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Cuckolded and Used




Last night Mistress let our new play partner "Daddy" use me. I have never done anything with a guy except a couple kisses and one lap dance during truth or dare. I have never been particularly opposed to sexual interactions with men, but it is far less exciting than sex with women.


Mistress pushing me to do it made it much more interesting. Either way, we have a signed contract that allows her to use my body as she wishes and that includes letting men fuck me. There was a lot of foreplay. Mistress and Daddy made out in the back seat while I drove to the hotel. It was a two bed hotel room so that I could sleep alone after the night's activities while they shared a bed to kiss and cuddle in. Daddy was tossing Mistress around the room while the groped and kissed and generally demonstrating his physicality before I finished bringing the bags in. They fooled around on one of the beds while I watched.


He had us both get on the bed and started calling me Bitch Number one and Mistress Bitch Number Two. He took out his cock, which is quite a bit larger than my teeny weeny. He has us stroke and kiss his cock and balls. I had expected it to be unpleasant, but it wasn't. It was kind of exciting. Daddy had us kiss each other around his shaft. Then Mistress showed me how to suck cock. Then it was my turn.


The lube we had been using was a little sweet and that was really the only thing I tasted. I had thought there would be some other flavor, but none was present. The most surprising thing was how Daddy's cock felt in my mouth. The shaft was hard and unyielding while the head was soft and squishy. I worked up and down, sucking as hard as I could while jerking the base of his shaft. Eventually Daddy had enough.


Mistress made one of her usual threats that she would start hurting my balls if I didn't come up with something interesting. Both licking her pussy and ass resulted in the response of "Boring!" so as she started to smack my balls I shouted "I'll show Daddy how to cane you!" That saved me a rather sever CBT session.


Mistress got my ass lubed up and told Daddy I was ready. They had me lay on my stomach and Daddy got on top of me and started rubbing his cock all over my ass. Finally he slid into me as Mistress kelt in front of me and looked into my eyes. He went deep and deeper. His cock went to a place where I felt a need to cry out. I have trained with much wider dildos, but have generally avoided long dildos. They go far enough in that it no long feels like the area I am used to fucking or having fucked. Daddy's cock went to that place.


After a while Daddy flipped me on my back and soon I was so loud Mistress and Daddy were concerned about bothering other guests, so they shoved my dirty pair of panties in my mouth. Mistress was on her period and I had some of her dried menstrual fluid on them from when I fucked her with the strap-on the previous night. That was far from my primary concern as Daddy continued to impale me. Finally Mistress and Daddy decided I had had enough. Daddy went to take a shower while Mistress checked in on how I was doing. I told her I was okay with her being mean some more. She shoved me out of bed and when I looked up she asked when I had received permission to look at her, so I bowed my head and sat there on the floor feeling a mix of shame, hurt, longing and satisfaction.


After some more fooling around between Mistress and Daddy he fucked her in the ass and they agreed she was much tighter. After the initial penetration she adjusted to Daddy and enjoyed herself quite throughly. Then they decided to move to 'their' bed. I hadn't realized we had all been fucking in the bed I would be sleeping alone in.


Later she started Domming Daddy and fingering him. Soon he was begging her to fuck him with the strap-on. Despite all my training over the last month and a half Mistress has not fucked me, yet after enough begging she had me bring it to her and she rode him while Daddy stroked himself till he came. Mistress had me lick his hand and the bed sheets, though surprisingly not his cock.


After that we all went to bed. Occasionally I would overhear them kissing or fooling around throughout the night. In the morning they got pretty serious and then Daddy took a shower. Mistress had me fuck her though I was not allowed to cum of course. I have to withdraw when I think I am getting close. Daddy came back and watched for a while. After that we packed up and I drove them home. After dropping off Daddy, Mistress stayed in the back seat and read a book without saying a word to me.



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