When you book a cruise be careful with who you book it with, a lesson my wife and myself found out the hard way, the very hard way.


We were looking for a last minute vacation deal online. "Look at the prices on this one. And its all inclusive also." she said. We later found out that this cruise had been listed on one of those cheap travel sites by mistake and only for a few moments, just long enough for us to book it.


The big day came and we got on the boat, there were a lot of couples our age on board, mid-thirties to early forties. Two things puzzled me though. One was the way that the mostly black crew was eyeing us, and there seemed to be a lot of single black men on board. When I brought this up to my wife she shrugged it off saying the men were probably taking advantage of the low fares. As for the crew she said it was probably all in my mind. A few hours later she would change her opinion, in a big way


I was trying to take a nap while my wife checked on the activities on board, she came back into the cabin pale clutching a flyer from the activities director. "We have to get off this boat now! There has been a big mistake!" I told her to calm down and tell me what was going on. Numb she handed me the pamphlet, the title was "Cuckold Cruises' and showed a white lady deeply kissing a black man while a 'shocked' husband looked on in the background, the sub heading was "A boat for the black man loving white women, and for the husbands who love them."


I could see why my wife was upset but there was nothing we could do, the boat was out at sea now. I told her we would have to make the best of it and be careful as this was a cruise to nowhere where we stood on the ship.


She looked at me suspiciously bring up the time that I had suggested she try a black man, but I reminded her that she had picked this cruise not I.


That night we got the first of many surprises, seating for diner had been arranged but not for us together. "Ship's rules!" the purser told my wife, who wanted to leave and get room service but I told her we paid good money for this cruise and we would have dinner and she should not worry about it.


I sat at a table with all the other husbands while my wife sat next to a young black man. The other husbands talked excitedly on what their wives were going to do. Some actually hoped their wives would get pregnant or try anal for the first time. One of them asked me what I hoped would happen, I tried to explain that we had booked the cruise by mistake and that we were not into this scene. "That's not how it looks from here!" one of the husbands said I looked over to see my wife, who had been kind of stiff to the whole seating arrangement now seemed to really be getting into it. She was chatting away with a man and laughing. I felt the first pangs of jealousy and was also aroused. Could my wife really be that type of woman? The type to take gratification from another man at my expense and humiliation?


After dinner I asked her how it went. She told me she was trying to make the best of a bad situation, then she dropped the bomb and said according to the cruise director thet man she was seated with was to be her "partner" for all shipboard activities.


We went to the ship's nightclub and after the first dance I was forced to sit on the side as she danced with her partner. I was alarmed when she tried to really shake it up on the dance floor as her partner watched her big tits bounce up and down, again I felt my wood starting to rise, but it was nothing, nothing compared to what I felt when a slow sexy number came up and I watched her rub up against him.


That night when we got back to the room I was a little disturbed by my wife's behavior and my own. I was getting turned on by her flirting with the guy, something she noticed right away.


In the room she started to jerk me off while questioning me about whether or not it turned me on to see her with other men. "You liked seeing me dancing on the floor grinding against that big black guy didn't you honey? I brushed up against him on the dance floor and I will tell you this. It is no myth about them having huge cocks." she said teasingly as my cock literally sprayed all over her. I threw her on the bed and we fucked all night, turned on by the slutty way she talked.


The next day we agreed to maybe experiment a bit, little did I know how far it would go.


We sat on the deck in lounge chairs taking in some sun when her "partner" showed up and sat down next to us. He smiled at us, or more specifically her, and what was there not to smile about? Her sitting there on the lounge chair in her bikini with her huge all natural tits. Her stomach was tight from the gym and a personal trainer. He took out some sun tan lotion and asked if he could put some on her. She looked at me to disapprove and then turned onto her stomach and said "Why not?"


He unhooked her bikini top and rubbed the lotion into her back with expert hands. He messaged it into her shouldered and worked his way down to the small of her back, then she rolled over letting her top fall to the floor. He put some more lotion on his hands and rubbed it onto her shoulders as she stared at his huge bulge. He then put his hands onto her tits and rubbed the lotion onto her breasts, her nipples went rock hard under his kneading and rubbing. My own cock wanted to explode. My wife let off a few gasps and moans to tease me.


He worked his way down to her stomach while across the way a white lady blew a black guy as her husband watched approvingly, snapping off photos, she had to be in her late 50's but was sucking on his cock like a porn star. Meanwhile the guy with my wife worked away at her thighs letting his thumb brush against her pussy by "accident", as I noticed the growing wet spot in her bikini.


He went into a bag on the back of his chair and took out a bottle of clear baby oil. Then he reached into his swim trunks saying that they were chaffing him a bit and asked my wife if she could she put some oil on his cock, and then he pulled it out. I could have caught on fire and she would not have noticed. I had seen black cocks in films and they were big, but this. was a different story altogether, some of the veins on it were as big as my pinky.


She gave me a long teasing look which said to me that even if I objected she was going to do this anyway. She squirted the oil into the palms of her hands, the bottle making a farting sound as she did so. Then topless she reached across space and as I watched her hand slowly encircled his cock around the middle of his shaft, she gave the cock several long pulls so as to spread the oil all over his shaft, then she started to stroke his cock as I watched with my own unattended hard on.


"Shit! It is so fucking big and solid." she said slapping the man's cock into her palm. She then playfully hit it against her tits making them shake and jiggle. I watched as her hand the hand with our wedding ring on it, milked this giant cock.


She robotically pumped his cock until he said "Oh yeah! I'm going to cum!" and shot his load onto her tits and tight belly as other cuckold husbands, their wives and their black lovers looked on.


Later that afternoon my wife gave me a pair of her panties and let me jerk off into them while she verbally abused me. "You know what? A few days ago I would have given you some relief but now I am saving my pussy for its first big black dick. And I know you want to see that. Right? You want to see me suck on a black cock. Right? You want to see me put it in me. Right?"


I shot my load into her panties and she took them and put them in a draw saying that I would need them later.


We went to see the cruise director, a short haired Spanish woman who snickered at me and giggled with my wife as she went over the activities on board the ship.


That afternoon my wife ate lunch with her partner while the rest of the husbands ate at separate tables I could feel my cock growing hard at the humiliation and frustration of watching her slow seduction. He made a point of feeling her tits up as she fed him.


The activities director came over to my wife and told her she could get a special message from the ship's masseuse. She kissed her black boyfriend goodbye and told me to come along with her.


When we came in to the room there were three huge black men who were totally naked, one of them told me to help my wife off with her clothes. "You heard the man!" my wife said grinning as I undid her blouse.


Soon she was naked in front of these men as the cruise director smirked at me. "Lay down on your stomach on the table it is time for your message." one of them said. My wife did as she was told and the men applied oil to their hands. They began to rub and knead her back and shoulders as she let out a contented sigh. One of them did her legs and worked his way up, his black fingers digging into her buttocks.


They rolled her over oiling and kneading her tits with their hands, their large cocks brushing up against her body as they worked on her shoulders and thighs. "You need a pussy message." one of them said. At that point her resistance was next to nil.


I watched her face contort as he rubbed the outside of her pussy. "You are losing her." the short haired cruise director said grabbing my cock through my shorts. She pulled my cock out and started to jerk it off.


The man who was rubbing her pussy got between her legs and slapped her soft pubic patch with his cock and said "Look right at your husband and say you want this in you."


Her brown eyes seemed to fill the room as she said "Honey I have to have it." The man laughed as he turned and slowly pushed that massive cock into her. My wife was being violated while I watched, her pussy being stretched to its limits, and I was excited by it like I never had been before. I came, shooting my load onto the floor as the cruise director continued to play with my shaft, which within minutes got hard again.


My wife wrapped her legs around her stud. Her cries of pleasure were muffled as one of the men shoved his cock down her throat. "Yeah now spit on it. Clear your throat that's it!" he said then he plunged it down her throat again.


The third man slid his cock between her tits and tit fucked her as she held her breasts for his cock. He pinched her nipples hard, twisting them.


The cruise director told me to put my hands behind my back or she would stop jerking me off.


Through the afternoon into the evening they used her in every position imaginable. When they were done she was a sticky gooey mess. She went in back with the cruise director to clean up.


As we walked the deck of the ship my cock got hard again thinking of the wanton animal my wife had become. Was it over yet? Not on your life.


That night a purser brought a wedding gown for my wife. I wondered what was going on. She said "You will see. Tonight." She said handing me my outfit. At first I thought it was a tuxedo by then I realized it was a butler's outfit.


That night we went into the main dance hall where several other men were dressed like me, with their wives dressed in wedding gowns. Then each of the women's (including my wife's) black boyfriends entered. What was going on? I wondered.


The ship's captain entered and gave a short ceremony where the brides pledge to "humiliate, tease and torture their husband's small white cocks" and only to "love, cherish, fuck and suck their black lover's huge cocks." All the wives handed their husbands back their wedding rings and put on the ones their boyfriends had given them. He pronounced us all sluts, cuckolds and studs and said "The wives may kiss their black lovers."


The cruise director was amongst the women throwing rice at us. When we got back to the cabin a cot had been put in for me to sleep in while my wife and her lover would sleep in the bed while I waited on them hand and foot.


"Take off my clothes, now." she told me. I slowly and obediently stripped my wife of her clothes as her lover whistled appreciatively.


"Now boy, take off mine. And don't you dare get any wrinkles on them." he said. I carefully removed his clothes as my wife repeated his words. "Um! The underwear too." With the last bit of my pride going out to sea I took off his underwear and his big cock swung out.


"Get her ready for me boy." he said as she sat on the bed with her legs spread. I could have left, I could have said no but I couldn't. I got down and licked her pussy. "Get it nice and wet." My wife said. "This pussy is just for my lover. My big black lover" she taunted.


My wife told me she was ready. Then her lover said, "Now come here boy! Take it in your hand, you heard me. Show your wife you can take care of it for her." I could not believe what he wanted me to do. I was not gay or anything like that, but the humiliation of it al, turned me on. Hesitantly I grasped his huge cock in my hand and jerked it off as she watched.


"Oh! You are so good at that honey!" she said, "It looks so sexy for you to be jerking off the cock of a real man. Now I have a little surprise for you, close your eyes and stop jerking him off." I did not know what she had planned, but I knew I had to obey or she would kick me out of the room.


I heard them moving around and then my wife told me to open my eyes. She was standing in front of me, he was standing in back of her with his cock through her legs so it looked like she had grown a dick. She held his cock out with one hand and in the other hand to my horror was a digital camera, our digital camera.


"Now honey! Show me how much you love me by sucking my cock. Come on honey, you will look so sexy doing it." she said wiggling "her" penis. Time seemed to freeze then, slowly, as my wife looked down at me with a smirk on her face I moved my face forward and with my lips real tight I kissed the huge cock head in front of me, noting how much bigger and denser it was than mine.


"Kiss it again!" she squealed and I did so as she took a picture. Then another kiss, then she looked down at me and told me to take it in my mouth. I stretched my mouth as far as it could go and did so. It tasted musky and sweaty and I could not believe I was doing it.


She snapped photo after photo, making me lick the underside of his shaft and his balls as she laughed at me telling me that was the closest I would ever come to having a real cock. Then things went from bad to worse, the cabin door opened, unlocked from outside by a pass key and in stepped the cruise director. "Mmmm! I see you are enjoying the honeymoon. Maybe I can help you out a bit." she said grabbing the back of my head. The stud took the signal and started to cram his dick down my throat deeper and deeper. I started to gag which made the two women and the man laugh, but there was no mercy.


The cruise director grabbed his shaft and started to jack it off faster and faster, her coffee colored hand flew up and down across his cock shaft. Then I felt his cock start to twitch.


"No cum dodging here dear." she said standing in back of me with her smooth thighs holding my head so I could not move. I felt his head jerk as my wife snapped off photo after photo, then his cum flooded my mouth.


"No spitting out either." she added putting her hand over my mouth. I was forced to swallow every sticky drop as he rubbed his cock clean across my face. Then as my wife and the cruise director laughed I was made to suck and jerk him hard again so he could fuck my wife further.


"Come on little cuckold." said the cruise director grabbing me by my ear. She lead me though the decks of the ship to her cabin.


"Right now your wife is getting the shit fucked out her by her lover, listen." she dialed a number on her phone and put it on speaker so I could hear my wife groaning and squealing as his oversized meat stretched her to her limits.


"I bet you are so fucking horny now, come here little white man." she said kissing me deeply. Before I knew it she was sucking my cock like a machine, I came in her mouth in seconds.


"Hmmm! We are going to have to do better than that." All that sexual frustration that had built up in me for the entire trip exploded to the surface. I grabbed her and tossed her onto the bed tearing off her clothes. I licked her pussy until she was ready to pass out, then I spread her legs wide and fucked the shit out of her. Before I knew it I must of came twice and was putting my cock up her asshole, lubed only by her spit as I listened to my wife getting the shit fucked out of her by some oversized black stud.


The next morning we pulled into the dock. My wife kissed her black "husband" goodbye and we went home, where we fucked like animals from the minute we got through the door.


The experience has really changed our life style, for the better I'd like to think. She is already booking us for next year.

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