My wedding night (cuckold, forced BI)



Kendra and i met at a social gathering and hit it off almost immediately. Within weeks, we were a serious couple. We had similar interests (though differing opinions) and really got along well with each other. In no time at all, we both knew we were falling in love. In spite of


Her great beauty, what i valued most were Her intelligence and Her sense of humor (often indicative of great intelligence.)

i'm sure my marriage proposal did not come as a complete surprise to Kendra. But Her response to me was certainly unexpected. She explained that She loved me dearly and would be very happy to marry me were it not for one problem. i asked Her to explain.

"Our sex life is not completely fullfilling for Me," She explained. This came as a shock to me as i (typical male) hadn't noticed any problems. "I mean I love it when you worship My Shrine and My Temple but I don't enjoy providing you with oral sex. And let's face it, your clit isn't enough to satisfy any woman.

"I never mentioned anything to you because in every other way our relationship is perfect. And as long as we weren't married, the situation wasn't permanent. Up to this point I've been faithful to you but I can't spend the rest of my life making love with a tiny clit like yours.

"If I agree to marry you, I insist on complete control of our sex life. That means, as payback for all the inadequate sex you've been providing me, I will no longer be a one man woman. I will sleep with whomever I desire, man or woman, You, on the other hand will do any and everything I desire, no matter how you feel about it. If you truly love me, you will prove it by accepting me as your Mistress and ruler of your sex life ?till death do us part. Agreed?"

What could i say? i loved Her and couldn't bear to be without Her. "Yes my love, i will do anything You ask of me."


"Well, then the answer is YES. I'd love to marry you. And until the day we are married, our sex life will be as it always has been. But remember, when we make our vows on the altar, you will be making a silent vow to obey Me in all sexual matters for the rest of your life. I will not back down on this. Refusal on your part, at any time, will result in divorce. Understood?"

"Yes my love."

Believe it or not, despite the conversation that had just transpired, i was on cloud nine ? i couldn't have been happier. Maybe this what I always wanted. Who knows?

What i do know is that for the term of our engagement, not another word was mentioned about our future sex life. As for our present sex life, i did my best to please Kendra but she was never overbearing or demeanding. She remained faithful to me and continued to allow me to make love to Her.

Two nights before our wedding (according to superstition, we would not see each other again until we met on the altar) Kendra reminded me of our agreement and asked if i still wished to comply.

"Yes, most certainly."

"Well then, tonight is the last time you will make love to Me for quite some time. In terms of your sexual activity, consider this our wedding night. But I will make it extra special for you if you agree to one additional condition."

"Of course my love, what is it?"

"Underneath your tuxedo, I want you to wear a pair of my leapord print panties and a pair of pink pantyhose. Can you handle that?"

"Of course."

And then we made love like never before. i'd like to think Kendra enjoyed it as well. If not from the physical stimulaiton then perhaps from the knowledge that She would henceforth and forever more, control when, if, and how i would achieve future orgasms.

The next day was a blur, running errands and tying up loose ends. i had our best man pick up our luggage and deliver it to our honeymoon suite so that we wouldn't have to bother with it on our wedding night. As for the wedding itself, it went off beautifully. When we got into the limo (we had our own limo all to ourselves) Kendra ordered me to kneel in front of her and pull down my pants.


"I'm glad to see you wearing your panties and pantyhose. Pull them down for me so I can install your chastity device. I got you a CB-2000 because it is all plastic ? you'll have no problem wearing it through the airport.


"Get used to wearing it. Aside from the times I grant you permission to ejaculate, it is to remain locked on you. How often it comes off depends on your behavior and my whim though I'm sure we can find time for you to release at least once on our honeymoon.

"But, while I'll be having multiple orgasms tonight, you will remained locked in your CB-2000. And you will obey every command I give you. Tonight is more than our first night of marriage ? it is a test to see if you are a man your word.

"Now open that bottle of champagne and let's celebrate"

And we drank our champagne as the limo whisked us to our reception. Just before we got there, Kendra asked me to give her my glass. Pulling her panties aside, she placed the glass below Her Temple and filled it with Her Golden Nectar.


As She handed me the glass She said:

"I'm sure you don't want your new Bride to use a cold, unsanitary, public restroom when she has her gallant personal urinal kneeling before her?"

"No Mistress, i'd be honored to serve you in this manner" and then i gulped down the heavenly beverage She had provided for me.

"Not so the future you will learn to savor My Nectar." And with that She spit into my mouth before we exited the limo.

After the reception, we went to the hotel. Our suite was on the 15th floor so we took the glass elevator. Once inside the glass vehicle, Mistress ordered me to kneel as she placed a collar around my neck and attached a leash to it. When the elevator doors opened Kendra pulled me along with the leash while i crawled on my hands and knees to keep up with her. When we got to our room, Kendra sat on my back and rode me like a pony as we crossed the threshold.


Once inside, Kendra ordered me to remove my shirt and my undershirt. Opening up her suitcase, She removed a black bra.

"Come over here" She ordered. i did as She said and suddenly i felt her putting the bra on me.

"OK, now put a white shirt on." You could clearly see the outline of the bra under my shirt.

"As you know, I'm going to have sex tonight. I've already chosen my lover. But I have two problems. First, he's going to want a blow job and you know how I hate to do that. And second, he wants to have anal sex, which I refuse to do. So I need your help.

"I want you to go to the bar and order a drink. When the waitress arrives with your drink, ask her where the men's room is. After she's left, take a coctail napkin and go to the men's room. Enter one of the stalls, closing (but not locking) the door behind you. Place your cocktail napkin so that it stradles the top of the door.

"The next man to enter that stall will be my lover. You are to gobble his clit until he shoots his gunk all over your face. Do not refuse this...I'm sure you don't want our marriage getting off on the wrong foot.

"I will be sitting at your table waiting for your return. You are to follow Dennis (my lover) out of the bathroom and return to your seat. Heaven help you if your face isn't covered in gunk. Do I make Myself understood?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Then get going."

And so, after having to endure the glares of all the patrons in the bar, especially the beautiful waitress who delivered my drink, i made my way to the Men's room. As instructed, i closed the stall door and placed my cocktail napkin on top of the door. i then sat down and waited for Mistress' lover to enter.

i tried to imagine whose clit i'd be sucking? Would i enjoy it, would he enjoy it. What would he taste like? Would i please My Mistress?

After several false alarms, the door to the stall opened. Mistress had chosen a young stud. Dennis couldn't have been more than 21 years old and had the looks of a classic mid western farm boy -- kind of wholesome. Until i noticed his skin tight jeans couldn't hide what looked to be a nine inch one eyed monster.

"I want you to know that I'm not gay. But I love to get my cock sucked and I can't wait to make love to your wife. Especially on your wedding night. Now get to work!"

i reached out and pulled him towards me. With a shaking hand, i unsnapped his jeans


and then i hesitated. This was a turning point. If i maintained my strict heterosexual orientation i would lose Kendra. She promised that She'd divorce me if i disobeyed me. As She also said, this was a test to see if i was a man of my word.

It really wasn't that difficult of a choice. Gobble another man's clit or lose all contact with the Woman i loved.

"What's the delay? I thought I gave you an order!"

As i opened my mouth to answer him, he shoved his mamoth clit into my mouth.


Suddenly i was filled with this massive shaft. i could feel his pulse on my tongue. It tasted wonderful and i loved the texture as it slid in and out of my mouth. Indeed i felt a sense of regret when he removed his clit from my mouth. But i knew what to do next to please my Mistress. i closed my mouth and moved my face into position to receive Kenneth's gunk.

Now i know what the expression "hot & heavy" means. i felt spurt after spurt hit my face, coating every square inch with Dennis' gunk.



Dennis waited in the men's room as i left to meet my Mistress. On the way to our table i ran into the waitress who had served me earlier. One glance at my face and her smile was soon replaced by a look of contempt and utter disgust. Mistress, on the other hand, had a very different reaction...She laughed.

"Looks like Dennis missed a spot," She said as She spat on my face, covering the one millimeter Dennis missed. "Now get up to the 15th floor and wait by the elevator for Ken and I to return. I expect to see Dennis' gift hardening on your face the next time we meet."

"Yes Mistress."

And so i waited by the elevator for over an hour. Finally my Mistress and her Lover emerged from the elevator.

"Follow us on your hands and knees, slave."

When they got to the door, they held each other in a deep embrace and kissed deeply.



Mistress broke the embrace to issue an order.

"Get your head under My dress. you won't find any panties there. Instead, I want you to stick your tongue in My Shrine and keep it there." She then resumed Her passionate embrace.



Finally Mistress ordered me to remove my tongue and the three of us entered the suite. i was stripped, handcuffed and ordered to kneel by the side of the bed. The bed was not empty for long as Mistress and Her Lover soon were making love right before my eyes...what a lucky slave i was.


i also got to hear something i obviously had never heard before: the sounds of my Mistress' orgasm. These were sounds that i had been unable to elicit from Kendra. i truly felt a sense of sorrow that She had been denied such joy for so long. And i felt truly blessed that She still had married me. i would do anything for Her happiness.

Finally after an hour and at least 7 orgasms for Kendra, it came to an end. With my Mistress on top, Dennis finally ejaculated.


Kendra rolled over onto Her back and ordered Dennis to release me so that i could clean his clit.

After a few minutes of this Mistress noticed that Her Lover was once again erect.

"slave, kneel between legs and clean My Temple. I want it to be gunk free. As a reward, I'm going to allow Dennis to rape your skankhole."

"Thank you Mistress," as i began to extract another man's gunk from my Wife's Temple. i wouldn't rest until She was clean and i could once again taste Her lovely ambrosia.


Meanwhile Dennis was ramming his clit into my skankhole. It hurt like hell but once it was in, my body adjusted to it and i began to love it. i had never felt anything so great as this.

Alas it was over all to soon. Just as i had removed the last vesitges of Dennis' gunk from Kendra's temple, i felt spurt after spurt of Dennis' gunk shooting into my skankhole. It felt wonderful and i was truly sorry when he removed his clit from inside of me.


Dennis had to leave but Mistress told me to stay on the bed, lying on my stomach with my head in a pillow. She got up to walk Dennis to the door and give him a good night kiss.

After the door closed, i heard Kendra rummaging around in one of her suitcases.

"Get up on all fours, spread your legs and face the wall slave. And not one word from your mouth."

Mistress then got up on the bed behind me. Soon i felt something poking my skankhole...She was wearing a strap on and She began to rape me. Every so often She would withdraw and have me lick Dennis' gunk off her strap on. When She tired, She simply collapsed on top of me with the strap on still inside of me. As i drifted off to sleep, i reflected on my day. i realized how lucky i was...this was going to be a great marriage.



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