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i had been corresponding with BigJackB for a while now. To the point in which he began Dominating me online. He would berate me for my transformation from a Dominant Master to a submissive sissy bitch for his amusement and pleasure online. i have always been reluctant to show anyone pics of my precious wife. Afterall, she used to be my prized possession...the woman i owned. In time, the pics i would send would be more risque than the last. But i trusted him as he never posted them without blurring her eyes out and that was only once.


He informed me that he was coming into my area on business and informed me that he wanted to meet with me and possibly my wife. We made a date and time to meet at a local restaurant in which i was to take my wife for dinner. He told me that he would take great delight in seducing her in front of me.


My wife and i went to the restaurant and we had prearranged that we would wear something that would distinguish us from anyone else. We would both be wearing the hats that had a small bill and a button that held it down in the front. i saw him sitting at the bar and he saw me. He motioned me to meet him outside the front. i excused myself, telling my wife that i had to make a business call i forgot about.


He greeted me outside with a strong handshake, making sure that HIS hand was on top of mine, establising his Dominance over me from the start. He told me that my wife looked perfect for the taking. He had lots of information about her likes, dislikes, desires and dreams so he had plenty of ammunition to take with him to go in for the kill.


We walked in together and i introduced him to her as someone in my line of work. i made up the ruse that we were both talking outside and we overheard each others conversation and began chatting. Him being from the U.K. and here by himself made it easy to present to my wife that he should have an escort here. My wife, being the nicest person who is always willing to help others agreed with my suggestion and invited him to eat with us. We chatted and he pushed all the right buttons, acting like the gentleman that he made himself out to be. But i knew in my mind, he just wanted to get between her legs. He invited us for drinks at the bar and we of course joined him. After a few rounds, she was quite loosened up and flirtatious. They laughed and she would put her hand on his shoulder. He would tell a joke and she would laugh and run her fingers through her hair. As she laughed at his wit, she would slap her hand on his thigh and leave it there for a few seconds...all the typical signs that a woman is interested. She of course knows of my wanting to be cucked and want to watch her with another man and i guess she felt what better opportunity than to do it with a proper English gentleman who is only here on business and will be leaving in a few days.


As Jack excused himself to use the restroom, my wife talked to me and told me that he was quite handsome and wouldn't mind getting to know him better. i told her that i was ALL game! i gave him an approving wink and nod. He took it as every thing was okay and invited her and me up to his hotel. Since i was the most sober, i drove. She engaged him from the front seat, twisting her body to better look at him while they chatted. The chat started to get very sexual in nature, talking about breast size, cock size, what is attractive to woman and to men, etc. But nothing TOO overt. Jack was a master manipulator of my wife, knowing what to say and what not to say.


We got to the hotel room and went inside. Once inside, he looked at her and said, "Let's not fool ourselves and play any more charades...we both know you find me attractive" and moved in for the kiss. She did not move away and allowed him to kiss her, smiling while he did so. She looked at me and i gave her an approving smile. He then asked her if she wanted another drink in which she said yes. Jack told me to go downstairs to the bar and to get her what she desired. He gave me the room key and off i went, leaving my sweet wife in his diabolical hands.


i came back with it in my hand, opened the door and found them in a deep embrace. His hands were all over her body as she held him close to her. They broke off when they saw me and my wife came over, took me by the hand and asked if this was all okay. i told her that it was and she gave me a kiss, gently on the lips. i thought of how i only got to kiss her lips and how Master Jack's tongue was allowed to penetrate my wife's mouth. Almost like a cuckold could only lick his wife's pussy where the bull was allowed to penetrate it with his cock. She told me that Jack had mentioned he was familiar with cuckolding and had done so in the past. She told me to sit in the chair and that they would call me if they needed me. i won't go into much detail as i am sure you can imagine how he bit her neck, fondled her breasts, sucked her nipples, fingered her pussy and made my wife's body his playground. i sat and masturbated, all while he made her into his sexy little submissive slut. This went on through the night until almost morning time. My wife was spent and i obviously had to drive. They sat in the back seat, softly talking and touching each other, soemtimes kissing. i dropped him off at his rental car and took my well used wife home. We slept the rest of the day away...



A day later, my wife told me that they had exchanged numbers and that he wanted to see us again. He was leaving that evening and he wanted to say farewell to us. His flight didn't leave until 10:25pm and it was only 10am so we had almost 12 hours. We went to his hotel room and he had jsut got out of the shower and had a robe on. He was towel drying his hair and handed it to me saying, "Hold this" as he kissed my wife with the door wide open. We then entered the room.


As it turns out, my wife had been texting him the day before about the night we spent together. She had also talked to me about it during the day off and on and i mentioned to her that i wouldn't mind being of more service next time. He was the one who informed me that they had chatted and that he wanted to make my fantasy a reality. He told me to strip. i did as i was told while they remained clothed. i felt so vulnerable, standing naked and exposed. He asked me if i wanted to be submissive along with my wife as he used us both. i told him that i wanted to as long as we remained safe. He agreed and it was consumated by him kissing my wife deeply. He made comment about my cock size and told me that it seemed that panties were in order. My wife brought some from her purse, a pair that she had previously bought for me.


They began to undress each other until Master Jack told me to take off his shoes and socks. i sank to my knees, wearing my panties before a more Dominant man than me. i took off his shoes and socks while he fondled my wifes breasts. He then ordered me to take off his pants in which i complied. My wife's hand went right to his crotch and played with his cock while my face was down there. i was then ordered to take off his underwear using only my teeth. i embarrassingly did so while they both looked down at me smiliing. Jack made mention that i looked so sweet down there. My wife reminded me that this is what i wanted and had asked for for the last few years. She handed me a condom and told me that since i was a slut, i should know what to do with it. i placed it on his cock and rolled it on. She then began massaging it, stroking it to hardness. She then went behind me while Master Jack stood in front of me with his hands on his hips. She took hold of my head and told me to open up. i was reluctant so she put her hand on my chin and forced my mouth into an "O" position. My mouth wrapped around his cock and i sucked. i figured it was done now so i might as well try to enjoy it. She told me to get him ready to fuck her. After a while, he told me to lay on the bed. He told my wife to sit on my face so he could fuck her from behind. He did so and his balls would rub against my forehead as he fucked her pussy. My tongue would be on her clit and his cock would brush up against it as well as he plunged it inside of her. It took only seconds for her to have her first orgasm, cumming on my face as she usually sprays when she cums.


Master Jack had the same idea for his cum. Right before he came, he ordered my wife to hold me down with her body weight. As he began to cum, he pulled out of her pussy, pulled off the rubber and jacked off, spraying it in my face. i tried to push my wife off, but he was holding her down with his left hand on her back and it was no use. i tried to dodge the projected spew but it made it get more on my cheeks. He told me that i was to NOT wipe it off when they let me up. i was embarrassed when i came up from under her and he began laughing at me. He took my shirt and wiped his cock clean with it. Master Jack handed it to my wife who used it to wipe her wet pussy being careful not to put his cum near her pussy (We play carefully and safely). We sat on the bed, talking. He asked if i enjoyed wearing his cum on my face. i told him it was humiliating. He reminded me that it was what i wanted and i had to agree with him. The cum on my face was grossing my wife out though so he instructed me to go wash my face and come back to the couch which was in his suite.


As i got there, they were sitting on it naked. He was playing with her breasts and nipples. He told me to crawl to him. i did so with my face between his legs. Master Jack told me to put a condom on his cock and to put it in my mouth. Not to suck it, but to keep it warm and moist in case he wanted to fuck my wife again. i put it in my mouth and sat there, watching this man play with my wife's tits and finger her pussy. His cock grew while in my mouth. He then said that the day would be complete and my submission to him would be complete if he fucked me the same way he had fucked my wife.


i was instructed to bend over the table. i did so and my wife brought a tube of KY jelly from her purse. She lathed up my asshole which Master Jack called "The pussy he was soon to be fucking" and put some on him as well. She stood next to me so she could kiss him while he fucked me like i was his bitch. He started out slowly, letting my little fuck hole loosen up a bit before picking up the pace. He began telling me that i was his sissy bitch and my wife was his slutty whore. He reminded me that when ever he was in town, we were to be his slut slaves to be used for his pleasure. He made me repeat after him:


You are my bitch

i am your bitch


Your pussy belongs to me

my pussy belongs to you


Your wife's cunt is my fuck hole

my wife's cunt is your fuck hole


You and your wife are my cum dumps

my wife and i are your cum dumps


And so on...until he came. It was violent...not his actions, but the way he grunted and fucked me harder, holding it inside of me and holding my hips tightly against him. He kept grunting that i was a bitch, a cunt, a whore, a slut, his pussy! It was then that i realized that i had not cum...i had realized that Master Jack's pleasure and my wife's pleasure came first and that was all that mattered.


He was pressed for time now and we were ushered out hurriedly. My wife got a text later on though, probaby while he was waiting for his plane. It made mention that he would be inviting some of his collegues to use my wife next time. She said that it might be interesting to do something like that. But i wondered what my role would be in that scenario...



by NocturnalPerson



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