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Cum Lovers

by anything_goes_1971



I am a 34 year old guy, married to my gorgeous wife, Mel. Mel is 30 years old, 5'6" tall, slim with killer legs and pert breasts; she works out a lot and is the type of girl who always gets a second glance from other guys as she walks down the street. When we first got together I used to get quite jealous of this attention from other men but as time passed I got used to it and was just proud to be with such a stunner.


About six months ago I would regularly read stories on internet while Mel was downstairs watching TV. I would usually read the 'cheating wives' sections and found that the stories where the wife was fucking other men really turned me on. I learnt terms like cuckold and creampie, and while I have never had any bisexual urges, would fantasise about eating cum out of Mel's pussy.


I didn't mention any of this to Mel at first and would always delete the internets history before I logged off so she wouldn't come across any of the stories I had read. The thing was, I found that the more I read, the more extreme stories I would seek out and before long, I was wanking myself off as I read about not just eating cum from a pussy, but also sucking off the guy that had just deposited it there.


Unfortunately (well that's what I thought at the time), one Monday evening I forgot to delete the history and Mel caught me out. She didn't mention it straightaway but the following night, as we were lying in bed together indulging in some foreplay, she challenged me.


"So what exactly is a cream pie?" she asked me, totally out of the blue.


"What do you mean?" I replied, my mind racing as to how to get out of this.


"Scott, don't bullshit me, I read those stories you were reading last night," she said, acting serious, "Every single one of them involved men eating other guy's cum out of their wife's pussy. Does that honestly turn you on?"


Mel's hand was still on my cock and I was fingering her clit. Despite the shock of Mel's question, I knew that my cock had grown harder in her hand, giving away the answer.


"Oh my god, it does doesn't it? You've been fantasising about eating some guy's cum out of my pussy!"


I didn't know how to answer but it didn't matter as Mel had her own ideas. Kissing me passionately, her tongue probing my mouth, I noticed her pussy had got wetter.


"Hold on," I laughed, "You're turned on by it too, don't you dare deny it!"


"Well, it's not every day that a married woman is offered the opportunity to fuck someone else is it?" she replied, smiling mischievously and wanking me harder.


Mel climbed on top of me and slipped my cock into her soaking wet cunt. Beginning to ride me, she continued her dirty talk.


"That's it babe, fuck my used pussy, give me a second load. Oh fuck, yeah, fill me up, he was so big, my pussy feels all stretched, can you feel it?"


I couldn't believe how quickly Mel had taken to this fantasy, she was pounding up and down on my cock and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold off for long. I had genuinely thought that Mel would be pissed at me for thinking about her having sex with someone else, but instead she seemed insatiable; she seemed as if having another guy fuck her was her fantasy all along.


"Fuck me," she cried, "Fuck your wife's dirty pussy! Go on babe, mix your cum with his, fuck your cock up my sloppy cunt!"


That was it, Mel's talk was too much and I came hard, spurting my cum deep into her pussy as she ground herself down against me, milking every last drop of spunk from me. I groaned in pleasure at the welcome release, my eyes closed as the orgasm ripped through me.


As we lay together afterwards, Mel asked me about my fantasy. "Now that we've calmed down, be honest, would you genuinely like me to do that?"


"I know it's bad, but it just really really turns me on, I dunno why exactly, it just does," I replied.


"Well, I'll bear it in mind next time someone's chatting me up," she said, with that same mischievous look in her eye, "Remember, I'm out on Thursday night with the girls..."


Thursday night was two days away, although I couldn't quite tell if Mel was being serious or just humouring me; I decided I wouldn't push the matter and just wait and see.


Thursday night came and I stayed in, having a few beers, while Mel went into town. She had warned me that she might be late back as they were going to a nightclub once they'd visited a few bars. I didn't mention anything about our fantasy before she went out, but knew that Mel got particularly horny when she'd had a few drinks; who knew what could happen? Though, to be honest, I didn't really think Mel would go with another man, I think she just enjoyed the filthiness of the recently shared fantasy.


It was just before midnight when my mobile phone beeped and I checked the message. It was a picture message from Mel and I nearly choked when I viewed it. The picture, obviously taken on Mel's camera phone, showed Mel snogging another guy, her arms draped over his shoulders. It looked like she was in a crowded bar, but I couldn't recognise where. Underneath the photograph was a single sentence, 'Is this what you wanted. X'.


As surprised as I was, my cock was solid as I looked at the picture again; my wife kissing another man, no doubt in front of her friends (considering someone else must have taken the picture), meaning they would think that she was being unfaithful to me. The thing was, the potential humiliation I would feel when I saw her friends actually added to my excitement, that they would be looking at me and thinking that Mel was seeing other men behind my back.


My hands were shaking with excitement as I pondered over what to reply. Not wanting to have to disturb her by getting into a chain of messages, I just wrote 'Enjoy. Let me know when ur on or way home'. I sent the message and sat back in the chair, wondering what Mel was doing at that exact moment.


Another message arrived minutes later, 'leavin club now, will text u later, luv u xxx'. I read the message over and over, wondering where she was going, where my gorgeous wife was being taken by this man, her new lover. Were they going back to wherever he lived, or was she going to be with him up some dark alley somewhere? My mind raced with images of Mel being fucked, or on her knees with another man's cock in her mouth, yet I didn't feel an ounce of jealousy; I just felt horny as fuck and couldn't wait for her to come home to me.


There was no way I would be able to sleep and resigned myself to sitting up until whatever time Mel was going to come home. I could not stop thinking about what was happening; I'm certain that my cock was solid for the next few hours, try as I might to take my mind off it.


Just after two in the morning, I got a message from Mel, telling me she would be home in twenty minutes and to wait for her in the bedroom. I didn't reply, just went upstairs, showered and got into bed, lying there in the dark idly fondling my cock and balls, willing Mel to get home soon.


Shortly after, I heard the front door open and close and footsteps on the stairs. The bedroom door opened and Mel came in, switching on the light. I went to get up but she told me to stay where I was, lying on the bed, looking up at her and noticing her flushed appearance.


"Well babe, hope you meant what you said the other day because I just had the fucking of my life," she said, stripping off her clothes as she spoke.


As she removed her clothes I could see marks on her shoulders and then her breasts once she'd took off her bra. Mel never let me give her love bites, yet here she was, covered in proof of her adultery. Mel noticed me looking, "Sorry, must have got a bit carried away," she said, "Hope you don't mind?"


"Not one bit," I told her, "You look gorgeous, slutty but gorgeous."


Mel straddled me as I lay on my back. "So, do you want me to tell you what happened?" she asked.


"Let me lick your pussy first," I replied, trying to encourage her up my body so I could lick at her shaven cunt.


"Calm yourself horny ass," Mel laughed, rubbing her pussy against my cock, teasing me. "The guy in the photo was called Gary and his cock was massive, he nearly split me in two." Looking down at me with a smile on her face, she continued speaking, "But, not as big as his flatmate's, I could barely get it in my mouth when they spit-roasted me!"


"You're joking?" I said, two guys had fucked her? "You got fucked by two men tonight?"


It felt like my cock had grown even harder at this revelation. They must have thought Christmas had come early! "And did they both come inside you?" I asked Mel as she reached down and slipped my cock into her pussy. I had never felt it go in so easily, she was gaping wide - no wonder if two men had just been through her.


"Sorry babe," Mel said, leaning across to her handbag that she'd placed on the bedside table, "I'm afraid the pill I got from the doctors yesterday won't have kicked in yet, I couldn't let them come inside me."


Taking something from inside the bag, Mel leant down and whispered in my ear, "Don't worry, I wouldn't come home without a present, or should I say presents."


Mel showed me what she had in her hand, there were four condoms, tied at the end and I could see that they all were filled with a thick white fluid. Mel reached into one of the bedside drawers and taking out a pair of nail scissors, she cut the tips off two of the condoms.


"Open wide," said Mel, and I did as she asked, opening my mouth as she carefully moved the condoms over face. Upturning them, she squeezed the contents out and my mouth was immediately full of cold, thick cum.


"There you go, eat it all up like a good little cum eater," Mel teased, making sure every last drop had been expelled from the two condoms and into my mouth. "Let me see before you swallow," she told me.


I moved my head up slightly to face her and she nodded approvingly at the puddle of white fluid in my mouth. "Good boy, now swallow their cum, eat all that messy spunk from two strangers."


Mel was grinding herself down onto my cock and I have to say it was heaven. Here was my slutty wife, having just been fucked four times by two other men, feeding me their cum and I loved every second of it. Even the cold, slimy fluid tasted fantastic and I knew I was addicted; as far as I was concerned Mel could fuck whoever she wanted if it meant that I got this treat.


Having swallowed the last of it, I looked at the remaining two condoms lying on the bed next to me. "Want some more honey?" Mel asked, "You know, having two new cocks in me was perfect, I am so gonna fuck other men, and when the pills sorted, you will be eating cum out of my pussy more than you could ever imagine."


Cutting the ends off the remaining two condoms, Mel smeared the contents over her pert tits. I leant up and she held the back of my head as I licked up the sticky mess, sucking occasionally on her nipples. This filthy act was too much for me and likewise for Mel.


"Fuck, you are such a dirty bastard," she cried, "I'm gonna come, oh yeah, that's it, eat up all of their sperm!"


Mel forced herself down onto my cock, the walls of her pussy tightening up as she came. I couldn't hold back any longer and my cock throbbed as it spurted its creamy load into my wife's well fucked cunt. I groaned in pleasure as Mel gripped me, pulling me onto her right breast to suck her nipple as the orgasm ripped through her.


Our orgasms finally ebbed away and I looked up at Mel, my face smeared in other men's fluids. Mel smiled at me and leant down, licking at my lips and around my mouth, cleaning the remnants of her two lovers cum from my face.


"You are such a horny bastard," she said to me, as I collapsed back onto the bed, "Mind if I go out tomorrow night?"


"Honey," I replied, lying there with the taste of sperm still in my mouth, "You can go out every night if you want, if that's what happens when you come home."


"Count on it babe," she smiled, rolling off me and onto the bed next to me, "You wanted a slut wife, well trust me, you have got one!"


The End.


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