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Forced BI Story - Total Comand of Cuckold




Total command of a cuckold


by Jackal





Humilation is where it's at she always told him....yours that is. It's fucking hot. He loved it and hated it and she was a master at it. She'd coaxed out his submissiveness in the beginning and once exposed she wasted no time in stepping up to the degrading brand of cuckolding she was into.


She was so insatiable, so insistent, so vicious about her desires from the start he never really stood a chance. A gloryhole in an adult bookstore in the seediest part of town was his intiation into her world of domination. In her mind men wanted to be defiled and the best way to do it was to play on their fantasies of forced homosexuality...forced by her.


She understood that he didn't love other men and that he wasn't gay in that sense. But that he wanted to be humiliated and degraded to the point where he couldn't resist. And then afterwards totally embarrassed and shamed by what he'd done to the point where he'd swear off ever doing it again...until she pressed all the right buttons and again he simply had to have it. All of this turned her on immensely.


The tone of her verbal assaults were merciless. The venom in her voice when she called him a fucking cocksucker was almost scary. But He also became so conditioned there were times that with total silence she imposed her will with a stare, head movement, or simply a point of her finger.


Three years of her intense cuckolding may have produced nearly every scenario imaginable. But it never grew common place...not with her. She knew how to get the most out of every situation.


At gloryholes she knelt beside him for a close up view often holding the cock he sucked barking out orders and slapping his face and head when it didn't please her. Kiss it...lick it...hold the head in your mouth and work it fuckface...bury that fuckin dick, take it all the way down cunt...hold it there, don't. you. fucking. move. He's cumming keep your lips around it, her jacking the dick off then viewing his cum filled mouth before making him swallow...or open and stick out your tongue, while she jacked a cum spurts on it...or close your mouth,yanking his head back and jacking ropey spurts of cum that stretched from his lips to his forehead.


There was seldom down time. Between dicks popping thru the hole he'd lap her pussy or tongue fuck her asshole. Eventually she found a guy who'd meet them at a gloryhole and all three would be in the booth so she could make him suck two dicks at the same time. She liked seeing the guest fully clothed, just unzipped...nothing but two hardons in her cocksucker's face.


She wasn't into making him take dick up the ass though she did make him sit on dildos and jack off. Or sometimes finger his own asshole while jacking off or sucking a dick. She loved really big dicks too though in reality there aren't many but when they ran across one she worked hard to keep the guy around as long as she could usually by fucking him as much as he wanted.


And threesomes like those offered her so many possibilities. Fuck licking as she called it involved having her cocksucker licking her clit, asshole, her lover's balls and even his asshole while they fucked. She could sit reserve style on the stud's lap and have the cocksucker work on the big dick and balls that appeared to be hers, between her legs.


Breakfast could be interesting making her cocksucker kneel under the table and go back and forth between her lover's dick and her pussy until they both got off.


In all of this she demanded total enthusiasm relative to instructions. An insistent point of her finger at a raging hardon meant to gobble it up, devour that cock. Creampies had to be consumed from her asshole to clit with total passion and starvation...cum regardless of where it landed must be completely licked up and eaten...An instruction to kiss and lick meant literally make love to that dick you fucking cum eater or else. An asshole wasn't to be dealt with tenatively, it was to be lapped at, tongue fucked with gusto, slurped and savored...balls had to be mouth, lapped and slobbered...anything less was met with venom, hard face slapping or outright punches to his body.


The range of her imagination seemed boudless. They spent a day traveling around the city from park to park with a young big dicked college boy. She took hundreds of photos of her cocksucker sucking the young stud's dick in out of the way places, behind a tree, under a bridge, in the park restrooms, the back seat of their car, on a picnic blanket in the woods.


She hired a prostitute and made him do all the nasty fuck licking she could see firsthand things she couldn't see when she was the woman being fucked. She demanded the stud's balls and asshole be licked while he came in the whore's pussy...cum that was then lapped out of the slimy hairy cunt.


She also hired a gay bdsm top for an afternoon in a motel room. It was a three hour ordeal for the cocksucker that was a total oral onslaught. She absolutely loved the top's verbal humiliation of her cocksucker that included lots of face slapping, hair pulling, face sitting and stern orders and instructions for ass and ball licking, dick sucking and lapping up all three cumshots one of which of was in the crack of HER ass.


This so turned her on she later arranged for two gays to have at the wimp.

One scene she setup and videoed had her defiled cuckold on all fours lapping at gay#1's asshole who was also on all fours. She had the gay dom straddled gay#1 facing her cocksucker with his hardon right at the top of gay#1's asscrack. What ensued was a combination rimjob cocksucking that ended with cum spurts in the asscrack and the cocksucker's face which he licked up and swallowed...then she took the gay top's place and pissed into the asscrack and her cocksucker's face all of which he then quickly lapped up and swallowed!


She liked sitting on the couch with her cocksucker between her boyfriends legs, the big haron staring him in the face, sometimes for 30 minutes before his performance began. She liked that, his face inches away from a big mushroomed capped dick.


Look at it his want to suck it, make love to it, make it feel so good it cums in your dick whore mouth. Gauge it's length...see how far you must go to bury your nose in his dick hair...move down and study his balls... you'll lick those, kiss and nuzzle them when I tell you too...then he'll be ready for a nice long asslicking...he loves you've found out most guys do.


What a fucking pervert you are...what the fucks wrong with you. For a sniff of my pussy you'll suck any dick or cum filled cunt I put to your mouth. And any. other. fucking. thing. I tell you to do. You're far worse than a street whore. You're not even gay...just some defiled faggot who gets his rocks off doing every degrading act know to mankind. If I was into it I could have you right now and here in front of us sucking a dog's dick. Couldn't I asslicker? And what would it take? A sniff of my pussy is all. I'd say suck it and you'd do it...and get a hardon doing it.


Here put my panties on. He does. Get back down now eye to eye with his dick. She reaches for a glass on the side table stands up and pisses it half full. She leans over and pours the warm piss on the stud's hardon. Lick it off faggot. Start at his balls. Get it all. Don't miss a fucking drop.


The cocksucker oves quickly lapping the piss off the balls and then works his way up the dick finishing at the cap. With a handfull of his hair she yanks back his head and slaps his face. She picks up the glass and pours piss on his face and then over the stud's dick and balls again...get after it she barks...again he laps the piss off the balls and huge hardon.


Now bury it she says thru clenched teeth. He takes the dick head in his mouth and slowly works mouth and then throat down 8 inches of cock. Stay there, breath thru your nose till he cums your fucking throat.



She and her lover sat on the couch fully dressed sipping beers and watching the show. Her cocksucking husband hands cuffed behind his back, kneeled naked face to face with a huge black dildo attached to the glass coffee table. He followed her commands without speaking or hesitation.


Lick it top to bottom.

Now the head. Cover just the head with your mouth. Show us that technique.

Now bury it. Show Jack how you can make it disappear. Cmon asshole all the way down. See Jack didn't I tell you he's a natural born cocksucker. Just imagine how that's gonna feel. He can suck a dick for an hour with none of that gagging bullshit. Mouth just like a big wet pussy.

You can just sit back and enjoy. No pressure. No rush. Take as long as you want to cum. You can do anything you want. Fuck his mouth. Jack off in his face. Have your balls licked while you jack off. How about a nice long rimjob? Huh? You'd like that too wouldn't you? He does exactly what I tell him to do and tonight he knows to do anything you want. Like to get rough with him? Slap the faggot around as much as you want. You're use to it aren't you cocksucker?

He nods while continuing to suck the dildo.


You see Jack it's what he wants. I'm the first woman who ever understood him. He wants me to degrade him. And that means making him do vile things to my lovers. He hates alot of the disgusting things I make him do. But he just can't live without my domination. He craves it and is addicted to it. So he does it all and with more gusto than any woman you've ever had.


Look at him. Could a man be more submissive? A more beautifully trained slave to service cocks, pussies and assholes doesn't exist. And it's all for our nastiest, wildest desires. Look now while he sucks the dildo for us. See? he's got a little hardon. What would you like to see? Tell me something. The more degrading the better.

Jack leans over and says something in her ear. She laughs and says yeah good. She reaches for a glass on the side table, stands up raises her skirt, pulls her panties aside and pisses in the glass.


She walks around the coffee table. Stop sucking faggot. She grabs his chin. Open piss drinker and chug this straight down. She puts the glass half filled with her piss to his mouth and turns it up. He gulps down 3/4th of her piss then she pulls the glass away and pours the rest over his head. His face turns bright red. Oh did that embarrass you cocksucker. She slaps his face. His eyes well up from the sting of her blow. Are you going to cry for us now. She slaps him hard again leaving a bright red hand print on his cheek.


Make the cocksucker cry says Jack. She's delighted this turns Jack on. She sees the bulge in Jack's pants. Three more vicious slaps to the degraded wimp of a man does the job as a a few tears stream down his face. She grabs a handful of his hair and drags him to the couch between Jack's legs. She pushes his face between Jack's legs and orders him to mouth the big man's hardon through his jeans. Jack seems to like the degradation as much as she does. He unzips, reaches in and pulls out his already rock hard dick and says bury it faggot just like you did your black pacifier.


Again she feels the excitement of Jack's command and says you heard him faggot. She puts her finger to Jack's dick hair, that's where I wanna see your! mother fucker! Again she hard slaps his face making a loud clap and after recoiling her pathetic wimp quickly leans forward mouth wide open and engulfs the huge mushroom capped dick. In one quick motion he smoothly glides down 8 inches of rock hard pussy pounding cock and buries his nose in Jack's pubic hair.


Oh yeah, unfucking real says Jack looking at the wimp's lips and nose pressing into his dick hair. She looks at Jack and laughs. Stay there mother fucker. I don't wanna see one millimeter of Jack's dick until I say so.


After a few seconds her cocksucker pulls halfway up Jack's dick for a breath and she goes wild slapping the back of his head pushing his mouth back down until Jack's cock again is out of sight. She reaches down and grabs the wimp's ball. Do it again you fuckin cunt and I'll kick your fuckin nuts till you puke.


No says Jack. Make him pull up to the head and plunge back down all the way. That's what I want, over and over till I cum. Sure baby she says. You heard him you fuckin queer. Plunge throat that dick. Slowly says Jack. I want it slow. And all the way out to the tip each time.



Following his tormentors instructions he finds the pace Jack wants. Down, down, down 8 inches of dick, pushing nose and lips into Jack's pubs then lips tight around Jack's shaft slowly back up to tip of his big bulging cockhead....over and over and over again. Verbal taunting is constant from her. She takes the black dildo off the coffee table and works it into his asshole. Suck his big dick you fucking cock whore. Gobble it down. Work it pole smoker.


Suddenly Jack grabs his dick. He pulls out from the cocksucker's mouth until only the head remains inside. Right there. Stay on it. Keep your faggot mouth coverin my dick head. Jack takes control and starts jacking his big dick. Ecstatic with this she moves in close to her wimp's face. Fucking beautiful! she says. Suckle his cock head bitch. Catch all his cum. You know what'll happen if you swallow his nut before I tell you to.


Jack keeps pumping his dick from base to the cocksucker's lips each time and keeps repeating fuck yeah suck it faggot. Jack starts cumming. When his cumshot ends he keeps his hand tight around his dick right at the cocksucker's lips, squeezing and shaking out drops of cum while he savors the aftermath of his powerful orgasm. Then he pulls his dick out. She grabs her cocksucker's head and chin forcing open his mouth. Oh yeah look at all that fuckin cum Jack. She sticks her finger into the cum pulls it out and paints the wimp's nose with Jack's sperm. Then again she goes inside his mouth for more cum and coats his lips.


We're gonna do that again in about 20 minutes cunt boy. Swallow his fucking cum now asshole she says. The wimp swallows and then obeidently opens his mouth to show her. Jack stands and strips from the waist down, sits back down and spreads his legs. Get him down in here. I want my balls licked. She grabs the wimp by his hair and guides his mouth to Jack's big hangin balls. Get to work on his balls little girl.


She moves back to the couch beside Jack. She plays with his dick and they kiss while her wimp husband lathers up Jack's big ball sack. After 5 minutes of ball licking Jack's cock doesn't budge. Could take awhile he says to her. She smiles. No it won't. Just relax and let me take over. Do as I say Jack. Back off faggot. The degraded wimp raises up out of the way. Now roll to your side Jack. Yes that's it. She moves down beside the wimp. Jacks ass is facing them. She spreads his cheeks and with two fingers massages his asshole. She pulls her fingers away and pushes them into her husband's mouth. She continues this until Jack's asshole is wet with the wimp's spit. Then holding Jack's ass cheeks as far apart as she can...kiss it faggot. Kiss Jack's asshole. And keep kissing it until I say otherwise.


The wimp moves in and lightly pecks Jack's asshole. She grabs his hair and yanks the shit out of his head. She kisses him lapping frantically on his mouth, then pulls that you stupid mother fucker. Lots of tongue, lots of wet, got it? Now cover it with your mouth and lap kiss it just like I did your faggot mouth.


Back again he covers Jack's asshole and slurps away with her right there deepening his humilation with her constant stream of taunts. Lap his shithole you pathetic loser. Slurp it up, make love to it so his big dick you just smoked can get hard again and fuck your wife. This is what you've become...a mouth for me and my lovers. Lapping away at his asshole like a fucking dog. Getting a guy hard so he can fuck your wife. You're not a're not a're a pussy and asshole lapper, a faggot cocksucker and cum eater, a piss drinking piece of shit. Get after Jack's asshole. Make love to it. Tongue fuck it, slobber it up. Slurp on his asshole. He laps furiously at the big man's ass crack to satisfy his sadistic wife.


Slowly Jack begins to regain his hardon. Fuck yes he says. Now I wanna the same exact thing. Tell him baby. Tell your faggot husband.


No Jack. I want this one to last longer...alot longer. That big dick's going in my pussy first. Then you can finish off in his mouth. She moves up and sits on Jack's dick. Hey faggot you ain't goin nowhere. You've got Jack's balls and my asshole to take care of while we fuck. Get fucking to it.



She spent all of 5 minutes fluffying Jack and Tim for the photo shoot. Cocksucker was cuffed and kneeling in the center of the room watching his wife suck both big dicks to hardons. His tormentors were fully dressed in business attire, button down shirts, ties and slacks and now unzipped with hardons sticking straight up - she liked fully clothed men with their dicks out.


She rose and moved behind the tridpod. Ok boys get on each side of his face. I want you each to move closer about 3 inches from his head and point your dicks at his ears. Ok perfect. Now big smile Cocksucker. She started the camcorder with her husband, naked cuffed, kneeling and smiling with a raging hardon on each side of his head looking as if he's about to be fucked in each ear. Beautiful she said.


Ok boys now move in and press your dick heads right into his ears. That's it press them in. Ok good right there. Hold them right there. Now stop smiling cocksucker. What a sight this must have been. Cocksucker's face turned red with embarrassment.


Next She moved in close careful to stand out of the frame except for her right hand with it's beautiful long red nails.

As the cam recorded she began jacking on the big dicks poking in Cocksuckers ears - first Tim and then Jack. She then pushed her fingers in cocksucker's mouth, withdrew them and slapped his face several times.


She kept this up for several minutes, jacking the dicks slapping Cocksucker's face until it was bright red and then a few tears begin to run down his face from the stinging slaps. As instructed all were silent. Then she motioned to each guy to turn around and drop his slacks and boxers. She moved each closer until their asses were pressed against Cocksucker's head. The men began to grind and push their asses into each side of Cocksucker's head squeezing it in an ass vise. She ran her fingers up and down each man's ass crack then stuck them into Cocksucker's mouth. Each time she pulled her fingers out she slapped his face again and tears continued to slowly trickled down his face.


As the men continued to grind their asses into each side of his head she got a tube of red lipstick and did Cocksucker's lips bright red. Next she brushed on mascara. She pushed up on his nose making him look like a pig. They all laughed. She took a large black dildo held it to cocksucker's lips, slapped his face then pushed the dildo into his mouth and started a slow mouth fuck with it. She pushed the dildo all the way down his throat 9 or 10 times then set it aside.


She pushed each man's ass away from Cocksucker's head a few inches then sternly pointed a finger at Jack's ass crack. Jack spread his cheeks and Cocksucker turned his head and began licking the full length of Jack's ass. She grabbed a handfull of Cocksucker's hair and turned his face to Tim's ass again pointing her red nailed finger and pushing Cocksucker's face into Tim's ass. Back and forth from one ass to the other Cocksucker lathered up each man's ass from balls to crack top.


She then motioned for Tim and Jack to turn again and point their dicks at Cocksucker's face. She landed several more stinging slaps to Cocksucker's face then turned his head and pressed his lips to Tim's big mushroomed dick head. She slowly pushed Cocksucker's head down the big dick until it completely disapeared with his nose buried in Tim's mass of pubic hair. She repeated this several times then roughly turned his head to the other side to meet Jack's big dick with his lips. Now it was Jack's dick that disappeared in Cocksucker's mouth, twice, 6 times, 10 times.


She alternated the deep throating between each dick for the next 10 minutes. Then on cue Tim and Jack began jacking off holding their dicks an inch or two from each side of Cocksucker's face. Suddenly Tim erupted with a long ropey cum shot that landed on Cocksucker's forehead, across his right eye and down his cheek almost to his jaw. Three more ropey spurts followed. Tim then held his dick still aimed at Cocksucker's cum streaked face.


She turned Cocksucker's head to face Jack's dick, she then tilted his face back and yanked open his mouth with Jack's dick head an inch or two above the open mouth. She held Cocksucker's face in that position while Jack continued working his cumshot. Jack's first spurt landed the full length of Cocksucker's face from his hair to his chin. Jack then aimed directly into Cocksucker's mouth and shot 4 more powerful gushes of cum onto his tongue. Swallow it mother fucker. He swallowed then obediently open his mouth to show the cum was gone.


She bent down to Cocksucker's face and spit in his mouth. then moved in closer, spread her legs and started pissing aiming her stream into Cocksucker's mouth and face. She moved in pressing her cunt to Cocksucker's mouth. That was fucking hot ass licker. I know you loved it. Now eat me you dick sucking queer. Get behind me guys and fuck me while this piece of shit laps my cunt.


Tim moved in and sunk his dick inside her pumping like a wild man....




Total Comand of Cuckold, part 2



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