Cuckold Punishment Chamber


Sometimes my husband can be a real pain in the ass! I allowed this to go on for

several years until I finally wised up. "Tom" was putting us in debt, drinking

too much and working way too much overtime. Our sex life was in need of some

serious help. I was at my wits' end.

Finally , my neighbors came over one morning after my husband went to work. They

told me that they had heard us arguing late at night and thought maybe I needed

a hand with things." What kind of hand?", I asked.

"The kind that is needed." they answered with grins across each of their

faces."We are a dominate couple who like to teach certain individuals lessons.

We like to put certain people in their places. We enjoy it. Let us help with

your problem. You will not be sorry!"

And so it started. That very night when Tom got home (late again), I told him we

were invited over to the neighbors house for a few drinks. He was delighted. He

said that the wife was hot. Little did he know that this night would change his

life forever! What a surprise this would be!


We walked over to the house next door and rang their doorbell. The husband,

Kenneth, answered the door."Come on in!", he said."Make yourselves at home." He

then walked us into the living room and offered us seats."Can I get you guys a

drink?" Of course Tom was more than willing. What Tom didn't know was that we

all knew he would accept a drink. And that we had a special drink made just for

him! This drink would knock Tom on his ass.

Of course, I'm sure you can imagine what happened next. Tom drank his drink &

WHAM...out like a light.

When he awoke, he was dressed in ladies' attire (pink garter, stockings and

matching pumps). Everything else was the same. No make-up or anything else. Oh,

did I mention he was tied up to a chair backwards with his legs and arms tied

securely to the chair legs? What a sight! He was writhing and trying to break

free of his newly found restraint. And of course he had allot of bitching to do.


But that didn't last very long.

  Kenneth laid into him with a closed fist right across the jaw."From now on, you

will address everyone here as Master or Mistress! You will only speak when

spoken too. If you cannot learn this the easy way, you WILL learn the HARD way!

With that, the wife, Juliet, came into the room with her hair tied up and

wearing a full, black, rubber outfit complete with a 10" black rubber cock."Do

you like treating women like dirt? Well we'll see about that. Tonight you will

learn the proper way to treat a woman!" Then she started wailing away at his ass

with a leather bullwhip. Time after time she beat him with it. There were red

lines all over his ass and back. I'm sure it hurt like hell.


After Tom repeatedly squealed and shifted his bound body for awhile, Kenneth

walked over in front of Tom and looked at me."Does Tom think that all women are

just good for is a piece of ass? I think he just wants to see how it feels.

Isn't that right Tom?" He then slapped Tom across the face again."I said, isn't

that right, Tom?" Tom just looked up at his new Master and shook his head yes.

"This is how it is going to be, Tom. You are going to let me stick my fat prick

in your mouth. Then you will use your mouth to give my cock pleasure. You WILL

make me rock-hard with your mouth. And you will love it too." Kenneth then

unzipped his pants and reached in and pulled out his 9" limp dick. He then

placed one hand on the back of Tom's head and pulled Tom's face into his

groin."Open wide cunt! You are about to drink some cum!" Tom hesitantly parted

his lips a little. But it was no matter. Kenneth didn't give his new bitch a

second to reconsider. In an instance, Tom was gagging on cock. "Mmmmpphh!!!", he

cried. Kenneth just got a big smile on his face. "Get it all in there cunt! You

are going to feel what it is like to be a piece of meat!

There was nothing that Tom could do..All tied up with a big man thrusting a

big-fucking cock in & out of his mouth! This was going to be the beginning to a

very beautiful friendship!!!


As Kenneth was force-feeding Tom his big dick, his wife walked over to join

him."You are such a fucked up piece of shit!" she yelled down to him."I think

you are in need of more than having to suck my husbands' dick! I think you

should lick my husband's ass!" And just like that, Kenneth pulled out his prick

and turned around."Stick your tongue out as far as it will go. I want you to

stick it up my husband's ass as far as you can. You will lick his his dung. You

will clean his entire rectum. Now DO IT !!"

Tom at this point was crying. But he did it. Such a sight to see your own

husbands head in the grips of a beautiful Mistress while a man was pulling apart

his ass-cheeks and pushing his dirt-hole on and off of his tongue. Kenneth

started to fart and the next thing I Knew, Tom's face was covered in SHIT!!!


"MMmmmmmmmmmmm....Aaaaaaaaahhhh....That was one of the best shits I have ever

taken! Do you like that Tom? You fucking shit whore. I have to take a piss now.

Open your fuck-mouth again 'cause you are about to drown in 6 gallons of the

nastiest piss you will ever taste!"

The first splash hit Tom square in the eye. Then Kenneth aimed his dick at Tom's

dick. He pissed all over his hands and high-heels. Then Kenneth proceeded to

hose Tom's entire body down."You are going to drink and swallow the rest!" he



The next scene is something I will never forget. Tom opened his mouth and once

again had the sensation of being face-stuffed-with-dick. But this time his

cheeks were swelling up as fast as he could swallow. He had tears in his eyes.

But he did as he was told. He didn't let a drop spill!

I happened to look down at his own small penis and he was hard as a rock !


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