The term hot wife refers to a married woman who has sex with men other than her spouse, with the husband's consent. In most cases the husband takes a vicarious pleasure in watching the pleasure of his hot wife and the man or men, or enjoys watching, hearing, or knowing about his hot wife's adventures. Husbands may also take part by engaging in threesomes, or arranging dates for their hot wives.


One variant of the hot wife phenomenon is when two men (one generally the compersive husband and the other perhaps a close friend) take turns pleasuring his hot wife, each immediately taking over from the other as soon as his orgasm is reached. In effect one man is recovering while the other is active, but the hot wife effectively has continuous intercourse. In this way, particularly if the woman experiences multiple orgasms, this game can effectively provide her with a very extended sexual act that she could not experience in any other way.



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High Jacking

A story of a hot wife who enjoys an exhilarating night with a big-dicked stranger on a red-eye flight. She and a gorgeous co-conspirator flight attendant play with the sexy stranger's huge cock while her husband sits, unaware, just five rows ahead.



Hot Wife Orgy

Hot wives are having an orgy at the adult club while cuckold husbands have to watch and lick cum while locked in chastity belts.



Cuckolded For The First Time

Husband is having trouble satisfying young wife’s sexual needs. She becomes a slut for her boss.



Helping the Sexy Wife

Wife lets husband watch as she is having sex with black studs.



Luise's First Fuck

Story of Hotwife who turned husband’s cuckold fantasy into reality.



HotWife Marie

His Wife is sleeping around and he loves her for that.



Hot Wife Story: Acting Out Cuckold Fantasy

Husband loves to watch but he is scared that his hot wife will get pregnant:

”Oh yes, naughty husband, you want to see me fuck this big black cock. Oh god it feels so good. I’m not sure I can stop. I bet you want him to come inside me too. I bet you come all over yourself.”





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I knelt between her legs and leant down to her, I could smell the musky odour of sex and saw how she had trails of cum from her clit down past her tight ass. I lifted her legs slightly and starting below her ass, licked slowly upwards, gathering Tyler' cum on my tongue. I continued this up to her clit and then pulled away slightly to look up at Katie. She was watching me and saw her husband, on his knees, with a tongue covered in her lovers cum.

Hotwife, chapter 2

I just shook my head as I pushed my tongue into her pussy and tasted, for the second time in 24 hours, another man's cum inside my gorgeous wife. I didn't feel jealous at all, I loved that Katie was becoming such a slutty wife, the sluttier she acted the better, as far as I was concerned.  

Hotwife, chapter 3

As I swallowed the cum from the fourth guy to fuck my wife that day I felt like the luckiest man alive, my wife was the perfect slut; I was in heaven as I cleaned her of Tyler's thick, creamy cum, while at the same time she groaned in pleasure at the attention of me on her pussy and him on her firm tits.




Cum Lovers

Hotwife is offered to fuck someone else, husband is eating sperm from used condoms.



Hotwife's Night Out

I think Sarah enjoyed being between 2 guys more than being fucked; she was her usual noisy self. Mike pushed his cock as high up as he could and shot his load, Sarah pushed hard to make it go in even further, aching her back away from me. Mike pulled out his cock and laid down; rather pleased he had just filled my wife’s pussy with his cum.



My HotWife Story

Dave kept banging into her and  could see him withdraw almost completely before plunging back into my wife's cunt. On each stroke, her pussy lips dragged along his cock, appearing as if they were trying to suck his prick back into her cunt.

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Then, when Jimmy pulled out, I was introduced to a new humiliation. The powerfully built Black man told me to get my face between my wife's thighs and lick her pussy until it was completely clean.



hot wife, black lovers




I heard them moving around and then my wife told me to open my eyes. She was standing in front of me, he was standing in back of her with his cock through her legs so it looked like she had grown a dick.




I knelt down and lapped at Jane's pussy until she was wet enough, then turned and got Bill's cock ready. I had to remain kneeling to have a close up view of him ramming his huge dick into my wife.




Lloyd was helping me primp up for my date. Seeing me like this always got him hot and grabby. poor thing! As he started caressing my breasts and nibbling at my bare shoulder, I had to stop him.



Hot Wife Stories - SLUT WIFE STORY

They began making out in the front seat. He reached under her blouse and starting caressing her breasts and she reached down and began rubbing his cock in his pants. He was hard as rock and she wanted it in her mouth.



hot wife sex




My wife continued to humiliate me, knowing already that she would win this little game. "I gave Tom a blow job in the car on the way home from lunch today, Honey, did I mention that?" she teased.



Hot Wife Stories - HOT WIFE LETTER

On the table you will see a book. It is simply named Cuckold. Read it. Understand it.




"Put me in your wife Johnny, give me a helping hand here, maybe a helping tongue too".




At their command, I approached her pussy; it was like all the "creampie" pictures I had ever seen, with milky liquid clinging to every fold, and flowing slowly out of her vagina. But this was no picture, and no anonymous woman: it was real, it was my wife's vagina, and it was Ted's semen.  



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A cuckold, cuck or beta male is a married man or in a relationship whose wife / girlfriend has sex with a bull or alpha male. The wife / girlfriend is referred to as the cuckold wife, cuckoldress, hot wife or dominatrix woman. 


This act is not an affair or secretive as the cuck is aware of what his hot wife is doing and he is even watching his wife in action with another man. The cuckold husband prefers this lifestyle to swinging as he would rather share his wife with a bull than with other females or with couples.






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