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My wife brought her new boyfriend home tonight. She wanted to introduce me to her new lover. This is always a treat to me, because it means I am going to have some kinky sex. My wife always makes me sit back and watch as she performs nasty things on her lover.


Most of the times she starts out with me jacking my cock off in front of her lover, then she makes me eat the cum out of my hand. Her lovers always feel more at home when they see this. I guess they figure if my wife can make me eat my cum, she must be the one that wears the pants in the family.


Tonight started off different. She opened the door and came into the living room. She had a guy with her. I glanced over at her and noticed that she already had this guy's cock in her hand. I can tell she's been sucking on it by the way her red lipstick was smeared on her face and her lips were swollen.


He looked like a college kid. She asked me to go get them a beer and then told me to go retrieve all the toys and lube. She told me to hand the toys over to her friend Dave. She then told Dave to pick one of the toys. Dave reached into the bag and started pulling out dildos and butt plugs of all sizes and colors.


My wife reached over and took the large black dildo and attached it to the wooden floor. She then pulled on it to make sure it wouldn't come off. She handed me the lube and said, "I want to see you fuck yourself with the dildo. I want Dave to see how your ass can handle a cock.


Wow, that sounded really nasty, letting him watch me impale myself on that large black dildo. I got down on my knees and examined the dildo. It must have been 18" long and 2 inches wide, it was huge. I smeared generous amount of lube all over it, rubbing it like it was a real cock. This always makes my wife hot.


She was on the couch, stroking Dave's cock. She had removed all of his clothes and was massaging his big cum filled balls. After I placed a generous amount of lube in and around my asshole, I squatted over the dildo using the living room table for support.



I eased down until the tip was pressing against my asshole. I used my legs to control my movement over the dildo and slowly lowered myself onto it. I love to be ass fucked so after a couple ups and downs on the dildo I was fucking it hard. My cock was hard as a rock and my asshole was full of fake cock.


I could tell by the look on Dave's face he had never seen anything like this before. The rubber cock in my ass was feeling so good that precum started oozing out of my cock. It was hitting deep in my ass rubbing my anal g-spot and my legs started shaking and my cock started shooting cum all over the hardwood floor. I eased the giant black dildo out of my gapping asshole.


Then my wife makes me bend over and spread my ass cheeks so she can see how dilated my asshole is.


It is very humiliating standing in front of a perfect stranger that just watched you fuck yourself with a giant dildo. Now you are bend over letting your wife inspect your swollen asshole. She smacked me on the ass and told me to come over and take Dave's cock in my mouth.


Dave had never had a blowjob from a man before so he was kind of nervous. I told him to relax and I started swallowing his cock. After a few more inches, I felt the base of his cock on my lips and his balls resting on my cheek. He was groaning and his cock was twitching. I felt him swell as I sucked hard on him. About that time my wife jerked his cock out of my mouth, she had removed her clothes and was naked.


Her pussy was so wet that she slid his cock into her cunt in record time. Meanwhile I started licking around her asshole and watching this hard wet cock move in and out of her. I know that she came at least a few times during this, but as he started picking up the pace and she started cumming more and more, she knew that he was about ready to unload a huge load, so she told him to give it all to her, fill her cunt with sperm, and he did, still pumping her as he filled her pussy, with me right there licking both of their juices as they leaked from around his thrusting cock.


The real flood came when he pulled his cock out of her. I love the way the flood of hot cum poured out of her cunt. I sucked it all up and licked his cock clean. That was all the pleasure I was going to get tonight. Dave spent the night and fucked and sucked my wife over and over. I got to watch but I couldn't participate, my cock was so hard but I had to save myself for her pleasure tomorrow.



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