Lately I have been fantasizing more and more about cuckolding my darling hubby. It is not that I don't love having sex with my husband or that I want to have sex with another man. For me, that is not what is so arousing about cuckolding. What I find totally and utterly arousing is the forcing aspect of cuckolding. See, I wouldn't be the type of Wife that had her sub get her ready for a date and then leave him locked in a cage while I was off having fantastic sex with someone else. Oh no! I would have him front and center, getting up close and personal in the action. The whole point of cuckolding to me would be the utter humiliation and complete control of the act. Forcing him to be tied up to a chair, gagged and forced to look me in the eye while I was enjoying some young, hot stud. But my attraction to this activity goes further than that. 


I have had a long standing fantasy of doing a forced Bi scene on my subby. I want to take the forced bi scene a little further and actually make my sub participate in my sexual adventure with another. I want to use him as my little fluffer and then force him to be tied to the end of the bed so he is right there as close to the action as possible. Then once the young stud is ready to cum, use my subby as the cum catcher. What makes this even more delectable is that my darling is not in the least bit bi-curious. He has no fantasies about having any kind of sex with another man. He does love to be forced to do pretty much anything and I will use this little kink of his to it's fullest!!


In reading about cuckolding on the internet, I have noticed that most of the bulls are just regular guys or Dom's themselves. I know there is no right or wrong way to do this if I choose to cuckold my hubby, but I am looking to have my bull a submissive too. The perfect cuckolding experience for me would be another single submissive male who I am also forcing to do dirty, nasty things in order to have sex with me. I would find a nice, handsome, heterosexual guy who I can mind fuck too. He would also be a little homophobic and would not have any real fantasies about being with another man. I want the battle in his mind to be real and I want him to have to fight with himself when I force him to beg me for his cock to be sucked by another man. YUMMY!!


How HOT would it be to have my subby tied to a chair in the corner, being forced to watch his wife dominate her lover, taunting and teasing him, until he begged me to let my husband suck his cock! Then turn my attention on my chair bound darling, and taunt and tease him until he is begging to suck my lovers cock. By the use of Tease and Denial, you can get a man to promise anything, and I mean anything, when he wants to cum and his orgasmic fate in is your hands! 


I know it could be potentially disastrous to our marriage if the cuckolding thing was to backfire. I have had many good friends that were swingers and none of them are still married. They are all divorced!! As unbelievably hot as it might sound, I will have to make sure my marriage, and the bond we have as a D/s couple, is strong enough to handle bringing a third person into the relationship. I would never make cuckolding a regular part of my marriage, but every once in a while I think all it would do is deepen the control I have over my husband. Once I have implemented real time chastity, coupled with long term tease and denial, cuckolding is the next logical place my desires will go. 


Cuckolding is still a ways away from becoming any kind of a reality in my life, but it is on the horizon. I can feel it in my bones!!



by Mrs Claudia




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