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Service to Nathalie wasn't quite what I expected. I knew before I met her how horny she was, and I expected that she would want to be sexy with her brand-spanking-new sex slave. ("spanking"? <giggle!>) But instead, she put me to work! She put a heavy emphasis of the slave part of "sex slave". I quickly learned that was the price of experiencing FemDom.

As soon as I showed up at her house, she had me strip completely naked, which was promising. I expected something really sexy, like oral worship or masturbating in front of her. But then she handed me a bucket of cleaning supplies and had me clean her bathroom. Let me tell you, swabbing out toilets is not my idea of fun. Nor is cleaning the grout with a toothbrush.

When she came in an hour later to inspect, she seemed pleased. She handed me a condom at that point and told me to ejaculate into it. What?

"You heard me," she said with her voice dropping almost an octave.

Embarrassed, I took longer than I wanted to. It was difficult to go right from such a wholly domestic task to something purely sexual, especially with her watching intently, frowning at my delay and her arms crossed. In subsequent weeks, I learned to almost cum on command. But at that time, it was a shock. When I finally found completion, I came a huge amount. With only a smirk, she took the heavy condom and left, telling me to take my bucket and start dusting.

During the day, I came three more times into a condom as she watched. The last was almost painful, since my balls had given their best already. Each time, she took the contents and gave me another non-sexual task.

In the late afternoon, right after I came my fourth time, I finally was given a completely sexual task: I ate her pussy for more than an hour. During that time, I found I could make her cum very easily. I also found that she had been wearing a tampon in order to keep her copious juices from ruining her panties. With the tampon removed, I had all the delicious girl juice I could swallow.

I was of course hard after that. In response, she put on another condom and I finally fucked her. Well, she fucked me. I was required to lay on the floor, my arms at my side, as she rode up and down on my sheathed cock. She was using me as a dildo, and we both knew it. It was humiliating in a way, but it was also rewarding to have even this kind of sex with her.

I had met her on line, of course. Over the span of a year, we took turns arousing the other, learning each other's hot buttons. I thought by then I knew her, and she me. When she looked for a new place to live, I suggested Houston, my hometown. There were oodles of jobs, and we could be together. She did move here, and we had had a lunch and dinner. With a smile, she had told me that she wanted to be together sexually, with one condition: I was to be her sexual slave when we were together.

After a year, I knew I could trust her with this, my deepest need. I wanted desperately to fulfill my submissive side. And she would let me... and give me the satisfaction I craved.

I never thought my service would be like this. And yet, laying there passively fucking her (if that was what I was doing) touched that submissive part of me. Feeling her cum twice with me in her gave me a mental orgasm. The third time, as she was about to cum, she gently told me to cum.

I did. Gasping. It hurt, my empty nuts emitting a paltry amount of glue-like cum as she clenched down with her own throbbing orgasm.

She was sweating after her workout. Throwing her heavy black curly hair off her glistening face, she panted, and then climbed off. She took off the condom, frowning at the tiny glop. She held the rubber in front of my face, letting me see the regrettable amount.

"You'll have to do better than this," she announced. "Suck my juices off the outside while I get the rest of your meal." She lowered the condom into my mouth, letting me suck her flavor from the rubber. Then she stood and went into the kitchen. I was puzzled by what she meant, 'the rest of your meal'.

When she returned, she had the four other condoms. They still contained my seed, in various amounts and consistencies. In her other hand, she held a jelly glass. Without regarding me, she poured the contents into the glass, and swirled it around to mix it. Then she took the condom from my mouth and added to it. She produced a permanent marker and marked the amount on the glass.

"Every time you come here, I want this glass to get more full. Understand?"

"Not really," I confessed.

She handed me the glass. "See how much of your cum is in there?" she asked. I nodded, amazed at how much there was while noting that the glass wasn't even a quarter full. "Next time you serve me, you will give me all your cum. And there had better be more than this time, or your service to me is done. NOW do you understand?" Stunned, I nodded my head. "Good," she smiled, "now lay back down on your back." I did. "Open wide," she commanded, and I did that too.

I knew what was coming next, and I felt my worn out cock twitch again. Damn that thing! It would betray me.

She began to tip the glass, explaining that "You are going to drink your cum every time, too." I saw her begin to pour a stream of my own semen into my mouth. "You will learn to love eating cum," she smiled as the first splash almost missed and hit my lip before dripping in. "Don't swallow until I tell you to." She kept pouring until it all was in my mouth. I confess that I didn't know how much a mouthful of cum would be. It was maybe twice what I had produced, since I thought my mouth was only half full.

Another confession: cold cum is gross. It is slimy, like a raw eggwhite. I had eaten my own cum almost twice a week when I masturbated. I had sucked cum from a hot pussy. But, cold day-old cum was, well, cold. It was icky. I knew my cock was hard, betraying the fact that my nasty disposition was thrilled at how easily I would do such a disgusting task.

"Swallow," she said. She watched very intently as I swallowed, noting my tiny gag reflex as the glue stuck to my epiglottis. "Not bad for your first time," she praised me. "Now get dressed while I get your prescription."

Prescription? After I dressed, I learned it wasn't for a pharmacy or anything. It was merely her orders for the next two weeks. Two weeks from now, we would meet again and during the interval, I was to:

"1. Cum at least four times a day, everyday

2. Massage your balls every morning, to stimulate semen production

3. Send me a note everyday thanking me for letting you cum"

"Any questions," she asked.

"No," I said.

"Good. Then run along and be a bad little boy." She smiled the smile I had waited all day to see. She also kissed me, very deeply. The practically shoved me out of the door.

Over the next two weeks, our conversations via ICQ took on a new meaning. It was obvious that she regarded us as equals, but that when we were together I was to serve her. And I wasn't expecting the fondness she was showing me. I had raised myself in her esteem, which warmed me tremendously inside.

The next few times together were much the same. Domestic chores, lots of my cum being emitted. Her programme actually worked. I steadily filled the glass higher and higher (each time she marked the level) until it was almost half full. And I learned that the more I gave, the less sticky it was and easier to drink.

The fifth time, she added something new. She knew how I had craved being ass fucked, and she took my anal virginity. It wasn't exactly true, since I had dildoed myself countless times. But there is a world of difference between fucking yourself and BEING fucked. Immediately after eating her, she strapped on a large dildo and fucked me doggy style. When I came, I almost filled the condom. The "high water mark" on the glass leapt up almost a half inch, so tremendous was my load. Unfortunately, I was then too pooped to let her ride me.

So after that, though, my assfuck-induced orgasm was the last of the day. I swear each time my balls turned inside out, giving up the sperm they just didn't have. But it was so great feeling, I looked forward to it every session.

The next step was more incremental. She got a fat vibrating butt plug, that I would wear while I ate her. She would randomly vary the vibrations as using the remote cord as I tongued her. She got very good at getting me very close to orgasm before turning it off and leaving me wanting it. The worst was when she did the same while she fucked me. The vibrator stroked my prostate, urging me to cum. So did the milking motion of her hot talented pussy. But I wasn't allowed to until she commanded me.

That was far worse than the groveling I was required to do before being "allowed" to be assfucked. Or the deepthroating of her dildo, which she enjoyed making me do. She told me I was being trained to be a "fluffer", whatever the hell that was. I didn't care, as long as she sodomized me and made me cum a bucket.

Six months into my service, she had a "time out" day to celebrate. On this day, we were completely equals. And for the first time, we made honest to goodness love. Up until then, it called was a D/s relationship, but we knew we were both getting exactly what we wanted. She was being the best Domme I could imagine, and I was being the perfect slut slave. We were each giving our all, and as a result we grew deeply emotionally attached. So when I saw we were making love, that was exactly what it was.

Mid afternoon, she told me she had something she wanted me to watch. It was a porn video called "The Houston 500". In it, a porn starlet named Houston received 620 cocks in her pussy during a gangbang. They had wanted 500 men, hence the title, but more men showed up and she accommodated them. I was amazed when I saw the line of women who would take care of any men who went limp because of nerves: they were termed "fluffers". Damn.

"Honey," she began, "I think you trust me." Her dark eyes looked deep into mine. There was honesty and hopefulness in them.

"I do trust you," I said. I meant it. I wholly, utterly, trusted her. That was fundamental to a D/s relationship.

"So, you will trust me when I tell you that I know what you want and need, maybe even more than you do." It was phrased as a statement, but it was a question. I nodded, almost afraid to speak. I was torn between my trust and, yes, love of her and my fear of what she was about to say. "I know how bisexual you are, really. Not this play stuff, the dildo fun. But really, actually, bisexual."

I was again afraid to speak. I had wavered on the edge of this part of myself for nearly a lifetime. I desperately wanted to see if I did like sex with men. But I had been content to fantasize and then I was content with the dildo play. All of which merely stirred up my curiosity without satisfying it. Nathalie was certain she knew me... and the truth is that I could only wish I knew myself as certainly.

I nodded again.

"So, I am going to make you try it." There, she said it.

"How?" I croaked, feeling my blood drain from my face.

Instead of answering right away, she took my face in her hands and pulled me into her bosom. It was oddly comforting, and I felt my fears drift away. When I was relaxed, she released me and pointed to the television screen.

"You are going to be a fluffer at a gangbang. I am going to arrange to have maybe six men come over and fuck me repeatedly while you watch. You are going to fluff them, and then you are going to eat the cum from me." She paused letting that sink in. "And," she said, pausing to make sure I knew it was significant, "all the guys will be bisexual. Any guy that wants your ass will get it."

I was shocked. It was too fucking much. I had been with couples, and knew about cleaning a creampie, but I was careful to know all about them. They weren't strangers. The risk-adverse part of me rebelled against this idea. It was dangerous. Didn't she know about AIDS? Damn!

She read my mind. "About AIDS. All the men will be screened, and bloodtested. Do you think I'd let them cum in me unless I was sure?" That made sense and I felt ashamed to realize that she would of course be as careful as I was. I felt the world stop spinning, but I was still shaken. "And any guy that fucks you will be wearing a condom." She looked at me, seeing my visible relief. "Say OK, baby." I hesitated. "Today," she smiled, "we are not playing Domme and sub. You can say NO. But, I think you should trust me and say yes."

God... did I really want to say yes? I closed my eyes, my lifetime of fears filling my head. Then, I opened them, and saw the woman I trusted so completely. She did know me. She knew what I needed, and I knew--KNEW--that this was her plan (albeit a kinky one) to enhance my well-being. I couldn't speak right then, but I leaned in and kissed her. It was a simple kiss, but I felt my soul soar. She was my Domme, but she was also my lover in every sense of the word.

"OK, baby" I said. Her smile and the sense of relief (and release!) I felt confirmed my judgement. Soon, I knew, my lifetime of demons and doubts would be gone.

To my very great shock, no gangbang occurred the next time I was hers to play with. It was a routine day, chores and ejaculation. The difference is that she didn't measure the cum I produced, or pour it into a glass. Instead, she brought out a modified turkey baster!

It was modified by having an almost-comical rubber dickhead glued to the end where it squirted. The dick head had a hole in the end so that it could "ejaculate". Clever, but I did giggle when I first saw it, getting a scowl in response. Then she giggled too.

She took off the bulb end and carefully poured in my cum. She handed it to me, and told me to slowly fuck her with it. I did, knowing that some cum was leaking into her. The thought made me horny, and I got hard again fast. She saw this, and told me to a) suck her clit, and b) pull out a little and inject all the cum into her.

This I did, listening to her growl in pleasure as I sucked at her hole. I knew she was filling with my cum. Wow, what a thought!

"Now," she said, when all my semen was in, "fuck me and feel my sloppy insides". I removed the baster-dildo and inserted my own cock. It was a wild feeling! She was wholly sloppy inside, like my cock was encased in hot pudding. She began to tell me to imagine her pussy filled with the cum of seven guys and that I was feeling what they were going to feel. THAT was a total mindfuck! I could almost see the legion of guys fucking her and leaving their cum in her for me to eat.

Then she commanded that I cum inside. Being well trained, I did. Then she commanded me to clean her cum-filled hole. My goodness, the smells and tastes. It was like being with a couple but far more intense. I found myself moaning uncontrollably as I drank (I had to drink, there was so much fluid) my cum and her juices from her. Unbidden, I got rock hard again and without her OK, I stood and fucked her again. Instead of being mad, as she had every right to be, she smiled at my reaction and came as I came.

Then, more relaxed, I could spend the time required to show my appreciation of her efforts to release me from the bondage of curiosity. When I was done, her two orgasms later, she was perfectly clean. At her command, I laid next to her and we snuggled.

Somehow I managed to see her the next few weekends in a row. And once, midweek. She varied my training a bit, sometimes pushing the baster into my throat and squirting my cum there. She remarked each time that sometimes guys came a little early and that she was preparing me to eat their cum fresh from the tube. She continually astonished me with her forethought and sexy ideas.

I came to her house one day, and saw a Suburban in the driveway. Immediately, I realized it was THE day. My hands got all sweaty and I almost kept on driving. My fear of disappointing her overrode my fear of the unknown. I would be shamed to chicken out, but I almost did.

As I rang her doorbell, I idly wondered how many guys could fit in a Suburban. When she answered the door, I saw the answer was at least six. Her introductions of the guys was wasted. I am not good with names in the first place, but I also didn't want to know their name. In retrospect, I know it was a defensive mechanism.

At that point, I focused completely on Nathalie. I couldn't think about those guys, and having them watch as I served her. She commanded for me to strip, which I did turning bright red. Then, she had me put on a condom, "to prevent an accident," she smirked. Humiliated, I bent over and gripped my ankles as I had many times before, so that she could loosen my asshole.

As they watched, Nathalie fucked me with her strapon, and fucked me well. I hung my head, concentrating on not orgasming as my body shook with the pleasure. I also didn't want to see their expressions as she explained how much I loved being assfucked. She was priming them, I knew. Damn. She also went over, again, the groundrules of what would be tolerated and what wouldn't.

She stopped before I came, leaving the dildo inside me as she unbuckled the harness. Then, she had me turn around and begin to lick her. I was preparing her to be fucked by all these guys. What a horny thought! After only a minute or so of licking her extraordinarily wet pussy, she was ready.

"Whose first?" she asked. The guys looked at each other, and one guy finally stepped forward. "Need my 'fluffer'", she asked, indicating me.

"Naw," he said, and unzipped his pants to reveal his erection. He certainly did not need my services to get hard. I realized with surprise that I was a little disappointed. I knew I would be envious when he pushed into her, and I was right.

As he was grunting, giving her good long strokes, Nathalie asked for the next guy to get ready. Immediately, another guy dropped his pants. I saw that he was fully erect, so I was surprised when he asked to be fluffed. "No need to ask. Go ahead and use my slave," Nathalie panted as she was thoroughly fucked.

I was face to dick then with my first male lover. Sex partner, I mean. I could never love another man, but when he put his dick to what he assumed were my experienced lips, I knew I could learn to love cocksucking. It was wholly better than any dildo could ever be. It had a flavour (dick sweat and precum), it had a texture (smooth but strangely rough), it had a temperature, but most of all, it was alive. It coursed blood, and I could almost feel his heartbeat through the distended external veins. Wow... it was everything I had fantasized, and more.

He obviously expected me to be a good cocksucker. As a bisexual man himself, he probably was. So without any ado, he pushed into the back of my mouth. All I did was recall the training Nathalie had given me. I sucked on it, and pressed my lips against his shaft. He gave a sigh of pleasure, which thrilled the hell out of me. I bobbed on him, pumping his dick with my mouth as he rocked back and forth in contratempo. I found myself wanting a bit more, to try it all, so I reached up and gripped his cheeks, and pulled his pubes to me. With a pop, he pushed past my epiglottis and into my throat. He remained there as I swallowed until I had to breathe. I took a deep breath and then bobbed up and down, letting him in and out of my throat, feeling his curly pubes repeatedly brush my nose.

"Your slave... is... great," he commented. I would have flushed with embarrassed pleasure, but he almost immediately pulled out and strode to Nathalie. I watched, disappointed, as he pushed into her. Her pussy was already beginning to ooze the semen of the first man, who had apparently just cum.

"Yeah..." Nathalie commented, belatedly. She was rocking with pleasure, as her hand-selected bi man slid in and out of her sloppy hole. "Next guy want him?" she asked. The guy who next stepped forward said no, so she ordered me to clean off the cock that had just been in her.

He was sitting in a chair, his dick shrinking. Dutifully, I moved to the chair and put my face in his lap. He stroked my hair as I sucked at his stinky dick. It was still leaking, but mostly it was Nathalie flavored. He wasn't getting hard soon, but when I was done he was clean.

I fluffed one more guy before they were all done, and cleaned them all but the last. Instead of cleaning him, Nathalie had me add my cum. I fucked her, cumming very quickly because she told me "Cum" as soon as I was in her. Then she told me to eat her tender pussy, and make it feel better before the next round.

Due to the extended fucking she had received, she had released a tremendous amount of vaginal secretions. These mixed with the cum of the men to create a pungent cream. It was far more strongly pussy flavored--and smelling--than anything I had ever tasted before. I had learned how to make Nathalie cum with my mouth, and this I did. When she came, she almost squirted a gallon of the cum mix, forcing me to swallow rapidly. It probably wasn't a gallon--maybe wasn't a pint--but it seemed like it. Then I tenderly licked at her pussy, feeling so loved and loving as I cleaned her.

"Want a fluffing?" I heard her say as I ate her.

"No... just keep him there," I heard the reply. Immediately, Nathalie's blood red manicured nails dug into my scalp, making me yelp. But then, something else made me yelp. I felt the man pull my cheeks apart and push into my ass. Nathalie released me and stroked my hair as I experienced my first man in my ass.

I probably should blush as I tell you that it was wonderful. But it is the truth. Just as a live dick in your mouth is better than a dildo, so is a live cock in your ass. Even wrapped in a condom, it is. And her selection of bi men was inspired, because this experienced guy new all the right spots to hit as he screwed me. "I'm gonna cum..." I moaned, panicking. I wasn't yet wearing a condom and I was forbidden to cum outside her without one.

"Hold on Tom," she commanded. The guy stopped fucking me, which make me shake in frustration. "Come on, Baby," she smiled at me, "cum inside me." I stood and looked back at the man who was doing me. He grinned in triumph, but I didn't care. I laid on Nathalie, pushing my cock deep into her. We kissed as he reinserted himself and he brought me to a wracking orgasm. It was so perfect to cum in her while having such a strong anal orgasm. Even after I stopped shaking, feeling weak, she kissed me tenderly for a long time. She was an angel.

Feeling so drained, I went back to fluffing. Most of the guys needed it this time, having a little trouble on the second go round. One or two guys used my ass to get hard before pulling off their condoms and fucking the crap our of Nathalie. I experienced my first double penetration that way; a guy deep in my throat and another balls-deep in my anus.

Only a couple guys decided to try for three rounds with Nathalie. One guy decided he wanted to cum in my mouth, which she encouraged. "Drinking fresh from the hose" was another first that day. I guess I did it about all. Thanks to my precious Domme.

She didn't pause between after that first clean up. Instead, she waited until they were all done, then had a guy spread out a drop clothe she had stashed. I laid on my back and with a couple guys help Nathalie squatted over my face, about two feet above me. "Open wide", she smiled, and I did. Her aim was hopeless from that height, so instead of hitting my mouth, my face, hair, and neck was splattered with cum. Gooey, aromatic cum. Then, she lowered herself and let me suck at her pussy while the guys made their thanks and left.

I couldn't do a very good job cleaning her, since every time she wriggled she smeared some cum back on herself from some part of my face. But that wasn't the point. The point was that I was showing her my appreciation. The truth is that she was right. I was bi, and knew it for sure. The doubts were gone. As I flicked my tongue between her distended and swollen pussy lips, searching for more semen, I realized how confident I felt.

From that day on, I could go forth, knowing myself. And I knew that I always would want to come back to my angel, Nathalie.



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