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The Bet With My Wife





I still can't believe this happened.


My wife and I have been married for about 20 years. Stacy is 43 with a nice 34B-26-38 body that keeps me coming back for more. Our sex life isn't fantastic, in fact it's pretty vanilla. Years ago, before the kids, we tried some mild kink but Stacy wasn't really into it so I didn't push her.

With the elections going on we were having a discussion about a candidate. She said he couldn't win and I thought he couldn't lose. I asked if she'd care to bet on it. Suddenly she looked at me hard and a slight smile came over her face. "I'll bet you a blow-job that he loses."

She had my attention. "A real blow-job", I added, "with plenty of tongue and head action and swallowing all the cum and even eating what spills."

She was still smiling. "As you wish."


Stacy and I had pretty good sex that night. I couldn't get over the thought of her mouth gliding up and down my pole. She hadn't put her mouth anywhere near my cock since our first year of marriage.

The election got closer and things began to heat up nationally and my guy started dropping back in the polls. He wound up losing due to a lot of straight ticket voting and I began to wonder for the first time what Stacy had in mind for my payoff of the equivalent of a blow-job.

The Friday after the election Stacy called me at work and told me to be home early because she expected to collect on her bet that night. I asked her what she had in mind but she just said "Be here."


When I got home I couldn't believe my Stacy. She was dressed in a white knit mini dress from about 20 years ago which she really fit quite nicely into. She wore no bra (a real unusual thing for her). But the real surprise was under her dress. She wore white hose, fastened with a white garter belt and white crotchless panties. She made a real act of showing them to me. They had tiny red bows lining each side of her lips and she had trimmed her bush so the lips were almost bare. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, I couldn't wait to dive in.

"First things first. Since I won this bet, I'm calling the shots", she told me as I got heavy handed. "I want you naked so I can keep an eye on your arousal meter."

I wasted no time removing my clothes which she had me neatly fold and put away.

"One more thing", she said as she motioned me onto my knees. "This is a mouth only venture so put your hands behind your back."

When I did she fastened my wrists together with a heavy plastic cable tie she must have gotten from my toolbox. I remember thinking that she'd have to get wire cutters to remove this one since it was so thick. She tightened it around my wrists snug but not painful. There was no way I could get my wrists loose though. Then she tied a scarf around my ankles and through the cable tie. It served to keep me on my knees but without the severity of the cable tie.

Then she walked over to the bar and poured herself a glass of wine. She strode back with wine glass in hand, her 3" heels making her unencumbered breasts bounce. My cock was at full height and throbbing. I was hers.

"Let me explain how I'm going to collect my bet", she began, taking a sip of her wine. "The loser of the bet was to provide a blow-job. Your terms were stated as 'A real blow-job, with plenty of tongue and head action and swallowing all the cum and even eating what spills.' Correct?"

"Yes", I said not knowing where she was going.

"Well it's obvious that I'm not equipped to receive a blow-job. So I'm giving the blow-job you owe me to Keith."

I couldn't believe my ears! Keith was a young guy who worked with her and had tried more than once to have an affair with her. Stacy had told me about his attempts and assured me that she would remain faithful to me. Despite her promises I was still jealous and hated to even hear his name. I often asked her about him and whenever she discussed work I would inquire about him and his flirting. She viewed my constant questions about him as mistrust of her and disliked it.

I had met Keith a couple times. He was an arrogant ladies man, at 28 he was single, and handsome and rugged. He seemed to have all he could handle but still made plays for my wife. I started to protest but she cut me off.

"I knew you'd be upset but Keith has done me some favors and is a good co-worker. He's always horny around me so I figured this was a way to pay him back and remain faithful to you. I'm tired of you always questioning me about him and I know you think I'd cheat on you with him. Well here's how it works: if you give him the blow-job you owe me, when it's over he leaves, I cut you lose and we have great sex; if you renege on the bet he and I got to our bedroom and I let him fuck me like he's wanted to for so long. And you'll be out here still tied up and naked and you'll be the reason I'm cheating. Now you think about it while I let him in."

Here I was naked, bound and having to decide whether to suck the cock of a man who'd actively tried to get my wife into his bed or let him get into OUR bed with her. The worst part about the situation was that I was aroused by it. My rock hard cock betrayed me.


I watched the doorway as Stacy entered with Keith. "It's your moment of truth, sweetie, what will it be?"

Keith was grinning from ear to ear as he saw me kneeling there naked with my prick at attention. He had his arm around Stacy and I was pissed.

Stacy removed his arm from her waist and walked over to the bar. She poured a glass of wine for Keith and handed it to him. Then she walked across the room to a chair that gave her an unobstructed view of the spot where I knelt. She crossed her lovely legs and then explained the terms of the bet to Keith. You couldn't pry the grin off his face with a crowbar.

"Sounds to me like a win-win situation", he laughed.

Then she turned her attention to me. "Well Bill, what'll it be?"

"I'll give him the blow-job", came my half-hearted reply.


Keith knew that his only hope to get in Stacey's pants tonight was to get me angry enough to stop or mess up the blow-job. "I like getting head when I'm naked", Keith told Stacy. Then he started stripping his clothes off his body starting with his shirt. He got all the way down to his powder blue briefs without taking his eyes off of my wife. He stood there for a few seconds letting her gaze at his well developed chest and the bulge in his shorts. It was huge. Then, in one fluid motion he stepped out of his briefs and the largest cock I've ever seen came into view. It was only half-hard and longer and thicker than my fully erect penis. I saw Stacey's expression when he loosed it and was even more jealous. She noticed my glance and blushed.

Then a thought hit me: If it was as much of a surprise to her as it appeared to be, I realized she really had been faithful to me. This realization did me no good because now I was face to cock with this hung, virile young man who wanted to fuck my wife and would if *I* failed to give him a good blow-job.

Keith stepped closer to me and started waving his dick. "Like what you see? Is this the biggest one you've ever sucked?"


Stacy laughed, I was livid but didn't dare show it. The last thing I wanted was that thing inside Stacy. If he got in her she'd probably never want me again. I just ignored him.

He stood just out of my reach with his cock still semi-erect and hanging down. "Let's get started", he said, putting his hands on his hips.

Realizing that he wasn't going to come any closer, I leaned forward to take the head of his penis in my mouth. As I moved forward, he backed up a little and I lost my balance. I fell forward and wound up leaning against his abdomen with my face in his pubic hair and most of his cock in my throat. With my wrists and ankles bound I couldn't right myself and was supported by my face in his crotch. "Whoa boy, calm down", he laughed, "you'll get it all". Hands still on his hips, he rocked his pelvis forward to help me regain my balance on my knees. He was slick. He did it in a way that managed to keep most of his half-hard cock stuffed into my mouth. I really had to struggle to avoid biting it and to breathe. As I almost choked he pulled it back out.


"Stacy," he was talking to my wife now, "I jerked off before I came here so I could last real long for your hubby here. I thought about you the whole time but my imagination didn't look nearly as pretty as you do sitting there. You know I can see right up your dress from here. Those red bows are really cute."

As I knelt with his fat cock in my mouth I tried to look toward Stacy. His thickening tool acted as a dowel rod, holding my head in place. He stood there with his hips thrust forward and the head of his dick in my mouth. I could barely fit my lips around the circumference. Kneeling there, I licked the underside lightly.


"I was thinking, Honey ...", he started.


How dare this guy call my wife honey! Who did he think he was? Why did she do this to me?

"... most of the girls complain that they aren't able to deep throat me because I'm just too big. I miss it but they usually make it up to me by licking my balls. Would you like to have my balls licked if hubby here has the same problem the other girls do? Since this is your blow-job he's giving me, you should be the one to decide."

Stacy could barely contain her laughter. "What do you think Bill, can you get all of that dick down your throat or should I let you off easy and have you tongue his balls instead? I wouldn't want you to choke, sweetheart."


By now he was firm and about eight inches long. I could barely fit my mouth around the first half of it let alone take all of it down my throat. I felt like an utter fool as I let his cock go and told the two of them that I'd lick the man's balls.

"Let me help you", he said as he pulled the huge cock against his stomach to give me access to his hairy balls. His nuts were large, much larger than mine. They looked to be the size of two large plums. As I leaned forward to lick them he began slapping my cheek with his cock. Not too hard at first then gradually with more intensity. His prick was large and hard and the slaps hurt. I looked toward Stacy to see if she'd intervene. Instead she was watching intently and had her hand up her skirt moving rapidly between her legs. I had never seen Stacy masturbate before and now here she was wantonly getting off on my humiliation. I nearly cried as I took his cock back in my mouth to avoid his slaps.

"What's the matter." he asked, "Is being cock whipped more painful than being pussy whipped?"

That comment almost finished me off. I choked on his cock and my tears as I considered how much worse it would be to see him fuck my Stacy.

I worked on his huge penis with all the intensity I could muster. I licked and sucked and tongued. I was determined to get him finished as soon as possible. All the while he kept up a constant banter. Telling Stacy how hot she looked, how he could make her feel like a virgin again if she let him take her to bed. Then he'd compliment me as a great "cock-sucking fag boy".


Unfortunately Stacey's actions were keeping me aroused, she must have had three orgasms and her moans and frantic fingering were keeping my cock as hard as a rock. Keith assumed that it was the blow-job I was performing that had me so horny. He grabbed my head with his hands so I couldn't look at my wife or pull off of his cock. Then he pointed my condition out to Stacy.

"Look at him baby ..." he was really bold now "... he's getting his rocks off by sucking my cock. Bet his little dick's never been that hard for you."


I tried to pull away to explain but his hands kept my mouth firmly impaled on his shaft. I thought of biting him but realized that would violate the bet and he'd get Stacy anyway. My only hope was to bring him off as soon as I could, so I started sucking harder. Suddenly he began to pump frantically. He was like a wild animal in heat, he held me by my ears and thrusted with all his might. Each stroke pushed my nose into his pubic hair. I was nearly dying from his huge dick in my throat. His balls slapped my chin again and again. My mouth was stretched wide open, my throat was being rammed. I was salivating like a rabid dog when suddenly he rose up on his toes. I felt his scrotum constrict and his dick expand like a fire hose filling with water. Suddenly an ocean of cum flooded my mouth and throat. Over and over his cock spasmed in my mouth each time delivering a fresh charge of his sticky seed.

forced BI cukold  


I swallowed all I could but there was too much, my mouth was too sore. He finally stopped with my face pressed against his crotch. His sperm was running out of my mouth and onto his balls. I couldn't swallow if I wanted to because my throat was so full of his shrinking manhood.

Sensing my attempts to breathe he finally let go of my head. "You weren't able to eat much of it were you. You probably wanted to lick it off my balls instead. Well there they are, pussy mouth, clean 'em real nice."


I glanced over at Stacy. She looked at me oddly. I hope she didn't believe this guy's bullshit. She was all spent and breathing real hard. I turned back to Keith determined to get him out of my house real quick.

I moved my mouth toward his balls once again. He didn't help this time and I had to maneuver around his semi-soft cock which nestled against his nuts glistening with his sperm and my saliva .

The stuff was sticky and hard to lick up but I had to pay the bet off.

After about fifteen minutes he was clean and hard again. Once more his great tool dwarfed my stiff 4 1/2 inches.


"He got the blow-job Stacy, have him leave", I implored looking at my sexually sated wife.


Stacy looked at his thick cock jutting out from his hard stomach like a telephone pole. Her legs were spread wide, her mini dress had long since been raised above her waist and her sweet pussy was there for the taking. I could almost smell her sex from where I knelt. The look on her face was pure lust.

"Stacy, please honey", I was begging now, "I did what you wanted. I paid the bet off."

Stacey's eyes were glued to his fuck-pole.

He saw her staring. "It's ready for you, Baby. After the blow-job the cock-sucker just gave me think of the staying power I'll have. I'll give you three, maybe four long stroke orgasms. Imagine how deep in you this will go. You'll be a virgin again."

She just stared, thinking.

"Please, sweetheart, send him away." I couldn't believe what I was being reduced to. Naked and bound and begging my lust crazed wife for her affections.

Keith pointed to me. "He'll probably blow his wad on the second stroke and you'll be left high and dry..." turning to me he added, "again."


Stacey's eyes were filled with lust and still she stared, saying nothing.


"How about if I stick around while you give the little guy a chance, If he satisfies you I'll leave. If he can't cut it I'll step in and make you feel like my new bride."

I guess it was the last sentence that did it. Stacy looked at me and calmly told Keith to get dressed and leave quietly. He started to say some more but we both knew she was getting pissed. Keith dressed and left without another word.

After locking the door behind him, Stacy returned to the living room and removed the scarf that held my ankles to my wrists. She helped me to my feet and led me to our bedroom by my stiff cock.


"I'm not gonna let you loose just yet, Big boy. How 'bout if you put that sperm soaked tongue to work in my pussy."

Stacy sat on the edge of the bed and put her legs on either side of my head as I knelt in front of her.

Despite the ordeal of earlier in the evening I was happy to bury my face between my wife's warm thighs. My tongue eagerly plowed through her newly trimmed nest of pubic hair to it's target. Her legs crossed behind me as she pulled my face into her hot, sticky core with her thighs. With my hands still bound behind me I was all hers and I loved it.

I worked my tongue in Stacy's very wet pussy with my hands bound behind me for at least a half-hour. She had three orgasms before she let me stop and cut the cable tie which held my wrists. No more was said about the humiliating act I had performed that night. In fact we went on to have fantastic sex well into the early morning.

I didn't realize it then but a major change had occurred between us. I had revealed a side of me that she had never seen, though it lurked just beneath the surface. And some powerful feelings had been unleashed in her that couldn't be forgotten and had to be invoked again.

Two days later I came home from work to find Stacy in our bedroom, watching TV and masturbating.

Looking up she smiled at me. "There's the star, my slave!" I had no idea what she meant, I still couldn't see the screen, but when she called me 'her slave' I felt an immediate stirring in my loins as my cock strained to attention. 

 "I've got a surprise for you but first take off your clothes." She kept the TV between us so I couldn't see the screen. As I removed my clothes she planted kisses on my exposed skin. By the time I removed my briefs my cock was at full staff. She added a few kisses then nipped my cockhead with her teeth. Reaching behind her she produced another cable tie. "Remember this?", she asked.

My excitement ratcheted up a couple more notches and I allowed her to again secure my wrists behind me.


As she bound my hands I noticed Stacy was wearing a short grey mini-skirt, an obvious new purchase, with a sexy purple garter belt holding up smoke colored hose and purple stiletto heels that strapped on to her ankles. Her blouse was purple silk with the top three buttons undone and again, no bra. As she knelt in front of me I watched her still firm 36Cs move inside her blouse.

After securing my hands she showed me a small leather belt, kind of like a dog's collar. Then she knelt and fastened it around my cock and balls. It had a 'D' ring on it which she connected to a chain lead.

Standing again, she wrapped a hand behind my head and pressed her lips to mine. Her hot tongue snaked into my mouth and I was at *full* attention. She pressed her thigh against my rigid tool and then broke the kiss. "I see my slave is ready to serve me", she whispered huskily.

"Yes ma'am", I replied, as I tried to get another kiss. Backing away she tugged quickly on the lead nearly causing me to lose my balance. "Address me as Mistress, slave. I have something for you to see." She then led me to where I could see the TV. At first I thought it was a porno film she had rented, then I looked closer. It was me sucking Keith! My knees became weak as I watched myself, naked and erect, frantically sucking Keith's huge cock while Stacy fingered herself in the nearby chair. "Wh-wh-where did that come from?", I asked, my face flushed with embarrassment.

"You like it, Star? I borrowed Tina's video camera." I watched as the camera zoomed in to a close up of me licking his balls. "Who zoomed it in and ran it?", I asked, a sinking feeling building in my stomach.

"Why Tina of course, I couldn't run that thing and enjoy your performance at the same time."


I was dead, I knew it. Tina is a neighbor and a close friend of Stacy's. She's in her late twenties and a real knock-out. She's a brunette, 5'8" with a beautiful tan that she maintains year round. She's stunning and she knows it. She has the attitude that she is God's gift to mankind and I've watched many men fall all over themselves to convince her. When she turns on the charm, men around her turn to boys.

A couple months ago, while Stacy was out of town for a training seminar, Tina asked me to help her with a problem with her stereo.

Stacy had been away for nearly a week and I was in need of some feminine attention. When I showed up Tina pretended to be fresh from the shower and wore only a robe. She made sure I caught several glimpses of her lovely full breasts as the robe gapped at opportune times. The robe barely came to mid-thigh and Tina's lovely well-tanned legs were on full display. But the cincher was when I sat on the floor to fix some wiring for her speaker and she sat across from me and flashed her bush. Embarrassed, I looked away but my hard-on told Tina she was having just the desired effect.

One thing led to another and soon I was naked on my back on Tina's bed while she administered to my hard cock with her talented lips and tongue. (Tina's work was what I thought about when I made the bet with Stacy about a week later.) She really worked me over but was careful not to let me go over the edge. Then she opened her robe, straddled me with her lovely legs and slipped all of my rigid 5-1/2 inches inside her as I watched. My cock disappeared into her heavenly tunnel, and I watched in awe as her magnificent breasts swung free. The sight of those firm and tanned globes with their silver-dollar sized nipples bouncing as the beautiful Tina rode me was too much.

The feeling inside her was exquisite. She used her vaginal muscles to squeeze and milk my cock as she rode me. All the nerve endings in my body were under her control as she rocked and squeezed. Once or twice she reached down to alternately pinch or caress one of my nipples. All I could do was whimper uncontrollably. While she fucked me she remained in a kneeling position and kept her deep blue eyes locked into mine. Try as I might, I was unable to break the gaze. I was like a deer in oncoming headlights.

She stopped rocking and began squeezing and loosing my cock quite rapidly. "Don't cum yet, Honey", she cooed as she licked her lips and brought my over stimulated cock to the edge. I couldn't hold back. She was working me like I imagined a milking machine would. As my cock spasmed and my seed filled her a smirk crept across her face.

"Billy decided to go to the party without waiting for poor Tina. Now, you owe me an orgasm."

"Just give me a few minutes, Tina", I begged, as her undulating vagina extracted the last of my sperm from my shrinking manhood.

"I'm ready now, little fella. Since you can't do it with your dick you'll have to use your mouth."


Using her hand to hold her vaginal lips closed, she pulled free of my cock and crawled over me until the bright red fingernails that held her pussy closed touched my lips.



"Please," I protested, "I can't do this. I just climaxed in there." Her laugh was deep and throaty. "When a man cums in me too soon he has to remove it with his mouth. That's Tina's rule and you're in Tina's house, and Tina's bed ..." Her free hand grabbed my balls and squeezed, gently at first, then a little harder. "... and your ball's are in Tina's hand." "Okay" I said, aware of the few choices available.

"Open wide", she cooed.


As I did, Tina spread her labia and a dollop of sperm dripped from inside her pussy into my mouth. I struggled to swallow it and Tina lowered herself onto my face. For the next several minutes I became very well acquainted with Tina's womanly core. At one point she used her knees to pin my arms and forced me to apply my tongue to her asshole. There was no question that she was in complete control. My tongue was sore and my face was rubbed raw from her bush when she finally released me from the prison of her thighs. Tina used me in a way I have never been used in my life. When I finally went home I actually cried over what had happened to me. The guilt coupled with the humiliation really depressed me. Stacy came back a few days later and I tried to wash the sordid event from my mind.

After that I always kept my distance from Tina. She was dangerous and I made a point of never being alone with her. To learn that she had witnessed the humiliating blow job I had given Keith brought back memories of my manipulation at her hands. Not only had she witnessed this but she had videotaped it!!


"Stac - I I mean Mistress, there's something I have to tell you", I began. "Are you going to confess to being Tina's slave while I was away?" My face turned bright red and I stared at the floor. "Yes, Mistress", I mumbled. Then it occurred to me that 'slave' was about the best description I could think of about what had happened to me that night.

"Don't worry, Bill, you'll have a chance to pay for your indiscretion tonight as MY slave. And cheating is a two way street, too."


I was naked. Kneeling on the floor. My hands were bound behind me with a plastic cable tie. A leather collar had been wrapped around my cock and scrotum. A short chain was attached from a ring on the collar, through my legs and was fastened to my wrist bindings. A silk scarf was wrapped around my ankles and also passed through my wrist bindings. I was effectively hog-tied. As I knelt there I learned that if I leaned forward my balls were pulled painfully between my legs. Standing was impossible.

Stacy, my 43 year-old wife, who had put me in this position, was standing over me wearing a grey micro-mini skirt, smoke colored hose and purple 3-inch open-toed platform heels revealing scarlet toenails. From my position on the floor Stacy treated me to glimpses up her skirt at a pair of lacy purple thong panties which I had never seen before. They were framed by a purple garter belt. On top she wore a purple silk blouse unbuttoned to mid-breast. Her beautifully proportioned 36Cs were unencumbered by a bra. A long gold necklace with a diamond pendant that I had given her for our eighteenth wedding anniversary fell into her cleavage. The sparkle of the diamond accentuated her perfect globes and focused on their tan lines. Stacy was a ravishing woman.

I, on the other hand, was in trouble. I had been seduced and very much used by her girlfriend who later recounted the story to Stacy. My present predicament was the beginning of Stacy's revenge.


"Bill," Stacy began as I looked at the floor, "you have always been jealous of me, questioning my whereabouts if I work late, asking for all kinds of details when I return from business trips, and now I discover *YOU* were cheating on me with my best friend while I was away. Well, dear husband, tonight you will learn that what's good for the gander is BETTER for the goose." A deep throaty laugh followed her joke as she gripped my chin and directed my gaze to her face.

"Tonight I'm going to sample that big, stiff cock that you so lovingly sucked for Keith a few nights ago. I'm going to see if he fucks as good as he talks."


Her use of the 'f' word startled me. In all our years of marriage Stacy never talked of sex in anything but veiled euphemisms.

"Please, Stac - Mistress", I pleaded, "please let me explain.." "Did you fuck Tina while I was away?", she asked, again gripping my chin to stare into my eyes.

As I hesitated to answer her grip on my chin tightened. "Yes, Mistress, but she tempted me."

"Well my little slave boy, don't you think I was tempted by Keith a few nights ago after you paid off your bet by sucking his big cock and licking his balls. This video drives me nuts", she said, referring to the tape still playing in the VCR. The one secretly recorded by Tina herself. Stacy grabbed my head and held my face between her legs. "Take a whiff, loverboy. Do you know how hot I am for that big cock of his? I had no idea how small you were until I saw Keith's man-dick. That dick of his, that's for me."


Stacy produced a bag from a local adult novelty store and pulled out a leather contraption.

"Do you know what this is?"

It appeared to have a small dildo attached to it. I knew exactly what it was but played dumb. "No, Mistress".

"It's a penis gag. If I hear one peep out of you while Keith is entertaining me you'll be practicing your cocksucking techniques on this. Do you understand?"


I was terrified, terrified and humiliated beyond belief. When I considered that Stacy knew of my indiscretion the evening I paid "The Bet" and still turned Keith away I realized this was going to get much worse before it got better. Her ability to refuse Keith was in direct contrast to my inability to discourage Tina's advances. And Stacy's talk of my being her slave, that was a fantasy that I secretly harbored but the last thing I wanted was to have such a relationship before my wife and her lover. As I mulled over the severity of my predicament the doorbell rang.

"See me soon", Stacy said turning on her heel and leaving the room. I followed her departure with my gaze. Then I glanced at the TV, there I was, on the 25" screen, sucking for all I was worth. Keith's hand held my head to his crotch so I couldn't see what he was doing that night, but I could now. As Stacy frantically fingered herself Keith would point to his cock and back to her, then he would make a couple short thrusts into my mouth. Stacy would laugh, then he would rub my head and make another comment about my expertise at sucking cock.

I felt my face flush as I fully grasped just how thoroughly Stacy had humiliated me that evening. She tricked me into that demeaning situation, knowing full well that she planned to have Keith anyway, no matter how much I debased myself on his cock.




The tape ended with me dutifully licking his seed from his large balls as he grew erect again. Mercifully, Tina stopped her taping, or ran out of tape, without recording his arrogant promise to my wife of unrivaled sexual pleasure or my humiliating pleas for her fidelity.

I knelt there cursing my stupidity for allowing Tina to seduce me when I heard the sound of Stacy's laughter approach our bedroom prison. She walked in with *him* behind her. His hand was resting on her bottom and her lipstick was smeared.


"Keith, you remember my husband?", Stacy asked as Keith caught a glimpse of me kneeling on the floor.

At first he looked surprised, then, as he realized the position I was in, his expression turned to smugness.

"You must like that position, little fella", he said, taunting me. "I don't need you to suck my dick tonight though, this lady asked for my cock first."


Stacy laughed as the two of them hugged and then kissed deeply standing just a few feet from me.


What followed is hard to recount even today. It began with my heretofore very staid and conservative wife telling this virile young man that she was looking forward to enjoying his cock. She unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hands all over his chest. As she pulled his shirt from his slacks she used her lips and tongue on his nipples as he moaned. From my too close vantage point I watched the bulge in Keith's pants grow larger.

Next Stacy's hands were on his belt, unbuckling it and pulling it from his slacks. She grasped it by the buckle and turned to me. "I may need this to make sure my slave does my bidding later this evening." She placed it on the floor next to me and returned to the task of freeing the object of her wanton desire, Keith's cock, from his slacks.

With one hand on his waistband and the other on his zipper-pull she leaned forward and pressed herself against Keith's bare chest while their lips met. Keith pulled her to him and passionately returned her kiss as his pants dropped to the floor. Keith had worn no underwear and his formidable equipment sprang free immediately.


My stomach wrenched in me as I watched the next few minutes unfold. Stacy dropped to her knees and grasped the base of Keith's cock. Then my wife, who hadn't put her mouth near my cock in seventeen years, opened her lips and began licking Keith's dick, all the while staring into my eyes. When she knew she had my undivided attention she opened her mouth and took the huge purple cock-head in. Keith let out a moan and I could tell her tongue was working on him. Keith put his hand on the back of her head and began making short thrusts as Stacy worked to get more of his tool into her mouth. Little beads of perspiration broke out on her forehead as she worked her lips, tongue and throat to accommodate her well-hung lover.

"Yeah, baby, suck it, make love to it, but save some to fill that tight little pussy of yours", Keith coaxed, rubbing the back of her head as she worked to swallow more of his cock.


Stacy moaned, then again, longer, louder. Then she turned her eyes to me while the noise from her throat continued. She was giving him a hummer! I'd only heard of them before. Keith looked like he would explode. "Stop, stop", he commanded, pushing her off his cock. "On the bed, on your back. Spread 'em wide cause I'm gonna get your cherry tonight." Stacy scrambled to get up and onto the bed. "Oh yes, please Keith, I want to feel all of that inside me."

Stacy was consumed with lust. The room was filled with her scent and that was not lost on Keith. As she lay on her back with her legs spread wantonly he moved his face between her thighs. "I could go for a drink", he said moving his face to her very swollen labia. As his tongue went to work on my wife she began to pant and moan and whimper in a way I have never experienced. I watched her body shudder as an orgasm passed through her and then Keith was standing between her legs.


I don't think I'll ever forget the image that was burned into my mind. Keith held my wife's thighs apart as his rigid member touched first her slit, then her clit, then the lips parted and his huge cock entered her womanhood. With the first thrust he plunged about five inches into her and she whimpered again.

"That's little Bill", he laughed. Pulling back an inch, he plunged again and buried his manhood deep into my wife. "That was Keith", he stated. Stacy's scream pierced the air as her nylon clad legs wrapped tightly around Keith's back.

In a couple strokes she was orgasming again, this time muttering "what a cock, what a COCK!"


Keith had plenty of stamina and by the time he finished and deposited his seed in my well-fucked wife, she was a limp dishrag.

I was totally unprepared for what came next though. Keith pulled himself free of my wife and walked over to where I knelt, still bound and leashed. Picking up the leash he stood with his cock in my face. "Clean me off, cuckold".


He jerked the leash suddenly and for the second time in a couple weeks I was sucking this man's dick. I tasted Stacy's juices but they were overpowered by the salty taste of their sweat and his sperm. He maintained tension on the leash but used his other hand to guide my face onto his cock. It was just as he had held Stacy, thrusting then pushing until my nose was buried in his pubic hair and his entire flaccid penis was in my mouth. "Stacy', he called to my wife as he held me fast to his groin, "this guy's a natural born cocksucker. I know a guy who will make a dildo replica of my dick. I'll get you one and the two of you can share it when I'm unavailable".


Mercifully Keith removed his cock from my overstretched mouth and proceeded to loosen some of my bonds. Helping me to my feet, but still holding the leash, he led me to the bed where Stacy lie exhausted. He pushed my head between her legs and I saw her pussy. Her labia were distended and raw, her pubic hair was matted with their sweat and Keith's cum leaked from her still open gash.


Stacy reached out and grabbed my head. "Clean me up, Bill. Suck all of Keith's cum from me. Taste the cock that fucked your wife. He was a man, Bill. I felt him in my tummy his cock was so long. Long and FAT! That big thick dick rubbed my clit every time he moved it."


My face was pressed into the pool of juices that leaked from Stacy's cunt and her words were cut off as Keith fed his awakening penis into her mouth again.


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