Marriage for me and Marge is so much better than it ever was before Bull Doug came. Once Bull Doug revealed the massive endowment he intended to use on Marge, it was impossible for me to deny being an inadequate wimp. Bull Doug taught me to accept all my life-long shame at being a poorly hung wimp, and to proudly be what nature intended me to be.

It made me cry to tell Bull Doug how little my penis was, and how it had never been possible for me to satisy Marge. Kneeling naked before this burly man, begging through tears for him to use that massive cock of his on Marge any time he got the urge, was the beginning of me being the best husband to Marge it was possible for me to be.

The best way for me to show my love and devotion for Marge was to slobber at Bull Doug's massive manhood, pleading with him, through sobs of shame, to satisfy his lust on Marge! With Bull Doug's big cock grown iron-hard and huge, the glare in his eye was frightening, and my only thought was to try and placate and please him so he wouldn't do something worse to me.

What could a poorly hung wimp dare do but obey Bull Doug, and bend over whimpering before his massive manhood, rump raised and presented to him? Bull Doug's big hard cock plowed into me, making me shriek and howl with pain while he fucked me in the bottom. Bull Doug gripped me by the hips, grunting at the pleasure of making a wimp squeal with his big dick as he shoved it in to the hilt again and again, revelling in my tearful blubberings of pain and shame, my pleadings that he use Marge for his fuck-hole any time he wanted to.

It took so long for Bull Doug to cum, and by the time he discharged great gouts of his semen into me with a final deep thrust and bellow, he had reduced me to a snivelling, shamefaced sobbing wimp eager to do anything Bull Doug said, and nothing but what Bull Doug said, no matter what Bull Doug said! The brutal sodomizing made it impossible for me ever to be anything but a servile, weeping wimp before this magnificent man!

Knelt with aching bottom before Bull Doug, the mammoth tool that hurt me so was right in front of me. Still hard and slanting down over huge hairy balls, Bull Doug's big cock was three times the size of my stiff little penis! He didn't have to tell me twice what to do! Slobbering up the slime of fecal smear and cum slicking Bull Doug's big dick and matting the hair on his huge balls made me realize irrevocably Marge was Bull Doug's fuck-hole now, and my puny little penis would never go in that hot married pussy again.

Home from shopping, Marge was drawn by gruff male sounds to the bathroom off our bedroom. She gasped in shock. It was one thing to know she was married to a wimp, and quite another to see me kneeling naked and chained by the toilet, mouth open wide, while Bull Doug lifted his massive member a little and took a whizz. Just a moment of the steady stream of his waste was a huge mouthful, bitter and hot, and gulping it down took long enough for a fresh bitter mouthful to gather, that had to be gulped down immediately, eagerly, for me to even hope Bull Doug would let me stay married to his fuck-hole!

Marge was transfixed by the sight of Bull Doug's massive member. She found a wriggle coming to womanly hips, a heaving to big bosoms, and tongue-tip peeping out to moisten lips. Standing there dressed for downtown, Marge was practically shaking it for Bull Doug. Bull Doug liked what he saw, the big boobies swaying under the translucent blouse, the round hips and thighs shaping the matronly skirt. His eyeing her made Marge aware she had the wettest pussy, and an open mouth, that her boobs and bottom were tingling!

Bull Doug shoved me to be rump up, face to the floor before Marge's white pumps. It made me start sobbing again to tell Marge how ashamed it made me feel to have a little penis, and be unable to bring her satisfaction all these years in the marriage bed. Bull Doug doubled his belt and began to thrash me on the bottom, making me blubber and shriek in pain and shame, howling pleas for Marge to strip down and lay back heels high so Bull Doug could have some hot married pussy now!

Marge couldn't believe me pleading with her to have sex with that big, burly man, so he'd stop beating me! She couldn't keep her eyes off Bull Doug's massive manhood. His great cock was stiffening even bigger as he whipped me, rising off his huge hairy balls to a lusty angle. Marge felt in a surge of desire she was somehow owed to the victorious male towering over me, and in moments she was standing naked before Bull Doug, showing off her big boobies and furry snatch, her wide round rump, and telling him she was all his!

Bull Doug struck me one more thwack and shriek of pain, stepped over my sobbing form and swept Marge up in his arms. He carried her off into the bedroom. Marge squealed as he dropped her on the marriage bed, gasped amid a great creaking of springs, then groaned, and began to cry out loud as Bull Doug started giving her a pussy-full of big hard cock, deep and hard and fast! Curled sobbing on the floor by the toilet, bottom burning and aching, hearing Marge shriek in climax, and Bull Doug growl as he emptied his huge balls into her, was how marriage to Marge was going to be now that she was Bull Doug's fuck-hole!

Bull Doug crowed over what a hot broad Marge was, what a great rack and rear she had. Marge didn't trouble over the wimp she'd married being being chained to the toilet in tears in the next room, while she lay back in the marriage bed, legs wide and high for Bull Doug to help himself to hot married pussy. If that was what it took for her to get this magnificent man to ream her good with that huge hard cock of his, Marge was all for me sitting by the toilet, bottom sore and aching, wrists cuffed behind me, blubbering about my little penis! Bull Doug's big cock was three times the size of my stiff little penis, and she felt like a natural woman for the first time ever with it shoving deep inside her!



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