My wife and I have had a rather strange relationship for the past three out of four years of marriage. She's very attractive, in fact built like the proverbial brick house. She's 5'6" tall, 128 lb. with firm breasts to drool over (40DD), narrow waist and flat stomach, and a wonderful round ass. She has long, kinky-curled brown hair and smooth, fair skin, too. Dynamite. So, obviously, her looks aren't the problem. I am. I've been so caught up in work - 60 to 70 hours a week - that, after our first year of marriage, I really began ignoring her. The truth is, if we've had sex a half dozen times in the past three years, that's a lot.

I guess the other thing I need to mention is that I've always been a submissive. I had never told her that, and she really didn't have any dominant tendencies, so our love making was always rather weak and ineffectual. We got married because we had so many other interests in common, and, I guess, she thought that she could turn me on enough sexually to be able to satisfy her lust. She had always been very active sexually before we had met, she told me.


Well, anyway, in the past year, our relationship really began falling apart. She was often out with her friends, so she said, though I began to suspect she was having an affair. It really hurt me to think so, but, who could blame her? I sure wasn't giving it to her. Well, things really changed big time two months later.

My wife, Angela, manages a health club and often would bring home one or more of her co-workers for cocktails on a Friday or Saturday night. This one particular Friday night, she brought over a new employee around 8:30 or so in the evening. I had just gotten home from my office and was taking off my tie when I heard her enter. I went back downstairs to say hello. She was just entering the living room with her employee, a large, very muscular male. "Hello, John. Meet Will. He started at the club last week," she said. I replied to Will that it was nice to meet him. He ignored my outstretched hand and just kind of stared at me. A little flustered, I mumbled something about just getting home and wanting to finish changing and made my way back upstairs.


While I was changing, I could hear ice tinkling in glasses and the musical laughter of my wife and the low rumbling chuckle of Will. I put on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt and went back downstairs. I entered the living room to find Will and Angela sitting side by side on the couch. Will had an arm around her shoulders, and she was caressing the inside of his thigh with one hand and a drink in the other. Both were breathing a little heavy and obviously getting turned on. I felt my face getting red and felt a gut-wrenching hurt inside my stomach. I was about to explode, like a good husband in this position should, when Angela spoke: "Get in here, John! Sit down on the floor next to my feet. That's a good boy," she sneered. I had never heard her like this. I obeyed, more from shock than submissiveness. Again, I was about to speak up, when Will said, "Hey, wimp! Your wife and I have been talking about you all week. She says you can't get it up. That true, wimp?" "Well, ah, n-no," I stammered. "It's just that..." "Shut up, wimp!" Will growled. "You're a loser, boy. You got a wife who's a real fine piece of ass, and you can't even fuck her. What a loser!" he laughed. I started to speak again, but Will interrupted, "I said 'Shut up', boy! Angela and I decided she needs a real man around the house, not a wimpy boy like you. So, since I need a place to stay, I'm moving in here! Understand?" "N-now, wait a m-minute," I mumbled. But Angela interjected, "Shut up, John. What Will says is right. I'm sick and tired of your wimpy-ass, little boy submissiveness. I know you need domination. I've known it all along.


Well, now you're going to get it. >From Will!" I started to stand up, but Will jumped up and knocked me back down to the floor. Then he ordered me to strip. Again, I started to protest, so he flipped me over onto my back and sat on me, pinning my arms to my side. He told Angela to remove my pants, which she promptly did. Then, he flipped me back over, sat on my naked ass and tore my shirt off me, so I was now completely naked in front of them. And... I had a hard-on! I couldn't believe it. Will got off me and ordered me to stand up. I did, with my little hard-on standing straight

out. When he and Angela saw it, they both started laughing. "Look at that little prick," Will chuckled. "Man, I order him around, and he gets a hard-on." Angela was standing slightly behind and to the left of Will as they laughed at me, pressing her ample right breast against his muscular back. "Now, get on your knees, little boy," he demanded. I knelt in front of them, eyes downcast from humiliation.


"Okay, you little turd. Beg me to fuck this beautiful white wife of yours," he sneered. I thought I would cry. I know I hadn't been giving her any, but I couldn't bare the thought of someone else fucking her. I couldn't get my lips to move. Will bent over and slapped me across my face, hard. Tears did spring to my eyes then. "P-p-please, S-Sir," I whispered. "P-please f-f-fuck m-my w-wife." And, with that, I started to cry for real. The tears just began streaming down my face, and I sobbed with shame. But, my little cock was still hard. Angela and Will began laughing uproariously. Still standing behind him, Angela ran her left hand over his chest, down his stomach and then started to caress the huge, hard mound in the front of his pants. Will pulled away from her and removed his shirt, revealing a well-built chest. He turned to face her, wrapped his massive arms around her and kissed her, her mouth opening under his, their tongues intertwining before their lips touched. Carefully, he removed her shirt while they still kissed, showing a bra straining from her immense, firm breasts. Again, he pulled her to him, smashing her tits against his chest as they continued to kiss. Then they separated, and Will looked back at me. "Take my pants off, turd," he ordered. I reached up and unbuckled his belt. Then I unzipped his pants over his rock-hard organ. I unbuttoned the pants and pulled them down, helping him to step out of them. I also removed his socks at his further order. He now stood there, with massive muscular thighs glistening and an enormous cock barely contained by his briefs.


While I had been taking Wills pants off, Angela had taken hers off also, standing there in bra and bikini panties. What an incredible body she had. She could easily have modeled for Playboy. Will again turned to her and took her into his arms, pulling her against his body. She had both arms around his neck as his tongue probed deep into her mouth, and she ground her pussy against his rod. He held her by those wonderful, round ass cheeks, humping her at the same time. Finally, they came up for air. He reached behind her back and unfastened her bra.


She shrugged her shoulders and it fell off, revealing those 40DD tits with the large, hard nipples and very large, brown aureoles surrounding them. Will lifted one heavily and caressed the nipple with his tongue before sucking on it. Angela groaned in delight. Then he concentrated on the other. Next, he again turned to me. "All right, fuck face. Take your wife's panties off. But use only your lips, understand?", he said. "Y-yes, S-Sir," I stammered. I crawled over to Angela and put my face in front of her crotch. I took the waistband of her panties right over her pussy between my lips and tugged down a little. Then I moved around to her side and repeated the action. Once again, just over the crack of her behind. And so on, pulling her panties down a little at a time until I finally had them off. Of course, this proved a great amusement to the two of them. And I knew what was next. Will ordered me to remove his briefs in the same way. Again, I started in front, pulling the underwear out and over the tip of his immense organ. Then I repeated the actions, going in circles around him, until I had his briefs off. He stood there now, this massive meat sticking straight out. His prick was probably 11 inches long and maybe a circumference of equal measurement. He was huge! And now, he again pulled my wife to him. His rod pressed against her flat, white stomach. Her big tits squashed against his chest. His hands stroked her beautiful ass while they kissed. Then he brought her down to the couch, where they sat side by side. "Eat your wife's pussy, boy! Make her good and wet for me," Will demanded. I knelt in front of Angela and began to lick her pussy. I parted her lips with my finger tips, then caressed her clit with the tip of my tongue. I continued lapping, while she moaned.


They continued kissing as if I wasn't there, Will's big hands playing with my wife's tits and nipples. Finally, she was wet enough, Will judged. "Now do the same to me," he ordered. I almost cried again. I had never had a man's cock in my mouth, let alone the big one of the man who was about to fuck my wife. "Do it!" he shouted. I licked the baseball bat, running my tongue over the head. Then, I opened my mouth wide and took the tip into it. I rode my head up and down on his cock, faster and faster. My own pathetic cock remained hard while all this was going on. Again, he stopped me. Will then readjusted Angela on the couch, so she was on her back, legs spread wide, her pussy open for him. He got between her legs, his prick throbbing above her pussy, then slowly entered her. He slid the log all the way in, making


Angela cry out. He lifted his muscular ass up, then plunged into her again... and again... and again. Angela was gasping, crying out, her nails digging into his back. Then Will spread his legs wide as he fucked my wife. "Stick your head back there, boy! I want you to lick your wife's asshole while I fuck her!" he yelled. I got behind them and watched for a second as

his telephone pole plunged ever deeper into my wife's white pussy. Then I got down and started to tongue her asshole. The gleaming black rod was right before my eyes, fucking my wife while she moaned and screamed. "OH-H-H-H-H! Y-Y-Y-Y-YES-S-S-S-S-S! OH, FUCK ME WILL! FUUUUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!" she screamed while they fucked faster and faster, Will diving deep inside of my wife, both panting, shouting, screaming then, cumming together, Wills ass jerking as he filled my wife's

pussy with gobs of cum. Will collapsed on top of Angela and they lay there that way for several minutes before he pulled his softening prick out of her. They sat up, holding each other tightly. Angela said, "That was the best fuck I have ever had in my life. I could get used to that every day, Will." Will smiled and said, "Well, I am moving in, remember?" And they both chuckled. Then Will looked at me and said, "Clean us off, boy." I licked the cum out of Angela's pussy, making her cum again as I did. Then I applied myself to Wills cock, making it hard again as I licked my wife's pussy juices mixed with his cum off of his shaft. Suddenly,


Will grabbed my head and drove his prick deep into my mouth. He pumped my head up and down while Angela giggled, until copious amounts of hot cum spurted deep into my throat. It seemed like it must have been a gallon of cum, and it squirted out

the sides of my mouth to dribble down my chin. Finally, Will removed his prick from my mouth. "Well, boy, from now on, your wife is my woman. I'm going to fuck her whenever and wherever I want, understand? And I'm taking over your bed. You will sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed. Now, thank me for fucking your wife!" "Thank you for fucking my wife, Sir," I said. "I hope you will fuck her often." And that's how it all started. Will lives here now and my life is quite different.


In the first part of the story, I told about my wife, Angela and I, apparently normal, white middle class Americans, and how our sex life hadn't been too great - well, actually non-existent, according to Angela - and how she met this incredibly built guy at the health club she manages. She hired him, actually. Then he moved into our house, making me watch while he fucked her. He took over my house, my bed, and my wife. This is the continuation of the story. Well, as I mentioned last time, my life has certainly changed since Will moved in.


While my wife, Angela, was his boss at the health club, make no mistake about it, Will was the boss at home. And, while I continued to work at my job, when I came home I was their servant. I was kept naked at all times and had to wait on them, hand, foot and mouth. At night, I slept in a sleeping bag on the floor at the foot of what was once my bed -Angela's and mine, actually - listening to Will fuck my wife with that huge prick of his, while she moaned and screamed and yelled out Wills name, not mine. One night, while lying in bed, I heard Angela murmur, "I think I'm falling in love with you, Will." There I was, in my sleeping bag, listening to my wife tell this stud that she loved him. I was so humiliated, I started to cry.


Then Angela called me to her. I thought maybe she was going to say she was sorry, but, instead, she said, "Take off your wedding ring, shithead. Now, place it on Will's finger." I was shocked but I did as I was told. I knew I would be punished if I didn't. While putting my wedding ring on Will's finger, I had to say, "Please Sir, take my wife for your wife. And please fuck my wife, Sir." Then they fucked, giggling like newlyweds all the time. I was mortified, not only by their actions but by what I had become. Here I was, telling this man to take my wife as if she were his and to then fuck her. What had I become? They took showers together, and I had to kneel in the tub, washing them while they kissed and sometimes even fucked right in front of my face. Then I had to towel them off and dress them. Sometimes, I'd be home, naked and alone, cleaning house or cooking when Angela would come in by herself. At first, I thought I'd have a chance to spend some private time with her, maybe like old times, but, I was wrong. Instead, she either made fun of me or kept talking about Will, how good looking he was, what a good fuck he was, how masculine he was, and on and on. At other times, Will would come in when I was home alone. More than just make fun of me, he would abuse me.


Sometimes he would take a belt to my ass and whip it, just for the fun of it. Other times, he would bend me over a chair and fuck me in the ass with that massive cock,

or make me kneel in front of him and take his load down my throat. So, anyway, that's the way things have been since he took over my life. What I wanted to tell you about today was a party that took place last week at our house. Will and Angela told me on Friday that there was going to be a party on Saturday night. They made up a shopping list and sent me out to the grocery store to get the food and drink.


On Saturday, naked as usual, I spent the day cleaning house and preparing snacks for the party. Around 4, I got in the tub with Will and Angela and washed them both, paying especially good attention to her pussy and his cock. I toweled them off then helped them dress. Angela, after lightly misting her pussy with perfume, was dressed in a pair of pink bikini panties with matching bra, an incredibly minuscule white skirt which showed her navel and barely covered the bottom of her wonderfully round ass cheeks, and a tiny white halter top which showed lots of cleavage from those 40DD tits of hers. Then I put her pink shoes with 6 inch stiletto heels on her, and she was ready to party. I still had no idea who was coming. I was pretty nervous about this. In the two months since Will had moved in, while neighbors may have wondered about this guy staying with us, no one had yet seen us in the new relationship. Tonight was to be the first time my subservience would be seen by others. It was also the first time that whoever was coming over would see that my wife was being kept by a man, and I was helpless to do anything about it. Also, I was ordered to remain naked all evening, even to the point of answering the door nude. If my neighbors were the ones coming over, they were in for at least as big a shock as I was in for a big humiliation.


Well, by 7:00, the house was clean, Will and Angela dressed, food and drink were ready, and I, naked and ashamed, was answering the first ring of the doorbell. There was a big shock, all right, but it was mine. At the door was a gang of men, ten of them in fact, all athletes by their looks. They looked at me, standing there naked with my little prick drooping, and all started to laugh. Then they just brushed in past me to be greeted by Will, who introduced Angela to them all. I did all I could to catch my breath, lock the door, and start to serve them drinks and snacks. Soon the party was hopping, and so was I. I carried round after round of drinks around on a tray, feeling the humiliation of having my butt slapped or pinched or my balls or penis pulled by these loud, unruly men. I had to call each of them "Sir" and kneel in front of them as I served them. Meanwhile, my wife was laughing and flirting with the different men while Will occasionally squeezed her tits or ass. Soon, everyone but me seemed to be a little buzzed from the drinking. That's when the real action started. The first thing that happened occurred when Will came over to me, made me put down my tray, then sat down in a chair and dragged me across his lap. The next thing I knew, Will was

spanking the hell out of my ass with his big black hand. SLAP! SMACK! SLAP! "OW! PLEAAAASSSSEEE, NOOOO!" The loud slaps and my howls of pain and embarrassment quieted the crowd, who all looked at me to see what was going on. I could see my wife, nestled on the couch between two men, one with his hand up her crotch, laughing at me as she made out with the other man. Will kept pounding my ass until I actually started to cry.


Suddenly, all of the men wanted a piece of this. I was passed around like a sack of potato chips from one lap to another until almost all the

men had spent some time severely whacking my burning behind. Every one had a wonderful time - except me. I was bawling by the time it ended, my ass on fire, while everyone made fun of me and my tiny hard on. Then Will stood up and beckoned to Angela. "Put on some slow music," he ordered her. She put a tape on the stereo and came back to Will. Suddenly everyone was quiet. "Now, woman, strip to the music!" Angela grinned at Will and begin a slow strip tease, to the delight of the other ten men.


The room was no longer silent, filled instead with hoots and hollers from the panting men with large bulges in their pants. Angela slowly bumped and ground, or whatever strippers do, first removing her halter top to reveal her pink, skimpy bra barely covering her massive tits.


Then she slid out of the mini-skirt, showing her bikini panties which hardly covered anything. Next, she reached behind her and unbuckled her bra, arching her back to make her breasts stand out even further. Then she pulled the bra off, revealing her beautiful tits to the men. Still dancing, her unfettered breasts bouncing in time, she pulled her panties over her ass and seductively slid them down her thighs, finally kicking them off to one of the men watching.


She now danced nude, except for her high heels, around the room, teasing everyone but me with her tits and pussy. Will told her to lay down on the rug. She did, lying down in the center of the floor on her back, those big tits flattening out across her chest, legs spread with knees raised and feet on the floor. Her pussy lips separated invitingly. Will took off all of his clothes, revealing that 11" long and 11" around telephone pole of his. He knelt down between my wife's legs, his prick thumping her pussy. Angela was panting, horny as hell. Will stuck the head of his penis between her pussy lips, then slowly

teased her with tiny pushes in. Suddenly, he rammed all 11" inches into her cunt. Angela moaned loudly, lifting her hips to meet Wills powerful thrusts. Will grabbed her ass cheeks, then lay down on her, her huge white tits crushed against his black, muscular chest. All the other men were staring wide eyed, with large mounds visible in their pants. Will spread his legs wide while he continued to fuck my wife, giving everyone a good view of his prick going in and out of my wife's pussy. "Hey, turd," Will shouted to me. "Get between my legs and lick your wife's pussy juices off of my cock and balls while I fuck her!" he ordered. Tears welled up in my eyes again as all the men started to laugh and make fun of me. But, I knelt down behind Will and started to lap at his massive cock and balls with my tongue. His cock was plunging in and out of my wife's pussy right in front of my nose, while I was forced to lick his prick. I was so humiliated! The plunging became faster and faster. "OHHHH," Angela moaned. "FUCK ME, WILL! GOD, YOUR SUCH A GOOD FUCK. AHHHH. OHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSS!" Suddenly, she screamed at the same time that Will yelled out loud, "FUCK ME, BITCH, FUCK ME. DRAIN MY COCK DRY!" His ass was pumping hard and fast into her, while I frantically tried to keep licking the cum and pussy juices from his pumping prick.


Finally, he jerked hard into Angela and held his prick in her while I sucked his balls, encouraging the rest of his cum to jet deep inside of my wife. Angela was panting hard, moaning, "God, you are the best fuck in the world, Will!" All the other men started laughing and applauding Will, saying, "All right!" and other such things to him. Will pulled his shrinking penis out of Angela's pussy and flipped over onto his back to lay alongside her. They kissed, and he fondled her tits. Then he looked at me, still on my hands and knees between Angela's legs, my face smeared with cum, and said, "You know what to do, fuck face!" My face must have turned bright red, for everyone laughed again. I then repeated the mandatory line, "Thank you, Sir, for fucking my wife," which further cracked up the crowd. Then Will got up and grabbed me by my penis and dragged me back to the straight backed chair he had spanked me on. I thought another punishment was coming, but it was different from the first. This one was mental.


Will made me sit, which hurt like hell on my still tortured behind. Then he pulled out a hank of rope from a nearby drawer and proceeded to tie me to the chair. My legs were tied to the front chair legs. My arms were pulled behind me and the wrists tied together. Then, rope was tied around my waist, so I couldn't stand up. I was pretty

scared, not knowing what to expect. In the meantime, Angela, all sweaty with juices dripping from the hair on her crotch, got up and sat on one of the men's laps and

started to deep kiss him. All hell broke out, as men jumped up and started stripping, too horny to stand it any longer. Soon, there were eleven naked men, including Will, all muscular with huge, throbbing cocks standing about, pawing at my naked wife. Now, Angela was down on the floor on all fours, a prick entering her mouth and another her pussy. The guy in her mouth came, pumping cum down her throat, but lots of it oozed out the side of her mouth, down her chin and over her ample breasts. When the other came in her pussy, Will had several of them carry Angela over to me, held her pussy in front of my face and ordered me to clean the cum out of her.



 While I licked the white gobs out of her cunt, I could see her laughing at me as she ran her tongue around her lips, picking up the cum she could reach and swallowing it. Next, one man lay down on his back on the floor. Angela impaled herself on him, while

another entered her mouth and a third straddled the first man to enter her ass. She was being fucked in all three holes at the same time. The men rode her hard, shouting as they came, squirting cum deep inside her. And, again, what dribbled out, I had to clean up. This continued on and on as all the men fucked my wife's three holes over and over. While it was going on, first one, then a line of men came over to me and forced their massive pricks into my mouth. I sucked off eight of them that night. My

mouth ached, and my face and chest were covered in cum. While I was sucking the men, I could hear the screams of pleasure coming from Angela as she was fucked over and over.


Finally, it was finished. All the men had cum at least four or five times each. Angela was cum covered. I was cum covered. Everyone was exhausted. But, it wasn't over for me. Will untied me then made me kneel in the center of the room. He made me say, "Thank you all for fucking my wife and making me lick your cum out of her. Thank you for making me blow you, too." Then Will made me do a shoulder stand. While two men held me by my legs over head, Angela knelt next to me and stroked my little cock, making it hard then, finally, making me cum onto my own face. Will forced my mouth open so my cum fell into it. Needless to say, everyone thought this was hilarious. When all the men finally left, I was ordered to the tub to clean both of them off before being allowed back into my sleeping bag at the foot of the bed that Will and my wife shared.


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