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Forced BI Cuckold: Cock Sucking Tips





 1. It is always important to remember the man you are blowing is not gay. He is just enjoying watching a straight white boy degrade himself before offering him his prize possession, his loving wife. Consequently, there is no need to make the event 'romantic' because the bull is not your boyfriend.


2. Only talk to him if he approves


3. Be sure to moan often and tell him how much bigger his cock is than your own. Thank him for fucking your wife/gf and call him a real man as you run your tongue over his balls


4. Don't ignore his balls. They will be magnificent. I tend to 'make out' with them using as much tongue as possible and I never forget to flick the little stretch of sking between the anus and balls with my tongue. This drives men WILD. I often try to suck and flick for 30 minutes minimum to get the juices flowing.

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5. Tease the shaft with your tongue and blow a little air on it, but do not suck on it until your stud forces your head down on it after you have worked him into a proper frenzy


6. Be sure to actually SUCK the shaft as you pump on it since thats what you are there for.

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7. Ask his permission to swallow, since he may want to shoot a load in your face and never wash off when you leave unless permitted.


8. NEVER masturbate while sucking your bull. Both hands and mouth should be occupied glorifying his cock at all times.


9. Thank your bull and remember to keep yourself available. Black men can get hard again in a real hurry. If you are servicing a room full of cock, you will be busy for a LONG time.


10. Arrange your next cock worship before you leave or, if you are meant to be servicing any other houses, get your directions and times straight. Black men do not like to wait to be serviced.



I hope this helps. I can possible arrange a demonstration, but unfortunately, I am being cucked by a third party gf and my wife is oblivious, so it could be tricky.





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