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It was a fantastic first meeting so far. I had conversed via email and chat with Karen for two months. During that time, we had become friends in the truest sense, supporting each other when down, celebrating the high points of each other's lives, and just talking. I had been to her hometown several times, but we had purposely avoided meeting each other.. until now.

In order to save nearly a thousand dollars on airfare, I had arrived on Saturday morning. I checked into my room early, dropping off my luggage and messing up my bed sheets and towels. I didn’t expect to spend the night with her, but she might have had a friend she could introduce me to. I hustled and was only a couple minutes late to our lunch date.

I knew her at once. Simply put, Karen is stunning. A woman in her prime, she was mature enough to know how to be both conservative and provocative. I guess it was possible that I saw her as more provocative than she appeared to strangers, because I knew her powerfully sexual nature. But my knowledge of her insides in no way enhanced her outsides. Folks, I am speaking the truth: Karen is gorgeous.

I made my apologies, quickly becoming red faced. I often get mush mouthed around such beautiful women, and Karen has a commanding presence that invokes my more humble, less bullshit personality. It also didn’t help that I was late. I quickly fell into a rather submissive persona. I couldn't help it.

We were already friends, so I became comfortable with her quickly. We spent a lot of time discussing our lives, and how we had become who we were. Already we had a history together, even on this first meeting, so we could communicate with things half said, and smiles spoke volumes. We smiled a lot, and I found myself blushing rather less than I thought I would.

Even so, I was surprised when Karen asked if I wanted to come back to her work, and then later to her home. I felt my already soaring spirits extend into the stratosphere. But when you are so high, the distance to fall further.

"I do have a couple conditions," she said.

My heart sank. "What are they?" I asked.

"You will come to my house as my personal sissy slave." She let that sink in, then continued, "And you will be serving at a dinner party tonight."

I was stunned. In our far-ranging talks, we had discussed my submissive tendencies and also my willingness to be a sissy for her. I had even found some pictures of men in french maid outfits that I sent her as a joke. I was still willing to pretend to be a sissy for her in a fun scene… but serving at a dinner party was not my idea of a fun scene. I knew the kind of circles she traveled in and anything could happen. "Anything" probably would happen.

Dry-mouthed, I asked a few questions of the "would I have to…" sort. It was humiliating to sit in a public restaurant, my face burning red, and to ask these questions out loud. Some things I had only written, and had never actually spoken. In all cases, her answer was a flat 'yes'.

Wiping her excruciatingly lovely lips with her napkin, leaving a red smear, and putting it down on the table, she leaned back in her chair with her arms crossed. It was the classic "I am done negotiating and now you decide whether you take it or leave it" posture. The fact that we had not negotiated at all lend an irony to the situation.

"I guess," she said, "that it all depends on how badly you want it." Her mouth was smiling, but her eyes captured me and hung me out to dry. Her commanding manner, brooking no disagreement, touched a carefully shielded place in my soul.

In every man's life, there comes a time when he is forced to show what kind of man he is. Is he the kind of man who blows smoke and backs down when push comes to shove? Or is he the kind of man who faces his fears and self-doubts and pushes back? I never thought that my time to be a man would involve being a woman.

"OK," I said, fearing I would faint. "But… can I kiss you once as a man and not as a woman?"

"Yes, of course," she smiled. "Afterwards." She opened a midget purse and tossed her share of lunch money on the table. I flung some in too, and we stood to leave. As she walked out in front of me, I got my first good look at her backside and knew I was in for an interesting experience.

I drove us to her shop. Karen owns a beauty salon, which I guess is a natural for a beautiful woman. It was a tad crowded, so she had me sit in the waiting area for a bit. I like salons, and the transformation of the unkempt person to the crisp. I saw one woman go from mid-back hair to a shoulder length style, and her happy smile as she left was fantastic. She not only looked better, but she felt better and was prettier as a result. But then I reflected on my own upcoming transformation and became even more nervous.

Finally, as the rush of people subsided, Karen came out and got me. To my surprise, she walked me past the hair and makeup stations to the nail table. She explained that even working women had pretty nails, and that mine needed serious work. I then endured about thirty minutes of painful cuticle work, that left my fingers sore but looking nice. The nail woman complimented me on my new nails, and Karen came over to give more instructions: I was to get bright-red nail extensions. I watched, fascinated, as the woman added over a quarter-inch length to my nails and then painted them red. I couldn't get over how different my hands looked. When I was finished, Karen came over and told the woman to paint my toenails. My face burning, I took off my shoes and the woman washed them and painted my toenails. I thought I would die.

But it only got worse. After nails, Karen sent me over to "bikini wax" area. Her instructions were to remove my body hair, except my chest and anything on my groin. The woman who did it looked me over, smirking. Moving into her separate room, she had me strip to my underwear. Then she smeared me with a dilatory cream, arms, legs, and torso, leaving my chest alone. The treatment didn't particularly sting until she literally buffed me with a towel. Finding a few places needing more treatment, she covered those again. This time it stung! My body done, she instructed me to lay over the end of her table, and to pull down my shorts. It was horribly embarrassing, but she smeared a different cream around my ass. She laughingly said asses don't count as groins! It was soon over, but then she did my face after handing me a white terry clothe robe.

I have had my mustache since I finished wrestling as a high school senior. It had been part of me for 19 years. In minutes, it was gone. I stared at myself in a mirror, not recognizing myself at all. The woman applied a second treatment, which she ensured would inhibit stubble for a week. My face not only looked different, but it felt unnaturally smooth. I kept touching my face, even while being led to Karen for the next step, still in the robe.

The next step actually went very quickly, partly because I was in shock as everything sunk in. It was a haircut. Karen did it herself, pulling out clippers with a #1 guard. I am sure she was quick, but in less than five minutes I looked like a Texas A&M Aggie. In the mirror, I saw someone else, not me.

What happened next could have been the most painful step; I was sent to a makeup woman who plucked my eyebrows some, and used tiny clippers on the rest. I saw I had nicely arched eyebrows, but the woman assured me they would grow out to my previous bushy state soon enough. Then it was time for the most major transformation: makeup.

The woman spun me around so that I could not see myself in the mirror. She applied a two-tone coral eyeshadow. Other than the bright red lipstick and liner, I hadn't a clue as to what else she did. Every now and again, Karen would come over and see what I looked like. Towards the end, the other women did too, since the salon was closing soon. I felt like a project, which is exactly what I had become.

Finally, I was done with makeup. Karen had her wait to show me my new self, while she ran over to get something. She came back with a red wig. She applied some tape to the inside of the wig, and then carefully put it on my head. She tugged it to see that it was secure, and I was afraid that I would lose skin removing the wig. Karen brushed it, especially the bangs which covered my newly-shaped eyebrows. She had me close my eyes and spun me to face the mirror as the other women giggled.

"Open your eyes," she Karen to me. I was afraid, but with a hard gulp I opened my eyes. What I saw was a woman and not myself. I reached up to touch the chin-length red hair framing my face, seeing the bright red nails I wore now. Unconsciously, I felt it back to my neck, trembling as I did. Karen knew my tastes and had even selected a wig that conformed to them. My nape was bare to where my neck met my skull. Above that was the thick red hair of the wig. I shook my head, excited to see this woman feeling so pretty… but it was me. I was the woman.

"One last thing before we leave," Karen said. She pulled out a shoe box, and took the shoes out. They were very strappy open-toed sandals, with pointy heels at least two inches high. She knelt before me and put the shoes on. Despite being open toed, my feel felt pinched. She helped me stand up, and it took a few moments to catch my balance. Several years earlier, I had learned to actually dance in two inch heels as part of a dare and bet, but it all seemed new again. I hoped it was like "riding a bicycle."

Somewhat dazed, Karen led me out to my car, wearing heels and wrapped in a robe. Two male passersby whistled, but it wasn’t until Karen pointed it out that I thought it could be for me. Then my face burned yet again as she laughed. I really didn’t notice how far we drove; all I saw was people looking at me, whether they were or not.

Karen lived in a nice house on a secluded lot, so no one saw me totter in on unsure legs wrapped in a robe. When we were in the mud room, Karen stopped me. "This is as far as you go being male." I was confused. How much more female could I get?! "Take off your skivvies." Oh. I shucked my shorts. "And the robe," she prodded. I took it off, not even realizing it was first time I had been nude in front of Karen.

She led me into her kitchen, my heels making clicking sounds as I walked. There were so many things I found new as a girl, like clicking as I walked and hair brushing my cheeks. "Look around the kitchen to see where everything is. You'll be serving tonight, remember. I'm going to get your uniform." She left me, and I poked around finding utensils and other stuff. I had worked in a country-club kitchen in my youth, so I knew how to serve and cook.

Karen came back into the kitchen, carrying a costume box and a small bag. She handed me the bag, which I opened. It was a small shaving kit. "I wanted to see you shave your crotch," she smiled. I busied myself shaving, completely subjugated to her will. She watched as all my pubic hair came off, even pointing out a stubbly area. When I was done, my cock was covered in precum: it was enormously arousing to shave in front of her.

She took a paper towel and wiped my cock. Then she opened the costume box and removed a french maid's outfit. Without being told, I put it on. There was an adjustable bra with gel-filled pockets. I would have boobs. There was a black cinching blouse, ruffled in white at the shoulders, backless, and low cut in front, showing my bra. There was a very short skirt with three slits to the waist, which I put on wrong. I didn't realize one slit was to be in front, letting my cock poke out. Two other slits were at my hips, showing my legs to my waist. The only area completely protected was my backside. Finally, there was a red and black apron, which Karen stopped me from putting on.

She ran out, and came back a minute later with a silk thong panty. I put it on, encasing my cock only mostly. Then, Karen let me put on the apron. It looked ridiculous, with my cock poking it out.

The next hour was a happy one, as I learned her house and how I was to serve. Karen took me to her bathroom, and fixed my hair properly. Then she had me put on a pair of white thigh-high hose with frilly elastic bands at the top which kept them up. When I looked at myself in Karen's full length mirror, I was the picture of a sissy slut maid.

The worst part was that Karen insisted I take an enema. The procedure itself was relatively benign, but I wondered at what it meant. It could only mean one thing.

The guests started arriving soon after. The first ring of the doorbell made me want to soil myself. But Karen gave me a reassuring pat on the hindside and I tottered to the door and opened it. The couple there was surprised to see me, but I welcomed them in and took their coats. Karen introduced me as "Kerri", her new maid. I heard them talking with Karen about me as I walked away.

The next hour was a blur, as guests arrived steadily (five couples, two single women, and one single man) and I served drinks and snacks. I didn't hear many comments, but I felt eyes on me and surmised that I would be the entertainment sooner or later. That idea kept me rigid the entire time.

As the guests continued to drink, I started hearing comments. I didn't quite know how to speak, a falsetto or my tenor, so I remained quiet. One of the single women lifted the rear hem of my dress as I served someone else, and ran her hand along my buttocks. Embarrassed, I retreated to the kitchen. Karen was right behind me. She was mad.

She told me in her direct way that I was to be serving tonight. And she meant Serving with a capital S. The help puts up as best they can with the guests, but my job was to make them comfortable. Did I understand?

"Yes, ma'am," I murmured, looking down.

"It's OK, Kerri," she said, using my maid name. "I know this is your first time, but I also know you are enjoying it." She lifted my apron and put her hand inside my panties. She stroked me, making me woozy with need. Then she slowly milked me, squeezing out any precum in my cock.. She held it to my mouth, and I knew to lick it off. "That's my pretty sissy," she cooed. When I was done, she told me she had to fix my lipstick, which she did. Then, she strode out to let me reload my tray.

Circulating through the crowd, I came upon that same single woman talking to a couple. I didn't want to look directly at her, but I noted that she was very elegant looking with her hair in a high bun and wearing a black sequined cocktail dress. "Just a minute," she said to me as I passed. She swapped out her empty glass for a filled one. Then she surprised me by putting her hand on the back of my neck and pulling me down into a kiss. Wow! She was a great kisser, keeping the kiss as she released my neck and began stroking my cock through the apron and panties. I heard the man mutter, "you go Vanessa". I tried not to respond to the kiss, but just let her kiss me.

'Vanessa' broke the kiss and sipped her champagne, smiling evilly at me. "Is that all, ma'am?" I asked in a husky voice.

"No, not all," she said cattily. I stood there as she put her glass on the tray, then lifted my apron as nearly everyone watched. "Ohhhh, what nice panties," she said. "Too bad they are so soaked with your juices." My panties had contained my precum for a couple hours, and were perfectly wet. Vanessa matter-of-factly slid them off my cock and down my legs, holding the strings open so that I could step awkwardly out with the heels on. Then, she put the apron back down, announcing "Much better now." She took her glass and I curtsied as best I could and left.

Having my cock free was terribly sexy, and scary. Before I was a little bit protected, but now I had nothing. Not even "butt floss".

Things went rapidly downhill from there. The next trip around, Vanessa again caught me. This time, she told me "the gentleman needs to kiss you". I was mortified. I was NOT a girl. I only looked like one, and the thought of kissing another man was gross. The reality was much worse, as he took advantage of my passive state to force his tongue down my throat. It was different, I found, to BE kissed instead of kissing. His hand also played with my hair and nape, just like I loved doing myself. I was both repulsed and incredibly aroused.

Vanessa wasn't still either. She lifted the back of my skirt, and ran her hand up and down my cheeks. Then she set her glass on my tray and kneaded my ass with both hands. Her fingertips brushed my anus, making me shudder with desire. My goodness I was a sissy.

I went back to the kitchen, but not before two women and one more man kissed me. And each time, someone lifted my skirt to examine my ass. One woman stopped me to milk my cock and let me lick it off her fingers. It was a dizzying experience.

I stood in the kitchen, trembling. Karen came in, encouraging me and helping me fix my lipstick again, but not before she kissed me too. She asked me how I was doing, and I told her I was terribly aroused. She said that quite a few guests were getting aroused too, and we both laughed.

She reached into the cupboard and took out a heavy silver bowl. Then she opened a cupboard and took out several things that made my eyes pop: two dildos (one normal sized and the other larger and "lifelike"), some condoms, and a huge tube of lube. She opened the lube and emptied it into the silver bowl. Then she put everything on the tray and gave me a swat to get me out with her guests again.

The first person to stop me was a graying woman of maybe sixty. She took the smaller dildo, and then fed it to me. I think she was surprised when I was able to swallow the whole thing. In retrospect, it was maybe a bad decision to show them I could. "I'll keep this, dear," she said, and I moved on.

Karen herself was the next to stop me. She bade me turn around, and when I did, she lifted my skirt. Then she took some of the lube and worked it into my asshole. As she did, another woman took the bigger dildo and began fucking my mouth. Still I stood, just taking it, being the mild sissy Karen wanted me to be. I found myself holding back moans of pleasure as Karen assaulted my backside until I was sloppy with lube.

As I walked around, my apron getting soaked with my precum, men and women would stop me to finger my ass or stroke my cock. I was also getting kissed deeply by men and women, increasingly by men as the somehow ignored my cock. I guess my appearance and demure attitude was convincing.

And then it finally happened. One of the single men unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. I looked over at Karen as he took the tray from me and set it on a end table. She nodded, which made my stomach sink. But I allowed myself to drop to my knees and be guided to his pecker. I sucked my first real cock.

Actually, it was more like he fucked my mouth. He cupped my face in his hands, then held me fast as he slid his dick in and out. As he saw that I wasn't moving away, he began to stroke my neck (which felt very very good) as he moved. "C'mon, Kerri, suck more," he urged. I sucked him hard, expecting him to erupt in cum.

But he didn't. Instead, when I sensed he was close, he stepped away to be replaced by a woman. It was the older woman who had borrowed the dildo earlier, holding up her own dress. I saw it, encased in a condom, moving in and out of her pussy mere inches from my face. I needed no urging to put my mouth onto her sex; I love eating pussy. I licked from the dildo in her up, searching for her clit. I found it, a smallish bud that caused her to shake when I flicked it with my tongue.

"You do the work, dear," she told me as she lowered her dress to envelope my head. I gripped the dildo, and slowly slid it in and out, my tongue working her pussy flesh. Her pussy was my world, and beneath her dress it became increasingly hot and fragrant as her juice became humidity. In maybe five minutes, she was squatting up and down in time to my dildoing, and she came. I pulled out the dildo to suck her juices. MMmmmmm!!

When I escaped from the dress, I saw that everyone else was paired up except Karen. It seemed that it was mostly women fellating men, but one or two men were eating women. It was sexy as hell to see these well-dressed stylish people having sex.

I took up my tray and wandered to the nearest couple. She was sitting on an ottoman sucking the man, and I offered her the tray. She selected a condom from it, then gripped my head to pull me into a kiss. Then she directed my mouth to the man, and slowly unwrapped the condom as I sucked him. When it was ready to put on, she pushed me down to eat her pussy. I fell to my knees and pulled her panties off, then began to eat her pussy with great pleasure. She was very wet, covering my face with her juices almost instantly.

I was pulling on her pussy lip when I felt my hips being pulled backward. I looked back as I went on hands and knees, and saw the man with his cock covered with a condom lifting my skirt. She turned my face to look at me as her man entered me, murmuring "do you like being a girl sissy?" As he pushed in, the first man to enter me, I could only moan.

I have played with dildos for years, loving the pleasure a stuffed ass gives. I have fucked myself, feeling the ridges of the dildo sliding over my prostate to the inevitable orgasm. An orgasm created that way causes my ass to spasm and my nuts to drain dry. In a word, an anal orgasm is awesome.

But how much better is a real cock! When I use a dildo, I can perfectly anticipate my thrusts. With someone else fucking me, there is the constant element of surprise. There is the feeling of being "taken", being given pleasure even as you give it. You can concentrate on the pleasurable feelings. And, honestly, it is much nice to feel the warmth of a pulsing cock, even one wrapped in latex.

I went back to eating the woman, my senses overloaded in pleasure. Her hot and wet pussy, steaming on my tongue was sensational. His cock, deep in me or popping through my opening was amazing. Together, they made it difficult to determine which was best. I began moaning, almost uncontrollably. I was feeling my orgasm building from deep in me.

At almost the last moment, he pulled out of me. With a cry of frustration, I looked up to see him moving up… to her. I sat back, and watched him rip off the condom and push into her. She had been moaning a little, but when he pushed in she began to buck at him and utter expletives. She looked at me and crooked a finger. I stood and helped her lean back on the ottoman to get fucked deeper, and she pulled my face down into a kiss. This time, I pushed my tongue into her, and she hissed, "Oh yeah, kiss me with that pussy tasting tongue." I was completely turned on.

In our kiss, I felt her body being shook as he slammed into her. Her jolted moans tickled my tonsils as he shook her from within. Then he began to cum and she held my face to hers as he did. I could only listen as he grunted for what seemed like twenty minutes. Then she pushed me up, saying "now clean me, Sissy."

I knelt between her legs, seeing that her pussy was gaping open and already beginning to drip cum. I squatted before her, and lowered my smeared lipstick lips to her pussy. I parted them, imagining myself to be a porn starlet extending her tongue. Then I ran my tongue up and through the goo, scooping it up and eating it. I put a red fingernail in, getting some cum and smearing it on her hard clit. She gasped, but gasped more when I licked it off. I continued eating the cum from her sloppy pussy until she whimpered and came. I was rewarded with a flood of creampie oozing out as her pussy clenched.

"Kerri, over here." I looked up to see Karen indicating another couple, this one leaning over the end of the couch. I watched as his face turned red and he held in. When he pulled out, Karen told me to clean him off. I did, putting his shriveling cock in my mouth and sucking the goo off. When it seemed clean enough, I squatted behind her and buried my pretty face in her pussy. I gorged on the cum he had left, probing her deeply. I used my fingers to open her and eat it out. I continued until she came, oozing more cream out.

The next couple was sitting and waiting for me. Vanessa, the woman from before, was idly stroking his cock, to keep him semi-hard. She directed me to suck him to full erection, and she commented repeatedly about my swaying red hair. Then, she had me sit on his cock. I let out long guttural moan as his cock filled me. She tucked my apron up and out of the way, and spread the skirt to get a good view of my cock, then had me slide up and down, milking his cock with my ass. She watched closely, seeing when I was about to cum. Then Vanessa stopped me and pulled harshly down on my bald nutsack. It was excruciating, but effective in keeping me from orgasming.

Vanessa had an even harsher idea. She made me lay down, and she sat on my cock, oh so slowly. Her wet insides felt so fucking nice. Then she lifted my legs and exposed my asshole to her partner. Her final act of cruelty was to grab my balls and grip them tight around the base, keeping me from cumming. Her partner then fucked my ass deep and hard, bringing me wave after wave of unsatisfying pleasure. He wasn't wearing a condom, so when he came in my ass he left a load that leaked after Vanessa released me and I got up.

Karen led me into the kitchen, where she made me kneel as she mounted my face. She hadn't been playing and so she was incredibly horny. I ate her delicious cunt, sucking out the juice, until she face on my face. It didn't take long. Then she fixed my makeup as best she could and fixed my hair too.

After that, it was a blur. I tottered from group to group on my high heels, my ass dripping semen and offering to serve them. Most groups wanted me to suck the guys to erection (and it was usually their second erection by then) and then eat the creampie that results. Several though, wanted me to eat the girl as the guy assfucked me. I think I took six loads in my ass, and I got used to the feeling of cum dripping down my legs.

The final scene of the night was the best. Karen came out, and thanked everyone for coming. She announced that she was going to put on a show highlighting her sissy maid Kerri. Everyone applauded, and when she asked if I wasn't wonderful, they applauded me. I was very happy and proud.

Then, Karen began to do a strip dance, removing her clothes in a way I think defined the word "erotic". When she was nude, she took the cushions from the couch and laid down on them on the coffee table. She explained that I was to suck the men to full erection, and then let them fuck me until they felt like they could cum. At that point, they would fuck Karen, leaving their load in her. After they were all done, I would suck Karen's mega-creampie. Everyone cheered.

I was knobbing the first guy so that he could assfuck me, when Vanessa stood and squatted over Karen. Karen pulled her pussy down and ate the hell out of her! It was inspirational to watch her expert tongue licking Vanessa so well, and to a quick orgasm.

And so it happened that Karen ate out the women while I mostly serviced the men. The last couple guys were very horny, and skipped me altogether lest they miss their chance to fuck Karen. She was a dripping gooey mess when they were done.

But like the creampie loving sissy I was, I didn’t hesitate to push my face into her gaping cream-filled pussy. I tongued it, like I was eating a cup of warm pudding. Part way through, Karen had me lay on my back so that she could plant herself on my face. The cum began to drip out, then form a small stream as she drained into my mouth. I lost myself in the ecstasy of the moment, letting time pass by unnoticed, doing what I liked best: eating a creampie.

When Karen came off me, everyone was gone. Everyone but Vanessa. Karen explained that Vanessa was a shill, a plant. Her job was to make the night go increasingly horny for me, and she did so at Karen's instruction. She apologized to me, which I thought unnecessary but I appreciated.

Karen and Vanessa helped me take off my maid's costume. I thought I would orgasm when I took the shoes off. Then Vanessa sank to her knees to suck me, but I waved her off, explaining it wasn't necessary and looking at Karen. She understood at once, and left as dawn was illuminating another day.

I took Karen's hand, and led her, surprised, upstairs to her master bedroom. I pulled off the wig, regretfully (I did think it made me look sexy). Then I gripped her and tumbled her into bed with me. After all, she owed me that kiss… and a night of orgasms too.

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