Miriam Humiliates Me


By WimpHub



My name is Cesar, I am 29 years old and I confess that I am a wimp. I have been

married to my lovely wife Miriam, who is also 29, for four years. She is small,

with long brown hair and a trim figure, and I love her more than anything.


When we were first married, we had sex very often and it was wonderful for me.

Unfortunately as time went on sex became more and more infrequent, as my wife

seemed to lose interest in it for some reason. It was because of this that I

began to get my stimulation from porn pictures on the Internet. I would find

pictures of gangbangs, imagining my wife was taking all those huge cocks and

loving every minute of it. It was that that led to my downfall, and the

miserable position I find myself in today.


It was one Sunday evening, when as usual I was searching for erotic pictures,

thinking Miriam had gone to bed. I had my dick in my hand as I studied a

particularly arousing picture, when I heard my wife's scornful voice behind me.


"You inadequate little pervert!" she screamed at me.


"So this is what you get up to when I am not around. Do you imagine it is me

getting fucked by all those cocks, while you are playing with your tiny dick?"


"I er," I stammered, shocked by her sudden appearance.


"Well pervert, do you?" she insisted.


"Yes," I admitted. "But it is only a fantasy honey. I love you so much, I could

not bear for it to happen in real life."


Miriam flounced off to bed, very angry. I followed soon after, and tried to

cuddle up to her to make things right. She pushed me away contemptuously;

saying she had no intention of having sex with someone who jerked off looking

at dirty pictures.


This went on for a couple of weeks, with Miriam barely speaking to me and

certainly there was no chance of my having sex with her.


It was extremely

frustrating for me in every way, and I did not feel any better when she invited

Luigi, an older friend of hers, over for dinner on Saturday.


Luigi is a handsome, well-built man who is a few years older than my

wife. I have never felt comfortable about having him around. I remember him

giving us a ride to our hotel on our wedding night, and Miriam rewarding him

with a big kiss, which made me very jealous. Apart from that, I could see the

way he looked at Miriam whenever they were together. I was sure that he would

love to fuck her if she gave him the chance. It was also clear that he felt I

was not good enough for her, and thought I was a wimp.


Anyway, dinner went reasonably well, and we all settled down in the lounge to

have a few drinks. After a while Miriam, who I could see was getting a little

tipsy, went over and sat close to Luigi and spoke to him.


"Do you know how my pervert husband gets his rocks off?" she began. "He looks

at pictures of women being fucked by well-endowed men, and imagines it is me!"


"Why?" laughed Luigi. "Does he have a tiny dick himself?"


"Well he says it is above average," she replied. "But I am not so sure."


"Want to see one to compare it with?" grinned her friend, pointing to his



"Why not," she laughed, beginning to pull down his zipper.


"No honey, please don't do that," I protested, amazed that she would think of

doing such a thing.


"Shut up pervert!" she spat at me, reaching in to pull out Luigi's cock.


When she released it, she gasped audibly and my mouth dropped open. It was the

longest, thickest cock I have ever seen.


"Oh my goodness!" Miriam squealed, as she automatically stroked the massive

weapon in her tiny hand.


"Why not see how it feels in your mouth?" suggested the smiling Luigi, his dick

now fully erect and stiff.


"Oh Luigi, it is beautiful," sighed my besotted wife, as she leaned over and

kissed the bulbous head of his cock a few times, before stretching her pretty

lips around it despite my urgent protests.


"Any time you want to try it out, let me know," laughed the big man.


"Oh baby, I want it now," my lust crazed wife insisted, kissing him

passionately while urgently stroking his dick. "Please take me upstairs and

fuck me now!"


They both stood up, and made to go upstairs. I stood up and insisted they stop

immediately. Luigi responded by smashing his fist into my stomach with great

force, causing me to drop to the floor. As I lay gasping for air, I could hear

Miriam giggling above me.


"Well," she laughed. "We have established who is the master in this house. Come

upstairs and join us pervert, when you have recovered!"


When I eventually staggered into the bedroom, the two of them were naked. They

were close together kissing passionately and caressing each other, with Luigi's

massive dick trapped between their bodies.


I pleaded with them once again to

stop, my jealousy making me feel sick, but Miriam just laughed at me. She

pulled away from the man, and lay on the bed with her legs spread wide.


"Get down here and use your tongue on my pussy," she ordered. "I am going to

need to be really wet to take that huge dick!"


Reluctantly, I got between Miriam's sexy legs and began to tongue her already

wet pussy.


All the time I was getting her ready for her new lover, she was

taunting me and calling me cuntlapper, saying that was all I was good for now.

After a few minutes, I felt Luigi's hand grabbing my hair and throwing me to

the floor. As I struggled to my feet, he was positioning the head of his dick

at the entrance to Miriam's tight pussy.


"Come and watch your wife being fucked properly for the first time," he

taunted, as he roughly shoved the whole of his dick into my wife, causing her

to cry out.



"Oh Luigi, that feels so good!" she gasped, as he stretched her to the limit.

"It is nice to have a real man inside me at last. That little prick barely

touched the sides! Fuck me hard baby, make a woman of me. Make me your woman!"


I stood helplessly by the bed, as I watched the fat dick slide in and out of

Miriam's pussy. She was crying out with the immense pleasure he was giving her,

calling out his name, and telling him he could fuck her any time he wanted to.

I felt tears welling up in my eyes, as she sobbed out that he was the best she

had ever had, and that she would never let her wimp husband have her again.

Finally, she let out a huge cry as a powerful orgasm hit her; just at the

moment Luigi moaned and emptied his balls into her belly.


They kissed and

caressed each other for some time as they calmed down, then Luigi got up.

Miriam just lay there, with her legs spread wide and a pool of white

accumulating at the entrance to her cunt, as Luigi's cum ran back down.


"I think your wife needs cleaning," laughed the man, as he roughly pushed

my head towards the gooey mess between Miriam's thighs.


"Yeah," agreed my wife. "Lick up the better man's cum from my pussy, and get

used to the taste. Cumsucking is going to become a big part of your life now

you can't have sex!"


With tears in my eyes, I began licking up the jism Miriam's new boyfriend had

forced into her.


They both laughed at me as I completed the humiliating task.

When Miriam was satisfied, she ordered me to kneel in front of Luigi.

"Thank my new man for making your wife so happy," she commanded. "Then suck his

cock clean."


"Please don't make me do that honey," I pleaded. "You know I am not gay."


"You may as well be," she retorted. "If I decide to stay with you, you will be

sucking lots of dicks!"


The implication that she may leave me sent a shiver down my spine. Quickly, and

with a feeling of nausea, I took Luigi's slimy dick into my mouth and began to



"That's it faggot," Luigi taunted. "Get another taste of your pretty wife's



"That is all you will get to do in future," Miriam added. "Just taste it. Your

cock has now become redundant!"


I finished cleaning the huge cock, and went to get up.


"Hey, don't stop sucking faggot," Luigi ordered. "I want to come in your sissy

white mouth."


"Yes come on cocksucker," my wife laughed. "Empty his balls again!"


I carried on sucking until I felt my mouth being filled with warm cum.




I gagged

as I struggled to swallow the salty liquid, which only made the two of them

laugh at me even more. When I had done, Miriam told me to spend the night in

the spare room, because she had not had nearly enough of her new boyfriend's

dick. I slept very little that night, being constantly woken by Miriam's loud

cries of pleasure, as she was fucked time after time.


When I came down next morning, Miriam was at the front door enthusiastically

kissing her new lover goodbye, and telling him she would see him soon. She was

dressed in the short, sexy black nightie I had bought for her recently. I went

into the kitchen to make coffee. My wife padded barefoot into the kitchen a

couple of minutes later.


"Honey, we need to talk," I said.


"We will talk faggot," she replied, lifting up her nightie and spreading her

legs. "When you have cleaned my pussy. Get on your knees."


Obediently I knelt down and began to lap her sticky, red raw pussy until she

was completely clean. Then she sat at the table, demanding I pour her some



"I can't believe what happened last night," I began. "It was so awful for me,

and I was so jealous."


"Good I'm glad," she replied cruelly. "You had an awful lot to be jealous



"Look," I went on. "I'm begging you not to let Luigi fuck you again."


"You had better leave me then," she answered matter of factly. "Because there

is no way I am going to stop taking Luigi's magnificent dick in my pussy, and

that is the end of it."


"But I couldn't leave," I whimpered. "Honey, I couldn't live without you."


"Then you had better get used to being a permanent cuckold," she informed me.

Because from now on other men will be getting your marital rights instead of



I was in a terrible state over the weekend after Miriam's cruel words, and had

a terrible day at work on the Monday, reliving what had happened. When I got

home that evening, Miriam was in the bath. She told me to wait for her naked in

the bedroom, and I rushed in and tore off my clothes, sure that my lovely wife

had had a change of heart.


She came into the room a short while later, completely naked and looking really

sexy. Miriam came over to me, put her arms round my neck and began kissing me

passionately, at the same time pressing her sexy body against me.


My cock rose

immediately, and I was hornier than I had been for a long time. Breaking off,

my wife whispered in my ear.


"Do you want me Cesar?" she breathed seductively.


"Oh yes," I replied. "I want you so badly."


With a laugh, Miriam pushed me away.


"Well it is not going to happen cocksucker," she informed me with great

delight. "I am going to Luigi's place tonight, so I have a real man with a real

man's cock waiting for me. In about half an hour, I will be sucking on that

magnificent dick and taking those manly balls into my mouth. After that, he

will fuck me at least four times, before sending me home to you full of his

cum. Soyouhad better wait up for me faggot, because I will have your supper

between my legs!"


With that she turned away happily and got dressed for her date, leaving me with

my frustrated dick waving in the air.


She had not returned by midnight, so I went to bed. I knew I would not be able

to sleep, so I just waited until I heard her return, miserably imagining what

she was doing with her lover. At almost one, I heard the front door open and

the sound of her footsteps on the stairs. She entered the room with a huge

smile on her face, looking rather disheveled. Looking at me seductively, she

slowly removed all her clothes revealing love bites all over her neck and



"Wifey needs cleaning," she smiled. "On your knees wimp."


I got down and began to perform the unpleasant duty of emptying her pussy of

another man's cum. Miriam spoke to me as I worked on her.



"Did you sit here imaging Luigi between my legs?" she asked with a laugh. "Did

you picture that huge dick pounding into your poor wife's tight pussy? He was

wonderful again tonight you know. He seems to last forever, and then before you

know it, he is ready to fuck again. He gave me a real going over, and he is

turning me into a cock hungry slut. Not for you of course darling, because you

just don't have the equipment. You will have to settle for lapping my juicy

cunt from now on."


When I had finished cleaning her, she made us get into bed naked together. Once

again she started kissing me and pressing her body against me. After she had me

hard and throbbing, she told me to go and sort out my erection in the bathroom.


Then laughing again, she turned over to go to sleep.


A few days later, Miriam advised me that Luigi had invited us both out to

dinner. I suspected this was so that they could both continue to torment and

humiliate me, and I was not wrong. As we prepared to dress, Miriam threw me a

T-shirt to wear, while she put on a similar one herself. I looked at the

writing on both. Hers said "Unfaithful Wife" and mine "Cuckold Wimp."


"I can't wear this," I protested.


"It is what you are," replied Miriam. "If you won't wear it, you may as well

pack your bags and get out."


"OK," I conceded unhappily. "I will wear it."


Miriam insisted we walk hand in hand to the restaurant, which was some way

away. We passed neighbors and other people we knew, and the T-shirts got a lot

of giggles and laughs. Miriam thought it hilarious, while I walked with my head

down and my face red.


Similar smirks and giggles could be heard as we entered the restaurant. These

increased when my wife went over to Luigi who was waiting for us, kissed him

warmly and sat next to him, while I was made to sit opposite. When the waitress

came to take our order, she was highly amused at the situation.


"Looking at the two of them, I reckon you have done the right thing," she



"That's right," agreed Miriam in a loud voice. "Why settle for a tiny dick when

you have found a big one?" Everyone in earshot laughed out loud at that remark.


Throughout the meal I was forced to watch the two of them kissing and caressing

each other, and talking about what they planned to do later. At one point,

Miriam noticed my miserable expression.


"Don't worry darling," she said, again in a loud voice. "You will get to kiss

Luigi's dick and suck my pussy when we get home!" More laughter could be heard

from the tables all around us.


When we got back home, I was made to get drinks for all of us, while Miriam and

Luigi cuddled up on the sofa. After a while, my wife decided we should all get

undressed. After kneeling before them, and getting him hard and her wet, Miriam

told me to lie on my back on the floor. She then straddled my face, so that I

would get a close up view of Luigi's dick entering her pussy.


Then after a

loud, strenuous bout of fucking, I had to open my mouth so that Luigi's cum

could drip from Miriam's pussy into my mouth. When I had performed the usual

clean up job on them both; they went up to my bed to continue their fun,

leaving me close to tears with jealousy and extreme frustration.


A couple of days after this, I met up with my friend Oscar. He is a good

looking, big rough man who I have known for some time, and who gets on very

well with my wife.

On this occasion, after several drinks I made the mistake of

confiding in him exactly what was going on at home. I told him about the

cuckolding, the cocksucking, the cumsucking, everything.


Oscar seemed very interested, and sympathetic. Plying me with more drinks, he

asked me more and more questions. By the end of the evening, I was pretty

unsteady on my feet and Oscar offered to walk me home. We entered the house to

find Miriam curled up on the sofa in her light summer dress. Luigi had been

away for a few days, so I knew she was pretty horny. She smiled when she saw

Oscar, and immediately offered him a drink.


The two of them chatted for a while about mundane things, and then Oscar

brought up the subject of my cuckolding.


"I hear you have a new boyfriend Miriam," he began.


"That's right," she laughed. "For the first time since I got married, I am

enjoying sex!" Oscar laughed too.


"So you are into big cocks now then?" he asked.


"Absolutely," Miriam confirmed. "I am finished with putting up with pencil

dicks." Oscar sat next to her.


"Well a few people have told me mine is pretty impressive," he ventured.


"Is that so?" smiled Miriam, as she stroked his crotch.


"Oscar!" I called out in my drunken haze. "You are my best friend!"


"There is no such thing as friendship when it comes to pussy," he replied.

"Right honey?"


"Oh yes," agreed Miriam. "So, are you going to show me what you have got Oscar?"


Oscar stood up, pulled down his pants and underwear revealing a cock not quite

as big as Luigi's, but damn close. Miriam stroked it gently until it was hard,

and was clearly impressed. She got Oscar to sit back on the sofa.


"Get over here faggot," she ordered. "Get your friend nice and ready for me, I

will be back in a minute."


"No please," I protested.


"Better do it cocksucker," Oscar said menacingly, so I took his dick in my hand

and began to suck.


Miriam came down a little later in her nightie. She began kissing my friend

with real passion as I continued to stimulate him with my mouth.


After a while,

Miriam pulled my head back roughly, and had me make her pussy wet with my

mouth. Then, straddling Oscar's legs but still facing me, she took hold of his

stiff wet dick and lowered herself on to it.


"Oh that is a lovely dick Oscar," she squealed, as he was embedded deep inside

her. "Tell Oscar he has a lovely dick wimp."


"You have a lovely dick Oscar," I repeated, and they both laughed scornfully at



"Now come and lick his balls," my wife insisted, and I obediently started to

lap Oscar's nuts.



"That's it faggot," she said. "All the lovely cum resting in those balls will

soon be shooting deep into your wife's belly. Ask Oscar to fill me with cum



"Please fill Miriam with cum Oscar," I said pathetically. "She will love that."

They both laughed uproariously again, and Oscar said "No problem".


Miriam was soon bouncing up and down on my best friend's dick, swearing and

shouting as her orgasm approached. After they had both come, Miriam got off and

Oscar stood up.


"I guess you know what happens now!" he laughed, as he forced his slimy,

softening cock into my mouth.



When I had cleaned them both, Miriam told Oscar she had not had nearly enough

of him, and asked him to stay the night. He of course happily agreed, and I was

once again banished to the spare room for the night.


Once Miriam had had Oscar, she wanted more. Soon both men were fucking her

regularly, often together, as the three of them became pretty close. I remember

one particular evening returning home to find the three of them naked in our

lounge. Luigi was on his back, his black dick plugging Miriam's pussy, while

Oscar was behind ramming his dick into my wife's ass.


I will never forget her

loud cries at the intense pleasure those two huge dicks were giving her. I

decided the only way I would have any chance of getting back into my own wife's

pussy was to take her on holiday, away from the two studs.


I was delighted when Miriam agreed, even though she insisted on two weeks on a

Caribbean Island. I found the money somehow, and we were soon on the plane,

just the two of us. We arrived at our hotel very late, and slept until

mid-morning the next day. I rose first and showered, with Miriam following a

little later. When she returned to the bedroom, I saw she was wearing a very

small, very sexy bikini. She looked absolutely stunning.


"Is that for me?" I asked hopefully.


"Don't be silly cocksucker," she sneered. "I intend to get fucked every day

while we are here, preferably by big black men, but certainly not by you. I

think I have a good chance, don't you?" Looking at her amazing body, I could

only agree.


"By the way," she added. "I have had a few new T shirts made for you. Put this

on." She threw a white shirt at me.


When I looked, I sure it bore the words "Faggot Cocksucker". I was of course

hugely embarrassed to put it on, but by this time I knew better than to argue

with Miriam.


We made our way to the beach, and Miriam told me to get us a drink from the

bar. It was a little way away, and I had a wait to get served when I got there.

By the time I returned, Miriam was surrounded by five black guys of around 20,

and they were all laughing and joking. I went over and handed my wife her drink.


"Who the fuck is this?" asked the tallest and best looking of the guys, who I

found was called Lance, as he looked at my shirt.


"I'm afraid this wimp is my husband," laughed Miriam.


"Is he really a cocksucker?" asked the young man.


"I have made him one," explained my wife. "He has to do what he is told." All

the guys laughed at the pussy-whipped wimp in front of them.


"Maybe I should get him to suck you off," Miriam went on, looking at him

lustfully. "It would give me the chance to get a look at it!"


"Sure why not?" grinned Lance, pushing his shorts to his ankles. Miriam's eyes

lit up as he revealed a dick which was if anything a little bigger than Luigi's.


"On your knees then White boy," the cocky young man ordered, and when I did not

comply immediately two of his friends grabbed my arms and forced me to the



As I sucked the man who was obviously going to be my wife's next conquest, she

began to kiss him, much to his delight.


"Do you want to come in his mouth?" Miriam asked him after a while.


"I would rather save it for your pussy," he grinned.


"Sounds good to me," laughed my wife. "He can look after your friends while we

go to your place.


As the two of them walked off hand in hand, the four other guys stood round me

in a circle and dropped their shorts, awaiting the attention of my mouth. Half

way through sucking off the first one, a group of young local girls stopped by

to watch.


"Found yourselves a white faggot eh boys?" laughed one of them.


"That's right," said the guy I was sucking.


"Why isn't Lance joining in?" the girl asked.


"Because he has taken his wife away for a good fucking," the guy responded, and

all the girls dissolved into a fit of laughter.


"Well, have fun," said the girl, as they all walked away laughing and joking

about the white cocksucker.


I met up with Miriam at the hotel later, where she told me the tale of how

beautifully she had been fucked, and how Lance would be her boyfriend and lover

for the duration of the holiday. I realized then that I was further away from

getting between my wife's thighs than ever.


The next night, Lance joined us for dinner, at Miriam's request. Afterwards,

they decided to walk me back to the hotel, on the way to Lance's place for a

full night of fucking. Halfway there we stopped at a large tree. Lance lifted

Miriam's dress and pulled down her panties. She stepped out of them, and Lance

forced the soiled garment into my mouth. He then made me watch while he fucked

Miriam vigorously up against the tree. When he had done, he took the panties

from my mouth, wiped Miriam's pussy and his dick, and then pushed the panties

back into my mouth. I was not allowed to remove them until I got to the hotel



This set the pattern for the rest of the week, with Lance taking Miriam away

from me any time he wanted to. On the last night, He came to the table where we

were having a drink, and kissed Miriam warmly.


"Listen," he said to her. "My four friends are a little upset that they have

not had the chance to have such a beautiful white woman. They have me to see if

you would be up for a gang bang on your last night."


"That sounds great!" Miriam replied enthusiastically. "We can take the wimp

along to get all the boys ready, and clean us all up."


I was dragged along to Lance's place where the other four guys were waiting.

Without waiting, everyone including me stripped off and Miriam lay on one of

the two beds in the room. I was made to lick her pussy until she was very wet,

and then prepare Lance's cock for her.


He then proceeded to fuck Miriam, and

his announcement that he was about to come was my cue to prepare the next boy's

cock for her.


When Lance withdrew, I sucked Miriam clean for the next boy, and as he entered

my wife I cleaned up Lance. This pattern continued until everyone was too tired

to continue. Miriam had a fabulous time, and was extremely noisy in her

enjoyment of all the young black cocks. At about three in the morning, we all

settled down for a few hours sleep.


At about seven in the morning, it started again, with each of the five guys

fucking my wife once more. This time however, each of them pulled out before

ejaculating, and came all over Miriam's face. By the time they had all

finished, her face was covered in black jism.


After kissing all the guys goodbye and thanking them for a great night, Miriam

threw another new T-shirt for me towear at me. This one said "My wife loves

black cum", and I was made to walk hand in hand with her as we walked back to

the hotel with her face still smeared with sperm. Guests and hotel staff alike

laughed at me as they saw what had obviously been going on. It was the most

embarrassing moment for me up to that point.


But there were many more embarrassing and humiliating moments to come for me in

my future life as a celibate cuckold.

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