My wife was out of town visiting her mother. She was not due

back for several days, so I thought.


Not expecting her for several days, I had taken to being in

full drag while around the house, both day and night. At night I

would go to bed with my wig and full makeup still on; usually

wearing a teddi, garter and sheer stockings. Some nights I would go

to bed in a tightly boned and laced corset. Before I went to sleep

every night I would lubricate my favorite vibrator and screw myself

while masturbating and fantasizing that I was being sexually taken

by my "husband". Oh, I was so lonely for a man to share my bed with

me; to treat me as a real woman.



During the day I would dress fully in panties and matching bra,

supple bra pads, matching full slip, garters and sheer nylon

stockings, coordinated blouses and skirts. I would always be

meticulously made up, including my nails and eyes. My wig would be

carefully coiffured, flowing to my shoulders. Around my neck was a

pretty pearl necklace. I wore several fashionable women's rings on

my fingers. I loved so being fully dressed. Whenever I would pass

by a mirror while doing my household chores, I would see the image

of a beautiful and lonely woman. At times I could almost feel a

vagina encased in the crotch of my silken panties. A vagina empty

and longing for the fullness of a hard and thrusting male member.


One afternoon I sat in the living room fully dressed reading a

good novel. I was wearing my stereo headphones and listening to a

beautiful classical CD. Suddenly, I detected movement. There,

standing before me was my wife and a handsome man who I had never

seen before.


I was mortified! I took off my headphones and my wife had a

sly grin on her face. She said, "Well, look here. It's my

husband, the girl." She wouldn't give me a chance to say anything

at all. She continued, "You must have really enjoyed yourself

while you thought I was out of town. Well I wasn't out of town. I

was staying at Raymond's house." She put her arm inside of the

man's arm and said, "Sissy-girl husband of mine, meet Raymond

DuMont. Raymond is, and has been for a long time, my lover!" I was

getting ready to divorce you to be with Raymond full-time, but first

you are going to see Raymond make love to me. You are going to see

how a real man satisfies his woman. It might help you avoid the

mistake I made when you go out in the world to seek your male lover!"


I couldn't believe all this was happening to me. But, Mary's

verbal abuse not only caused me anguish, I could feel my clitoris

becoming aroused in my panties. Suddenly, Mr. DuMont grabbed me and

forced me to follow him and my wife into the bedroom. Mary took off

all of her clothes; she was so beautiful and had such a shapely body

that I had often envied. Then she seductively undressed Raymond.

He was so tall, virile and handsome. It was easy to understand why

Mary had fallen for him. His penis was handsome, huge and well

formed. It was also rock hard. My beautiful and sexy Mary laid on

the bed spread-eagle and cried out, "Oh, Raymond, darling! Fuck me!

Let's show this sissy-girl how a real man satisfies a real woman!"

And, I couldn't believe my eyes. Raymond mounted MY wife and she

eagerly accepted his rigid penis into her obviously moist and ready

vagina. She had never been ready like that for me. Raymond reached

toward me with his powerful arm and pulled me to the bed.



He said, "Okay, sissy girl, you get your face down where you can

see how a real man screws your wife!" I didn't need any encouragement

or force to comply. I had often fantasized about my wife having

intercourse with another man. I put my face near my wife's buttocks.

Raymond began to screw her slowly at first. With each thrust of his

rigid penis into her vagina she would moan with delight. She NEVER did

that with me. Raymond then began to alternate between screwing her cunt

faster, then slower. Mary cried out softly, "Oh, Raymond! I love IT

darling! Do me! Do me!" Suddenly, as Raymond paused in his thrusting,

I was overcome by a compelling desire to kiss his balls and penis. My

tongue was darting about his scrotum and cockshaft. I began to lick at

my wife's vaginal lips in an attempt to find his cockhead, buried deep

inside my wife's vagina.



Raymond pulled me away and said, "Stay right here! You'll get

what you want in a moment!" Then, he proceeded to fuck Mary faster and

faster. She wrapped her legs tightly about him; her arms were tightly

around his back. His manly chest pressed against her beautiful breasts

as the pace of his fucking became primal and animalistic. Mary moved

her ass rapidly in response to Raymond's rapid fucking. She NEVER did

that with me. She cried out, "Oh, Raymond darling! I'm COMING!" And

she screamed with what was surely a genuine orgasm. Something I had

never experienced with her. Raymond kept on fucking Mary without

hesitation. I would have come long since had it been me. Suddenly Mary

arched her ass off the sheets and cried out, "Oh God, Raymond darling!

I'm COMING AGAIN!" He kept fucking my wife faster and faster and she

came two more times before he quickened his pace to short strokes and he

cried out, "Oh, Mary darling! TAKE MY FUCKING CUM!" And he drove

those final short strokes home as Mary cried out, "Oh, FUCK! FUCK!

Raymond darling, Oh! Oh! Oh! Eeeeiiii!! This is my best orgasm yet!

Oh, Ray, darling! Your cum feels so, so good!"



They embraced quietly; his penis still inside her vagina. After a

few moments she said softy, "Darling, give the sissy 'her' due."

Raymond pulled his glistening, still rigid penis out of my wife's wet

vulva, and said to me, "Suck the semen off my cock, you sissy-queer!"

I eagerly complied and soon found Raymond fucking my face. I could

taste my wife as well as Raymond as I sucked his penis clean. My wife

laughed and said, "Look at my queer girl-husband take my lover's dick!

I hope you don't like that as much as me, Raymond, darling." Raymond

replied, "Not a chance, sweetheart!" He suddenly took his penis out of

my mouth and told me to lie on my knees on the bed and eat the semen out

of my wife's vagina. As I complied and began to eat Mary's pussy I felt

Raymond lift my skirt and slip and take down my panties. I felt his

cockhead pressing against my sissy-girl "pussy". He said, "Relax,

sissy bitch and take my dick!" I relaxed and Raymond slowly entered me

as I rested my mouth against my wife's vaginal lips.



Once Raymond was fully inside me, I squirmed my buttocks and moaned

softly, "Oh, Raymond! Please screw me like you just screwed my wife."

And, he complied and began the steady and heavenly rhythm of male-female

coitus with me. As I took Raymond's delightful screwing, I resumed

eating his semen out of my wife's vagina. I also tongued her clitoris

and caused her to moan.


I took my now-throbbing and rigid dickette into

my hand and proceeded to masturbate as Raymond fucked my brains out.

Suddenly he moaned and I could feel his short strokes pounding my

buttocks. I quickened the tonguing of my wife's clitoris and the pumping

of my dickette. As Raymond cried out, "Oh FUCK! FUCK! Sissy bitch, take

my CUM!" As my ass was flooded with Raymond's ejaculation he slapped my

asscheeks! Mary moaned and had another orgasm from the effects of my

tongue as I came in my pumping hand, my sissy cum splattering harmlessly

onto the bedsheets.

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