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We climbed into the car dressed for clubbing, LA style, that is. I was wearing jeans and a black t-shirt while my wife was wearing a black mini. Coming into the downtown, she told me that this was going to be a very different night. This was to be my first night of training. You see, we had a fantasy about me playing a submissive role in our sex life. That submissive life was going to start today.


“When I stop the car, I want you to get out, enter the green door that will be next to the potted tree, purchase a locker, and take a shower. Then, I want you to pleasure 5 people. It doesn’t matter who, just come back here in 90 minutes. And one more thing, don’t clean up. Don’t even wipe yourself off with a towel. Just get dressed and return to the car.”


She stopped the car in front of a white building on Melrose, just west of La Brea. I got out, found the door and went inside. I couldn’t have been more surprised at what I found.


There were actually two doors. Between them, there was a counter behind glass and a toothless man asking “locker or room?” I told him “locker” and gave him $12. He clicked the second door open and told me to step inside, which I did, into a small room with lockers against the walls. I picked up my key and towel and proceeded to undress.


I realized that this wasn’t a swing club, this was a gay bath house! By this time, my heart was pounding and I carefully locked the locker, placed the band with the key around my wrist, and wrapped the towel around my waist. I proceeded down a dark hall with doors on both walls to a shower room. As I took my shower, I noticed several older men looking at me. Before this evening, Donna had asked me to shave everything between my head and my legs, which I did. I had no hair on my cock, balls, ass, stomach, chest, or arm pits. It was embarrassing to be the center of attention, especially of a hairy bunch of old men.


As I dried off, I remembered back to college, when I had blown my roommate after a drunken night at the bar. A few weeks back, Donna had asked me about my most embarrassing sexual moment, and I blabbed about this indiscretion. Little did I know that it would come back to haunt me.


Not knowing what to do, I slipped into an area with a sauna and hot tub. Nobody was in the tub, so I hung the towel on a hook in the wall and stepped into the hot water. Almost immediately, the door to the sauna opened and an older oriental man came over to the tub and climbed in. After a few awkward minutes, he reached under the bubbles and ran his hand along my cock, which by now was shrunken beyond belief from embarrassment. I remembered that Donna told me to pleasure 5 people. I guess this was going to be my first.


The oriental man slid closer to me and ran both hands down to my shaven cock and balls, even trailing a finger toward my virgin butt hole. He seemed very happy with the smoothness he found. I worked up all my courage and reached for his cock, which was stiff in the water. This was only the second cock that I had touched, besides my own, and the hardness sent shivers through me. He asked me if I’d like to go to his room and I said yes.


The rooms were more like plywood porches with a small bed, a locker, and a television running gay videos. After playing with each other for a few minutes, he asked me what I wanted to do and I told him “I want to pleasure you.” With this, he lay back on the bed and I couldn’t believe how charged up I was when his cock stood straight up from a pair of nearly hairless balls. His cock was only about 5 inches and not too thick, but the head was large. It looked like a mushroom. I dove in for the suck. It didn’t take very long, but without warning, he came in my mouth. At the end of 5 or 6 squirts, I sat back and spit the cum down my chest, thanked him, and left the room.


Directly across the hall from the sauna, I found what was called “the pit”. To get to it, I had to walk through a maze of walls (glory hole booths, I later learned), and came to a very dark room. There were a lot of men in this room. Several of the men were facing the walls on the far side and I went over to them. I noticed that they were sucking cocks that were protruding from the walls! With a little more inspection, I noticed that there was a set of stairs behind the wall and several people could stand shoulder to shoulder while getting their cocks sucked. Back in the “pit”, their cocks protruded from the wall at mouth level.


There must have been 15 men in this small room, about 10’ by 10’. It was crowded and I had hands all over me as I made my way toward the wall. The trip to the oriental mans room had burned the first half hour and I was down to 60 minutes with four more cocks to pleasure. Once at the wall, I reached up and found a semi-erect cock in my face with a pair of low hanging balls. I tentatively reached for it and I heard a moan on the other side of the wall. This would be number 2.


Grabbing his balls in one hand and his cock in the other, I proceeded to lick the cock head and the underside. Very quickly, the cock expanded to hardness. I started to believe that all gay men had small cocks. This one was about 5 inches and pretty thin, so I knew that I could handle it. As I took this cock into my mouth, I decided to enjoy the experience. Here I was in a dark room, a cock in my mouth, and several hands groping my cock, balls, and ass. This was starting to get fun.


I let the cock piston into and out of my mouth, sucking slightly and using my tongue on the underside, the way that I liked it. Very soon, I could feel the cock head grow and the man began to thrust against the board. As the first spurt hit my throat, I pulled back and let the cock shoot all over my neck and chest. The hot cum felt great as it stuck to my skin. When I looked down, I was shocked to find that I was as hard as a rock.


I made my way through the gropers to the stairs and went up to see if I could stick my cock through the wall. I found that the area that the “upstairs” men were in was no more than three feet wide, and there was a group of men packed into the small area. Several men were standing belly to the wall and their cocks were being sucked from below. Behind them stood the next batch of men, several of whom were rubbing the asses and balls of the first group to help them cum faster. It was difficult getting through this mob and I felt more than a few hard cocks rubbing my legs and ass.


In the back, a satisfied guy was leaving and I quickly took my place at the hole. After a minute, I looked over the top of the partition and noticed that everyone down below was already involved with someone else. A guy next to me rubbed his hand against my cock and he rubbed his very hard and hot cock against my side. I reached down and found another surprise. He was very hairy and his cock didn’t protrude past the hair. It must have been about three inches long, but I couldn’t get over the thickness. He felt like a beer can that was about to burst.


I dropped to my knees and began licking the head of his cock, which was flowing pre-come like a faucet. Almost immediately, he thrust his cock into my mouth and spurted the hottest, thickest, rush of cum that I could imagine. I opened my mouth and let the come drip down the sides of my face and could feel it drip on my chest and legs. Three down!


By this point, I wanted relief, but I knew that Donna hadn’t given permission for me to cum. So I made my way back out of the guys and headed down the stairs back into the pit. I figured that I needed two more quick blows to complete the evening, and the pit was where the action was.


Upon entering the pit, I came face to face with a tall black man who was also wearing a wedding ring. I had always fantasized about touching a black cock and now I had my chance. After feeling each other’s cocks for a minute, I bent down and placed both hands on his stiffening tool. True to form, his cock grew to 8 or 9 inches and was straight as an arrow. I took my time and sucked him slowly, while rubbing and pinching his sack. After a while, he reached down and started stroking his cock. He was so long that he could stroke half while I sucked the other half. Then, after a few minutes of feeling his cock expand to great thickness, he came. I took the first blast in the mouth and then just let him jack the rest over my face, neck, chest and arms. I felt covered in cum.


Almost immediately, another old guy, who must have been watching the action, stuck his dripping cock in my mouth and blasted another round of sperm. I knew I was finished.


Gathering my senses, I stood up, covered in cum, and walked through the mass of horny men. After seeing my goo covered body, most quickly stood aside and let me pass. I walked all the way back up the hall to my locker and pulled my clothes over the crusting-over skin. When I turned in my towel, the old guy asked me if I wanted to wipe my face, I told him “no, my wife wants proof that I pleased the guys”.


I was so glad that she was parked directly in front of the building as I would have been very embarrassed to walk past a crowd of people in my condition. I jumped into the car and she asked if I had fun. Without a word, I simply lifted my shirt.


On the drive home, she let me relieve my cock, which was aching to cum. When I did, she made me catch it in my hand so I could eat it. Then we drove home in silence.


When we arrived home, she took pictures of my crusty, hairless body and let me take a shower. Then she let me fuck her and eat the cum out of her beautiful pussy, the first of many nights to follow! Although I didn’t know it at the time, it was the beginning of a new phase in my life, cuckold.




After the bathhouse experience, my wife didn't follow-up with additional training for awhile. Then one weekend, she invited my brother in law to visit and help with some chores around the house. I had just had knee surgery and was unable to cut the grass and rake leaves. My brother in law, Jim, had recently divorced my sister and he told me that he was frustrated because his dating life had failed to restart.


About midnight of the first night, my wife decided that she was horny and wanted me to play. I was stuck lying on my back and really wasn't into it. After idly playing with my cock and balls for a few minutes, she gave up and conceded defeat. Just to see what would happen, I told her that Jim was on the living room couch and that he was probably as horny as she was. To my mild surprise, she started grinning and whispered "I'm gonna do it!" She got out of bed, buck naked, and left the room leaving the door open so I could listen to the proceedings.


After a few minutes, I could hear some grunting and I knew that she must have started on Jim. Later she told me that she walked into the living room and caught him rubbing his cock. When he saw her and noticed she was naked, he asked her to give him a hand. She used her mouth instead.


After about a half hour, she padded back into our room and gleefully jumped on the bed. "Do you know what I just did?"


"Tell me about it" was all I could respond. My cock was becoming very firm. Instead of recounting the activities, she crawled up my body and straddled my shoulders with her knees. As she bounced to a halt, I felt a warm drop of something plop onto my neck and I knew what she had in mind. She told me to open my mouth and she slowly lowered her gaping cunt to my mouth. Before hitting bottom, several drops of juice hit my face and tongue. There was no mistaking the taste of Jim's cum.


I licked her cunt until it had emptied itself of the load that Jim had deposited. My cock was so hard that it hurt. Donna proceeded to back down my body and simply kept going until my cock was gripped in her sopping wet cunt. Then, she proceeded to tell me how Jim had thrown her over the back of the couch and took her from behind. At the same time, she very slowly raised and lowered her hips and ground against my root and balls. Between the story and the grinding, I soon blew a massive load. She quickly jumped up and covered my face again. As soon as my tongue touched her clit, she came wildly, spurting a mixture of her cum, my cum, and any of Jim's cum that happened to be left inside. I drank it all down.


The next day, Donna got out of bed and took a quick shower. Then, without dressing, she went into the kitchen to cook breakfast. When I limped into the dining room, Jim was already sitting at the kitchen table, naked, dining on some eggs and bacon. Donna sat across from him and I could tell she had her legs stretched under the table and her feet on his lap. Jim turned to me and said, "thanks for letting me borrow your pussy last night". I explained that it was no problem, that we'd been thinking about sharing for a long time. Donna then proceeded to tell me that until he left to return home, Jim could share her pussy whenever he wanted. With this, I felt my cock begin to expand.


As breakfast proceeded, Jim was becoming detached from our conversation. Soon, I could tell that Donna's feet were doing their job. After a few seconds, Jim put down his fork and put both of his hands on the arms of his chair, apparently giving in to her soft massage. Donna then told me that she was going to fuck Jim on the table and that I would be able to watch. There was one catch, however, she wanted to tie me to my chair so I wouldn't be able to touch them or myself. She ran to our room and returned with two of my ties and one of my belts. She tied my wrists to the arms of the chair and then slipped the belt around my waist and around the back of the chair. It was a tight squeeze, but she was able to use the last notch to hold the belt in place. Then, she told Jim that I had enjoyed his load from the previous night. He was surprised, but soon got the picture and playfully called me a fag.


Donna then had him stand up and come over to our side of the table. When he stood up, his cock was standing at attention and appeared to be about 8 inches long, and thicker than mine. She asked him to sit on the table in front of me and then told me to "get him ready for my pussy". Although restrained tightly, I was able to squirm and stretch until I could feel his cock against my chin. I opened my mouth and began to suck him the way that I had sucked the guys in the bath house. After a couple of minutes, Donna told me to stop and sit back. When I did, she walked between us and turned her back to Jim. Then, she gripped the table behind her while using my chair as leverage as she lifted herself onto his cock.


I had a wonderful view of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, which was extremely red and puffy. I had never seen her clit become so large and I could tell that she was really enjoying the friction. I leaned forward and began to lick her and immediately caused her to start coming. Jim's cock was covered in slime, which was beginning to run down his balls. I dropped my head a little further and began to lick his balls as he continued to jam his cock into Donna. When she sensed that he was about to come, she lifted off of his cock and let it plop into my mouth. I simply closed my eyes and let him fuck my face. Then, with a loud grunt, he shot a load of his cum into my mouth.


After we untangled, Donna freed my right hand and told me to make myself cum. As I became ready to cum, she told me to shoot it on Jim's cock and balls, which I did. Then, I proceeded to clean him like I've been trained to clean her after I cum, with my mouth.


The rest of the weekend was a non-stop fuck fest and I truly received my weekly allowance of protein. After two years of living this lifestyle, the weekend with Jim stands out as one of the most intense, pleasure filled experiences so far. I'm looking forward to more.



by tall758



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