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Forced BI Slaves

Two mistresses, two slaves, two strap-ons, a double suck and a double fuck! Mistress Lola puts her slave on his back for her strap-on while Mistress Sidonia makes him suck her slave's cock, keeping him plugged at both ends. The Mistresses want a show and the slaves are made to '69' each other, then each slave is made to give the other a slow blow job. Something the Mistresses really enjoy watching. Now it's time for one slave to be sandwiched between the other and Mistress Lola's strap on cock.





Turned BI

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PT1 - Two slaves are forced to perform sexually to amuse their Mistresses but firstly to make sure he is up to the job, one of the slave's has his hole stretched on the fucking machine. PT2 - The fucking machine is switched on to full power to fully open up the slave. It's then explained to him exactly how he is going to be useful. PT3 - One slave begins his lesson on how to have his mouth used as a fuck hole while his Mistresses watch on and instruct him. PT4 - In order to keep their slaves fully compliant, the two cruel Mistresses abuse both - one is forced to drink the Mistress's piss while the other is made to really suffer. Now the second slave is ready to begin his lesson in cock sucking. PT5 - Now it's the second slave's turn to entertain his two Mistresses. The first slave needs to have some pain inflicted upon him to make sure he doesn't get too excited and is finally silenced with a large pump-up gag. PT6 - To keep the first slave completely compliant he is made to really suffer. His nipples are abused, an electrified anal plug is inserted into him, the pin wheel is applied to his cock and balls before finally an electric sound is inserted down his cock. PT7 - To keep both their slaves totally compliant the first's torment continues as an electric sound is inserted and switched on while his nipples are abused. Now the second slave is made to suffer with NT and CBT before is cock is prepared for another sucking. PT8 - For the two Mistress's entertainment one slave is tormented with the electrics while the other is forcibly wanked - one in pain, the other pleasured. The Mistress's however, are only wanking him as they now want to watch their pain slave suck his cock, to get it hard to be properly used on the other.





Forced BI Sandwich

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The rubber clad & hooded Mistress enjoys making her slaves suck cock while she watches. She decides to sandwich one slave - she fucks him with her strap-on cock while she makes her other slave suck him to completion.





Dog, Pig, Worm Forced BI

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Two prison guards decide to humiliate three of their captives by turning them into animals for their amusement - a dog, a pig & a worm. With heavy verbal humiliation, enforced ws and bi-boys action.





Forced BI Humiliation

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Our heaviest ever, Bi Boys & Humiliation Movie. A new prisoner is put through their paces at Sidonia's cruel prison. After some heavy verbal humiliation, where the prisoner is renamed 'Slavemeat' and some NT and CBT the new boy is introduced to her 'human dog' (See movie: Less Man, More Dog) and made to suck his cock while she watches. Next Slavemeat is introduced to her ram rod and fucked anally while the Dogboy uses his mouth. Then he is turned over so the dogboy can suck on his cock making it nice and hard so the Mistress can fully use her electrics (especially her sound) on it. Lastly, the Mistress allows Dogboy to fuck Slavemeat while she watches, finally making him spunk all over him before sending him back to his cell.





The Slave Institution

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An unsuspecting hitch-hiker gets more than he bargained for after accepting a lift from two females. They ask him to wear a good luck necklace and before he knows it, he slips into a trance, completely under their control. They take him back to their house and after humiliating him a little, then introduce him to another captive for a little forced interplay. One slave is then ordered to do some household chores, whilst the other has some wc duties to attend to. As the eventful day draws to a close, the two captives are cocooned in sleepsacks, confined in chastity and tormented with nipple clamps, to ensure a restless night.





Forced BI in Club Subs

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The two trannys are made to do a slutty, all action, double act on stage to entertain the Mistresses at the party. Now it's time for some play - the Mistress set to work tormenting their slaves with CP, NT & CBT action. Mistress Vixen decides to do some pole dancing herself but with her slave as the floor, in a spectacular trample dance on stage. No point using the loo when slaves are around so mouth are put to convenient use. Now it's time for the Strap-On Competition - which slave can take the most and prove himself to his Mistress?





Forced BI Party

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The party games continue until Mistress Sidonia decides that the slaves should be auctioned off. Each Mistress can choose a slave to take into a private room and use them for their enjoyment - anyway they wish. Once the slaves are auctioned off - Goddess Lillith sets to work putting her charge into tight rope bondage ready for some CBT & NT. Mistress Rebekka begins teasing and tormenting her's while Strapon Jane and Lady Nina decided to get their slaves to suck cock while they watch.





Forced BI Games

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The individual sessions continue - Strapon Jane sets to work fucking her victim with her HUGE strap-on cock. Mistress Rebekka puts her slave to work cleaning her boots and then worshipping her now sweaty feet. Mistress Sidonia's ward is in for some special treatment while Lady Nina gets her slave to shine up her rubber with his tongue before she dresses him in ladies underwear - how she prefers her slave's attired. With the sessions over and the Mistresses all assembled together, they decide it's time for all the slaves to put on a little show for them - a sex show!





Mistresses' Party

Later in the evening the bi action gets going and the Mistresses set about having a show put on for them.





Forced BI Sluts

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