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It was Peter's birthday, and his wife wanted to give him a gift. A big gift. Thing is, I thought maybe it was a gift for her more than for him.


Lina wanted to come clean with him, which meant telling him that she and I were having a torrid affair. She assured me that this would be the best gift she could give him, but I thought it was an invitation to disaster. Canadians are not a violent bunch as a rule, but she and I had made him a cuckolded fool; if I were him, I'd have pulled out my Smith and Wesson and ended the affair with two well-placed bullets. I was a bit nervous and pretty sure no good would come of confessing.


Lina wanted to go farther, and thus I was approaching their door on his birthday at 9pm. She had called me an hour ago to confirm that all was OK, and to come on. Even so, I almost fled rather than ring the doorbell.


Lina answered the door looking more spectacular than I had ever seen her. Of course, she was normally pretty, but she was dressed to kill tonight. She was the very picture of a dominatrix, from her four inch steel stiletto heels to her blood red lips and slicked back coif. In between, she wore thigh-high stretch knickers, a maid's skirt and apron (no blouse), and a studded choker.


She didn't say anything, but grabbed my collar and pulled me into a ravenous kiss. Her tongue was very aggressive, and I knew she wanted me passive this night. I preferred it that way, and just gave into the moment.


"Where is he?" I asked when given a breather.


"Don't worry about him. Just take off your clothes."


I did as I was told, stripping so that I was completely naked. As I did, she pulled out a tube of lipstick and carefully applied some. I love vivid lips, and watching her perfecting hers made me even more aroused. When I was nude, she moved serenely to me and slid her fingernails over my erection. I shivered, and felt completely in her control.


"Come with me," she said.


I followed her into their master bedroom, understanding at once why I needn't worry about Peter: he was lying face up on the bed, his wrists and ankles tied with lengths of toilet tissue to the bed corners.


Lina pointed this out to me, her face showing her disdain for him. "He could easily break free, but he won't," she said flatly. "The little dear wants to be treated badly. Don't you?" she asked him.


"Yes," he whispered, his face turning red.


"What else do you want?" she asked, prompting him.


He hesitated, and I knew his emotions. There are some things you want so very much, but you cannot bear to verbalize. You wanted it, but feared it too. In my case, there were things I superstitiously thought I would never attain if I said I wanted them. Other things held a dark power over me, and I knew that if I said I wanted them I would perversely stop desiring them. I knew that whatever he wanted, it was horribly arousing to him.


"What else do you want, Dear?" Lina asked him again, her voice surprisingly gentle.


"Oh God... I want to eat his cum from you," he gasped. His face turned bright red, and I suddenly realized why I needn't fear for my life from him. He wanted us to have an affair to get his kinky kicks from eating my sperm from Lina!


"That's a good boy," she smiled, petting his cock. "But he'll only let you do that if you put on a good show for him. Remember what we talked about?" Peter's face turned a deeper shade of red, which hinted that whatever she was talking about, was going to be nasty. Peter nodded slowly. "There's no going back after this," she said tenderly. "OK?"


"OK," he said in a voice so tiny I barely heard him.


Lina looked one last time into his eyes, and then turned to the nightstand. She opened a drawer and pulled out a condom. "Put this on him while I gather our toys," she told me, flipping the foil pack to me. "Leave a lot of room in the tip," she called out from the closet.


Despite my bisexual curiosity, I'd never touched a man's dick before. I ignored his face when I opened the pack and took out the rubber. I reached out and touched his hot flesh, surprised at the warmth in his prick. He had a very nicely sized cock, and I was pleased to see he was completely shaved. I ran a finger up and down it, amazed at the feeling. Quite liberating, really, to touch a cock when you've always wondered if you could.


"Give him a little suck," Lina suggested, returning with a bundle. I looked at her, and she wore an expression that said "its for your own good". I leaned down and closed my eyes, then pointed his head to my mouth. Just like that, I had a dick in my mouth for the first time.


It was wonderful.


I found myself taking more and more of him into my mouth. I had swallowed a dildo before, but this... this was a live cock, throbbing in my mouth. It was like a dream, beyond reality. Unlike the rubber dildo, it squished a little at the opening to my throat, and leaked a bit as my lips hit the base. Reality was way better than my pretending.


"Put it on," she said, again more kindly than one would expect from how she was dressed. I pulled off him, feeling strangely empty yet enjoying his guttural moan. I unrolled a good inch, then rolled the remainder onto his cock. After that, I turned my attention to what Lina was doing.


She had begun to unroll the bundle, which looked like rice-cloth. When it was fully open, I could see it held a heavy-duty strap-on harness, a couple dildos of varying sizes, and something I didn't recognize. It looked like a rubber strap with male Velcro on one side and female Velcro on the other. Attached to it was a mesh bag, like a smaller version of the kind environmental folks use as shopping bags.


"Untie him," she told me as she began to put on the harness.


It was simple to break the toilet tissue bonds and to free him. "Is this his present too?" I inquired. I hoped the strap-on was for him, but part of me wished it were for me too.


"Yes," she smiled. "He's not a virgin, but this time it will be special." She crooked a finger at him when the harness was secure, but not yet containing a dildo. "Come here," she said to him. He slid off the bed, and walked over. Automatically, he turned away from her, put his hands on top of his head, and spread his legs far apart.


Lina squatted behind him (looking damn sexy in her high heels!), and fiddled with the rubber strappy thing. "Clem, come over and hold his balls for me," she said. I knelt next to her and looked uncomprehendingly at the situation. "Grab his nuts and pull them down, OK?" she told me. I did, feeling my face get hot as I tenderly pulled his sack down. "Don't be too gentle now," she smiled, and I increased my grip and my pull. "Good, that's good," she said when his balls were quite taut. She stretched the rubber around the base of his balls, near where they connected to his crotch. The wide Velcro band held it tight, the fuzzy female side against his most tender skin. "Its easier with a little help," she said, letting me let go. His balls were held quite far out, and I knew he would not be able to cum with this strange nut-ring on.


"What's the bag for?" I said, curious about the mesh sack.


"Go get three beers from the fridge," she said, standing and avoiding my question. I returned with three ice-cold Blues in bottles. She handed one to me, and took one for herself, setting the third one down. "Drink up!" she smiled. I guzzled the beer, then handed her my empty. "You can have that one too," she said, indicating the third bottle.


Then she put the empty into the sack dangling from his nuts! With a groan from Peter, his balls began to stretch down as they now supported the weight of the bottle. I involuntarily crossed my legs. "Doesn't that hurt?" I winced.


"Not too much, right dear?" she asked Peter. "Unnnhhh," was the reply, which wasn't a protest exactly, but wasn't an endorsement either. "Come on,": she told me, "finish your beer."






She put my second in his sack too, making him groan again as the bottles clanked. Lina drained hers as she walked to the nightstand and got a tube of Slippery Stuff. She put her bottle in too. How much could his balls hold?


"Spread your cheeks apart," she told Peter. He did, a strange sight with his the bottles hanging between his legs and his hands prying apart his globes of flesh. I saw immediately that his smoothness extended to his ass. He was shaved there to, giving me a good view of his pink asshole. Lina squirted some lube onto his smooth orifice, and firmly rubbed it in. Another squirt, and she was penetrating his willing ass with her finger.


"Clem, go sit on the edge of the bed, so my little birthday boy can get his next present."


I had an inkling of what that was, and really wasn't thrilled. Sure enough, on Lina's command Peter shuffled over and leaned down to suck my cock. It was awkward for him, because he was still spreading his cheeks. He supposedly hadn't had a dick in his mouth before, and I could believe it. His sucking was inexpert, but he was very eager, moaning softly at the culmination of his desire.


Lina took the rice-cloth that held the toys, and folded it into a two-inch-wide strip, then tied it over his eyes as a blindfold. He let out a deep moan; he liked not knowing what was next. I watched Lina attach the smallest of the dildos to the harness, and squirt and spread some lube on it. When she inserted it, I was treated to another moan.


"I'm just going to fuck you so that you really want to cum hard," she told him. She was gentle at first, but soon was pumping hard enough to force him fully onto my cock. Her hips slapped his butt with a loud smack, and his asshole was making a wet sucking sound as it gripped the dildo. The bottles in the bag clanked as they rocked with a swaying motion. Peter was grunting and moaning, both, as he endured and loved, both, the reaming he was getting.


Lina humped him for ten minutes like that, then switched to the largest of the dildos. Peter groaned loudly as she sank into him, but didn't complain and redoubled his effort to draw my sperm into his mouth. Her face was devilish, and I knew she was loving how she was fucking her man. She reached out and raked his back with her nails, lightly at first, but as she began to fuck him hard she began leaving welts on his back.


"Are you ready to see me get fucked?" she asked him.


"Oh yeah," he mumbled, then moaned as he pushed his face onto me again.


"Are you ready to cum yet, Clem?" she smiled. I nodded, for despite his lack of pure cocksucking talent, there was something about how eager he was.


Lina pulled out his now-steaming butt, and quickly removed the harness. "Get on the bed with me," Lina told Peter, and she laid down on her back with her legs off the end of the bed. She directed Peter to kneel and lick her clit while I gave her the fucking Peter wanted to watch. Peter was almost in a 69 with her, so Lina reached over and stroked his cock. She jacked him with the juicy condom he was wearing; the prostate massaging had made him drool copious amounts of precum.


The scene was set, and I went over and entered her pussy. Lina always got very wet, but she was wetter than I'd ever seen her before. Her hot canal scalded me when I shoved in, swimming in her lava. Peter was watching intently, only inches away as he licked her clit. I lifted Lina's legs and pushed them back to give me a good deep penetration, but it also gave Peter a good look at her flowing pussy when I pulled out.


I got into a nasty mood, taunting him about how nice she felt, how good it was that he let me fuck his wife. I grabbed his hair and shoved my cock into his mouth, letting him taste his wife on me. Then I shoved his face into her soaking wetness, and he sucked her juices out. Then I told him to watch carefully as I put my cock back into his wife.


Lina helped the taunting, pointing out how hard he was. "You love watching me take Clem's cock, don't you?" she asked. "You want to eat his cum from me, don't you?"


"Oh yeah, please," Peter gasped.


"You like sucking his cock... I can tell. You get so hard when you taste my pussy on his dick. Tell me you love it."


"I love it," he whined.


"Lina, I need to cum," I interrupted.


Immediately, Lina's toned changed from teasing to forceful. "Peter, lay on your back," she told him. He did, and she got into a 69 position with him. "Now, Clem, fuck me and cum deep in my pussy so that my husband can suck it all out." I climbed on, and pushed into her again.


I thought about how hot Peter must feel, his wife getting fucked mere inches from his face. She had only to tip her hips up and my cum would drain into his mouth. It was with those thoughts that I came. I shoved in deep, enjoying the warmth of her cunt clinging to me, enveloping me. My orgasm was a long time coming, so I spent a long time cumming. All the time, Lina cooed and coaxed, urging me to let it all out. By the time I stopped spasming, I could tell she was sloppy inside.


"Clean his cock," she told Peter as I pulled out. I let my shriveling dick plop into his mouth, and he sucked it clean. "Are you ready honey?" she teased again as he sucked me. "Are you ready to eat another man's cum from me?"


He moaned. She sat up, and settled down so that she was only a quarter inch above his mouth. Moving around the bed, I could see what was going on. He eagerly sucked and licked at her juicy hole as it drained of my cum. She stroked his cock, keeping him ready to cum even though he was unable. Her eyes were closed, her cheeks flushed, and her nipples hard. She too was ready to cum.


Then she did. With a loud "oooohhhhhh GGGgggggoooooddddddd", she let it loose and orgasmed as Peter ate her. Her fingers flew to her clit, rubbing hard as she came. Peter sucked and slurped as her convulsing womb ejected my cum. They were both in heaven!


When Lina came back to her senses, she reached down and pulled off his nut ring. She moved off his face, and turned around, preparing to let him impale her. "Honey," he warned, "I'll cum fast."


"Good," she smiled. "Then you can spend some more time cleaning my pussy." She pointed his cock at her opening, and slid onto it. He is bigger than me, both around and in length, so he reached new places that she found pleasurable. In a minute, he came in her as she kissed him deeply. Then she slid up and mounted his face again, letting him complete the transaction.


I went to the fridge and got another Blue, which I drank as I got dressed. They weren't having sex any more, they were making love. I left them, knowing that this special night which I feared would ruin their marriage and perhaps leave me dead, had instead made their love stronger. I left with a smile almost as broad as theirs.


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