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Forced BI Revenge Part 3




Her words terrified me because I knew there was nothing I could do. Here I was, on my knees before this giant black man who was pummeling my mouth and throat with his enormously bloated cock as my ex-girlfriend watched and enjoyed this humiliation of me that she herself had set up. I was trapped, I was helpless, and worst of all I was unable to keep him from cumming in my once virgin mouth.




If I didn’t swallow Lawrence’s load of mancream, who knows what these two would do to me for the entire weekend. Kim seemed psychotic, like something inside of her had snapped, and it terrified me. The look in her eyes was so cold, so distant, and so filled with venom and hate. I had never seen her look like this.




I knew I was screwed. But at least if I swallowed, I could go home, and this nightmare would be over for good. Although a terrifying and traumatic experience, I felt I could get over this throat rape. It might be difficult, but I thought I could forget having 10 inches of rock hard black cockmeat stuffing and stretching my throat out.




Kim giggled as her next comment shocked me. “Look Lawrence,” she snickered. “The little slut is getting off on sucking your big, black cock. His teeny boy cock is all hard and swollen. In 5 years, I’ve never seen it that big. It must be a full 5 inches long. Not bad for a little pussy boy.”




She had to be lying. It couldn’t be true. She was just trying to maximize my humiliation. But when she yanked on the back of my hair, pulling my head back and my mouth completely off Lawrence’s beefy throat fucker, she forced me to look down between my legs. To my utter shame, she was absolutely right – on both counts.




Not only was my cock as hard as a rock, it was the longest and fattest I had ever seen it – at least 5 inches long and an inch wide. And a steady stream of precum was dribbling out of the tip.




“I always knew you were a cocksucking faggot, and this just proves it,” she said as she forced my mouth back onto his engorged black python until my face met his pubes and I gagged from the sudden invasion.




Lawrence reached out with both big paws and grabbed my head like it was a basketball. He immediately resumed fucking my face, mouth and throat with renewed intensity. I asked myself a hundred questions as my body betrayed me. “When is this agony going to end? Why am I the hardest I’ve ever been? How can this be turning me on?”




I didn’t have long to dwell on these disturbing facts because all of a sudden Lawrence’s cock began to swell and throb to and grow to an even bigger size. “Here it comes!” I heard him say, followed by Kim’s voice, “Eat that black nut you cum guzzling whore!” while she again forced the back of my head down so far on his spasming cock that my nose was mashed into his wiry pubes.




His hot, throbbing cock jerked and exploded down my throat, sending a giant blast of ball juice directly into my belly. He began slowly pulling out as the next blast erupted in my gullet, and I could feel the warm, thick slime running down the back of my throat. As the erupting black shaft continued it’s retreat from my once cherry throat, the third blast swamped my mouth, causing my cheeks to bulge. Nearly choking on cum, I gagged and sputtered, causing a blast of cock cream to shoot out of my nostrils.




I began to quickly swallow the thick ball juice, for fear of drowning in it and the flavor assaulted my taste buds. As soon as the creamy texture and salty somewhat bleachy taste registered in my brain, my own cock twitched and I came in 3 short, quick bursts It was harder than I’d ever come before, and the intensity of the orgasm was mind numbing.




Caught off guard by my own release, Lawrence’s cock head slipped out of my mouth and blasted it’s last 3 wads all over my face. As his cock cream leaked from the corners of my mouth, it joined the thick coating freshly deposited on my face. As gravity took it’s toll, I was powerless to keep it in place. It slowly dribbled down my chin and began to drip onto the floor between my knees in long, stringy globs. It was then I realized I would not be able to swallow it all.




He grabbed the sides of my head and pointed my face in Kim’s direction. As a big, ropey, string of cum dripped from my chin and almost connected to the floor, I saw a flash as Kim said, “Smile cocksucker!” while snapping a polaroid of me.




She fanned the developing photo and mocked me, “Can’t you do ANYTHING right? You are even a worthless cum eater. We gave you a chance to leave but you blew it – literally,” she laughed at me with Lawrence. “Look at all the cum you missed you cum covered black cock slut.”




“And your tiny little boy’s cock came all by itself. You didn’t even need to touch it. I’ll bet that’s never happened before has it suck boy? That, this picture, your cum painted face, and your belly full of cum only proves what I’ve known all along. You’re really nothing but a worthless, cocksucking faggot whore, are you?”




She grabbed the cuffs and raised me to my feet. Leading me towards the bathroom, I heard Lawrence tell her, “Make sure the bitch is clean. I like all my bitches clean.”


She opened the door and pushed me into the bathroom, following closely and closing the door behind her. “Are you ready for your next surprise pussy boy?”





Forced BI Revenge Part 4




Once in the bathroom, she led me to the mirror. As I stood there in shock, I felt extremely humiliated and violated. My once virgin throat had been brutally raped and my gullet ravaged and permanently stretched and widened. My face was red and sore and my lips were raw, puffy and swollen.




Cum still clung to my face and continued to dribble off my chin in thick, stringy ropes. The taste of Lawrence’s creamy load still lingered on my tongue and caused my cock to remain rock hard. In fact, it hadn’t gone limp since my senses were overwhelmed by the masculine, dominant flavor of another man’s – a black man’s – think nut cream for the first time.




Kim couldn’t resist taunting me. “Tanya helped me pick Lawrence to pop your throat cherry not because he has the biggest cock of any black man she knows, but because he cums in buckets - the most of any man she knows. And judging from the way you look you cock craving slut, he must have shot at least a pint of thick dick spunk all over your faggot face and body.”




She moved beside me and got her face as close to mine as she could without touching me. We were staring directly at the mirror into each other’s eyes. She cracked an evil smile and upped my humiliation another notch.




“How much do you think you swallowed when that big juicy load swamped your mouth, pussy face? Or was it too hard to keep track because your own little boy cock was cumming so hard?”




I hung my head in shame and looked down at the floor. Her question rocked me to my soul. It made me question about myself and about my sexuality.




One soft spoken word came out of my mouth. “Why?” I asked her. I raised my head to look into her eyes, the eyes I had been intimate with for the past 5 years. I was searching for some ray of hope, a shred of decency.




“Why are you doing this to me?” I pleaded with her.




All I saw staring back at me was vile, hatred and disgust. Her smile had faded and her eyes narrowed.




“Why am I doing this to you?” she repeated, continuing, “Five years pussy boy,” as she met my gaze in the mirror. “All I’m gonna say for now is five years you cock sucking bitch.”




She grabbed me under my chin and turned my face away from the mirror so that I was now looking directly into her eyes.




“Answer my question you cum guzzling slut or I swear Lawrence will shove his fist up your ass to his elbow! How much nasty black cock cream did you swallow you filthy fucking whore?”




My spirit had been crushed again for who knows how many times since Kim removed my blindfold earlier that night. If I could have lowered my gaze to the floor I would have, but her grasp held my chin firm and looking straight into her eyes.




“I don’t know,” I responded to her.




My answer seemed to set her off. She spit right into my face. As her saliva with the giant nut wad still dripping off my face, she replied, “You’re only making this harder on yourself. This is your last fucking chance.”




She looked directly into my eyes and bored deep into my soul as she spoke again. Slowly, and deliberately accenting every word, she asked again, “HOW MUCH CUM DID YOU SWALLOW?”




I realized there was no escape for me and the only way out was to make her happy.




“Maybe a cup,” I answered her.




This brought a smile back to her face. She was still staring at me and enjoying my debasement to the max. I just wished this nightmare would end.




“Do you mean to tell me the so-called man I used to share my bed and my body with just swallowed a cup of cum? A whole cup of thick, slimy, salty man cream right from the tip of a 10” hard black cock?”




“Yes,” I replied flatly and softly.




She burst out laughing at me. Giggling she said, “You are fucking pathetic. And to think I used to consider you a man. I’ll bet you still think you’re a man don’t you? Well I’ve got news for you cunt face – no man I know would ever suck a cock or swallow cum.”




She turned from me and opened the bathroom door, calling to my throat rapist, “Lawrence, how many real men do you know that suck cock or eat dick cream?”




His reply was typical and somewhat expected, but it still stung my brain. “The only cock suckers and cum guzzlers I know are either whores, bitches or sluts.”




Still giggling, she shut the door and turned back to me, “Did you hear that pussy boy? Which one are you? A whore, a bitch or a slut?”




“Neither,” I responded.




“Neither?!” she mocked me. “Didn’t you just get done telling me you recently swallowed a whole cup of black ball juice? Don’t you have millions of squiggly little black baby makers swimming around in your belly? Didn’t your little boy weenie get the biggest it’s ever been and shoot the most it ever has when that big, black 10” throat fucker swamped your pussy mouth with a giant load of nut cream?”




“Maybe you’re right,” she continued, “You really aren’t just a whore, a bitch or a slut. I think we both know that deep down you’re really all three, And in the next couple of days, I’m going to prove to you that’s exactly what you are. Now get in the tub you worthless cum sucking piece of shit.”



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