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The phone rang and absently I picked it up.


"Hello, Clem speaking. How can I help you?" I said. I wasn't quite paying attention yet, which was about to change.


"Clem? You sound so business-like," the female voice chuckled. "Do you know who this is?"


I did, kinda, but not really. I looked at the phone, the caller ID telling me it was a number in my area code. Only one woman in my area had such a sexy voice. "Sure, this is Shannon," I answered.


"Did you guess?" she laughed. That made me laugh as well.


"Well, maybe an educated guess," I smiled. "So, how are you?" We exchanged pleasantries for a while, talking about what was going on in our lives. I got the impression that she was stalling a little bit. Finally, I asked her what was up.


"Well, I wanted to tell you about a little research I've been doing."


That piqued my interest, because Shannon was involved in all kinds of things. Swinging being one of the more interesting. Last time we chatted via Yahoo, it seemed we were on the verge of actually meeting. She had been talking to a man who was excited about trying bi-sex, and had approached me to see if I were interested in joining her and him for a three-way. I got flushed now, thinking she was about to propose the meeting.


"Cool," I said, my mouth dry. "Go ahead."


"Well, I know your name full is Clem Everett Waterston, for starters."


"Really?" I said, my heart stopping. I never gave out my full name, ever. I had been stalked by a fan some time ago, and I protected my real identity fiercely. "How do you know that?" I continued, while I was thinking about why she know something like that.


"I know your wife's name is really Meg, although you call her Perra in your stories." Shit! She formed a throaty laugh. "Real nice, calling her Perra. Spanish for a female dog. A bitch, in other words."


I was no longer smiling. In fact, I was sweating.


"I know you have two kids, Justin and Chelsea. Cute kids. I know you live in Stafford, and that you have cut-out Santa hanging from your gutters. It's darling!" She paused for my reaction, and continued when I didn't sat anything. "I know you work behind that Lexus dealership off the Katy Freeway. I bet you waste too much time staring out the window at the construction next door. Am I right?" Again, a pause. "Hmmm, and I know you drive a ten-year-old Honda, which probably appeals your economic sense."


"What do you want?" I whispered. I was coming pretty close to soiling my undies.


"Oh, so I guessed right?" she laughed, fucking harshly. I quaked. There had been no guessing.


"What do you want?" I whispered again.


"Hmmmm, let's see. What could I want?" Her voice had a terribly hard edge to it, and I would have to change my underwear. Soon. "I want you to get off the fucking ball and meet me."


"Meet you?" I said, dumbfounded.


"Yes, and I want you to bring your strap-on and your digital camera. We're gonna have some fun."


"Listen, Shannon," I said. "I don't think--"


"No, you listen, weasel. I knew you'd try to talk yourself out of this. So I have a little insurance policy."


"What do you mean?" I asked, although I could have guessed.


"I mean I have an envelope right here in my hand. In the envelope is a CD, and on the CD is some stuff Meg would find interesting. Like about 70 stories. Like about a dozen pictures of you, naked and perverted. Like about five video clips of you being even more perverted. I think Meg would love to have me mail this to your house with the hanging Santa." Her voice was low and deadly.


I felt completely trapped. As much as I knew Meg was a bitch, I didn't want to lose her. I didn't want to be cut off from my kids, which I knew would happen. I was trapped, my fantasy life catching up to my real life.


"Shannon, please don't do this."


"Clem, here's how it is, because I don't think you get it." Her voice had no warmth at all. "Next Friday, you'll tell Meg you are going Christmas shopping. Instead, you'll meet me at the Eldorado Motel. You'll bring your camera, the strap on, and a big tube of lube. Well, the lube is optional, but I suggest for your sake that you bring it. Then you will perform to my satisfaction, and to John's satisfaction too."


"John?" I asked, physically nauseous.


"Oh, didn't I mention John? John is a friend of mine who wants to try out sex with a guy." I could almost hear the mocking mirth in her voice. "I told him you'd love to suck him off and let him fuck you in the ass."


"Jesus Shannon!" I exclaimed.


"Oh, come off it!" she demanded sternly. "I've seen pictures of you sucking a dildo and you sent me videos of you stuffing the dildo in your ass."


"But I've never..."


"Because you are a baby," she interrupted. I had made the mistake, I realized, of telling Shannon my feelings. I had always wanted to try bi sex--in theory. But when push came to shove, I had never done it because I was scared. I had let good opportunities go unpursued while I griped when others bailed out.


"Please, Shannon," I pleaded, "don't make me do this."


"I'm sorry--no, I am not sorry," she said. "I plan to make the most of it, and I hope you enjoy it. But, in the end, this is a gift to myself and your pleasure would be a bonus, nothing more." She let that sink in. "So, are you going to be there or am I going to have to go to Mailboxes and More to send a package to your house?"


I was well and truly humbled. "I'll be there," I said, wishing I didn't have to. Shannon explained how the hookup would happen, then rung off.


I went to the bathroom, and cleaned out my shorts.


The Day came and I spent the morning trying to concentrate without success. Finally, I left and went to a liquor store. I bought some Crown Royale and had a couple swigs to calm my nerves. Then I drove to the Eldorado Motel, fantasizing that Shannon wasn't there. Maybe she'd got into an accident. But exactly on schedule, she called my mobile and told me what room she was in.


I had a Lands End soft nylon briefcase that I had put the toys into. I put the Crown Royale in as well, then went to her room. Taking a deep breath, I knocked on her door.


Shannon opened the door and despite my nervousness I felt a twinge of excitement. Shannon is very attractive, from her short blonde hair to her painted toes. She is in her late 30s I think, but she was still toned and mighty pretty. She was wearing a white gauzy (chiffon??) baby-doll that I could see through, and nothing else. I could see the heavy rings piercing her nipples, with a chain hanging between then. Honestly, though, I didn't look too much because I was totally captivated by her eyes. They commanded my attention, and feel deeply into my most submissive personality.


"Aren't you going to kiss me?" she asked. I knew that she liked kissing, in part because it was taboo when she swung with her husband. Without even letting me answer, she grabbed my hair and pulled me into a brutal kiss. She was totally in control, and I knew it. She finally relented, and casually said, "It's nice to meet you."


I lowered my eyes, embarrassed to recall that despite our online intimacy we had never met. "It's a pleasure," I said. Internally, I thought it would have been so much nicer to meet when I wasn't being blackmailed.


"Now, take off your clothes," she said, her tone disallowing any disagreement. While I removed my clothes, she looked into the briefcase. She checked out everything, then opened the Crown Royale. She took a big gulp of it, and by the time she was finished shuddering from the burning sensation, I was nude.


It seemed my nudity didn't interest her beyond making me submissive. Without much more than a brief glance at my package, she sat on the bed and crooked a finger. "Come here and show me how much you like oral sex," she smiled.


I knelt before her, and placed my hands on her inner thighs. I spent a brief moment admiring her pussy and the ring through her clit hood, then leaned in to taste her. She tasted truly delicious, so fully feminine. She had told me she tended to be very wet, and I found she was. She lowered the baby-doll over my head, encasing me into her crotch.


Honestly, I love eating pussy. I love the flavor, the smell, the reaction of my partner. I love juicy ones most, and Shannon was very juicy. Licking her dripping snatch, it was like bathing my tongue in her juices. My mind fixated on imagining how wet she would be after being fucked, dripping out cum. It was very easy to forget why I was there and what was to come. I lived in the moment.


But the moment ended too soon. I felt like Shannon was on the verge of orgasm, when her mobile phone rang. I stopped licking her, only to be reprimanded. "Keep going, Clem," she said as she fumbled to get the phone. Finally, she answered it, and listened for a moment. "Room 203," she said and I knew it was John. My boner began to wilt.


A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Shannon pushed me away and answered the door, letting in John. John was a burly man, who could have as easily been in his 30s as his 50s. She introduced us, which was humiliating. "John, this is Clem. He's gonna love sucking your cock, aren't you Clem?"



"Nice to meet you," I told him, my face burning. John smiled, his lopsided grin reminding me of Han Solo in Star Wars.


"Well, maybe he won't like it," Shannon apologized for me, "but he's gonna do and you are going to like it."


John's smile got much broader. I felt a distinct unease. It was all too real now.


"I think you're just nervous because you're a virgin," Shannon told me. "John, you get undressed and I'll let Clem have his first taste of dick before we go on." She patted the bed indicating I was to sit next to her and watch. I sat down, and Shannon reached over to begin stroking me.


As humiliating as it was to know I was going to be forced to suck cock, it was even more humiliating to stiffen as I watched John undress. I had spent years telling myself that I was not attracted to men. Well, as I watched him take off his clothes, I realized that I was very attracted to him sexually. He had salt and pepper chest hair, and enough muscle definition to tell me he was very strong. When he pulled down his briefs, I realized I was holding my breath in anticipation. My eyes grew large at his meaty prick, already much larger than mine even while he was partially flaccid.


I was transfixed until Shannon whispered in my ear to go suck him. On autopilot, I moved to him and knelt before him. I suspended my disbelief, closed my eyes, and tasted him. I've written before in my stories how much better real dick was compared to a dildo. It was all the sensations I imagined (warm, fleshy, sweaty, throbbing, responsive) and more.


I had practiced on the dildo for years, until I could deep throat it with ease (like the chick at I listened to his responses, especially when he grunted "no teeth" a few times. It was harder to deep throat, but John totally enjoyed my efforts. I did too, once I got into it. By the time Shannon called me back, I was hard.


I stood and staggered back to the bed, my knees hurting (an unexpected sensation). Shannon had been masturbating furiously, her pussy perfectly frothy. She had told me she was turned on at the thought of watching me have sex together, she hadn't lied. She had been unable to remain still, and her fingers were covered with juices.


"Jesus," she muttered, "fuck me. Fuck me and cum in me, and show John how you're gonna suck cum from me." I didn't need a second invitation! I wasted no time, but buried my prick totally into her. Then I sucked her fingers, cleaning the juices from them. She kept muttering "cum... cum...", urging me to fill her pussy. I felt her clench a few times around my cock, and then I came. And came. And came, imaging how wet she was.


I slid out and wasted no time clamping my mouth over her open hole. OMG, she was so sloppy wet. And after a few brief moments (during which John had been saying "holy shit, look at that!"), Shannon began to shake and orgasmed. I put on a show, spreading the cum all over her pussy more than eating or swallowing it. Her pussy was completely smeared with creampie, which both repulsed and excited John.


Finally, I cleaned her pussy as thoroughly as possible. She was squeaky clean by the time she was ready for action. She looked over at John. "I am soooo ready for you!" I was incredulous, because I just given her an nice hard cum. But there was no mistaking her wanton reaction to his slow penetration.


I wasn't sure what she wanted from me, so I leaned over and sucked and licked at her nipples. She did like that, for a while. Then, she wanted me to suckle her clit while John completely filled her tunnel. She appeared to be in heaven, cumming again after ten minutes of fucking.


After that, she had another scenario she wanted to try. She rolled John over and mounted him, controlling the penetration. After a few moments, she pulled off and commanded me breathlessly to clean his cock. She watched me excitedly as I cleaned her natural lubrication from his prick. Then, she mounted him again. This time, she remained still with him buried in her pussy and told me to tongue her asshole. She squirmed in ticklish delight until it was time for me again clean his cock.


We did variations of this for a surprisingly brief time before she came again. He went with her this time, and I watched in amazement as his cock throbbed. He slowly pulled out, cumming as he did. I was ordered to lay on my back, and she planted herself on my face. Her entire tunnel was coated with his goo.


I realized that his diet must be very different from mine. His cum was bitter compared to mine, and that tainted the creampie as well. The strange flavor reinforced the knowledge that I was eating another man's cum. It was a total headfuck, and I found I was moaning.


John heard it too. "The dude is getting off on it," he wondered aloud.


"Wait until you see what's next," Shannon said, sliding off my face. I was far from finished cleaning her cunt, but she was anxious to move on.


She slowly inserted the dildo from my strap-on into her stretched pussy. I watched, feeling very hungry. When she pulled it out, handed it to me, and told me to clean it, I did. Ravenously. I was aware without looking that she was putting on the strap-on harness. I was trembling in anticipation.


"Give me that," she said, taking the dildo from me while tossing the lube in my direction. "Better lube up while I put this on."


We watched each other, ignoring John who was saying "this is wild". I rapidly smeared my hole and pushed some in, desperate to open myself before she did. She spent a few moments seeing how the dildo attached, then stood back and stroked her cock. "Come here and suck me," she smiled wickedly. She knelt on the bed and I crawled on to give her a faux blow job.


"John, open him up, OK?" I felt John's strong hands spreading my cheeks and insert a finger in me. I gasped, which wasn't a good thing to do when you have a dildo in your mouth. I felt like a total slut, John's fingers preparing me to get fucked while 'sucking off' Shannon.


When Shannon had me put my face on the mattress and stand on the floor, I knew the time had come. Sure enough, she stood behind me and slid the large dildo in. I had often fucked myself with it, but it was so much better to have a strong woman do it. The anticipation of each stroke was so delicious! My well-lubed butthole made wet sucking and burping sound as she gave me the fucking I had looked forward to for so long.


She stopped, and I assumed she wanted a new position. I was only partially right. She handed me a condom and told me to put it on and lay on my back. I did as I was told, and she promptly put my ankles on her shoulders. That let her shove even deeper into my willing ass, making me groan loudly.


"Shut him up, will you?" she said to John, laughing. John, who had been shaking his head even while he fondled his cock, got on the bed as well. Predictably, I was soon sucking his big fat cock. That didn't really slow down my moans though. In fact, feeling him stiffen on my tongue probably increased their frequency and loudness.


I got into that zone of total pleasure where your entire body is pulsing in pre-orgasmic bliss. I was drooling pre-cum like crazy, and Shannon used it as a lube to jack me with the condom. This led to an orgasm that seemed to involve my entire lower torso. Bright lights burst in my mind, like people talk about in bad erotica. I was delirious with pleasure.


I gradually noticed that Shannon hadn't stopped fucking me, despite my orgasm. I could tell she was near her own orgasm, and needed to rump pump me more and harder. Her thrusts were extremely vigorous, to the point of discomfort. I felt the condom slip off, and begin to ooze my cum. To distract myself, I took it and let the contents drip into my mouth as John slowly thrust his head in and out. Shannon muttered an obscenity, and began to cum. I must say I was relieved.


Shannon stepped back on wobbly legs. "Fucking is hard work," she joked. She was glorious, shining with sweat. "I need to lay down," she said, pulling off the harness and sprawling out on the bed. John and I didn't know what to do, so we did nothing but look at each other.


I was glad of the chance to rest, and after a few minutes I crawled onto the bed and began to massage Shannon's back. John did too, and I changed to kissing her neck. She sighed contentedly, especially when I felt my horniness return and began slowly and deliberately kiss down her back. I kneeded her buttocks and then spread them to begin tonguing her back door.


That seemed to rouse her, although she wriggled and enjoyed it for some minutes. Then she rolled over and looked at John and me. "Clem, I want to watch John fuck you. Come here and lick me." She propped herself up on pillows, and laid back with her knees bent. I crawled over to begin worship her wet pussy.


John pressed me into her as he slid into my rectum. Right away, I realized the difference between a strap-on and a well-trained fuck-meister. John knew how to use his tool, and it was warm and live. It would have been perfect, had I not orgasmed so strongly before. It was wonderful, but I was fucked out. He was screwing me for his and Shannon's pleasure, not mine.


That very aspect made it hotter for Shannon. She was hot as hell, watching me 'service' John. She actually came before he did. That opened up the possibilities, and she wanted to watch me on top of him. I got into the 'crab' position, on top of him and hands and feet, facing away. I lowered myself as he thrust up. Despite my two hard orgasms, I began to stiffen.


Shannon saw that and began to jack me off and suck my nipples. I called out I was close, and she slid down to suck my cock. I grunted as I came, squeezing John. I felt him swell and splash inside me even as Shannon brought a load of cum for us to share while kissing. It was an extremely nasty situation.


After that, we all began to clean up and part. John was first to leave, and I felt jealous as I watched him kissing Shannon. Even though she had forced me to enter this scene, I felt strong affection for her.


"I'm glad you stayed," she said, after the door closed on John's back.


"Why, so you can blackmail me into something else?" I asked with a rancor I didn't feel.


"No, so I can tell you this was my Christmas present to you," she smiled. "I knew you wanted to try this, and now you have."


Up until then, I had totally resented her using me. But I realized she was completely right, and that I had enjoyed it tremendously. If I had could have had any gift, it would have been this. Even being blackmailed into it had made it more satisfying: I had no guilt about the encounter.


So, instead of being pissed, I was grateful. "Thank you," I said. I gave her a big hug. "I owe you one."


She pushed away and smiled at me, delighted at the outcome. "Great," she said as we left the room. "I'll give you a call and you can pay me back."


We both laughed as we closed the door on this adventure.


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