I have asked Bill to make sure you continue to wear the cage for at least another six months. Oh Tony honey I do believe you are going to cry!"

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