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Beautiful Mistress Megan's slave has been in chastity belt for a very long time.  He hopes that today will be different and his keyholder will allow him some relief. 

Megan tells him the rules:  do exactly as she says, or no cumming.  She slips a blindfold on the poor slave so he can only imagine the sight of Megan's voluptuous body. 

Much to the slave's delight, she unlocks his chastity belt and he immediately gets a huge hard-on.  Megan teases his long-suffering cock with slippery hand jobs and a teasing tongue.  Does the slave get the orgasm he desperately wants or does Megan lock him back up in chastity and deny him the release he's been craving for so long?

locked in chastity belt
blind in chastity
slave locked in chastity belt for weeks
free from chastity belt
chastity tease
tease and orgasm denial
back in chastity

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