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Berta was at the bottom of the stairs to her condo when I arrived. She waved for me to roll down my truck's window, and told me to wait five minutes before letting myself into her place. Parking my truck, I did what I was asked, wondering at the "emergency summons" I had received just before lunchtime. I gathered that she was horny but other than that I didn't know what it was about. Berta being horny was about as rare as the sun rising each morning.


I let myself in and literally gasped. Berta was standing in the center of her living room, nude but for the strap-on she was wearing. Her hair was pulled back in a headband like I like (leaving her bangs covering her forehead), her lips were vampire red, and her nipples were extremely hard and jutting out. But all I had eyes for was the faux cock she was sporting.


It had been a long time since we'd had strap-on play. That was my fault. In our last session, she'd penetrated me too abruptly and caused a small tear in my pucker. I'd lived with occasional blood for a year, until she set up an appointment with me and accompanied me to see my doctor. The treatment was easy ("soft wipes" instead of toilet paper) and I was fine after two months. The day after the doctor treated me, Berta finger fucked me as a test and we were both relieved to find I had no issues.


That was a week ago, and since then she had teased me about the new dildo she'd bought. It was thinner than the really fat one I had previously enjoyed, until she pumped the balls. Then the damn thing apparently would swell in girth until I was stretched open again. Oh my God I wanted that so much.


Yesterday, we learned I had achieved a longtime goal I'd set for myself. Berta had told me she would reward me if I did, and that was part of my motivation. "I'll give you a super big treat" she had said back then, and I had expected her to forget.


But now I was peeling off my clothes and kneeling before her jutting cock. I could think of no bigger treat than to be her butt slut again. It had been a long time since I had even tasted a dildo, but I fell-to with a hunger and soon was listening to her praising coos. "Good job, bunny. Suck my dick."


I did for several minutes, until she told me to stand. My cock was parallel to my stomach in anticipation. She was going to lead me into the bedroom and sodomize the bajeezus out of me, I just knew it. But, I was wrong.


Instead she fastened my hands together with a rope and led me to her coffee table. Then she put a sleepmask on me so that I was blindfolded. Next she tied my hands to one leg of the coffee table. "I'll have to trust you to keep your butt up and knees apart," she told me.


"Oh, please baby, just fuck me," I begged.


"In a minute," she laughed, bemused at my eagerness. "Spread those knees apart." I did as I was told, and she grasped my nuts, making me gasp. Then she wrapped the free end of the rope around my sack, pushing my balls far away from my body. It was our way of ensuring that I wouldn't cum no matter how much pleasure she gave me.


About then, I heard a knock on her door. Her voice told me, "From now on, I just want to hear 'Yes Ma'am.' OK?"


I wanted to groan with need. Instead, I replied, "Yes Ma'am."


"Hey, come on in," I heard Berta say when she opened the door.


I heard someone gasp at my predicament, and then whispering. I gathered she didn't want me to hear his voice. Did I know him?


"Now why would you think I was bullshitting?" I heard Berta laugh. Berta is a worldclass bullshitter, so her protest was pretty funny. Then her voice turned serious, if not aroused, when she told him, "take off your clothes and watch while I get him ready for you."


It was then that the perversity of her plan became apparent. She was going to use the strap-on with me to soften me up for a real man! She told me she knew I wanted a real cock whenever she fucked me, and the last time I told her I'd get fucked for her--if she wanted. Cruelly, she then denied my orgasm until I told her I was desperate for a real man in my ass. At the time I was sure I had lied in order to find release. Now... I wasn't so sure.


I felt a cold jolt of lube on my browneye a split second before I heard the spurt. Then her female finger eased into my opening. According to our custom, she spent several minutes finger fucking me with a single finger while working plenty of lube into me. "Ready for another?" she asked.


"Yes Ma'am," I said. She slid another manicured finger into my butt, pumping and twisting to loosen me up. When I had been torn she had reduced the time she'd spent preparing me, so this time she spent even more time until I literally was whimpering.


"I'm going to fuck you now," she announced. Then, solicitously, "OK?"


"Yes Ma'am," I moaned. I was ready for the pleasure of the strap-on. There is nothing quite like getting sodomized, and I had missed the sensation.


When she slid her prong into me, I barely noticed. It was just a little bigger than the fingers that had corkscrewed into me. The main difference is that it was much longer, and now opened my depths. It was hard--impossible!--to suppress a guttural moan Berta as filled me again after such a long hiatus.


One thing I like about how Berta humps me is that she puts her weight on me. I have this feeling like she is giving me every bit of the dildo, because her hips are mashing into mine. When she uses a bullet vibe on me, I couldn't tell as well since all there was as a signal was her fingers. But when her hips are fully on my rump, her pubes circling to grind it into me (and also to grind the harness against her pussy, which gives her pleasure) I know I am taking all her cock.


At one point, she held a one way conversation with my future male lover, calling his attention to how much I loved it. As evidence, she kept asking me if I wanted it harder, to which I dutifully grunted, "Yes, Ma'am!". Eventually, she grabbed my hair and pulled me into her thrusts until she was tired.


I thought she was done, and got all tingly thinking of this stranger giving me my first live dick. But she wasn't. She reached down and gripped my balls, squeezing them significantly. Then, she reached down and squeezed her own balls, thereby inflating the dildo some. Suddenly, my sphincter was stretched open. "Do you like it?" I heard her ask hoarsely.


"Yes, Ma'am," I said although I was not sure I did. When she pulled out to add lube, I could feel my butthole collapse. Moments later she re-entered me, stretching me again. Oh Lord, it felt so good! I had missed it so much.


I put my head down and just felt her fucking me. What a gift she was giving, expending her energy for my pleasure. Over and over and over she thrusted, filling me and rubbing my insides, bumping my prostate. She said she loved me, and in the back of my mind I knew it in the fucking I got.


Finally, she was tired and wanted to give my ass to this man before I got too sore. "You ready to fuck him?" she asked, ignoring whether I wanted it or not. "Look at his asshole... so red and gaping." I could only imagine what I looked like, my mental image formed by porn movies of starlets enduring extended ass reaming. My loosened opening would gape, a red rim around a ready dark cave. He could stick his finger in me and not even feel my opening. That's the image I had in mind, and when I heard Berta's camera turn on and the zoom extend, I knew I would see my status afterward.


"Now, stick your cock deep into his bowels," she told this man, being intentionally nasty. "Fuck him hard enough so that your balls slap his!"


I steeled my nerves, knowing that I would soon have a warm, live, pulsing cock buried in me. I would soon lose my hetero-virginity, officially having my first man even though I was unable to stop it. This man would take something I had been too scared to give freely for two decades.


I felt his hands on my rump, his fingers strong and rough. I moaned loudly, my ass clenching as I readied myself for him. His thumbs slid into my butt crack, prying me open. I could sense his position shift, and knew he was about to plunge into me.


"Yes!" Berta hissed, "shove it into him."


But then something happened. I heard a groan and his voice clearly said, "Oh No!"


I felt red-hot splashes on my butt and a flood of liquid pouring into my gaping asshole. Berta cried out, "No! No! No!" and then a resigned, "Oh FUCK!" I knew in a flash what was happening. The stranger had cum prematurely, soaking my ass with cum instead of fucking me. Judging by how sloppy I felt, he had cum a bucket.


After that, I had the feeling Berta was hurrying him out of the door. She kept reassuring him that it was OK, she understood, perhaps another time, etc. But when the door was closed and locked, she groaned and said, "Fucking Loser."


As she untied me, she apologized. "I'm sorry baby," she said, "I wanted to give this to you as a special surprise."


"It's OK," I laughed, feeling sloppy and abused in my ass. "I love you for the gift you intended."


"I just knew you wanted it," she said, finally freeing me completely. I held her, telling her that it was the thought that counts. "How about I make it up to you?"


"How?" I asked.


"Since he didn't cum in you, how about you cum in me?" she suggested. It was a lewd suggestion, because I knew the rules to this activity too. She would have to go back to the office, so I would have to suck my cum from her after I filled her up so that she didn't leak all over her seat.


I rolled onto my back, showing her my erection. "I'd like nothing better!" I agreed. Five minutes later, her sloppy pussy was settling on my mouth and I proved that statement true.




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