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Video clips from  CUCKOLD 2, the movie


With the wife out banging a physically superior Negro male tonight, wouldn't this be a good time to watch Cuckold 2? Squirm as a hot wife fucks her husband's father. Laugh as a towering giant of a man washes his wife's pussy for her date. Share the white guilt of a cuck as he kowtows to his wife's black date in an effort to mask his sick interracial taboo. Based on true stories from the cuckolding community, Cuckold 2 is humiliating hardcore at its most disturbing.












Video clips from CUCKOLD FANTASIES 12, the movie


She releases her cuckold husband Jimmy from the under-the-stairs cubbyhole where he's forced to sleep, and makes him WORSHIP HER ASS AND PUSSY. She torments him and his CHASTITY DEVICE bound penis, before sending him off to work.


While her wimpy, cuckolded husband is away, Holly invites studly lover Shane over for the afternoon. As they KISS deeply, she rips down his pants to reveal a MASSIVE ERECTION! She praises his cock as she runs her hands over it and finally takes it in her mouth.


Husband Jimmy returns to find his wife giving this stranger a BLOWJOB. She orders him to undress and kiss her feet while she services this real man. Bewildered cuckold wuss that he is, Jimmy complies. He can only watch helplessly as Holly's mouth is stretched by this clearly superior cock. He tries to protest but she and her new lover laugh at him and VERBALLY ABUSE HIM.






Video clips from  CUCKOLD COUPLE, the movie


My wife is sent to work on the streets for her black pimp. He is pissed off she has not brought in enough money from whoring. He brings her into his house to teach his bitch a lesson, I am called in to help my wife service her pimp and learn to suck black cock, and after all sharing is caring.














Cuckold video clips from  CUCKOLD CREAMPIE 4, the movie


Mistress Kennedy is fucked hard from behind and lets cuckold jack know just how much She likes it as She purrs and moans.

His head bowed, he watches his wife being serviced by the hard cock. On his back below them now, slut jack sees stud slave Brian shoots a large load into Her and pulls out so the last few spurts go onto Her pussy.

Her pussy farts several times as She lowers Herself down and commands him to clean up the mess as Brian stands above holding his still stiff cock. Cuckold jack does as instructed and then is made to lick Brian's cock clean. Mistress Kennedy then pulls out the syringe and sucks the last of the cum from Her hole to feed him.









Cuckold video clips from  CUCKOLD MILFS 4, the movie


Remember when fucking your wife was a good time? Of course you don't. That was 20 years and 30 pounds ago.

Of course, that bloated freeloader still expects you to pay the bills and fuck her blown out baby-hole. Screw that. It's time to fuck hookers and teens! Time to pay negroes to pollute her womb. What's she gonna do? Leave? You're not that lucky!

Desi Foxx, Kirra Lynne and Vannah Sterling are a little past their prime, but that doesn't stop hung studs from fucking them for their paying husbands.











Cuckold video clips from  CUCKOLD STORIES, the movie


Mistress Alexandra brings you four different tales of Cuckolded Husbands. In Spoiled Bitch nothing is ever good enough for Mistress, so she gets a new boyfriend and parades him in front of her husband who's locked in his cage. She lets him out but only to lap up the cum from her new boyfriends stomach.

In Boys Night Out Mistress Alexandra is going to a "Helloween Party" but her cuckold husband David is going out with some friends. She tells him to put on the costume she got for him. He gets pretty embarrassed when his friend Ricky comes to get him and he sees his ass-less and frilly costume. Mistress decides she wants to be a part of Boys Night out and leaves him alone to clean the house.

When Mistress Alexandra returns with Ricky, they decide to finish the night in style, with a good fucking. Mistress grabs cuckold David and forces his mouth on Ricky's cock to suck it off until Ricky cums in a huge, screaming orgasm. That's only the half of it you'll get to see even more cuckold scenes with Mistress Alexandra as she teaches theses men some well needed lessons. 






Video clips from  PUNISHED BY WIFE, the movie


Mistress Anna is unhappy with her husband Arthur and calls on Goddess Helena to double team him - with Punishment!

The two tall, slim Dominas perform a traditional discipline scene on the poor helpless fellow - OTK, bare handed spanking, paddling, bondage, shoe gag, and tons of VERBAL humiliation!

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