Humiliated husband



I don't know when she planned for it but Sherry gave me the most pleasure

filled night of my life. Last Friday evening when I got home Sherry

informed me that both of our kids were staying at friend's houses and we had

the house to ourselves. She then told me that tonight was going to be a

very hot night but I did not realize until later just how hot things were

going to get.


Sherry had dinner ready and she told me she wanted us to eat quickly so we

could get straight to the "activities" she had planned. I thought it

curious because Sherry usually did not plan anything out in advance. After

dinner, she gave me a hot deep kiss and told me to go upstairs and take a

good shower. She grabbed my cock and squeezed it while she gave my bunghole

a push with her other hand. I moaned and smiled and she told me to "run

along like a good boy" and take that shower. She said she would be there in

a minute. I ran upstairs and got in the shower already hard as a rock and

heart racing as things seemed like Sherry was going to be in a kinky mood.

Usually I am the kinky one and she is just along for the ride but tonight

things were different.


Once she got into the shower with me she kissed me deep again and then moved

her hot mouth down to my nipples. I groaned pretty loudly and went to

stroke my cock but she grabbed my hand and told me ". if you want to cum,

then you are going to have be an especially good boy tonight. You will have

to do everything I tell you and then you will get to cum. I haven't decided

yet whether you get to taste your own cum from my pussy or if I am going to

make you shoot your load in your face and lick it from there. We'll see,

now get to work and finish your shower. I have laid some things on the bed

that I want you to put on." My excitement was at a fever pitch. Sherry

would let me "humiliate" myself (on the floor, feet up, my cock pointing

down towards my face.mmm) when I pushed her but tonight she seemed very

interested in running the show herself.


When I got to our bed there was a blindfold and thong for me to wear. The

thong was her favorite for me to wear and had holes cut in it for my balls

and cock to stick through. I put on the thong and the blindfold and then

laid back on the bed and waited. My cock was standing straight up in the

air and I could feel pre-cum oozing from it.


A few minutes after I hear the shower go off I hear the closet door open as

Sherry was going to put on something sexy. Then she came out and she told

me to sit up in the bad so she could get behind me. I did as I was told and

I could feel her large warm breasts on my back and her tongue on the back of

my neck. She scooted forward until I could feel her hot pussy at the small

of my back and then she reached around to the front of me and started

playing with my nipples. Once again, I groaned loudly and she started

talking to me. "Yes, you like that don't you?"


"You know I do, honey."


Laughing she responded "Yes, I know you do and I also you know that you do a

lot of hot things while I play with them."


"Uh, huh."


"You cum in my pussy when I play with them, you thrust your cock searching

for relief when I play with them, you groan ever so loudly when I suck them,

and you even shoot that hot cum of yours wherever I tell you to when I play

with them."


"Yes, I do."


"Do you want to shoot your hot cum now?"


"Yes" I say in a shameful manner.


"I'll bet you do but first I want you to answer some questions for me. Can

you do that, little boy?"


"I'll try ."


"Good. First, what do you think of when you have our little rubber toy up

your ass? Are you thinking of me or something else?"


"Well, I think of you fucking me with a rubber butt plug and how humiliating

it makes me look to have my wife doing that to me."


"Oh? You like it when I humiliate you, don't you?"


"Yes, mistress."


"So, I think you would like it if I humiliated you and made you take a real

cock up your ass. Would you like that?"


"NO!", I said.


She stopped playing with my nipples and I moaned and tried to play with them

myself. "No, no, no. You do not get to play with those yourself, little

boy. I have seen how nasty you get when you play with your nipples. It

starts with the nipples and the next thing I know my husband has his cum all

over his face. Tonight I need you around." She started playing with my

nipples again.


"So, about that rubber toy.I know you would love to be humiliated in front

of me and have a cock up there wouldn't you?"


Quietly I said ". yes."


"I thought so. In fact, the way you stick out your tongue when you get so

?nasty' I'll bet you would love to have cock some other places."




"Well, little boy, I think you are a closet cocksucker and would love to

have me watch you suck another man's cock. Would you be humiliated if I

made you suck cock?"




"You like having your nipples played with. What would you do to keep me

playing with them?"


I knew where she was going and I wanted to play along with the dirty talk.

"anything you told me to do."


"Good. Well move forward and sit on the edge of the bed. Good. Now I want

you do something for me."




"Slowly reach out your hand."




I reached out my hand slowly since I was blindfolded and my hand touched

another person!


"Yes", Sherry said, "keep reaching around. I think you'll find something

pointing straight at you."


I started moving my hand across the other person's body. There was way too

much hair for it to be another woman so I knew I was looking for a hard cock

somewhere in front of me. My mind was racing now and the excitement was

almost overwhelming! I moved my hand and found that indeed he had his hard

cock pointed right at me and I wrapped my hand around it and began to gently

stroke it.


"Good boy. You know what to do. I want to watch you stroke that cock. If

you want to cum you'll have to stroke that cock. I'll play with your

nipples as long as our friend here is getting what he needs. You stop. I

stop. You don't get to cum. Understand?"




"I knew you would. So keep stroking. Keep stroking."


I moved my hand up and down his cock. I wondered who this was. His cock

was a little longer than mine was but not much. It felt hot and huge in my

hand as I moved it back and forth. The man began to moan.


"He likes it slave boy. You do good work. Now its time for the next step.

Start rubbing that cock all over your face. Now!"


I leaned forward and pulled the hot flesh onto my cheeks and started rubbing

and nuzzling my face into his cock. Sherry was tweaking my nipples all the

time while she began to taunt me.


"Gee, it looks like you don't mind having cock on your face. What kind of a

man are you anyway? I always thought you would like a hot cock besides your

own. You like it don't you? You want that cock don't you? You're just a

queer little cocksucker aren't you? Now my little cocksucker, show me what

a queer you really are. Open your mouth and suck this real man's cock."


I didn't need any more coaxing. I had fantasized many times about my wife

making me suck cock and I wanted to do it. I opened my mouth wide and

slowly pulled his cock in. I put it in my mouth as far as I could take it

and then closed my mouth around his cock. My own cock was so stiff it hurt

and I concentrated on making this guy feel good by sucking him the way I

knew I liked to be sucked.


"Oh my God, what a queer cocksucker you are", she said. "That's right.

Suck him. Service him like the little queer boy you really are. And while

you have that man meat in your mouth, just think about how this would look

to anybody seeing this. Your own wife is forcing you to suck cock right in

front of her in your own bedroom. You are being a pansy queer cocksucker to

another man. You're just like a woman, little cocksucker! Here, let's put

this on you. " While I slowed sucking his cock I could feel my wife reach

around and put a bra on me. She instructed me to move my arms this way and

that so I could wear it and I could feel that my nipples were still exposed.

"There you go you little cock slut! You are so pretty now with your

little bra on. How do you like getting your face fucked?"


" mmm . mmm"


"Well, I think you have done your work good enough for now and I think you

know that your place is to service this real man and me. Now I want you to

stop sucking his cock. Move off the bed and stand against the wall. Since

you are just a little cocksucker I'm sure you won't mind if you don't get

any pussy tonight. You are not going to get any but this man is. And

remember, if you want to cum you'll play along."


My mind was still reeling and I was not sure I liked this anymore. This was

VERY humiliating to me. Another man was about to fuck my wife while I stood

next to my bed in a bra and underwear. Right away I heard my wife talking

to me.


"Honey, You know you want this and I want this. You want me to humiliate

you so you don't have to be in control of everything for once. Well, honey

you are not in control right now. I am. And right now while you are

standing there dressed up like a little pansy I am guiding his cock into my

dripping pussy. He is putting his hot mouth onto my huge nipples and

licking and sucking them. It feels so good. Mmmm. I want to cum and then

I am going to make him cum fast because I don't want you to wait too long.

I am playing with my clit right now. Moving my hand very fast on my clit.

Oh, oh, oh honey I am cumming. Mmmmm"


I could see in my mind what was happening. Sherry's fingers playing with

her clit and I could only imagine what it looked like for her to have this

other guy humping her. She continued.


"Now, cocksucker nipple boy, I am going to reach down and pump his cock into

my pussy because I know you want to get to your treat. I am pumping him

now. Mmm it feels good and we are so wet. You know how I like to feel your

cum shoot into me with my hand on your cock when you cum? That's what I

want right now. He's getting close."


I could hear him humping Sherry and I heard her coaxing him to cum. When he

came she laughed joyfully and he groaned. I could hear her retrieving

Kleenexes from the box of them right beside our bed and I knew she was using

them to make sure their cum did not spill out onto the bed. She always did



"Now, you cockslut. I know how you like to taste your own cum after I let

you shoot it down onto your face. Get over here and show me that you can

lick a cum-filled cunt as good as you suck cock. I'll play with your

nipples while you eat me. Lie down on your back and I will let you taste

his cum right from my pussy."


I wanted to cum so bad and have my nipples played with that I tossed away

any shred of decency that I had left and quickly got onto the bed as she

told me. Sherry started playing with my nipples.


"My, my, your cock looks like it is about to explode. I bet you would

really like to cum now wouldn't you?"


"yes, please, mistress"


"Well, ok but you have to do it yourself and you have to wait until I tell

you to start. Here's what I want you to do. First raise your feet up so I

can grab your ankles. There's a good little boy."


The next thing I felt was some gooey stuff being spread on my asshole and

then the head of the other guys cock being pressed against me. I let out a

quick gasp.


"That's right slut boy. Time for you to get fucked like the little slut you

are. I already told him to be gentle since you are a virgin. Now he is

going to press and press until he is inside of you."


I could feel him pushing the head of his now again stiff cock against my

asshole and I was scared and excited at the same time. As the head of his

cock stretched my sphincter, it really started to hurt and Sherry told him

to pause for a minute while I got used to it. After a minute or so I kind

of relaxed and Sherry told him stick all of his cock inside of me. It hurt

while it was going in but once he was in and he just kind of stayed there it

felt really good to me to have a cock stuffed up my ass.


"You like that don't you?"




"You want to cum don't you?"




"Well, in order for you to cum you have to eat some cum so here you go. Be

my little cumslut, too. Eat my pussy and slurp up his cum from me and while

you are doing that I will allow you to play with your cock."


"please let me cum, mistress"


I opened my mouth and I felt a hot drop of spooge fall down next to my mouth

and then Sherry lowered her pussy onto my face and started rubbing her cunt

back and forth all over my face while I worked my tongue fast and furious.


"OK, you cumslut cocksucker, you can start to play with yourself. Reach

down there and make that cock of yours shoot your cum all over your chest.

I know you do not need any help but just remember how out of control and

humiliated you are right now. You are playing with yourself in front of two

other people. You have a man's cock stuck up your ass while you are dressed

like a little slut with your nipples sticking out. You are eating another

man's cum from your wife's pussy and you act like you love it. My my you

are a just a queer little cumslut cocksucker, aren't you?"


I was pumping my cock fast now and just as I was about to cum Sherry said,

"The best part of this is it is all on tape."


I shot my load all over my chest and up onto my face and neck and onto

Sherry's tummy. Sherry laughed at me and said I did good and to rest a

while. I fell asleep/passed out and the next thing I remember was Sherry

waking me up. We were alone again and she was kissing me with her sweet

warm kisses telling me she loved me so much.




Ever since the first time when Sherry forced me to service another man right

in front of her while blindfolded and wearing a bra, she had slowly realized

that she truly enjoyed exercising power over me. In fact, while I was away

on my frequent business trips she had been fantasizing about how she would

next control and humiliate me to an even greater extent. Each time she

would masturbate she would think of ever more effective ways of making me

subservient to her and she found that the thought of her totally being in

charge of me and forcing me to do things that made me feel ashamed aroused

her sexually to a level she had never before experienced.


And so she developed and idea for a new episode in my humiliation and

established a plan. She had a sneaking suspicion that our friends, Steve

and Jennifer, would go along with her idea because Jennifer was always

bragging about how she and Steve had raucous sex. Jennifer would brag about

how much Steve would cum and how she hated to swallow it. Sherry asked

Jennifer if she thought Steve would ever let another guy suck him off and if

Jennifer would want to see that. Jennifer replied enthusiastically that she

would love to see another guy take Steve's huge load (".gobs of cum!") and

that Steve had been pretty adventurous in the military and would probably

enjoy doing more than just getting a blowjob.


So Sherry planned it all out once again .


I got home around six on a Friday night a from a business trip. When I came

in the door Sherry informed me that Jennifer and Steve were coming over for

the evening and that the girls were at friends' houses for the night.

Sherry told me that she had really wanted me this week and, that if I took a

quick shower, she would give me a great blowjob. Sherry does not give

blowjobs willingly so I jumped at the chance. I took a hot shower and

dreamed of things to come.


After I got out of the shower I came into our bedroom and found Sherry was

in lingerie on our bed waiting for me. She told me to come to the bed and

proceeded to take my now hard cock in her hot mouth. She was doing an

awesome job, really getting me close to cumming, when all of the sudden, I

heard from behind me "Oh Steve, I think Randy is ready, don't you?"


I nearly leapt out of my skin when I heard Jennifer and Steve behind us and

scrambled to get under the blankets. I said "Hey, guys, what's going on?"


Sherry said, "Well, honey," she started to play with my nipples at this

point, "I told Jennifer that you were my queer little cocksucker and that if

she wanted to have someone service Steve's needs then she should bring him



Jennifer added "Oh yes, Randy, I always figured you were a little different

but I never would have made you as skin flute player. My my ."


"So when do I get that blowjob, dude? I hear you like cum and your asshole

is tight." Steve laughed.


I looked at Sherry and she began talking to me in a stern voice. "Randy,

get your ass out of this bed, get over there, and service Steve like the

pansy cocksucker whore you really are. I want you to make sure he cums good

and Jennifer and I want to see the whole thing!" She pushed me out of the

bed. I was stunned and excited at the same time. I started walking very

slowly towards Steve who had moved over into our bedroom sitting room while

Jennifer and Sherry got themselves situated on the couch.


"Crawl, Randy. You're not man enough to have your head at the same level as

Steve's. You're the cock sucker and he's the cock suckee!"


I was really ashamed of myself but my cock was rock hard. Here I was about

to suck cock again because my wife told me to do it and with some of our

friends, too! I crawled over to Steve and looked at Sherry for



"Yes, now take off his clothes."


I undid Steve's jeans and pulled them down to his ankles with his underwear

and then managed to get them off with his socks.


"Good, little pansy", Sherry cooed, "now get his shirt off so you can see

what real muscles look like. Not that you'll see them very long mind you."


All three laughed as I did exactly what I was told.


"Now get down on your knees again and suck Steve's cock!" Sherry commanded.


"Sherry, please don't make me do this. This is so humiliating."


"That's not what you said the last time. I seem to remember that you liked

sucking cock. You didn't complain when you were taking it up the ass

either. In fact, you shot your wad while you were licking that guy's cum

from my pussy. So don't tell me what you do or don't want, just get to work

on Steve's cock cocksucker. I want to see you suck him off good and take

his load in your mouth."




I knew it was no use and that I secretly wanted to suck his cock anyway so I

reached out and took Steve's cock in my hand and started stroking. Within a

few strokes I could feel his cock getting warmer and swelling in my hand.

Once again I tried to replay in my mind what this scene looked like as if I

was seeing it in a movie. There were two married friends sitting on a couch

together watching one naked man stroking the cock of another naked man.

Both of the women were smiling and the one guy is standing with his hands on

his hips smiling while the man servant continues to stroke the other man's

cock. All of this because the servant man's wife has told him to give the

other man a blowjob for their entertainment. The scene in my mind was



"Make sure you play with Steve's balls, Randy. He really likes that."

Jennifer said.


"Play with them? Play with them? Randy get your hot little mouth in there

and suck on them right now!" Sherry commanded.


I leaned forward and took one of Steve's balls into my mouth and began

sucking and licking it gently. Then I worked on his other nut. He began to

moan and now his hands were at his sides. I got even more excited as I

realized I was doing a good job.


After a while of stroking and ball licking I moved up and took the head of

Steve's cock into my mouth. When I did this Steve moaned and Jennifer let

out a soft "mmmm".


Sherry narrated "See, you two, I told you Randy was a queer. He sucks cock

good and I know that deep down he really likes it. You like sucking cock

don't you, Randy?"


"Mmmm" I said as since my mouth was full of Steve's cock.


"No, no, cum slut, tell us all how you love sucking cock and why!" Sherry



It seemed like when I began to get comfortable with my current level of

humiliation Sherry turned the heat up another notch. I took my mouth off of

Steve long enough to say "I love sucking cock and the reason why is because

Sherry makes me do it."


"Awww, Randy, you know that you like hot cum don't you? Why else would you

jack off into your own mouth?"


Once again the flame got higher. I thought "How could she share our most

secret acts with our friends like that? I can't believe she said that!"


Jennifer and Steve laughed when they heard Sherry's announcement. Sherry

confirmed for them that, from time to time, when we were feeling very nasty,

Sherry and I would arrange ourselves so that either she or I would stroke my

cock with my legs flipped back over my head until I shot my cum down onto my

face and even into my mouth. She even had pictures.


As I sucked his cock Steve began to breathe faster and faster and I could

tell he was getting ready to cum. So could Sherry.


"Good boy, Randy, you cocksucking fag. I know you want to take Steve's load

for yourself but when he cums I want you to keep it in your mouth and then

come over here."


I could only moan a muffled agreement as my head was moving faster and

faster up and down his ever swelling shaft.


Jennifer said "Steve, honey, do him good. Give him one of your huge loads."


"Yea, fuck his face, Steve", Sherry added.


At this point Steve reached down with both of his hands and grabbed my head

on both sides. I could not have pulled away even if I wanted to. He

started moving my mouth over his cock and thrusting into my throat at the

same time. His cock started to swell in my mouth. He said "Take this you

cocksucker faggot" and the he came in buckets into my mouth. Jennifer was

right. Steve came in gobs and gobs. My mouth quickly filled with his hot

sticky spunk and then his cum began to seep out of both sides of my mouth.

Steve pulled his cock out of my mouth and sat down next to Jennifer.


"Now get over here pansy boy. Don't swallow. Put your mouth on my pussy

and use your tongue to stuff Steve's cum in. Now!" Sherry demanded.


As I crawled over to Sherry's spread legs and put my cum filled mouth down

to her pussy my cock was so hard I thought it was going to explode. My mind

kept racing out to provide that movie view that showed one woman watching

with amazement at what was going on, one man whose cock was soft and was

sitting down after just getting a blow job, one woman with her legs spread

demanding that her husband crawl over and use his own tongue to push hot cum

into her wet pussy while she verbally tormented him and humiliated him for

her pleasure. The mix of my emotions was incredible: rock hard excitement,

lustful subservience, and humiliation all at the same time. I loved it!


I used my hand to open Sherry's pussy wide and I could see how wet she was.

I bent down and opened my mouth to plant my lips on her lips and I could

feel Steve's cum start to spill from my mouth so I quickly started using my

tongue to mix his cum with Sherry's juices.


"That's right, push it in with your tongue, slut. Make sure you get it all

out of your mouth", Sherry demanded. Jennifer and Steve were watching with

smiles on their faces. "That's good enough pansy slave boy, now lie on your

back. good, what a great big hard on you have there. I bet you would like

to jerk off, wouldn't you?"


"yes", I said.


"Well, I think you could do that but you're going to have to do it our

`special way' for our friends, you know." she teased.


This got me even more excited since I knew how humiliating it would look.


"Crawl over to the wall and get in your `special position', cum slut."

Sherry ordered.


I crawled over to the nearest wall, laid on my back, and crawled my feet up

the wall until my ass was against the wall with my feet farther up the wall

and my cock was pointing down towards my face.


"I know you want to do this because you are just a horny little faggot, but

just to make it interesting, Steve is going to take pictures of you with

this Polaroid so you know that at any time we could pull these out and

remember just what a cocksucking little slave boy you really are!" They all

were laughing now. "Now, CUM!"


I reached up and began pumping my cock. Click. It wasn't going to take

very long at all. The flash from the camera blinded my eyes. Click.



"You're getting close, I can tell, now OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND TAKE YOUR OWN

LOAD!", Sherry yelled.


I felt myself starting to cum and I opened my mouth to catch my hot cream.

My cum shot down and landed on my nose and in my mouth and in my chin and on

my chest. Flash, flash, flash. I could feel my face getting red from



"Good boy. Oh, looks like you missed a spot. Its alright, I have some

right here." Sherry said and then she got up from the couch, squatted over

my cum covered face and said "Open wide, honey." Out of Sherry's pussy came

Steve's cum mixed with her cunt juices and plopped down onto my face.


"Oh, wow. Geez. Ugh" Jennifer and Steve were saying.


"See, you guys, Randy is just a slut for cum. Aren't you honey?" my wife



Click, flash.


They all left the room talking about me and laughing while I went into the

bathroom to take a long, hot shower.

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