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Cuckolded by a Real Bull




"Is he here now?"cuck whispered, choking a bit as he realized what was in store. "Yes", I replied...


I had just stripped and restrained cuck at the foot of my bed, having told him that I wanted to tease him for a while before we went out on our date that evening. I admired the stunned expression on his face as he sat on my bedroom floor with hands cuffed behind him, collar pulling him against the bed, and my dirty panties covering his head and face except his nose and mouth, with my blindfold over top just to be sure he wouldn't see it coming.


Six weeks cuck had been waiting for this night, six weeks without feeling my hot pussy wrapped around his cock, and meanwhile I had been having plenty of fun with a few of my regular lovers...including the one now in the basement waiting as I prepped cuck for some more fun. Six weeks of hearing about my adventures, sometimes being forced to clean me up afterwards, yet always teased and denied in the end, milked yet never allowed to get a full release.


If cuck wanted to fuck me again I had a large request....he must suck a nice real cock for me...something that would turn me on so much that I would be horny enough to let even him fuck me. So we set a date to go out and I told him that he would have to perform for me at the gloryholes after dinner if he wanted to get laid that night.


But before the night arrived I happened across a young man that was eager to fulfill his Bull fantasies with a real couple. I never have much trouble finding willing lovers to have fun with, but it had been years since we'd had someone who really knew how to fulfill the Bull role to our satisfaction without wimping out and I was more determined than ever that we would start really fulfilling many of our fantasies, and definitely more often. So as I texted Bull the day of our hot date I was getting more and more aroused at the idea of playing with him instead of going to the gloryholes. I just couldn't wait to get together with him. I told cuck to pick me up by 9:30...but I told Bull to arrive at 8:00, so that I could have him to myself for a while first.


Bull is a 6'3" young man with a swimmer's build and nice trim 7" cock, he was immediately hard when he saw me standing in the doorway in my 5 inch black patent leather platform boots, push-up bra, little lace panties and my silk kimono. I offered him a glass of wine and we chatted for a while about our little naughty plan before slipping downstairs to my guest room so that we could get more comfortable. Once we got the bedroom he attacked me with passionate kisses and took my breath away and very soon I was on my knees enjoying his delicious cock and thinking about how much I was going to enjoy seeing cuck sucking it for me.


I was trying to pace ourselves in anticipation of cuck arriving so that our climax would be with him in the room but soon I was giving in to his straining hard cock and cumming hard as he pounded my wet pussy over and over. His cock felt so hard and each time I took a break to suck him again I could feel his balls getting bigger as they filled with his hot seed. Bull laughed, "After all this fucking and teasing he's going to have a lot of cum to swallow", which of course only turned me on more, I loved hearing a real Bull talk that way about my cuck. Cuck called to say he'd been delayed and I sounded annoyed "please don't be angry" he pleaded, "I'm coming as quick as I can". Little did he know that I was on edge because his fucking was sooo good that I wasn't sure I'd be able to resist letting Bull unleash all his energy on me and cum before cuck could get there. "No, it's ok" I responded, trying to hide my impatience, "just get here as soon as you can."


"If he doesn't get here soon I'm going to just keep you to myself and you'll have to call and cancel your date" said Bull, as he laughed and started to fuck me hard again. "Right now I'm not sure I would care if he didn't show up!" I cried out between screams of pleasure as I started to cum, my boots on his shoulders, my large tits bouncing wildly.


But soon cuck did arrive and I rushed to put on my robe and brushed my hair hoping he wouldn't be able to tell that I'd just been fucking. I let cuck in and said "I'm in the mood to play a little bit before we go...", then putting the sash of my kimono around his neck I led him willingly up to the bedroom...he looked so cute following behind me, admiring my boots and saying how hot I looked tonight.


In my mistress bedroom I had the ropes and cuffs prepared.....and told him I want to tease and torture him a bit...and try out the restraints for later that night....he was very cooperative....although a tad suspicious....but he couldn't tell what I was up to for sure so he allowed me to collar and cuff him to the foot of my bed.


Towering over him in my boots (I'm 5'10" with them on) I then slipped off my wet panties and slipped them on his head....followed by the blindfold...securing the ends into his collar. I asked him if he could see...and he said no..."That will do just fine", I replied. "For what?", he asked cautiously. "For making you suck cock for me", I said coldly, as I spread his mouth open showing him what he should do for me. "You know that you have to suck cock for me tonight if you want to fuck this pussy". "Yes Mistress...", he replied with sober expression. I asked him if he was comfortable enough to stay like that for a while...he hesitantly said yes.


"Well...if you had been here on time I would have had time to cage that little cock of yours...and tease you...because I know you need time to ease into these things..."

"Time before what Mistress?", he asked, now sounding quite scared...

"Before I bring him upstairs to fuck me in front of you." I revealed as an evil smile came to my lips.

"Is he here now?", he his face turned white.

"Yes", I I grabbed his neck and stroked and slapped at his cock that was semi-erect and dripping, "and you are going to suck that cock for me because there's not a fucking thing you can do about it. I know you've been nervous about doing this for me cucky, but sometimes it's best just to rip off that band-aid, so that's what we're going to do tonight."


He sat stunned, speechless...I could sense his mind racing with nerves and excitement. I gave him a hard pat on the balls and got up to go get my Bull. "Don't disappoint me cuck." I said sharply as I walked away.


I brought Bull into the bedroom and turned on the lights for a moment so that he could see my helpless cuck bound and blind at the foot of my bed....then I turned them off so that we could continue our amazing fuck session by the candlelight.


We laid down on the bed and I started to suck and lick his cock again, getting it nice and hard so that he could fuck me some more...feeling how enormous his balls were. Soon he was ready to fuck me again so I got up and bent over the side of the bed and spread my legs eagerly for his nice hard cock. When he thrust inside of me again I let out a pussy was already swollen and permanently wet from all of our fucking earlier, but I still wanted more more more! Soon he was holding my arms straight back and fucking me hard...the sound of cuck's collar jingling as we shook the bed make me moan and start to come....all I could think was "Finally, a real Bull!!", and I squeezed his cock hard as I came all over him. His amazing libido wasn't done with me yet and he flipped me on my back with my boots over his shoulders and fucked away like a jackhammer as I moaned and screamed "God yes...Fuck ME..FUCK ME HARD...GOD YA" hand reached out and stroked cuck's head that was right beside me now...I couldn't wait for him to be ready to cum so that cuck could suck that cock and drink all that cum.


Then I was distracted again as that cock grew with excitement, even harder than I thought possible....and so deep...pounding me over and over...I started to cum again and this time Bull was unable to control himself the feeling of my hot wet pussy gripping his cock was too much and he exploded deep inside of me as I came.


"Did you cum?" I gasped out of breath...wanting to be sure....."Yes" he replied...."that wasn't the plan but it felt so good..I couldn't help it".... "It doesn't matter", I laughed, "That's exactly where I was craving it...deep inside my pussy." Then I thought of what cuck must be thinking hearing this....he was supposed to suck cock for me or he wouldn't be allowed to fuck me tonight....he must be worried that he's lost his chance! I laughed softly to myself at the thought of his dripping cock aching with the thought that he may not get to fuck me after all.


My laugh must have turned Bull on because he still didn't stop fucking me even after he had cum! Again he started to work my now very sore swollen pussy, gaping and wet with his cum and mine, I moaned with pleasure and gasped "Oh my're amazing...", I'm sure I came again but it was really just a blur of pleasure and fucking and kissing as cuck sat silent and dripping, wetting his shorts like a pathetic teenage boy.


At the end of our 2.5 hr session Bull and I got up and started to clean up. "Do you want to get cleaned up?" I sweetly asked Bull, he said yes and started in the direction of the bathroom. I stopped him, and motioned at cuck sitting on the floor, looking at him as if to say "would you please?". He looked at me, then him, and walked right in front of cuck and I sat beside his head and held cuck's nose, pulling his head back like I was about to perform cpr I said.."Open wide and take that cock", and cuck did not disappoint me. I nearly came again as I watched Bull's cock slide into his open mouth. "Suck the cock that fucked me so well" I demanded...and cuck obeyed, knowing he really had no choice...probably now even GRATEFUL that I was giving him the chance to earn his reward, I had him just where I wanted him and it was mind-blowing.


"He did a great job of fucking your woman didn't he cuck?" I laughed and cuck responded by sucking his cock even more, taking him deep and giving me a good show. "Holy fuck that's hot" I blurted out, so proud of my cuck and grateful to Bull to allow the unworthy cuck to suck such a nice hot cock.


Once cuck had cleaned off Bull really well I said "time for cuck to lick some cum", and straddled his face making him lick my soaked swollen pussy as I pressed his head back into the mattress forcefully. He licked me up eagerly then we left him there so that I could show Bull out.


When I got back downstairs and went around the corner there was Bull on the bed jerking his cock once again looking like he needed to cum again. "Bring me that wine glass so I can fill it up for cuck to drink" he asked and I grabbed it fast and eagerly stroked his balls as his jerked off and came again, nice thick and creamy cum into the empty wine glass. He then got dressed and we agreed we would have to play again very soon as we kissed good night.


I went back to rescue poor cuck from his bondage, taking off his mask I showed him what I had..."Bull left you a treat" I said and before he could really grasp what I was doing I was forcing his head back and mouth open and poured the cum in mixed with a little bit of red wine that was in the bottom of the glass. Cuck swallowed it down faithfully, then I looked down and could see what a mess he'd made "Oh my" I hissed, "someone's made a mess". "Yes Mistress, I couldn't help it.", he obediently replied.


I then undid his hands and handed him his cb2000. "Put it on", I demanded, "and the panties too, you're taking me out, I've worked up a real appetite and would love a nice cold beer."


Then once he was nicely locked and in his little panties I undid his collar and allowed him to get dressed for our date. And what a fun date that was as I rubbed his crotch under the table as we discussed how surprised he had been and how hot it was hearing me get fucked, a night we had waited six weeks for...but really had waited years for, and it wasn't over yet...knowing that I would be sure to torture and tease his cock and balls and make him beg me desperately before he would finally get to fuck me, and then only with desensitizing spray and a condom on. To earn a bareback fuck would take more time and bigger tricks, which would have to wait for our next big night out.





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