Hotwife's Dream

Watching and Helping The Sexy Wife



My wife and I went to a hotel bar near the airport that has business travelers. She sat at the bar alone wearing a sexy short black dress with thigh high stockings and no panties. She immediately began to flirt with the bartender who looked like he just turned 22. I sat at a nearby table in the bar so that I could watch her work her magic.


We waited and finally two guys came in and sat next to her. They were each black, young, handsome and professional looking. The three started talking and before you know it they were buying my sexy wife drinks and she was laughing and becoming very friendly with them. One guy changed his seat and sat on the other side of her. From my seat I can see them as their hands drop below the bar and rested on her leg. As time goes by the hands gradually went farther up her leg. I saw them push her skirt back. Before long she turned and pointed at me and smiled. Her two friends turned to look over at me and then laughed and nodded.


A few minutes later they paid their tab and all walked to where I am sitting. “Honey,” Lisa said, “this is Sam and John and they want to take me up stairs and fuck me. And guess what? They are going to let you watch.” With that she and her new found friends took a seat across from me in the booth. Lisa strategically sat in the middle. The two men went on to introduce themselves. Turns out they were both insurance agents and they had a flight to catch in the morning. I watched as my wife took each of their hands and put them under the table. They proceeded to tell me how sexy She was and how they were going to enjoy getting to know her better. Lisa didn’t say much but I could tell by how she was biting her lips and squirming that they must have had their fingers in her pussy. After I finished my drink all four of us got up to walk to the elevator. As soon as we got in, Sam grabbed my wife and kissed her while his hands ran up under her skirt and squeezed her ass. At the same time she reached over and rubbed John’s hardening cock through his pants.


   Once in side our room they started to kiss her and undress her until all she had on was her stockings and high heels. I took my usual spot in a chair in the corner near the camcorder. Lisa quickly dropped to her knees and unbuckled their pants as their cocks sprang out. Their cocks were incredible, both very long and thick, about 8 and 9 inches, and each one hard as a rock. She excitedly took turns sucking them as they stood on both sides of her running their hands through her blonde hair. One by one she licked the length of their shafts and took them into her mouth and then licked their balls stopping only to look over at me and wink and smile. I took out my own cock and stroked it while I watched mesmerized by the contrasting colors of Lisa on her knees with these huge black monster cocks in her face. I watched her suck each one for several minutes while stroking the other, at one point even trying to fit both in her mouth. They grabbed her by her hair and began to thrust their huge cocks into her mouth. The more forceful they got the more she got excited. She almost gagged as she tried to take them deep in her throat.


   “You like that cock, girl?” they ask. She just replied with a “mmhhmmmmm”.

   “Yeah we knew you would. Suck my black cock, slut.” Sam said, “You want me to stick this big dick in your pussy so your husband can watch you get fucked?”

   “Oh yeah,” she sighed as she gripped and squeezed their cocks. “fuck me. I want you to both fuck me real hard.”


   She got up and climbed on the bed with that beautiful ass sticking straight up. Sam got behind her and told John to move to the other side. “Watch out”, he said “let the man see what a black cock slut his wife is.” John laughed and moved to the other side of the bed and slapped her in the face with his cock while asking Lisa if she wanted to suck it. This drove her up the wall and she began to beg him to let her suck his cock. He then put it to her lips and she hungrily took it into her mouth. Meanwhile Sam stuck his fingers in her cunt to test the waters.


“Damn girl you’re wet” he said and took his queue from John and said, “Ask me to fuck you”.


   “Oh Sam please fuck my pussy,” she begged. “I need your cock in me. fuck me hard. I want to be your slut.” Finally he began to slowly push his big dick into her wet pussy. Lisa started to moan but couldn’t speak because of the cock in your mouth. She slowly started to push back on him and gradually picked up the speed. Pretty soon she was slamming herself back on his cock and coming forward to deep throat John. She took John out of her mouth and screamed out, "Ohhhhh yeah fuck me with that big cock." God I love your cocks. They are so fucking big.”


She looked over at me stroking my cock in the corner and smiled. “Oh Steve his cock feels so good. Tell him to fuck me hard. Do you like it? Tell them to treat me like a slut.” John grabbed her hair while Sam slapped her ass and answered “Yeah baby we can treat like a slut. Now shut up and suck that cock.”


   John had been waiting too long to sample her sweet pussy and they decide to switch off. She slid back on the bed and grabbed Sam’s cock and began to stroke it. She beckoned me over to suck on her tits and I took a spot on the side of the bed. I begin to suck her nipples as I watched her stroke Sam’s shaft while licking his balls. She is so incredibly sexy when she has a cock in her hand. I just sucked her hard nipples and watched. John however was getting impatient. “Honey,” she said to me. “Why don’t you help John put that big cock in me?” So I grabbed each her ankles and held them up as John moved to put his enormous cock in her exposed cunt. I couldn’t do anything but watch as it slid into her. In and out it went. I could see the white pussy juice on the sides of his cock as it slid out of her, her pussy lips still trying to grip it as it stretched her cunt. He pounded her for minutes as she screamed and begged him not to stop, unable to concentrate on Sam’s cock any longer.


I watched spellbound as his cock pounded her swollen red pussy. He suddenly slowed and announced that he was going to come. “Oh yeah baby, fill me up,” she reply. “I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy”.


   I watched as the cum slowly oozed out of her pussy and down the sides of his cock. He still continued to pump her for a while then slowly pulled his cock out. Semi-hard and still shiny from their juices it had a strand of cum hanging from it. She then took my head and pushed it down closer to him. “Go on baby clean him up.” Not sure if I wanted to go there I pause for a second.


“Come on”, she said, “you know you want to.   It will make me so wet to see you suck his cock.” I let go of her ankles and following her command I licked the sides of his cock and took it into my mouth while she stroked my hair and instructed me, “That’s it honey lick him clean. I told you would like it. See how hard your cock is? Now milk him baby.” I held his cock in my mouth and stroked it to get every last bit of come. “Get it all babe,” she said as both she and John kissed. “Good boy, now don’t forget his balls. I love watching you do that.” I continued to lick his balls and suck on his cock while the two of them kissed, releasing him only after she was satisfied that he was thoroughly clean.


   Lisa caught her breath for a second and then rolled over to lie on her stomach. Sam sat next to her and began to rub her back and ass. She started to moan as he began to pay more attention to her cheeks and the crack of her ass. She began to push her ass up to meet his touch. He then wet his finger and pushed it in to her asshole. “Mmmm”, she purred, “I figured you were an ass man. That feels sooo good”. She raised her self up on her knees as he continued to finger fuck her tight asshole. Lisa called to me, “Steve, come over here and lick my pussy while Sam fucks my ass”. I quickly made my way over to the bed past John who now had the camcorder and was catching it all on tape. I slid myself under her body and began to work on her wet sopping pussy. Still full from John it was dripping down on my face. Sam’s finger was still deep in her ass.


“Oh baby, stick that big cock in my ass. I want him to fuck my ass. Please, I need it in my ass.” Sam pulled his finger out, pulled on his semi hard cock and told her she would have to be patient because he was not hard enough yet. Lisa turned to me and said, “Baby, get him hard for me. Lick his cock until it’s hard. I want it in my ass.”


Wanting to make her happy I reached back and take hold of his cock. Sam moved forward and guided it to my open mouth. I licked and sucked on the head while stroking it, trying to get it hard for her. He pushed it farther down my throat. I began to feel it grow and swell in my mouth until I thought it was going to choke me. Since he had not yet cum yet it was much harder and thicker than Johns. It felt like a baseball bat in my hand. I gave the head one last lick to lubricate it with my spit then positioned it right at the tip of her asshole.


Sam reached out and spread her ass cheeks wide and slowly pushed forward and slid his hard cock deep into her ass. She screamed out in ecstasy as he slowly fucked her ass. I had the perfect view as I looked up to watch his cock sliding into her stretched ass. “Oh yeah, fuck my ass. I love your cock in my ass. Steve his cock feels so good in my ass. Can you see it baby? Can you see it going in my ass? Do you like it? You must, your cock is so hard. Mmmmm, lick my pussy baby. Lick that cum out. Oh, you lick it so good,” she said as she bent down to suck me.


He fucked her ass violently for a good fifteen minutes, all the while calling her a nasty white slut. His balls occasionally hit me in the back of the head, as I licked her pussy clean of all John’s cum. Sam eventually pulled out and came all over the crack of her ass. A big gob dripped down onto my face. “Mhmmm,” she purred as she reached back and spread his come around with her fingers and then began to finger her own ass. She then slid back on her haunches so I could now clean her ass. All the while gripping and stroking my cock until I climaxed.


   Reluctantly they told her they had to be going as they needed to catch their flight in the morning. They each give her a kiss goodbye and promised to meet up again when they came back through town. Two minutes after they left there was a knock at the door. Lisa sprung up to open it expecting them to come back for another round. The door opened and the young bartender from earlier was standing there with her keys which her left at the bar. He was in shock and just stood there staring at her naked body.


Lisa looked back at me, smiled and then asked him if he would like to come in.




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