Good Chastity Slave Video

Beautiful Mistress Megan's slave has been belted for a very long time.  He hopes that today will be different and his keyholder will allow him some relief.  Megan tells him the rules:  do exactly as she says, or no cumming.  She slips a blindfold on the poor slave so he can only imagine the sight of Megan's voluptuous body.  Much to the slave's delight, she unlocks his chastity belt and he immediately gets a huge hard-on.  Megan teases his long-suffering cock with slippery hand jobs and a teasing tongue.  Does the slave get the orgasm he desperately wants or does Megan lock him back up and deny him the release he's been craving for so long?

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Do You Feel Lucky



Karmella decides to offer her chastity slave a chance for relief. She waves the key to his cock cage in front of his face and asks if we wants to be let out. She unlocks him and his cock immediately springs to life. Karmella takes advantage of his frustration to torment him but gently strokes his cock then taking his denied cock in her mouth.






Entertaining Mistress Janessa



Sheila brings Janessa home to show off her chastity slave. They unlock the slave's chastity belt and begin to tease him.

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