Cuckolded For The First Time



I had attended the Annual Company Christmas dinner & dance on my own for the previous two years. As one of the younger members of our firm I attended all of the company functions to show my enthusiasm and commitment. This year was different though. Six months ago I married a wonderful, attractive, sexy girl and I was proud to have her on my arm at such functions now. Janet worked at the same company I did but in a different department. It was rather a whirlwind romance and we'd both been warned to wait and get to know each other better before taking the plunge, but we were young and impetuous. All in all though it had worked out well. We were deeply in love and in pretty much all areas of our marriage we were very compatible. I guess if I was totally honest, I'd have to admit that I was having trouble satisfying her between the sheets. However, she was very loving and understanding about it and she appreciated the fact that I would eagerly use my lips and tongue to make up for the inadequate performance of my cock. After a couple of months I noticed that Janet's sexual overtures towards me were decreasing and I appreciated that she was probably trying to reduce the pressure on me. What a considerate and loving wife I had.


Anyway, on to the Christmas Dance. I was so proud to have her on my arm that evening, and she looked gorgeous in a slinky, little black evening gown. It would be no exaggeration to say that all the men stared at her through the evening, some more brazenly than others, but I had got used to that during our brief courtship and marriage because she was the sort of woman who did turn heads. So halfway through the evening while I was talking with my department manager it was nothing out of the ordinary to see a man talking to her in the corner of the bar. I was too far away to hear what they were saying of course but I noticed that she was in deep conversation with a smartly dressed, distinguished looking man that I recognized as Baxter Davenport, one of the senior managers in the department where my wife worked. I saw her smile, giggle occasionally, and noticed how she looked at him very attentively. Almost casually, his hand on her shoulder, moving slowly to stroke her neck. She didn't back away. I saw Mr. Davenport lean in close to whisper in her ear. Was it a trick of the angles, a visual illusion? It looked from where I was as though his hand was actually cupping her breast as he whispered his secret message. Then I was distracted by my manager ... some talk about work plans ... all very boring. When I looked back to the bar area she was gone and so was Mr. Davenport. It entered my mind that maybe they left together!


My heart raced. Although I was not the jealous type, it was one thing that men desired my wife and another that someone might actually make out with her. Still, I admit I found it a bit exciting as well as distressing that my new wife might be in the arms of another man. I made my excuses and left the main bar area. Outside there was a short corridor ... men's toilets, women's toilets, and a door marked "Private, Strictly No Admittance". I considered looking in, just to make sure, but I was too timid. After all it could be the banqueting manager's office, and it would have been very embarrassing to burst in on him, especially with that sign on the door. I took a quick look outside. No one there. I had no choice but to return to the main ballroom and wait.


It seemed like an eternity but it was probably only about 40 minutes. Then Mr. Davenport reappeared. My wife was with him, slightly flushed, a strange smile. As I rose he stroked her neck and whispered a parting message. She left his side and walked over to where I stood, waiting. "Where ...?" She put a finger on my lips "Shhhh. You were busy ...Baxter is very ... he is good company ... we went for some air." She kissed me lovingly, our tongues touching softly, and I noticed a new taste. I wanted to ask but I was afraid of the answer, so I just kissed her adoringly and told her how much I love her. She had called him Baxter .... how familiar .... first name terms? How long had she known him? How well did she know him? I noticed him watching us with a smug, condescending smile and I wondered with embarrassment why my cock was so hard.


After he brought her back to the party the rest of the evening was a blur, so many emotions and fears and suspicions. I wanted to ask her, but I was too timid, too afraid of the answer. And anyway, what would I do about it? Make a scene? Of course not. Leave her? Never. And I was still embarrassed and perturbed by the feelings I had, and how hard my cock got as I stood outside that private door, wondering.


As the function began to break up I was saying my good-byes and assumed she was doing likewise. Then I saw her with Mr. Davenport standing by the door, deep in conversation. She was looking at him coyly and giggling. What was he suggesting to her? I found out when I reached her and she told me she had invited him back for drinks at our place. My gut tightened especially when she explained the transport arrangements but I just smiled and said politely, "Of course, Mr. Davenport, it will be an honor to have you as a guest in our home.”


As I got in my car and watched her slide into his car, I wondered why I didn't stand up for myself - he could have followed us without getting lost, this wasn't necessary. Somehow I was again jealous but excited as I looked in the rear view mirror and saw my wife slip closer to him on the front seat. The next time I looked back to make certain he was following me I thought I saw her head disappear towards his lap but because of the darkness and his headlights in my rear view mirror I couldn't really be sure. Nevertheless my torture increased, but so did the hardness of my cock and I found myself embarrassed at my reaction to my wife's actions toward this man.


When we arrived home, she kissed me. It was so loving, so erotic, and there was that taste again. I saw him smiling that condescending smile, "Your wife has a very sexy mouth, Rob. You should be proud of the desires that she can stir up in a man. Doesn't she taste delicious?" It was a rhetorical question and so I just nodded my head in agreement. Maybe I should have reacted differently but his voice was so deep and assured, full of confidence, and I was at a loss to know how else to respond. Still I felt very uneasy as he grinned mysteriously and winked at my wife. He sort of gave her a "go-ahead" signal and I felt her hand slide down to my crotch. When she discovered my erection she looked back at him and smiled, "Baxter, you were right, he's erect." I was ashamed not only for having an erection but for not asking what business it was of his and why would he talk to her about such a thing anyway!


My wife asked me to get us all some drinks and as I was walking towards our kitchen for glasses and the wine, I heard him tell her to change into something "more comfortable". I wanted to object, end all this, but I was afraid. Of what I don't know. Too timid to make a scene? Afraid of upsetting my lovely wife? Perhaps. Afraid of incurring the wrath of this assertive, authoritative man who was not only physically larger but also seemed to have a psychological hold over me as well? Maybe that too. And I also felt this powerful cocktail of emotions - great jealousy but at the same time arousal - and I didn't know how to handle it.


When I returned with the drinks and set them down I saw that my wife had changed into a satin robe, the sash tied loosely at the waist. It looked like she still had on her black lace-topped hold-ups and her 5" heels. She looked amazingly hot. The way she looked at me and smiled as she danced with him sent shivers up and down my spine and made my tummy churn even more. Her robe was falling open little by little and she made no attempt to close it. As he ran his hands over her he had his back to me and my wife's face was only a few feet away as she whispered to me softly, "Honey, be a tolerant loving husband ... I want this ... don't spoil it."


As he danced with my wife, holding her close, stroking her through the satin robe, he told me a story about this man who had known a very sexy women at the place where he worked. He went on to tell me that this sexy women found this man attractive even though she had been married only recently and that at a company dinner dance after the women had a few drinks in her, he stole away with her to a private room and fucked her. He said that this strong virile man fucked her so hard and deep that she drenched herself with cum and he had to keep her wet panties in his pocket. Then he pulled a pair of lacy little panties from his pocket and I realized they were the ones my wife was wearing that evening. He smiled at me as he revealed my wife's spunk sodden panties and my mind flashed back to earlier that evening as I stood in the corridor outside that door. It was too late now but how I wished I had not been too timid to enter that room. My mind came back to the present quickly as I noticed that by now he had slipped the robe from my wife's shoulders and he was fondling her firm, bare tits boldly right in front of me. She was looking at me, gauging my reaction, but unable to suppress the moans and whimpers that showed how turned on she was by his touch.


I was in a daze as he unzipped his pants and freed his cock. It was so big and so hard. I was mesmerized as I watched him ease my wife to her knees and guide it into her mouth. Confused, in turmoil, yet so aroused, I knew I should stop this, it was my last chance, and I began to rise. His calm, confident voice stopped me dead, "It's too late Rob, I have fucked her already, at the dance. And you let it happen. You could have stopped us then but it's too late now! You've forfeited her to me tonight by your own actions. You have to accept what she is .... and what you are. Accept that she needs more than you can give her and that you are willing to allow her to satisfy those needs. Now, sit down and behave yourself."


My knees weakened at the sound of his deep, assertive tone. He was right of course, I could have stopped it earlier, much earlier, but I didn't. As I watched his big cock slowly sliding in and out of my wife's sweet mouth I wondered why I didn't. My hand went to my crotch and I touched my erection. He issued a soft but firm command, "No Rob, don't touch it, not yet. Undress completely and sit in that chair." My wife was now grasping his length with both hands as she sucked and slurped on his cock, but she looked up to watch me obey his instruction. He raised her to her feet and whispered something in her ear. "Really?" she sounded surprised. "Yes," he affirmed, "it will be better for him that way."


As he started to undress, my wife took off her hold-ups and approached me. She tied my wrists securely to the arms of the chair, all the while telling me "There, baby. Don't resist... He says it will be easier for you like this." Then she returned with the waist tie from her silk robe and his belt, and used them to secure my ankles to the front chair legs. She stood right in front of me, facing me, my lovely wife in all her naked splendor. He came up behind her, standing close, kissing the side of her neck, his hands reaching round to play with her sensitive tits. She was moaning now, her eyes closed. He looked at me, "Look at your wife, Rob, See how sexy she is, how responsive. She needs me; she needs my big hard cock. Did you enjoy watching her suck me, Rob, seeing my cock sliding in and out of her pretty mouth?" I couldn't answer, too embarrassed, but he and she both saw my rigid dick and knew why my face had reddened.


He eased her shoulders forward, so that she was leaning forward. To keep her balance she put her hands on my thighs. Now her face was only inches from me. She looked at me with hooded, lust filled eyes and her breath started to quicken. I could tell from her reaction that he was rolling his cockhead around the entrance to her quim. Soon she was breathing heavily, almost panting. "Tell me what you want," he told her. "Ignore your husband, just tell me what you want."


She looked into my eyes as she answered him, "I want you to fuck me with that wonderful big cock, just like you did at the party ... from behind ... deep and hard.... Please, fuck me!" It was one thing to hear it from Baxter but the confirmation from my wife that she had indeed been fucked at the party and that she loved it was a crushing blow to me.


I saw her eyes widen and heard her sharp intake of breath as he forced his cock into her, stretching and filling her tender pussy. I couldn't believe I was watching this ... watching another man fuck her ... and my cock was so hard! Her face was so close to mine as she moaned and softly said his name over and over. Her breasts swayed and jiggled as he pounded her. I watched them in their sexy dance but my tongue couldn't reach them. Then his hands came round and cupped her breasts, his fingers closing on her rigid nipples causing her to stiffen and cry out, he twisted them, she cried out, again, he continued to fuck her so deep, and then she was coming. I couldn't believe it, I had never seen anything like it, the way she writhed and twisted and moaned and convulsed, it was a wonder to see, she looked so beautiful in the throes of her wild abandoned orgasm. Then he let out a deep moan and it hit me! I realized that at no point did I see him put on a condom. I had to know, and I looked enquiringly at him. He smiled at me, that confident, condescending smile as if I was a young boy, "Yes I did, Rob, I came inside her. Deep inside her. And I came a lot!"


He settled my wife on the sofa and untied me, except he retied my wrists behind my back. "I know you want relief, Rob, but first you have a duty to perform for your lovely wife." So saying, he led me to her and guided me to my knees between her spread thighs. "You see how full she is, Rob. Full of my thick spunk, well it's your duty to clean her up." He leaned in so that his final words were directly in my ear, "with your tongue of course, Rob, If you want relief you must first lick all my spunk from your wife's cunt." I was rock hard and seeping pre-cum but without being able to touch myself, I couldn't get off and they both knew it.


He joined my wife on the sofa and they kissed and caressed. My wife's hand found the back of my head. "Don't you want to cum, darling? There, there, just lick it baby, lick it all up."

I didn't want to humiliate myself further by licking out his cum in front of them both but my need for sexual relief outweighed my need to maintain my dignity. The pressure of her hand on my head brought my lips to her quim. I felt the warm, slippery juices that coated it. Tentatively my tongue flicked at it, licked at it. She started to moan with pleasure. Despite the circumstances, I felt good about being able to pleasure her and I doubled my efforts licking and sucking, even as more and more of his spunk oozed from her well fucked pussy. I glanced up as I licked her out, and saw him kissing her and stroking her lovely breasts. But her hand in my hair, caressing me, encouraging me, felt so reassuring, so calming, and I licked and slurped at the spunk that slid from her, swallowing it as I dutifully cleaned her out and thrilled at the moans it brought from her.


Despite my protests, after I had cleaned her, they did not set my hands free. My dick remained hard but without the relief that I had sought.


Baxter then stood up and pulled her to her feet. She leant against him as if in a swoon. "Rob, now I'm going to take your wife upstairs to your bed. You will have to stay down here.... You can sleep here on the sofa tonight. I'm going to fuck her again, Rob. "


The surprise I felt at his recuperative powers must have registered on my face as he read my mind. "Yes, I know you can never repeat, she told me all about you, but I can certainly do it 3 or 4 times a night.... and I will, tonight, with your sexy young wife" The fact that my wife had shared my lack of sexual stamina with her lover was another blow to my ego but I was in no position to protest as Baxter continued, "I will fuck her in your bed and give her much pleasure, Rob, and then she will finish me with her mouth."


I knelt there looking up at him with my mouth tasting of his spunk and my dick still stiff from the extraordinary events of the evening. "But what about ....." I started to ask. "Don't worry Rob, I'm going to untie your wrists now. I'll even leave the bedroom door open so that you might be able to hear us. That will be nice for you as you wank off down here." He turned to my wife and asked, "Is that OK with you, baby?"


"Yes, darling, whatever you say."


Hearing my wife use "darling" as she addressed him was a final blow to me. Like someone punching me in the stomach. It made me wonder how long their affair had been going on. I didn't know. All I knew was that I was miserable, defeated by a superior man, betrayed by my new wife and miserably on the edge of another climax.


Baxter reached down onto the floor and retrieved my wife's panties, the ones he earlier filled with his spunk, and he smiled as he dropped them onto my stiff dick. "These will help as well."


As I watched him lead my lovely naked wife up the stairs I laid back on the sofa, and my hand started to softly stroke my turgid dick. My wife glanced back and saw me. She smiled. I heard her tell him, "You were right. Now I know what he really likes."


My emotions were in such turmoil as I watched him lead my wife upstairs. On the sofa, naked, I listened as he opened the door to our bedroom. I heard his deep voice, I heard her giggle. Although I couldn't hear the words, I could tell from the tone of his voice that he was being assertive with her, telling her what to do. I heard her gasp and moan, then her sounds were muffled..... by his cock? I imagined her taking it slowly into her willing mouth, her tongue licking gently up and down the shaft as his hardness slid in and out. I realized that my hand was on my dick, stroking it, as I listened to my young wife worshipping his cock with her lips and tongue.


Then more commands. I heard her moan. Then her voice, loud enough to hear from downstairs, "Oh god yesssss .... fill me .... fuck me!" The sounds of the bed moving in rhythm mixed with her moans of pleasure. I envied him, respected him .... he could please her so much .... She lusted for his cock, while all I could do to please her was to accept her adultery, accept his superiority, without making a fuss.


I knew I was near, on the brink, but I didn't want it to end yet. I eased off. But just in case ... and in readiness ... I wrapped my wife's damp panties round my dick. They were not as spunk-sodden now, but still damp from his cum.


So many moans, sighs, little mewling sounds of her pleasure. And then a cry for help. My whole body went rigid. I heard my wife pleading, "Please no, not there." And I realized he was going to take her anal virginity. Early in our marriage my wife made it clear to me that her ass was off-limits and I always respected that. Now here she was with a man who was insisting, to the point of force. More pleading and more cries for help. Was she calling for me? Was she expecting rescue? I started to rise, to run upstairs, but what if I was wrong? How embarrassing it might be to burst in on them, despite the clear instructions to remain downstairs, and find that my intrusion was unwanted and unwarranted!


So I laid back on the sofa and listened to her pleading, his insistence. I could tell from her loud moan the moment when his cock slid into her ass. The initial moans of pain, followed later by her rhythmic sighs of pleasure as he claimed her virgin ass and drove her to yet another orgasm.


My dick was as hard as ever now. I was hardly touching myself, just holding the cum-damp panties round the cockhead as the visions in my mind were made by the sounds and moans and cries coming from my wife. Knowing he was using my beautiful wife in my bed right above me, using her sweet mouth, fucking her wet pussy and, finally, raping her ass ..... unbidden, my own spunk spurted from my dick, ohhhhhhh such a cum .... my mind filled with images of her mouth on his cock, his hands on her tits .... I spurted and spurted and spurted, my cum mixing with his in my wife's delicate little panties.


The memory of my darling wife's words floated back into my mind, "Now I know what he really likes".


I realized that there would most likely be many more nights like this one. Nights where I would be excluded from their love making except maybe to listen as an outsider stealing a voyeur's pleasure at the sounds of love making from a superior male with his personal slut. The difference for me from other voyeurs would be that his slut was my wife, who at one point not very long ago had promised to always love and honor me. As for myself, I knew that I had to keep my vows to love her and to honor her and the only way I could do that was by accepting my role as a cuckolded husband!




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