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How I Became Cuckold




I relocated to start a new job. I was 35 years old and single. I met Molly the first day on the new job. Molly was a 22 year old intern with a tight body and perky 34B tits who loved to flirt.


I started dating her, a female much younger than me and she introduced me to worshipping and serving sacred femininity and superior sexuality. 


Within a month of dating, she took control of our sex and made it clear that sex was going to be about her pussy and her orgasm. She explained the concept of Goddess Female and male submission. She started making me "worship" her pussy orally every time she came over. She then taught me to bath and massage her before licking her pussy. On the weekends she started training me to bath, massage and orally worship her pussy with the bath, massage and pussy licking extending from one hour to two hours.


Then one night she came over way later than she said was going to...When she got there I started to question her and act jealous.....This is where it began for me....She got angry and told me that she wanted to keep seeing me as her boyfriend, but I had to agree to

(1) worship and serve her and her pussy without jealousy or possesiveness and

(2) I had to celebrate her Goddess Femininity and superior sexuality by wanting her to fuck other younger men and I had to be monogamous to her.


From then on I was to wait for her to come over and she still would come most nights, but if she didn't I was not to ask or question or be jealous...

I was scared and at the same time I felt liberated.


The next few months she trained me to serve her to orgasm and not to want to ejaculate and to worship her pussy orally for 2-3 hours while she talked on the phone to her friends and family and other guys or watched TV. As I bathed, massaged and orally worshipped her, she told me about the guys she was fucking. She told me my 6" dick was too small and explained that I should want her pussy to be pleasured by younger guys who had better bodies, better looks and bigger dicks.   


The next step was she had us go to an adult store and had me buy an 8" realistic dildo and explained to me that I was going to start fucking her with the dildo only. My place was on my knees orally worshipping her pussy. My place was to pamper and praise her. She started humiliating me by making me stay at home while she was out with other guys and by flirting with guys when we were out together and explaining to them in front of me that she did not fuck me and I was her pussy slave boyfriend.


She was finishing college and explained to me that when she got out of school and got a good job, she would be going away. IN 2001,  I transitioned to LA and started working on a variety of projects including the adult industry...... That's when I full realized that for me long term relationship had to be with a dominant female.....I wanted her to have multiple men, lovers, pets, slaves, subs, friends as she desired......for me it was about pleasing and being trained to worship and serve a dominant sacred female's body, sexuality, femininity, pussy and orgasm....Of course I wanted her to fuck my friends if she desired and I wanted to be her slave, but I had not yet discovered cuckold and forced bi......When I did, I realized I had been trained for that perfectly, although my girlfriend had never said or wanted me and another guy at the same time, I don't think she knew about cuckolding or if she did she didn't want it....I discovered it LA along with forced bi when....


- In 2003 I was at a Halloween hotel party in Hollywood that lasted for 3 days and everybody gets rooms and DJs go for 72 hours straight....I was late late the second night and my friends were in the hotel room and I drifted out to a party room,,,,,, there's 10,000 people at the party on the second night.


A guy came up to me and said his wife wanted me to join them and he pointed across the room to his wife and gave me their room number and said to come up.


I thought about it for a few minutes and went to their room....They let me in and she was naked and they had drinks and she took control right away and said to me to get a drink and come suck on her tits.


She was the first real lifestyle mistress I had seen and I was hooked instantly....I did what she said. She had me get undressed and told her husband to fuck her and told me to worship her breasts......after about 20 minutes she told me flat out to suck his dick and I freaked and she saw it immediately and took my hair and forced my mouth on his dick and held me there....she told me directions and told me and forced me and I couldn't believe how excited I was to suck cock to please her......


The next few hours she trained me to be her bitchboy and suck his dick and lick her pussy while he fucked her and then trained me to get fucked by him as I licked her pussy.


I expalined to her that I was trained by my girlfriend to not want to ejaculate and get my dick pleasured........I was hooked...She told me that her husband was a cuckold and explained it to me and that she let him fuck her and that she had picked me to be a stud but realized I was a submissive and so she was training me to be their bitchboy.


They had a couple of kids and lived 45-60 minutes away and so it was about 3 weeks later that I went to their condo and began serving them for the next few years one or two weekends a month when they had their kids away.


I would  come over, we would drink for about 30 minutes and I would get naked on my knees and begin to lick her feet....she would move to her husband and they would kiss and play with each other with me at their feet....She would then take my head and direct me to her panties and pussy for a few minutes and then to his cock to take of his pants and start to suck his dick as they played with each other and then to the bed where I would literally serve them all Friday night into Saturday morning, rest and then all day saturday.


cuckold licking cock  


He and she would fuck my ass as I sucked cock and worshipped pussy. I always had to worship her breasts for hours and hours and hours.....and constantly suck his cock and lick her pussy as they fucked.....I loved it......


He would always fall asleep and she would make me worship her pussy and tits for hours and hours as she explained my place was her bitchboy and told me how proud and happy she was to have me and had me praise her pussy and breasts and tell her how hard it makes my cock when sucking dick for her and I new my place was to never get my dick satisfied in front of her.....she would call me during the week and talk to me as her cuckold husband worshipped her pussy and make me cum for her.........three times she had a several other studs come over on Saturday and her husband was totally cuckold and I was the lowest as her bitchboy sucking cocks constantly and being humilated in front of her studs along with her cuckold......


When I moved to AZ, I saw them on a couple of visits to LA and then came to AZ once for a weekend way back when I first moved here...




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