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Jennifer's House

by  subservient husband





I had woken about five and had plenty of time to prepare Jennifer's oatmeal as well as clean up the cooking dishes. Jennifer came down wearing a pencil skirt with a business jacket. She carried the folder from the night before with another piece of paper over it. She sat down to eat while I waited in the kitchen and said, "Come over here and kneel on the floor to my left while I eat my breakfast".


Her words caused an erection in the confinement of the chastity device and I quickly did as she asked.

 under feet



"The rule in the house is you are never to speak to me unless you are spoken to first. It keeps things clear that way, I find. I am sure in time you will learn to enjoy it too. I left you a list on the table of things to do today. If you finish early, just wait on the couch for me to come home."


It took her only a few more moments to finish eating and then she stood to leave. She did not look my way, but paused at the back door.


"I am very pleased to have a submissive man in my life. You will have a submissive treat from me tonight." and she left. I stood to clear the table and saw the Mercedes pulling out of the driveway.


Apparently, after Jennifer went upstairs last night, she took time to compile this list. It was typed and had over twenty things on it. Some was taking inventory with notes that the reason for this was to get me familiar with where things were and others were cleaning chores. One though was going on the computer to buy some clothes in my size. She had selected which ones and I just had to choose my size. The note said to have it shipped standard ground and that I would not have anything to wear until they were delivered. She indicated she wanted me to feel exposed during this initial time anyway. Her on-line account login information for the clothing site was written there as well.


It seemed like a busy day and I started in on the list. I noticed almost right away that I enjoyed doing the chores she had directed of me. The feeling was like a euphoric peace. I never would have thought cleaning an oven would make me feel so good. The feelings drove me to do a good job, taking my time and enjoying the experience. Through the day, my thoughts drifted occasionally to what would happen to my apartment and job. I was instructed to not initiate conversations and the conflict I felt strangely enjoyable. It drove my thoughts to obey Jennifer when it occurred and happened several times during the day. Around five, I was finishing up the dinner she asked me to prepare. I had not eaten since the day before. The list did not indicate an opportunity to, so I just skipped. The dinner portion was for one.


Jennifer came in and seeing me cooking brightened her face. "There is my submissive boy!" she said and came over to put her hand on my butt. She rubbed it slowly and sensually as I stopped plating her food to enjoy the attention I was receiving from her. The sexual frustration from being aroused while confined in a chastity device was exhilarating. As she stopped to go sit for dinner, I finished and brought her dinner to the table. Her face brightened as I set it in front of her and I then went to my place to her left.


"Oh, this is really good" she said as she took the first bite. I had thought it would be good. It was a chicken with a light cream sauce. I took my time and read through the recipe several times and though I got it right. It made me smile to hear her say she liked it. "Have you eaten anything today?"


When I told her no, she responded "Wonderful. That was a test that you just passed and will make your treat tonight a little extra special. I intentionally left out instructions for you to eat to see if you would do so without permission. You didn't and I am very proud of you doing the right thing." I felt awash again in my new found submissive pleasure and smiled in response. Jennifer continued, "I brought you home my left-overs from lunch. We went to a Mexican restaurant and I couldn't eat it all. It is in the car. After you finish cleaning the dishes, you can go get it and eat while I go upstairs for a bit. Do not reheat it. A submissive man eats only cold food."


I was feeling so wonderful at having done as she wanted and her being in such a good mood. It made me want to do more and more things that she wanted of me and made me erect just about the whole time. I was really quite giddy at being back in her presence too.


She rose to go upstairs, and I happily cleared the table. There was no dishwasher in the kitchen, so I cleaned them by hand. While they had a chance to dry, I ventured out for the first time today to the garage. The gravel again hurt my feet and I was looking for any person who may catch a glimpse of me. I felt Jennifer would want me to avoid being seen, but there was really no sight of any other person and twilight was already past, giving me the comfort of dark. I found the Styrofoam container Jennifer spoke of and returned to the kitchen to eat. There were some now soggy chips and half of an eaten burrito. It too was soggy. It felt like a connection to my new found submissive side being treated as an inferior with my evening meal and I found as I ate I again became erect in my chastity device. Even though it was a small meal, because I had not eaten anything else that day, it was enough to fill me. As I was putting the Styrofoam container into the garbage, Jennifer returned and directed me to the downstairs bathroom to take a shower. "Each night after you finish cleaning up from dinner" she told me and went on to explain, "This shower has no curtain or bathroom door. There is also no hot water. Privacy and warm showers are for the dominant."


I again became erect in my chastity device with the recognition of the disparity. It was like my body was tuned to respond with pleasure anytime I understood I was being treated servile by her. She seemed to know how to do this instinctively.


She leaned against the bathroom door frame watching as I got into the shower. I saw a disposable razor, a bar of soap, and a washcloth. I turned it on and the water chilled from winter outside shocked me. I instinctively drew back away from it, but forced myself to go under the flow. It took about half a minute, but I found I adjusted to the cold water. It was not pleasant, but at least I was able to clean myself. After cleaning and shaving under the cold water, I turned it off and dried off with the towel behind me.


"Good, now for your treats."


Jennifer walked back to the kitchen, and then opened the door to the basement. I followed her down. It was finished and carpeted and was arranged as a large family room with a leather sofa, two wing back chairs and a coffee table. Jennifer sat in one of the wing back chairs, and pointed to the floor in front of her where I quickly kneeled.


"You made me pleased today twice." With that she draped a leg over my shoulder. "As your first treat, I am going to let you give me an orgasm." She guided my hands to her waist, pulling up her pencil skirt in the process. She closed my fingers around the tops of her panties and I pulled them down revealing her vaginal lips only a few inches from my face. With the leg draped around my shoulder, she pulled me even closer to where my mouth was a hairs breath away. At the chance of doing something that I knew she would enjoy, my heart was racing at the opportunity to feel what I knew was going to be the most submissive pleasure I had yet felt. I started slow, parting her lips with my tongue and feeling for places her body reacted to. When I found them, I would enjoy pushing her further into the enjoyment I could tell she was having. I think it lasted about twenty minutes or so. I was working one spot over the tip of her clitoris and I could tell she was building for an orgasm. I kept right there and then it happened. I felt her body shudder and her legs griped around my back. I heard a gasp of pleasure from her and I was dizzy with a flood of pleasure myself. There was something in knowing she was in ecstasy that released in me a feeling unlike any I had ever felt. Like a freefall through warm air and a satisfaction knowing she was enjoying something I had done.


She took about a minute to recover. She then reached over to her panties and put them back on. "In the future, you will ask me to please be permitted to give me an orgasm and after you do, you will always thank me for the opportunity."


She stood up and walked over to where an eye bolt was coming out of the wall two feet from the ceiling. She reached over to a cabinet and took out a pair of handcuffs from the top drawer. Both my hands were cuffed and lifting them over my head she attached the cuffs to the eyebolt with a cable tie I did not see her take out of the drawer. The motions were obviously ones she knew by repetition. She then took a key out of her coat pocket and undid the lock on my chastity device.

 cuckold in chastity


"I was not going to take this off for longer, but you did so well, I wanted to give you an extra treat." and with that my chastity device was quickly removed for the first time in more then a day. She placed it on the dresser and wrapped her hand around my now erect penis. My body tensed with an almost immediate impending orgasm and she somehow recognized this and let go. I was left with a pulsating cock hanging in the air trying to figure out how to get the little bit more stimulation I was craving. Jennifer looked in my eyes and waited until the throbbing subsided and then began again. This pattern continued for I do not know how long. My eyes were closed when I realized Jennifer had left me there. I heard her returning down the stairs with a handful of ice cubes. Without saying anything, she grabbed my cock with the ice and the cold shocked the pleasure away and in only a few seconds, I was returning to a flaccid state. Looking down, Jennifer seemed to be waiting for the right moment for something and then suddenly let go and expertly worked to replace my chastity device. As the lock clicked I realized I was going to be withheld ejaculating and I felt the lost opportunity sink in with dread.


"There, all back in place. You will thank me." As I regained my composure, I realized Jennifer was waiting for my response and I honestly said, "Thank you Jennifer. That was wonderful."


"Your welcome." She responded as she undid the handcuffs from my wrists.


"You will sleep in the kitchen again. Good night my submissive boy."







Not having been told otherwise, I assume the next morning Jennifer wanted organic oatmeal again and was waiting on the floor next to her chair when she came down. She sat in her chair and looked down to smile at me. It gave me a warm feeling when she did.


"I e-mailed your list to an account I setup using your new name. You will have to setup the e-mail on the computer down here. I left the account information on my desk upstairs. Also, around lunch, my friend is going to come by. I mentioned yesterday at the Mexican restaurant that I have a new submissive and she wants to meet you. You will treat her the same way you treat me."


As Jennifer ate her morning meal, she reached down to lightly touch the back of my neck and the sides of my face. It put me into bliss and her sudden stopping to stand caused a little bit of a shock as I returned to my senses. I was very aroused from her touch and rose erect within my confinement to watch her depart. She left without comment and I stared out the window to see her leave down the driveway for the day.


After cleaning the dishes from breakfast, I went upstairs for the first time. Jennifer's bedroom was elegantly furnished with a four post bed and matching dresser as well as a sitting area where she had her desk. There was a laptop computer, printer, and a leather bound chair. I found the e-mail account information on a note stuck to her laptop. My new e-mail account was I took the information downstairs and setup the account in the machine there. When I finished, the e-mail with Jennifer's list appeared.


There were more cleaning items. She also wanted me to take an inventory of her closet and dresser. She indicated this would be so I knew where she kept all her clothes for when I was putting away the laundry. I was in her bedroom with a pad of paper recording what each drawer held when I heard the doorbell. I guess time had slipped away and it was lunch time already. I had been without clothes for so long that it barely phased me that I would be answering the door to a stranger while not wearing anything. Plus, Jennifer told me to treat her the same.


I quickly looked out the window and saw a woman with long hair at the door. I opened the door and stood aside. The woman who walked through was about nineteen or twenty, had a slender body, long hair, and was wearing a skirt with a business styled blouse. I closed the door behind her and followed her into the kitchen. I stood while she looked me up and down and walked a half circle around me.


"Jennifer was right. You are cute." Her eyes settled on the chastity device and said, "So, that thing can't come off without the key?"


I responded that I didn't see how. "Good, then I guess I don't need this" and she started to unbutton her blouse. I stood as she took it off and tossed it to the ground and said ".or this" and then proceeded to unclasp her bra and slowly take it off and also drop it to the floor. Her standing in front of me topless in just her skirt had an immediate effect and I then stood erect and confined before her. She seemed to enjoy this and said, "Fold those up."


I got down on the floor where she dropped her shirt and bra and began to fold them as she had asked. "That's good. You like that, don't you bitch." I nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I thought so."


As I finished, she leaned back against a counter to accentuate her breasts and tone stomach. Her nipples were hard and I was all but jello. I could not have spoken if I had to. My erection was unceasing. I had found that when I remained erect for a long time, I started to feel pain in how the chastity device worked. I assumed this was by design to keep me from staying erect too long, but with a topless woman in front of me, I could do nothing about it. The pain was tolerable, but just barely.


"You can call me ma`am." she paused waiting and I replied, "Yes ma`am"


"Good, that's perfect. Now make me some lunch."


I went to the fridge and got out the makings for a deli sandwich with a plum on the side. As I brought the things over to the other counter, she walked over behind me and I felt the warmth of her skin and breasts as she lay over my back and put her face on my shoulder. The sensation made by heart skip a beat and pant in pleasure before I composed myself and continued with the food preparations.


I had the sense that she was learning about what to do. She did not have the same commanding presence that Jennifer had, nor were her approaches coming from a seasoned routine. I could tell she was enjoying learning though.


With her body draped over mine, she reached around to my front and began stroking my hip and inner groin with her open hand. As she did so, she began to grind her hips against my ass. I heard her breath begin to become erratic and soft moans of pleasure escape as she continued. She stepped back for a moment and when she returned, I could tell her skirt and panties were removed.


"You can stop that and lay down." The kitchen had an area rug in the center and I put my knife down and turned to the middle of the rug and lay down on my back.


She stepped over me leaving one leg behind so she stood directly over me. She began to cradle one breast and lightly rub over her vagina with the other hand. "You want to have some lunch too, don't you?"


"Yes ma`am" I replied.


"That's right you do. You are a good bitch and are going to let me ride your face." Her hand quickened its pace with rubbing and she slowly lowered herself down onto my chest. What followed was her enjoying me bringing her to an orgasm followed by some more rubbing and again her moving back over my face for a second pass. The second one was more intense and she actually lost her breath for a few moments and gasped in ecstasy. When she composed herself, she stood and without speaking, gathered her clothes and left. I was still lying on the kitchen carpet, and stood. I washed my hands and face and put away the sandwich fixings and went back to my dresser inventory upstairs.


The last two things on my list were to make myself a tofu wrap which I was to eat with a multi vitamin and water from the sink and the second was to spend the rest of the evening in the kitchen writing a poem about my submissive feelings in crayon. Paper and a box of crayons were in a drawer below the silverware.


I was working on my poem on the floor of the kitchen when I heard the front door open. Jennifer was giggling and a man's voice was in the background. The two came into the kitchen and Jennifer said, "Steve, this is my new submissive." as she gestured to me. She then looked at me and said, "This is my boyfriend, Steve. You will treat him as you do me. Come upstairs with us."


I followed as the two of them walked to her bedroom in what appeared to be a known route for Steve. They were holding hands and Jennifer was holding onto his arm giggling to him. She retrieved what looked like a dog leash from her desk without breaking her gaze with Steve and extended it to me. I took it and assumed she wanted me to put it on. I saw there was a collar too and I quickly put it on and she took the leash back. She walked with leading me to a spot next to her dresser where there was another small eyebolt. She tied the leash there and I kneeled in place against the wall. The two of them began to kiss and Steve had his hand outside Jennifer's shirt, cupping one of her breasts.


"Hey, do you mind if I use him to get ready?" Steve said as they broke their kiss. "No, feel free." Jennifer responded. She broke away and laid back onto the bed in a reclined position watching Steve walk to where I was kneeling.


He stopped only an inch or so in front of me. I understood what was being asked and I felt dread. I was not at all ever gay and never wanted to do anything like what I was being directed to do. The humiliation was overwhelming which somehow triggered my submissive pleasure. Looking over to where Jennifer was reclined on the bed watching, I reached up and undid Steve's belt. I then looked up at his face as I undid his pants and zipper. They fell around his feet and he lifted his feet for me to remove his shoes and each pant leg. I then reached up and pulled his boxers off too. He was flaccid as I took him into my mouth. I looked up to see him look to the ceiling and I softly and slowly worked my mouth back and forth on his penis. My embarrassment was overwhelming. I was humiliated beyond words. My submissive pleasure in turn kept me going and he began to respond. As his erection grew, I could taste some salty pre-cum and he stepped back erect. He then tuned to where Jennifer lay and she removed her panties while he closed the space between them.


The two made love for almost an hour. Jennifer had several orgasms.



When Steve finally did too, he spasimed in her embrace and had obviously came inside of her.



After a moment, Jennifer rose from the bed, came to where I was keeling and took my leash. She led me to the floor in front of the bed and told me to lie down. She straddled my face and I ate Steve's cum from her until there was none left.




She told me to go back to the kitchen to finish my poem as the two embraced on the bed.


My trip back to the kitchen was one of walking on a cloud. I wad humiliated beyond anything I had been in my life, but felt a submissive bliss and a realization I was used for Jennifer's enjoyment fully. After about ten minutes, I heard the two coming down the stairs, and the front door open and then close. Jennifer came into the kitchen in a robe and said, "Hello my submissive boy. Did you enjoy my date night?"


I said, "Thank you for asking. I feel awash in the pleasure of pleasing you."


"You did wonderfully. I know how hard that was for you, but also know how much pleasure it makes you feel. If I weren't so tired, I would give you a treat, but we have all weekend. How about if tonight you sleep with me upstairs?"


That sounded wonderful and I was welcomed into her bed and drifted off to sleep against her nude body.






Saturday morning, I woke with Jennifer's warm body next to mine. It was wonderful and I did not move until she woke. We locked eyes and she gave me a morning kiss on the cheek. "Go ahead and make me some eggs and toast".


I left her in bed to go get her breakfast ready. While I was, I heard the shower running and as I was putting it on the table, she came in and sat to eat. I was going to kneel in my place, but she stopped me by saying, "No, go take your shower. You didn't have one yesterday."


I did as asked and when finished found a list on the small table near the front door. The only thing on it was laundry and ironing, but in-between switching loads, I was to massage her feet downstairs in the basement. I separated the laundry, of which I personally had none, and got the first load in. I went downstairs to find Jennifer on the couch reading a newspaper with some lotion on the table. I took her feet and began to give her a foot rub kneeling in front. The day continued with me switching loads, putting dress clothes to be ironed and sorting the clean ones to be put away. After lunch, the door bell rang. It was the UPS guy and I did not answer the door. Jennifer asked who it was and when I told her, she came to retrieve the package.


She told me to find a place under the kitchen sink to keep my new clothes and put on something. It felt strange to have clothes back on and when I went back to continue the foot massage Jennifer said, "Look how good you look!". I did a little strut with a smile before continuing the foot massage. Later in the afternoon, Jennifer took me out to the grocery store to do some shopping. She also took me to the mall to get a cooking book. It brought back to mind the conflict I felt about now knowing about my job and old apartment with not being allowed to bring up the issue to her. We did end up walking right past the candle store. Jennifer said, "Don't worry. I went and told them you are working for me now. The manager seemed to understand. I also ended your lease and had the Salvation Army come and pickup your things. The name change paperwork went through too. You are officially Mr. Jennifer Wilkins." she said with a smile.


As we walked through the mall, I wondered how I had become so lucky. My life had tuned into bliss.




My new life settled into a routine of service to my dominant wife, Jennifer. I was mostly a live-in domestic servant, a role I strangely enjoyed. There was something about living as a recognized servile to a woman who was pleased to use me as her submissive that left me almost always awash in a new contentment I hadn't known before. It was a feeling I craved and sought by doing things I felt Jennifer would enjoy of me. When I did, the intensity of the sensation would increase and was the driving factor in my actions through the day.


I did not have any access to any money. I was never given anything to spend either. During that first week, Jennifer brought me some forms to sign from my bank to close my old checking account. I do not know what happened to the $200+ that was remaining in the account when I signed the forms. Jennifer never mentioned it. She did have an account at the local grocery store. Once a week I would walk there to complete the grocery shopping and have the checkout clerk put it on Jennifer's tab. I carried a new ID card with my new name incase ever asked, but the clerks in the store new me and never did. They all new I worked for her some way.




Jennifer and Steve had dates a few times a month. Each time when they came back, I would take care of getting Steve hard, and then clean Jennifer when they were done.




Also, the young woman who was still having me call her Ma'am, came for lunch about once or twice a week. She never ate anything. She just enjoyed using me to get off on her lunch hour. Once she brought a friend. The three of us were in the basement with me doing her while she was on the wingback chair. While I was, the second lady started to playfully hit my butt with a ping-pong paddle. When she swatted harder, the pain would jolt me and I would alter how I was eating her pussy for a brief second. When I did, Ma'am told the other to do it again because it felt good to her and the swatting picked up. I would feel the shock of pain and it would cause my mouth to try to yelp, but since I was at work it just caused my lips to contract around her clitoris. Ma'am really liked this and came harder then I had ever gotten her off otherwise. My bottom hurt for about a day after that, and Jennifer gave me a hand swat when she came home that night. I guessed the story traveled around the office after lunch.


Somewhere near the end of January, Jennifer brought me to the basement and secured my hands in the cuffs to the eye bolt. She removed the chastity device. It was the first time it had been off in about three months and my body sprang to an erection as soon as it was removed. I was in a sexually frustrated state which I found enjoyable as a submissive. It fed into another kind of pleasure I often enjoyed. Being denied sexual attention was apart of the servile status of what I enjoyed about being submissive. Jennifer took an empty candy bowl in one hand and in the other stroked my erection. I felt the impending orgasm after only one stroke and looked into Jennifer's eyes. She held my gaze, but did not stop. I knew she could tell I was going to loose control and then passed the point where my body took over into an ejaculation. It felt wonderful as I expelled what felt like seven or eight shots. Jennifer had caught it into the extended candy bowl.


When it ended, I slumped against the wall exhausted from the experience. It was the most intense and orgasm I had ever had and the pleasure was still reverberating through my system. It took me awhile before I caught my breath. Jennifer put the candy bowl on the dresser and rubbed my chest for a moment before replacing the chastity device. She then undid my wrists and said, "Go kneel over there near the table."


I did as asked, but my legs were still a little wobbly. I knelt and Jennifer said, "No face the other way." I turned around, facing away from her and toward the table. I heard her continue by saying, "Submissive men need special handling after they are given an orgasm. It helps them get over the effects. Lay over onto the table."


I gladly slumped onto the low coffee table in front of me. My body was still exhausted from the orgasm and I put my head down between my arms on the table top. I felt Jennifer step lightly on each of my big toes with her shoes. She reached over and put the candy bowl next to where my head was. I didn't make a move. I felt her hand between my butt cheeks and warm oil. There was then a pause. I felt something press against my anus and I instinctively pulled away. Jennifer's feet pressed down on my toes quickly and I felt a sharp pain.


"Don't move"


Again a press against my anus, followed by what was obviously a dildo being worked into it. Once it was in, I felt an overwhelming embarrassment and wanted it to stop, but Jennifer kept her feet on my toes and I had no where to go. I felt dread and panic and wanted to get away, but I felt the dildo begin to vibrate and Jennifer started to work it slowly back and forth.


"I want you to say, I am a sissy who likes to be rammed up the ass"


Everything in me wanted to get away and I wanted to say nothing at all like what she was asking. I felt more then thought through the words coming out of my mouth in compliance. It was like a submissive pleasure had left and I was bucking against what she was asking of me, but a trickle of the submissive pleasure took over in response.


"That's right you do. You are a sissy who likes dildos in your ass. Drink that cum you cum drinking slut."


As she continued to move the vibrating dildo I felt myself reach for the candy bowl. I lifted my head off the table and as she continued to rhythmically go in and out, I drank. I was in a sort of submissive trance.


"Look at you getting hard again. How embarrassing you cum drinking sissy slut." I was getting hard in the chastity device. She was right. It was devastating to me as I finished drinking the last of my cum.


I put the bowl down and she removed the dildo. I lay on the table as she left the room without saying anything else. I lay there for I do not know how long. I felt I should clean up and took the candy bowl and dildo to the wash room to rinse. I then dried both and put them back on the dresser before going up to the kitchen. I lay in my customary sleeping spot and felt a defeated attitude settle in. I was exhausted though and fell asleep in only a few minutes.




The next morning, I got up as I normally do and prepared Jennifer's breakfast. I was kneeling in my spot when she came down and sat to eat.


"Stand up" she said without looking at me.


I quickly did and her hand went between my but cheeks over the blue jeans I was wearing. I still had the defeated attitude and did not pull away from her mockingly rubbing where she dildo fucked me the night before. She had a subtle grin that I could recognize as ridicule. It still did not phase me.


"Go takes these off" she said as she tugged at my pants, "and go put on my blue silk camisole. The one I sometimes wear for Steve."


I was in a kind of trance and walked up to her closet where I knew the camisole was. I took off my clothes and pulled it over my head in a blinkless daze and then returned downstairs. I was greeted with Jennifer laughing, clapping and then saying, "You look great! Come over here."


I walked to my spot next to her and she put her hand between my legs, "Come on now, my cum drinking sissy slut. Tell me how much you liked me fucking your ass with the dildo last night and slurping up a bowl of cum."


Her face turned stern. I hesitated only a moment before recounting the emotions I felt that lead to my erection. It was true I enjoyed what she had done to me and had to honestly express it to her. I had no defense against saying otherwise. When I finished, she rose and told me, "Perfect. I knew you had a sissy cum slut in you. Now we both know. You keep that on today as a reminder of who we both now know you really are." She turned and left through the back door without saying anything else. I stood motionless as I watched her drive off to work.


After about five minutes of remaining unable to move, I dejectedly went through the motions of cleaning up the breakfast dishes. As I did, my mind was on the camisole I was wearing and what had happened. I began to sob. I had to put the dish I was washing down so it would not break as I held onto the sink and cried for a long several moments. My emotions were in utter turmoil and I had no control over them. Several waves of grief washed over me. I was not in despair about my service role to Jennifer, but the realization that I was exactly what Jennifer had said, a cum hungry sissy slut. It was true and standing with the silk of the camisole against my skin made the realization unavoidable to me. In a way, Jennifer was guiding me into my own submissive self discovery. She knew me better then I did myself and surrendering to her guidance was what helped the despair I was experiencing change to devotion to her. She held the secrets to my happiness. My life was an act of servile service to her. I took up the dish and proceeded to finish the morning washing with the beginnings of a new hope.



Our lives continued on and we both were enjoying our time. Somewhere along the way, I legally became Jennifer's husband. I averaged about three or four orgasms per year, and following each were varying lengths of sissified humiliation until Jennifer felt it no longer necessary. Usually about three days or so were common.




As we aged, Jennifer found new men who would be her boyfriend. Each knew of my submissive role. Some she would bring back to the house and others she stayed out with and returned the next morning alone. Also, sometimes Jennifer would send a friend of hers over to me which I would be expected to treat the same as her. The constant in each of our lives were each other.


My devotion to her was utter and complete.


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