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Forced homosexuality or Forced BI is a paraphilia and activity related to Femdom.

In practice, it includes any activities in which the dominant female "forces" the submissive, heterosexual male or female to engage in homosexual acts for her amusement, sexual arousal and/or (in the case of male submissives) as part of feminization.



Forced BI

- Extreme BDSM scenario where the Dominant partner forces the usually straight submissive/slave to perform sexual acts with a member of the same sex. Usually performed with female dominants and male submissives.


Forced bi - sexual activity ranks higher to me than any other fear as to how far Wife will go. It is the most humiliating activity I can imagine.


My own forced bi fantasies generally revolve around me being subjected to some form of humiliation orchestrated by my Mistress for Her own viewing pleasure.


Forced Bi regardless of slave's like or dislike is totally up to the female. In fact, if he doesn't like it at first, he should be made to understand that he has no choice in the issue and that it is to please her. In time, he will grow to love sucking cock to please his Mistress. As a sub male, I was initially opposed to taking a man's penis in my mouth, however through a firm mistress, initial strap on training, humiliation and being told that I would be eventually required to felate a man to climax it gave me no choice.


The process of forced BI is ideally suited to cuckolding and humilitation.



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The Bet With My Wife

Forced BI story of husband who has lost a bet.

Story tags:  cuck, creampie, domme, oral, control, fdom, FDom-M, Mdom-M, sub, humiliation



Hot BI Experience

A visit to adult boostore results in having sex and ended with BI experience.


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Strange Cuckold Relationship

Story of forced BI, interracial cuckolding, humiliation in front of Wife and creampie eating.
Submissive husband ignores his Wife's needs. Things are about to change when his sexy Wife brings home a dominant black lover.



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How I Became Cuckold

Story of a man hooked on cuckolding and forced BI domination.



Cuckolded by a Real Bull

Forced BI story with elements of orgasm denial, chastity and bondage.
Cuckolded husband is restrained while Wife is having sex. He is not allowed an orgasm until he agrees to suck cock.



Cuckolded and Used

Mistress is forcing her slave to be used by her lover.



Happy Forced BI Marriage

Story of wife who turns husband into a sissy cocksucker and cumeater. Forced BI, strap-on, cum eating.



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Punished for Jacking Off

Forced BI story of wife who is coming home with a pussy full of cum and finds husband masturbating. He must lick all of her boyfriend's cum from her pussy and ass and also suck boyfriend's cock.



Forced BI Marriage

I always wanted a marriage based on female domination and was now suffering the consequences of having my fantasy turned into reality. People should always be careful about what they wish for.



Cum Crazed and Forced BI

Breaking husband in as a cuckold creampie slut.



BI Sexual Cuckold

Husband's love for creampies leads to forced BI adventures.



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Ways To Serve A Whore Wife

Story of humiliation, forced BI and cum denial. Husband is cuckolded and humiliated in front of wife's lover.



Story:  First Time Forced BI

Eating sperm from inside the wife. Creampie licking, cum swapping and BI sex.



Forced BI Cum Eater

I tongued her as deeply as I could, tasting the insides of her ass mixed with Tyler's salty cum. I loved it, I was acting like a male slut but it was fantastic and I sucked every last drop of him from her insides as she moaned in pleasure at the attention of my tongue.



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Cuckolded and Forced to BE

Katie had my cock back in her mouth and I could feel her groaning against it as Harry invaded her ass. I licked at his swollen balls, taking one and then the other into my mouth. Harry's cock was impaled deep in Katie's ass, he groaned in pleasure at the attention of my tongue.



Cuck Forced BI Training

Story of husband forced to pleasure men and to eat creampies.



Total Comand of Cuckold

Humilation is where it's at she always told him....yours that is. It's fucking hot. He loved it and hated it and she was a master at it. She'd coaxed out his submissiveness in the beginning and once exposed she wasted no time in stepping up to the degrading brand of cuckolding she was into.




Forced BI Trip    

His cock grew while in my mouth. He then said that the day would be complete and my submission to him would be complete if he fucked me the same way he had fucked my wife.




Cuckold Forced BI    

How to keep lover's cum warm...


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Tease, chastity and forced bi story in 24 pictures.




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Forced BI Question     

You have to suffer for her....




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forced BI





Reflections of a real Femdom Wife.




Forced BI Stories - Berta    

"Now, stick your cock deep into his bowels," she told this man, being intentionally nasty. "Fuck him hard enough so that your balls slap his!"




Blackmailed - Forced BI Stories    

"John is a friend of mine who wants to try out sex with a guy." I could almost hear the mocking mirth in her voice. "I told him you'd love to suck him off and let him fuck you in the ass."



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Cuckold Birthday

"Give him a little suck," Lina suggested, returning with a bundle. I looked at her, and she wore an expression that said "its for your own good". I leaned down and closed my eyes, then pointed his head to my mouth. Just like that, I had a dick in my mouth for the first time.




Forced BI Fluffer    

Feeling so drained, I went back to fluffing. Most of the guys needed it this time, having a little trouble on the second go round. One or two guys used my ass to get hard before pulling off their condoms and fucking the crap our of Nathalie. I experienced my first double penetration that way; a guy deep in my throat and another balls-deep in my anus.




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Most groups wanted me to suck the guys to erection (and it was usually their second erection by then) and then eat the creampie that results.



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Cuckold Husband story    

Finally "D" asked me where I wanted his load and I told him in my hubby's mouth. I crawled off and ordered hubby to go down to "D's" cock. "D" fucked his mouth for a few minutes and started moaning and I held my hubbies head on his cock and ordered him to swallow "D's" load.




Forced BI Revenge    

Here I was, on my knees before this giant black man who was pummeling my mouth and throat with his enormously bloated cock as my ex-girlfriend watched and enjoyed this humiliation of me that she herself had set up.





Raymond pulled his glistening, still rigid penis out of my wife's wet vulva, and said to me, "Suck the semen off my cock, you sissy-queer!" I eagerly complied and soon found Raymond fucking my face.





Will untied me then made me kneel in the center of the room. He made me say, "Thank you all for fucking my wife and making me lick your cum out of her. Thank you for making me blow you, too."





When Lance withdrew, I sucked Miriam clean for the next boy, and as he entered my wife I cleaned up Lance.



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"Thank you Mistress," as i began to extract another man's gunk from my Wife's Temple. i wouldn't rest until She was clean and i could once again taste Her lovely ambrosia.





As Kenneth was force-feeding Tom his big dick, his wife walked over to join him."You are such a fucked up piece of shit!" she yelled down to him."I think you are in need of more than having to suck my husbands' dick! I think you should lick my husband's ass!"




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I bent down and opened my mouth to plant my lips on her lips and I could feel Steve's cum start to spill from my mouth so I quickly started using my tongue to mix his cum with Sherry's juices.




Forced BI

Marge couldn't believe me pleading with her to have sex with that big, burly man, so he'd stop beating me!



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Forced BI:  cuckold erotica that involves an evolution in the sexual play to a point where the Dominant Wife is dominating the cuckold husband and forcing him to suck lover’s cock or in some cases open his legs to receive anal sex, as a form of submission and humiliation.





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