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I had a fabulous weekend with an old lover. My hubby and I played with the first Bull we had ever met in the lifestyle. It had been 2 years since we had seen him and it did not take long before the sparks were flying. After a few drinks we went up to his bedroom and hubby took my blouse and pants off and I laid down on the bed. I had on a white bustier with a white thong.


My lover whom we will call "D" came over and we began kissing while hubby stood and watched. "D" is black, very muscular with a very thick 9 inch cock. Probably the thickest cock I have ever taken. We were kissing and I was stroking his cock when I looked up and saw hubby standing there naked stroking his little dick.


Such a contrast "D" lying on the bed thick, muscular and black; hubby standing on the side of the bed pale, pudgy with his little dick in his hand staring at me and my lover.


I held "D's" thick cock and motioned for hubby to come over and lick it. "D" loves shoving his cock into my hubbies' mouth while telling him how deep he is going to shove it in my pussy. "D" loves talking nasty to my hubby and I love hearing it.


Personally it just drives me crazy watching a lover shove his cock down my cuckyboy’s throat. I grabbed the back of my hubbies head and began shoving it down on "D's" cock and telling hubby he had better please "D". I pushed his head down hard and I saw him gagging and for whatever reason I loved it. I am usually very gentle with my cuckyboy except for this situation. I get very aggressive and demanding. "D" ordered my hubby to get my pussy ready for his cock.


Hubby tore into my pussy like a mad man and I came within a minute. "D" was lying beside me and I pushed hubby away mounted "D". I straddled him and slid the thick head into me. His cock was so fucking thick! I dug my nails into his chest as I eased onto it. I finally slid the whole thing and "D" began fucking me. I felt his big hands grab my ass cheeks and he began lifting me up and down on his cock. It felt so good inside me. "D" started out slow and then once I was used taking all of him he began pounding me hard. I could hear him say "You need this Black Cock Janice; You need a Real Man Inside You". Yes I did, hubby is not allowed inside me until a lover had fucked me and it had been a few weeks. I started cumming over and over (I'm multi-orgasmic and a squirter) while digging my nails into his manly chest and squeezing his cock with my pussy.


Finally "D" asked me where I wanted his load and I told him in my hubby's mouth. I crawled off and ordered hubby to go down to "D's" cock. "D" fucked his mouth for a few minutes and started moaning and I held my hubbies head on his cock and ordered him to swallow "D's" load. I could see my cuckyboy gulping it down when I pulled him off and began kissing him, sharing "D's load. It was so fucking hot. Well that was my weekend.



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